In Development. War Robots Fall 2017 Roadmap

Update 3.1 arrived during the last moments of August. That means we managed to release everything in the timespan we promised — phew!

Now it’s time to discuss what we have for the upcoming Fall. In this article we focus mostly on September and October updates, as our plans for November can still change, depending on how you’ll receive what’s listed here.

Note that most pictures do not represent announced features fully as they are still in active development. Numbers are subject to change and visuals should improve where possible. As usual, we’re open to any commentary — let us know what you think!

And if you prefer video over text, here’s the roadmap in video format.

Custom Matches

What is it? A way to play the way you want

When is it coming? September/October

You asked for it. And through all the hardships and adversities custom matches have almost made their way to the public.

Tournaments, practice matches, or clan meetings — custom matches are made to provide you with all that regular matchmaking cannot give. It’s a completely free sandbox to help you kickstart any of your War Robots activity ideas. And if all goes right, we expect it to arrive by Update 3.2.

New robot: Inquisitor


What is it? a new stealth robot

When is it coming? September

Like the Griffin, Inquisitor can jump, but it rarely jumps to retreat. On the contrary, Inquisitor does best when using its leap to get into combat. While airborne, Inquisitor becomes stealthed and remains in this state for a few seconds after landing. This, along with one heavy and two medium slots, makes him a pretty scary opponent to fight against.

Downsides? Inquisitor is huge. That means, at point-blank range, its stealth won’t give him that much of an advantage. So be mindful of that!

New robot: Glider

What is it? A new robot that flies — sorta

When is it? October/November

Glider is death from above, robotized. A Jetpack-like module lets it hover over the battlefield, granting pleasant views — and of course nailing stylish overhead shots.

It’s not a full-on flying robot that many (us included) fantasized about. Because a robot that’s in the air for 100% of any match would be too much for many maps — imagine that on Moon, for example. But giving short, focused bursts of aerial views makes much more sense in our case. So we’ve done it.

New robot: Hellburner (working title)

What is it? A new robot that explodes

When is it coming? October/November

Sad about your light robots dying too quickly? Good news — now you can get the satisfaction of doing a  good job just by exploding. Hellburner is made to be blown-up. Or rather, it blows itself up when on the verge of dying (or by request). This deals humongous damage to all enemies who didn’t retreat.

You have to be smart and position yourself properly, as your enemies still have some time to react and get out from your explosive range, but even before exploding you can do quite a lot of damage. Hellburner is quick and bears one heavy and one light weapon.

What else can be said here? Don’t let this thing reach your snipers.




What is it? A new map

When is it coming? November

Enclosed spaces are something we haven’t explored in War Robots much — up until now.

On Dreadnought these spaces are still pretty roomy — there’s enough air for Griffins and Rogatkas to jump and maneuver.

A complex landscape providing many occasions to fight for a higher ground is an important focus on Dreadnought. Plenty of cover allows for tense close quarters skirmishes, but there’s also a lot of open space on the periphery for snipers and quick robots.

Lucky Spin (working title)

What is it? Better “chests” — but not actually chests

When is it coming? October

This is an addition to the Black Market.

Here’s how it works, in a nutshell: you see a board with all the items you can possibly get from this chest: silver, gold, components (components? More on this in a minute!), equipment, etc. You pick a couple that you DON’T want to get and start rolling for a small fee.

After a successful roll you can roll again, and again — up until you exhaust all the items in the pool (mind you that the fee will increase with each spin). If you don’t like what you see, you can reset the board. And that’s it!

Item Promotion (working title)

Of course these aren’t the actual numbers, but we cannot stop thinking that Cossack with these parameters would definitely be a sight to behold.

What is it? Another way to improve your items

When is it coming? October

After upgrading any item to level 12 you’ll be able to “promote” it, starting the upgrade cycle from level 1 again, but adding a permanent bonus to its stats. If you manage to overcome this drawback, you’ll eventually receive an item that is significantly stronger than the original.


What is it? A new way to acquire equipment

When is it coming? September/October

Here are probably the two most significant issues with current in-game economics:

  1. We’ve reached the state where we have perhaps too many currencies, which might become too confusing for new people. Silver, gold, WP, Influence, event tokens, chest keys? Which is for what? How and where do you get all these things?
  2. Chest drops give you either all or nothing. When you get something, all is good, all is great. But when all you get from a chest is some gold, you feel like you’re getting nowhere.

