Patch Notes

War Robots 3.2 Update Notes. Custom Matches!

There’s a lot going on in this update, but Custom Games is still likely to be the most impactful thing in the list. Practice matches, tournaments, clan disputes — now you shouldn’t rely on matchmaking to get the right opponents and drop on the right map. You create your own playing territory and fight as you want.

So let’s talk about custom matches first.

NOTE: Custom games will be enabled a few days after the update. Be sure to check the news from time to time — we’ll keep you updated!

Previous patch notes:

War Robots 3.1 Update Notes. Dash into the Valley


Custom Games

Custom games allow you to challenge other players to fight 1vs1, train with your clanmates, run tournaments and so on. You create your own room, pick any map and game mode, invite anyone who’s ID you know — and you’re good to start playing on the environment that is entirely yours.

For a deeper dive into Custom Games check the video:

Custom Games are available starting from level 10.



Components are used to build new robots and equipment. You can get Components either by rolling them from Black Market (we made a spreadsheet with chest drop rates, by the way) or buying them.

Here’s a video detailing how Components work:

Currently, with components you can get following items:

Robots: Kumiho, Haechi, Bulgasari, Inquisitor

Weapons: Tempest, Scourge

In the Fall 2017 roadmap we already mentioned our ideas on developing this feature further. If all goes right, we’d like to add more ways to obtain Components — and more ways to utilize them in a meaningful way.


New robot: Inquisitor

Crouching Griffin. Hidden Lancelot 



Ability — Descend (24 sec cooldown). Inquisitor jumps, immediately becoming untargetable. Stealth effect persists until 5 seconds after landing

HP (level 12): 165 000
Movement speed (level 12): 40 km/h
Slots: 1H, 2M
Starting equipment: 5 s


Inquisitor is made for jumping into a middle of the fight — and gloriously not dying. Stealth effect added to its jump allows the robot to avoid damage while remaining a huge nuisance to the enemies.

Inquisitor is humongous — of course a couple of seconds of being untargetable won’t save it from all rockets and plasma bolts going in its general direction. This alone will give Inquisitor’s opponents a chance to fight back.

But if you time your skills well enough, it won’t save them.



Balance changes

We moved all balance data on server. That means you won’t have to wait until the next patch once we have something too strong or too weak — we’ll be able to react to everything much faster applying the fixes on the go.

From now on, all balance changes will be announced using in-game News screen. Be sure to check it from time to time!



  • More collision fixes on all maps — even lesser chance to drop through the texture
  • Minor performance improvements
  • Mike Hill

    Is every thing going to show in a few days. Just updated and i didnt see the inquisitor or any component stuff?

  • Christian D Mandey

    Shows nothing after updating

  • Mike Hill

    Pixo we need more heavy close range weapons to make traditionally longe range bots into brawlers for instance a heavy orkan and plasma. A fury with 3 heavy orkans would be devistating up close but for balance would still suffer from being so slow. Just a thought.

  • Tosspot Schramm

    I tested the new bot and i loved it but after update i dont see it anywhere.ok ill wait but what a tease! I also wanted to mention the sticky skippy step jump bots get after boosting can that be fixed? Because omg iritating! No need to fix the long flights they get ocasionaly though there way fun!

  • Fernando Vogel

    Where is all the commented stuff in this new update? Cant see it anywhere!

  • Mike Hill

    I noticed that too some times when you dash off a cliff they keep going until you hit somthing but it can be very beneficial lol

  • I don’t see anything after update

  • Keith Dix

    Updated and no changes. Someone from pixonic really needs to give us some news. What’s going on guys?

  • Jakub Krym

    1st and 2nd video isnt available… Czech rep. 27.9. 17:43

  • Uriel Meraz

    Wow guys.. Chill out.. you already know it take a while to get things cracking. These guys might tease a little but they haven’t let us down yet. Or we wouldn’t be here. Complaining doesn’t help anyway. I’m just greatful they are on it as much as they are with all the information. There far worse company’s that really actually don’t care about their community.

