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General. Intermediate

22 March

King of the Hill Tactical Guide

At War Robots University, we have tested the new mode and are prepared to offer the following recommendations for a successful play in King of the Hill...

Robot Guides

21 March

[3.6] Hunter In The Skies: Aphex Hover guide

You might think the Aphid-Vortex is a very fun setup to run. You’d be right!

Advanced Tactics

21 March

[3.7] Death From Above: from Cossack to Mercury

The ability to take to the air, to seek and hold the high ground, and to survey the battlefield and assess the enemy’s weaknesses have always given high-flying pilots the upper hand.

Robot Guides

25 February

[3.6] Spectre vs Strider: What to choose?

Robot Guides

22 February

[3.6] Ghostbusting: Slaying Spectres

The best builds and strategies to overcome unseen

Advanced Tactics

12 February

[3.6] A Player’s Guide to King of the Hill

While the original Domination mode, Beacon Rush and Team Deathmatch reward the players in order of their damage, King of the Hill is unique

Robot Guides

7 February

[3.6] Glass Tiger, Crystal Dragon: Spectre

Spectre could be a bot that players would have nightmares about as it descends on your bot with four medium slots of death

Robot Guides

26 January

[3.5] Will the Carnage be Redeemed?

Carnage is one of the most popular robots for its ability to pounce for the kill and take some punishment due to its ancile. Redeemer, on the other hand, is the newest weapon in WR stables, feared for its powers.

Advanced Tactics

25 January

[3.5] Making the most out of cheap gear

Life Lessons: How to teach a harsh lesson to your OP enemies

Robot Guides

19 January

[3.6] Flying Is The New Flanking, part II: Inquisitor

Here we will focus on moving Inquisitor into strong positions for your team.

General. Basics

18 January

Squad battle

How to play with your friends or clan members

General. Basics

18 January


How War Robots matchmaking works: in a nutshell

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