So what we’re doing is unifying most of the systems under a single one. From different activities you’ll be receiving fragments of robots or guns that you’ll be able to turn into actual useful things once you have enough of these. Every chest is almost guaranteed to have some components inside, and you’ll always see how your progress towards another Haechi or Inquisitor is going.

And probably the most vital thing: if all goes right, Workshop 2.0 might be based on the same system. This is not set in stone yet, but it’s one of the most possible scenarios. And if we go in that direction, we’ll look for a way to convert workshop points into components so WP you managed to hoard over months won’t go to waste.

New mode: Team Deathmatch

What is it? A game mode without beacons

When? October

In Beacon Rush we attempted to bring more emphasis to beacon control. With Team Deathmatch we’re doing quite the opposite.

In Deathmatch we’re removing beacons. Entirely.

Fight till the last robot standing. Just fight. Nothing else. You’re welcome!


Here we listed the features in which we are 100% sure that they’ll hit the scheduled dates. But likely there will be other things coming during the next couple of months. Significant League changes are slated for 3.2, at least two new weapons should arrive by 3.3 and we also keep vigorously experimenting with alternative modes and event-related bits.

Now we want to hear what you think! Feel free to tell us which things you like and which you don’t.

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  • 이재혁

    The worst update I’ve ever seen.

    We already need over 300days to make 1set of full upgraded robots and pixonic wants more?

    It’s nonsense in PvP only game.

    What is the difference between lv12 vs lv12 and mk.lv12 vs mk.lv12?

    We just need more time or money to play equally.

  • 이재혁

    The worst update I’ve ever seen.

    We already need over 300days to make 1set of full upgraded robots and pixonic wants more?

    It’s nonsense in PvP only game.

    What is the difference between lv12 vs lv12 and mk.lv12 vs mk.lv12?

    We just need more time or money to play equally.

  • Don

    Probably facing 12/12 hangar was not enough, now we’ll have to face extremely OP 12/12 Mk2 hangars. That is the most stupid thing you’ve ever planned to do and I really hope you will change your mind, or at least find a way to prevent people from using 12/12 Mk2 hangars to club other players. You should know that there are a lot of people out there who have enough gold and Ag to max out everything they have istantly, and I’m SURE there will be a lot of these Mk2 hangars around at day one. Your game is awesome and I thank you for how much fun WR gives me, but you are not going in the right direction with your plans, IMHO.

  • Vilem Tell

    Ok Pix, just an opinion from someone whose playing your game almost from start. Most of the new stuff is great and I`m looking forward to it but one thing is very questionable – Mk2 upgrades. In theory it would work great and give people new ways to improve but as was recently seen with Dashes, there are people who have enough resources that they are able to have 12/12 hangar full of Dashes few days after it hit the Black Market, do we really need that? Considering how (badly) match making system works, its already hard to fight 12/12 hangars with 10 lvl bots, if you gave those players another way how to improve their hangar, games will be unplayable. It will literally ruin the whole game! Like who will be happy to see their own downfall from Champ league to some Diamond,,,,just because people have almost two times better guns and bots now…

    So Pix please forget that idea…Game is already hard at top levels.

  • Inigo Smith

    Played this a long time… while I like the mk2 concept, I hate the reality of what it would mean! You would have to separate anyone with mk2 bots from the other players in matchmaking, or 2 many would quit the game.
    I think a 6th slot would be better for the game, or the ability to select multiple hanger combinations when countdown on map appears, perhaps 3? A single equipped bot could be in all 3 but this would give players a chance to use more bots and rotate hangers for fun based on map.
    So should we start hoarding WSP again in plan for WSP 2.0? Please don’t weaken the value of the ones we have.

  • ZeroHedge WR

    New maps, new bots, new modes – all good!

    On the topic of item promotion, I really fail to see how this improves the game for the players. It takes 6-18 months for a player to max everything and that is playing pretty much daily and purchasing premium each month. I don’t understand how this would affect matchmaking based on the level of detail given in this article, but on the surface this looks like a move that will turn off alot of players. This coming from someone who pretty much has a maxed hanger.