  • Christian D Mandey

    They made my galahad like GUNDAM after the update

  • Madchillmojo “Mojo”

    My two requests/suggestions/complaints…
    A: Make the Wild Bunch available for purchase with either saved up game gold or workshop currency. With the new Dash bots released, it would be nice to be able to work toward some diversity in the garage rather than only upgrading weapons.
    B: add the ability to have load out macros. Different game styles require different load outs… And changing from a BR load out to a Dominaton, or now Custom load out is tedious.
    Awesome, fun game though and getting better with each update! (I don’t pay to win, btw. Skill is the true test!)

  • Umesh Mhaske

    Same here guy’s no changes after update

  • john hutson

    For reelz…. did everyone forget that this GAME is FREE!!!

  • Vivek Pardeshi

    It’s better you use Fujin 😉 it has Speed and Shield too “Devastating you said about Rhino?” 😉

  • Mike Hill

    Just found it on my face book. Pixo sent info out that way. The update came out to day but the major changes like inquisiter and components come out tomorrow. Just for everyone who missed it on FB.

  • Rudy c

    Why you give me the same medium robot in the megaspin I’ve won 4 Galahd in my last 4 megaspin.

  • Ujjwal Sharma

    Same here. Cant see any change after the update

  • jay

    Are slow dude?

  • jay

    You should learn how to read then

  • nickardo morgan

    I have spent easily over $1000.00 trying to get a Haechi and still haven’t got one. Must make a alternative way to earn bots or parts.

  • Keith Dix

    Yay look guys I caught a troll!

  • Rudy c

    It be cool to have Ironman, Transformers, or a Vultron Robot.

  • Nate

    EXACTLY Nickardo Morgan…lying thieves


  • Jeff Rogers

    Components… they said you could buy them. Waiting to see how that works out.

  • Alyas Samih

    What update!!! they just changed the background pic of new not and there is no changes, I was expecting too much.

  • William VD Berg

    I have noticed a major decrease in the game graphics. Is it just me or is anyone else experiencing the same problem?

  • Rudy c

    Are you serious $1,000 American dollars?

  • Ricardo Gonzalez

    Learn how to read. Go back and read again. Changes come live at any time now and not after update

  • Ricardo Gonzalez

    Go back and read again. Changes are going to be live any time and not after update

  • Ricardo Gonzalez

    Maybe. I haven’t check. In don’t mind since some lower specs devices just lagg terible. That’s why some people do so well cuz they have an expensive uss device and not cuz they are actually good players

  • Ricardo Gonzalez

    Learn to read. Go back and read again. Changes will happen sometime later in the server and not right after the update

  • Ricardo Gonzalez

    Yeah man learn to read. Go back and read again. Changes will happen any time on the server and not after the app update

  • Kong Lee

    McDonald’s is also free if you walk in and just ask for a cup of water.. however, if you want the big mac… The big Macs used to be free in this game.

  • Andy Bushy

    What’s going to happen with the influence points and workshop points?

  • Samuel Otieno

    Can someone help me get influence coins on War Robots?

  • Samuel Otieno

    Oh wow, sorry man

  • Joe Woodley

    Does anyone know which currency will be required to buy inquisitor? i hope you dont have to win it with a lucky spin.

  • john hutson

    Are you referring to “gold” bots as being big macs? I’ve never seen a Lancelot or any brand new bot for that matter for free. Appreciate that the game is FREE and be patient with receiving your big macs… they will come with a little grind work! I love the McDonalds reference BTW!!!

  • Rudy c

    Why the spin thing always award the least favorite bots and SILVER? on the description of megaspin it reads “earn a megaspin and have a chance to win Lancelot or bigger robots gold chest have better chance in bigger rewards” in past two days I’ve earned 5 megaspin and won total of four Galahad’s and one Gareth must be my mobile device but them two are smaller robots compared to Lancelot.

  • Will Smith

    Sure add me on facebook

  • nickardo morgan

    Yep and that’s just trying to get a Haechi not in total

  • nickardo morgan

    Oh yeah it stings

  • nickardo morgan

    Probably something crazy like 250 to put one together.

  • Kong Lee

    The Brit bots were the beginning of the new era. When this game first started (as in when some things were still in Russian), aphids, gepards, and gekkos all costed silver. Then came the Carnage and Rhino, costed a whole bunch of WSPs, but you didn’t need to spend anything to get them.

    I remember the days when the Brit bots came, they were fast and powerful. Oh yes, and expensive.

    Then the wild bunches came. It has been nearly a year and they can not yet be purchased normally. If anyone thinks that these new dash bots will be available anywhere but winning them in the black market or spending uber cash to buy parts, then they are kidding themselves.

    Gold has become nothing more than upgrade currency.

    I’ll still play, because even though I am sour about the change, it is still the best mobile game out there. But let’s not kid ourselves that this game is still like how it was back then where everything was free. You can play for free, but better pay to win.

  • Keith Dix

    “Changes will happen anytime on the server” is talking about balance changes. That’s why it is under the Balance Changes heading. And the only other info about this update regarding content coming later is the note at the beginning of the intro concerning custom matches. No other info regarding Inquisitor or components is given.

    Take your own advice and read. You obviously skimmed it and went straight to smack talk.

    Two trolls in one post, score!

  • John B

    The lag and match making issues since the new update are the worst I’ve seen since started playing.. Please resolve.

  • john hutson

    I couldn’t agree more… influence points need to go and new bots need to be made more available. I remember when the Brit bots came on the scene and that frustrating transition.

    I’ve already told myself I won’t be getting any dash bots due to receiving them being based on “luck”!!! I’ve heard horror stories of people spending 100+ real dollars in the black market only to end up with a bunch of silver and weapons they don’t need!

    Oh and thanks a lot… I had to run to Mickie Deez to get a Big Mac… and yes… it was epic!

  • Kong Lee

    Hell yeah bro! Spread the word, spend more on Big Macs and less in black market! Support your local HS kids flipping patties at Mickey D’s! Now I gotta go get myself one!

    This moment right here shall be known as the Big Mac movement!

  • john hutson


    I’ll spread the word on the growing Big Mac movement!

  • Battle Angel

    Not too happy about balance changes not being openly published. I understand that pix wants to be able to make changes on the fly now. But that’s not cool in several ways. One of them being secret nerfs to stuff. I know they have already done it. But I feel it’s just that much easier now on the fly. Also why are all the newer bots so much harder to get now? Every since the wild West bots it’s been nothing but gambling or selling out your Facebook friends to gain the new bots. It’s to the point now I don’t even want to spend anymore money because I feel like we are being taken advantage of. Just put a price on the bots. People can either gamble on hopes to win them cheaper. Or just fork out the cash for the currency need to buy them out right. I’ve spent a good bit on the black market and still didn’t get the one bot I was after. So now I’m to the point I won’t spend on it because I feel burnt by it. But hey I can play and still earn free keys. Maybe I’ll get lucky that way. But if they just had prices on them. I bet I’d be more apt to get one.

  • Robert Lambert

    True that!

  • Joey D.

    So I’ve seen player’s w/ 2 or 3 of the Korean mechs, both the new weapons, and ALL @ level 12. How r they doing that? R they spending thousands of $ opening chests until they get the right one? That’s messed up!

  • Ja son

    Mmmmmm gerkins

  • Ricardo Gonzalez

    Have to use common sense too. And it’s not smack talk. It’s just regular talk without trying to be super nice to make people happy.
    We moved all balance data on server. That means you won’t have to wait until the next patch once we have something too strong or too weak — we’ll be able to react to everything much faster applying the fixes on the go.
    That makes sense to me that they are ready to implement the things they are talking about at any time. And if you remember the events start at any time and matchmaking changes at any time too.