    Based on current issues with matchmaker (I realize no matchmaker is perfect, and the current one is pretty good), I think you really incentivize players just to stay at low levels agai, like folks did with the old matchmaker. What becomes the point of upgrading if I can a run all level 6 hanger in silver/gold tier, see a much more diverse number of bots, and have a ton of fun without spending a dime on the wheel of fate. In fact this is already happening.
    Players don’t want to face full clans of all maxed dash bots, using comms that evaporate you in less than a second with 20+ orkans firing in unison. This type of match lasts 3-4 minutes and is pretty demoralizing to think that is the future of the game. I’ve been on both sides of this type of match and neither one is fun.

    If this gets released and within the next week or two you have players with massive stores of currencies upgrade everything to the new Max and still match those players with level 12 players, I think my playing time will decrease significantly. The number of champion players is so small already, you can’t even fill a match of all champion players 99.999% of the time in solo play.

  • a_spade_is_a_spade

    Whilst I am excited about some of the upcoming ideas in principle, I also share the same concerns about the Mk2 concept. It only serves to create a larger divide between those who can afford and those who cannot. Due to the glaring flaws of the matchmaker, I and many others have played this whole time facing hangars at least two levels above my own. I’m days away from making Champion League where finally, players can’t beat me just because they have higher level gear, even though I have nothing at lvl 12 yet. Except, now with the Mk2 concept (and the considerable time it will take a budget conscious player to complete it) this disparity will not only exist again, it will be increased.

    I love this game and play it at the exclusion of all others. However, unless you introduce an airtight matchmaking overhaul in combination with Mk2 (something that has proved impossible for you thus far) these changes WILL make me sell my account in spite of your terms of service. Because at a certain point, if you pander to the financial whales too much, I would rather have their money in MY pocket than putting my money in YOURS….

  • SuperNova

    Mk2 upgrades will really destroy the game .. unless you’re willing to change back the silver output as it was in day 1 “+700k silver for 500k dmg” then this will only widen the levels between spenders and casual players .. Just from someone you know .. Adrian with over 3 billion silver and +50k gold .. don’t you think he would get a mk2 hangar right away ..

    Add a new currency like silver to upgrade mk2, limit it , but please DON’T make it a VIP thing that anyone with money can easily get it ..

  • Scary Teddy

    The item promotion will ruin this game. There is nothing more demotivating than after spending ages, even as a Premium customer, to max your bot you find it to be totally useless against insta-promoted competition. As we speak all the new bots that come to play, like Dashes, are insta-maxed by people that have plenty of resources. Especially in Champion league where most of the maxed players are. Making it painful for the ordinary gamer to play the game. Item promotion as a concept does not improve the gameplay and we don’t need it, all it does is underline the ever so greedy pay2win mechanics this game is absorbing rapidly under recent developments, referring to Black Market for instance. No intelligent gamer plays pure pay to win games, than is just brainless. Bring in the item promotion and watch us quit playing. Just like if the barber charges you twice the money every time you go there for a hair cut, eventually you say “Enough!” and stop using that barber. Probably after just one visit.

  • Maximus El

    Definitely i wont remax my hanger again, ill quit if u came up with this

  • Mike Hill

    I agree with most of the other comenters about the mk2 plan. It would be devastating to the game unless you separated the players based on weapon and bot level instead of league. A maxed DB griffin would not be able to destroy a mk2 12 bot simply because you dont have enough ammo. Not to mention people play for an extremely long time just to get 5 hanger slots maxed out. I firmly believe this will ruin the game unles players with mk2 equipment are separated from the rest of us.

  • Jeff Rogers

    Game Mode: Defend and Conquer
    – Aggressors are attacking a military base.
    – They must destroy 5 Prototype Robots.
    -Prototype Robots are hidden in Hangers.
    -There are 7 Hangers and Prototype Robots are placed Randomly at start of game.
    – Prototype Robots are “Tagged” when found, allowing allies to locate them easier.
    -There are 4 Gates into the Compound and Agressors Spawn/ Respawn Randomly outside the gates
    -Denfenders have 4 Random Spawn/ Respawn  Points inside the base.
    -Defenders must protect All Prototype Robots from being destroyed.