  • Rudy c

    If somebody wants to boycott this game I’m ready.

  • Ja son

    You are a mug Morgan. Who wastes a 1000 USD on a game? All the gear but no idea.

  • Ja son

    Mmmmmm gerkins

  • Keith Dix

    Still nothing about Inquisitor and components. Which are what I was writing about. I don’t assume that they are talking about adding a bot and implementing a currency overhaul with the balance data being moved server side because that is not what they said, and obviously isn’t common sense when so many people are asking the same questions.

    I’m trying to get some information, so I’m done with this conversation. You are either a troll or just not capable of basic reading comprehension. Your a waste of time.

    And I will repeat. If anyone has some actual information about what’s going on I would be appreciative.

  • Jeffrey

    Hopefully soon I get Inquisitor. Big Thanks to Pixonic…great game ,great UI and warning guys it’s highly addictive 😀.

  • Alex Blanco

    It’s disgusting that some bots and weapons are only accesible through a bullshit lottery. I’m pretty sure they are making lots and lots of money out of it and that’s why we have now the third season of black market. I’m ready for another game.

  • Ujjwal Sharma

    That’s mentioned only for the custom games. What about the other stuff? New Robot, components..?

  • Vinny Naps

    I hope a few days is going to be Tom bcause I had to delete mad apps for all the updates and after this I really hope u gize get the ball rolling u should also have it so that one can change ones account from Android to iPhone

  • Ricardo Gonzalez

    Tomorrow brother. That’s the new information I have from my friends so hope they are right. Hold tight. They almost put the new stuff live.
    Side note the game is unplayable on my phone which a year ago played smoodly
    All these additions are just more hardware demanding. Pixonic should get rid of older uncompetitive robots and reduce the amount of projectiles and rockets fired yet keep the same dps. And get rid of coward weapons to lighten the game

  • Keith Dix

    I notice the exact same thing. Every update the game lags more for me.

    I think they should have a low graphical setting. Might help. Just to tone down all the flashy explosions and rendering.

    Whatever they do, I definitely agree it is a problem.

  • Christian D Mandey

    Seriuosly lad..
    Thats the point. People like to think for not wasting their time of phones mems unlike as you are, updates suppose to be effective soon as it be installed

  • Christian D Mandey

    U right

  • Ricardo Gonzalez

    You had to work washing dishes there to get your big mac.
    Now you have to continue to wash the dishes and pay to do so and get anything but a big mac.
    Lucky for some they get a big mac for free.

  • Kong Lee

    I never had the chance to wash dishes for big macs..:-( where I came from, Wendy’s monopolized the whole neighborhood, so all I got was the triple stack! That’s kinda like the over kill that we are about to see with the exquisitor! And like the exquisitor, Wendy’s still charged me out the butt making $6.45 an hour! Lol

  • alan casari

    Wow. Somebody spent $1000 on keys to try a win a Haechi. Now one can buy components for $220 to get one. I won’t be doing that.
    Sure some champions league players have a full hanger of dash bots. I’ll just keep trying to win one 😉

  • λουκια κικερη

    Pixonic u can bug off u tossers!! All u want is money money money!! Good luck 2u!! Idiots

  • Uriel Meraz

    Well everything is up now. Good job Pixonic. I must say that at the current rate of costs $200-$300 for the new Robots in a year and a half, your newest Robots then will be at about $1,000.00 ey (I’m scared to even imagine). Shame on you guys man. This is outrageous, I don’t know how many people will afford the new Robots. I know there are people in the WR community that have that kind d of money to spend but damn, I hope the amount of rich folks there are will be enough to keep everyone at Pixonic paid. Just my opinion though, no hard feelings.

  • Uriel Meraz

    And they said u can use your saved up Work Shop Points, and that was bullshit too.. Just checked and it’s IMPOSSIBLE TO USE WORK SHOP POINTS.. ANOTHER FREAKING LIE…

  • Uriel Meraz

    Hey man.. sorry to hear that you spent that much. Are u spinning gold or silver chest? I spent about $300 and I got kumijo and haechi. Please don’t spin gold chests..

  • Mike Hill

    The chests also give you the chance to earn stuff for free. Ive seen several low level players with dash bots they got for free but no one is talking about that. Yes the chances of getting a dash bot in a cheap chest is rediculously low but it does happen.

  • alan casari

    The weapons control pad needs to be lowered slightly. Very little room to navigate and as a result I’m often clipping the top left weapon. Come on…please fix that. 2nd request now.

  • Ja son

    Wow £270 for an inquisitor. Day light robbery

  • Ja son

    Hey guys top tip don’t spend black marks keys until event expires, that way you won’t waste 10 keys to win 1. You will automatically win gold, silver, weapon and components only.

  • Ja son

    Wow £80 for a weapon. Crazy

  • Ja son

    £300 for an inquisitor. Joke?

  • Ja son

    Guys don’t use black market keys until event expires. You won’t waste 10 keys to win 1 or 100 to win 20. You will automatically win gold silver weapons & components !!!! No keys ; )

  • Orange

    Anybody up? Just won 75 component points for inquisitor. Does anyone know how many “components” you need for inquisitor and all the rest..??? Really would appreciate any help…Thanx….

  • Mike Hill

    Im sure pixo has some one reading these so, pixo as a loyal fan who has played and spent money to suport you I strongly disagree with how new content is being put out. We get excited every time an update comes out and now we are instanty discouraged because we cant play with any of it. I understand you want to limit availability at first to gather data and that is ok, alow a few lucky players to win the new bot in the black market. With the components however we cant even do that. While its nice to get them chances are we wont have enough to acualy get the bot for a very longe time as every role of the dice we get different ones and honestly the full cost of just buying one is way way to high. A lance when it was released was around 50 butch was over 100 and now inquisitor is 300. I love the game and will continue to play but there has got to be a better way than this to control how many bots are on the live server even if you limited how many we could get at first, say one of each. Thank you for your understanding and i hope this helps future decisions on how to release content.

  • alan casari

    I’ve seen at least one high level player put their dash bots away as they feel they are overpowered, wasn’t pleased about how pix released them and how much they are now charging for them. Sure it’s created some record damage for some but has ruined the game for others. So, good on you guys for boycotting the dash bots for now anyway.

  • Uriel Meraz


  • Charles Williams

    What I don’t understand is how does it cost $100 just to get what 3,500 components and it requires up to 10,000 components the build about anything that they have so you’re telling me you want me to spend over $400 to get the new stuff you got me EFT all the way up this needs to be fixed there’s no way I’m going to be spending that kind of money on a video game and I’m a gamer I like playing video games

  • Joey D.

    If u see any1 w/ the new Mechs + weapons, this is what it cost them, (not using chests): Inquisitor = $300/ any Dash Mech = $225/ Butch = $100/ Ember = $150/ Tempest = $80/ Scourge = $80. Plus leveling-up, which cost about 60 million Ag. Which is $150. And that doesn’t include “speeding up” on the time. And just a reminder, Ancile + Zeus cost $25 for both. Definitely becoming pay to win. -sad

  • Rudy c

    I had a good McDonalds breakfast and I think it helped me in my decision to hold off on the buying few hundred dollars of keys to try win a new robot in spins, then I figured let me look at my rewards history that’s just what I win again. LoL

  • alan casari

    On my other account which is only bronze, I had an offer to buy the dash bots for only $100. Of course I didn’t buy any but why not an offer like that to my higher accounts. Well we know why.

    It’s such a shame that game developers follow the exact same model as everything else in our lives. Pay to get the better medical treatment, pay to get better schooling.
    Same old….. those that have and those that have not. Forcing folks to pay to compete.