    Victories would be;
    – Major; All Prototypes Destroyed/ Defended
    – Partial; 4 Prototypes Destroyed/ Defended
    – Minor; 3 Prototypes Destroyed/ Defended

  • Jeff Rogers

    Agree with others. MK2 promotion is just not needed and will not help the game for all the reasobs already stated. Components I don’t see as useful unless there is a way to combine things to make “new” items, which I see as outside the scope of a moble game.

  • Battle Angel

    So PIXONIC is proposing a way to take level 12 stuff back to level 1 then to 12 again for a 128% increase in power. It’s called promote class to Mk2 or something. I can not stand this idea. I’ve been playing this game every day for sometimes hours a day (700/1300 weekly activity, this week 1400+) to earn silver to get my gear to level 12. I have just a few items at 12. Tons of items still to level up. Getting to 12 has been my main goal this whole time. Now all the sudden they are suggesting to change that. So then my goal is suddenly set even further from me & others. Its a really bad thing to do. Please anyone else who dislikes this idea. Please write them and say so. The article states “Now it’s time to discuss what we have for the upcoming Fall. In this article we focus mostly on September and October updates, as our plans for November can still change, depending on how you’ll receive what’s listed here.” So I hope everyone that dislikes the idea tells them so.

  • Normy Haddad

    Raijins with 570k health? Hell yeah!

  • Kevin Cutting

    No MKII bots or weapons. I cannot begin to express how terrible of an idea this is. EVERY player I have discussed this with, and I talk to a LOT of people, they all have equated this to dangling a carrot in front of a donkey.
    I for one won’t spen any more money on this game until things start getting taken care of properly. It’s unfortunate too, because I do spend money. this is my hobby, and I’m fine with spending money on a hobby I enjoy.
    The other realisation pixonix needs to figure out is that this is a GREAT game. People like to, and continue to play great games. There is zero need to file WR under “mobile game”, and only let it exist for a few years. This game will LAST, IF pixonic takes the time to cultivate it properly.

  • CQFD

    mmmh not sure about that

  • Franklin E Rosales

    Please do not proceed with the idea of adding 12 more levels to weapons.

  • Karan Singh Pattar

    Thats great stuff coming. I know that Inquisitor is gonna avaiIable only from black market. So i got only one choice, I plan on buying a lancelot when i get 5000 gold. Thunder is buffed in recent update making Lacelot a weaker knife fighter with lesser hp as compared to dashes and every other bot accept Griffin (who can jump). I think Lancelot needs a small buff, instead of 3x pieces, his shield be made 2x pieces with 150k hp each (like shield of Raijin) so the shield can survive a little longer against splash and plasma. Also currently i m noticing that from lancelot 3x shield only the middle shield takes all damage and gets blown off. Because every weapon aims and attacks at center of the bot.

  • Kevin Ocampo

    I could understand the allure of mk2 promotion for all items
    I’m just hoping itll be selective buffs tho
    Like a fujin mk2 same hp but maybe a better shield regen
    Or like a Griffin mk2 would get a faster move speed but everything else is retained the same way, the same goes for weapons, like a ml2 taran would have a max range of 420 buy CD reload dire rate and dmg is the same.. hopefully that makes sense. Like mk2 not an overall buff but more of a tweak of a maxed out hangar then I’m all for it, but if mk2 is the same as upgrading 1-12 but even more buffed up.. Then i agree with the rest of people here that will ruin the game

  • Akhilesh kumar Vishwakarma

    PIXONIC.. you guys are taking your greed to whole new level.

  • disqus_3TJztzfR0d

    The update is awful and your voice actor is crap. Way to go Pixonic.
    When is it coming? Cocktober Blowvember…how much will it cost? Just your house and car.

  • disqus_3TJztzfR0d

    Yea no kidding, I completely agree with you. I feel like It’s just a way for them to get out of equalizing the robots.
    I will quit for sure when this update happens.

  • CQFD

    Wait, on the picture for team death match we see 2 options: Random mode or Team death match. Do you mean we can’t choose to play Beacon rush when we want ??