  • Frunobulax

    Let me think, should I get a Playstation 4 this Christmas or an Inquisitor? Well, tough one…
    Increasing Tempest price to 80 bucks (from 15 in the last event) is a nice touch, too.
    Drop rates in black market are now abysmal.

    Great way to drive away all the loyal players that have supported you so far. Another nail in the coffin, another one bits the dust I guess.

  • nickardo morgan

    I’ve always open hold chest.

  • Joey D.

    Dude, u can buy one. U don’t have to open chests. They cost $225. Look into it. U could have bought the new mech, and new flame weapon, and two Korean mechs,and more for a grand!

  • John Budrick

    ALOT of us old timers are. We’re just waiting for the original developers (that got canned) to come out with battle of titans. Heard early next year for android, IOS is almost out of beta testing now..

  • CQFD

    I’ve been saving Gold for 5 MONTHS and I can get components only with real money ?? I’m out of this game

  • You took a great game and made it much worse by chasing this new business model.

  • contrey

    why do i have no option to update? i’m on ios, the war robots home screen says “a new version is available. please update your game”. i click that, and it brings me to the war robots page in the app store where there is no option to update..

  • Lukas Van Schalkwyk

    Same here… wtf

  • I will keep playing. My “boycott” is that I will stop spending money on bots and will leave a negative review about the current approach.

  • Ja son

    Yeah !!! Destroyed my first inquisitor. Just hid waiting for his cloak to time out then pounced on him with griffans double orkids. £300 destroyed in seconds. Bad luck rich kid. You muggy mug.

  • Eric

    Yep Inquisitor is not as strong as dash bots. Players will follow your tactic and wait for it to uncloak. Inquisitor will have a big bulls eye on it.

  • Joey D.

    Woohoo, I just got 7 component pieces toward Inquisitor. -Only nine THOUSAND nine HUNDRED and ninetythree to go. F**k off! Also, how come almost EVERYBODY’S win percentage is less than 50%?

  • alan casari

    At the end of the day. Pixonic is just like any other business out to make a profit. Yes that’s ok but it must be reasonable. I for one don’t mind paying for items like premium and some gold. As long as I see the game as a form of entertainment , like paying at the movie theatre etc. The components initiative is just another example of taking advantage of players impatience. They know it would take forever to win enough components to build a bot or weapon. I have bought gold in the past to buy bots, 5th slot and lately speeding up upgrades. But that’s where I draw the line. What is players goal here. After playing for 6 months I finally scored over one million. Now what….1.5m and 2m? then what. Seems pointless in reality. Everyone has Ancilots now and at some point we my all have dash bots. Then pix will intro something to counter them to continue their business model.
    Personally with so much going on in this world of ours I for one spend too much time thinking about this game. I mean look how many times I posted here. Good luck to all fellow players and remember try not to let discussions like these turn into a fued between those that wish to pay and those that don’t or maybe can’t. We all simply want to have fun and be treated fairly.

  • Genius_CCCP

    Three hundred bucks in US or two thousands three hundred HK$, still need silver and gold to upgrade to level 12 in order to have good game, I can buy a lot of things, save up to buy Xbox and PlayStation better. Or buy a real AI robots for game fights. Components = bitcoins, influence = ICO. I will stick to silver, gold and workshop points forever.

  • bamz eko


  • Lukas Van Schalkwyk

    These guys suck, lost all my robots and upgrades with the new update. They didn’t even respond.

  • Rudy c

    Anybody here work for this game app? Maybe is time to give the cell phones a break and fight just send me your location in military mode don’t worry I fight clean, this fight will only be to help me forget about the money I have spend………..NOT!!!!! I just like to fight. Have a nice day😁

  • Derek Nix

    Yep, I’m done. I don’t mind spending a couple of dollars to support a developer. I know the games free, but the amount of enjoyment and time that you spend on it, I’ll plop down some money just for support reasons. But with this new ‘dash’ robot. Screw that, the balance is all out of whack. Whole list of other games in the app store to revisit.