  • CQFD

    Wait, on the picture for team death match we see 2 options: Random mode or Team death match. Do you mean we can’t choose to play Beacon rush when we want ??

  • Xtremos Bass

    How the he-


    Simply make it so that light bots are the only bots able to get mk2 upgrades. No one needs to see a lvl12 mk 2 Raijjin w/ equivalent thunders marching around.

  • Liberty_or_Death

    I agree with pretty much everyone else, item promotion will kill incentive to play daily if at all. If you really have to do it then make the cost based in silver for speeding upgrades. That way people who want to pay for it can and others can earn the silver to speed their upgrades.

  • black jr

    the reality is that this black market is a discouragement, the updates did not come here for me not to appear new robots while people are already playing against me with the new robots, had the possibility of obtaining these robberies in the black market, as I do not have enough money to get a gold bau I can not win something good game for months and nuinca I won a gun or a robbery..sincerely this black market is a negative marketing …

  • black jr

    I liked the
    New mode: time deathmatch

  • Jay Sewell

    Pix your game is just out of this world best mobile game I have played in the world but that has all changed you have completely ruined this game for one it’s full of lag that you have not even tried to fix.two you added this crazy matchmaking system worst than the one before which makes it hard for lower rank players me I’m lvl 30 with Lancelot’s and other greats robots and weapons and I still have a hard time winning battles and three every time you update the game any problems such as lag that was in the previously update you don’t even try fix it you just update and expect players to enjoy the new update which they can’t because they have to try there hardest to get your attention about these problems. So pixionic you want to know what I think about this upcoming update I think you should just put the game back the way it was a will back which would be better than the new version of walking war robots.

  • Genius_CCCP

    Hi Pix, do you read our comments here on this website? I want to make a few points as below;
    1. Nowadays, what can the gold buy? Dash bots? Doc, Jesse, Butch?
    2. Your system matching is a failure, unbalanced, yet now you create another unbalanced gameplay with black markets bots and weapons , you know the problem yet you choose to ignore the players feeling.
    3. You may have earned high grossing for the recent black market events, but you have hurt a lot of people.
    4. You have improved the weapons hit points that make a lot of people quite happy but you didn’t solve some of the maps problem of open terrains, worst you have make a beautiful valley map but create new problems with 4 high ground for snipers which is bad for exciting game.
    5. Are you actually happy to see so many negative feedback about black market because you have make a fortune at the expense of others?
    6. What is the point of creating some many robots and weapons that are beyond the reach of so many people?
    7. So far, you have offers everyday on special discount on robots, weapons package with golds, but what can you buy with gold? Dash robots, scourges? And worst those offers never include Dash, Butch, Doc,…..?
    8. I just hope that I have never started playing this apps from the start 3 years ago. Nevertheless, it is a matter of time, that I just quietly disappeared from this apps.
    9. I just wish that this war robot apps never have existed at all.
    10. Any new updates will never earn our excitement anymore.
    11. Full Stop.

  • Scott Borkai

    item promotion gives the full hangar people something to do, it won’t influence most players as MM will protect us. I wanted the components to come out already(so close to the end of Sept). Although item promotion will just make the best bots better, not make the cossak more competitive…

  • Tojakyo Panim

    Great !

  • Genius_CCCP

    Whatever’s coming in October will never be exciting anymore, only for high grossing goal. But I don’t believe that it can happen in October too, probably October 2018,2019……….

  • Narcissus

    Thank you very much !!!!!!!

  • Acton_Spur

    Based on the fact there is no Match Making system in place AND they want to introduce Mk 2 promotion of bots/weapons, this is going to turn into a nasty mess of gargantuan proportions…

  • Shaun Holguin

    1. Elected player representation.
    2. All discounts/sales to be offered to All players at the same time and duration.
    3. Increased server load to handle the amount of players on the system at any given time.
    4. A division dedicated to faster customer satisfaction.

  • Orkan Testy

    Stop complaining and start playing. I have no dash bots, no quick draw bots even not have any lances but still I love this game and I will play it forever. Thanks pixonic for this great game.

  • Krumiro

    Free Camera Rotation!!! for God’s sake!!!!!!!

  • disqus_3TJztzfR0d

    Looks like it did ruin it after all.