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16 March

Community Spotlight: The Girl and the Griffin

Champion League gameplay is often associated with the latest robots and the most premium weapons. But not so for Lottie-Rose, the founder of the first all-female clan in War Robots and the girl who pilots only Griffins

Patch Notes

13 March

War Robots 3.7 Update Notes. Weapon rebalance and Battle Rewards!

Battle Rewards, Shocktrain changes and more!

New in WR

16 February

WR Friday. 3.7 Weapon Rebalance

This time we decided to focus on a single thing: the upcoming weapon rebalance


14 February

Guest Opinion: Making The Case for War Robots as an Esport

In this one, we’ll see not the reasons why War Robots is not an esport yet, but why should War Robots think of being one – and how could it be done in the first place.


9 February

Dressed for Success: Top 5 Fashion Looks for the Battlefield

A guest piece on best paint jobs available in the game. It's all just an opinion, but...

New in WR

9 February

War Robots Friday. Shocktrain, Game Modes and Tankers

We picked and answered 5 top questions from last two weeks discussions


8 February

Lunar New Year is on!

Come, celebrate and get rewards!

Patch Notes

31 January

War Robots 3.6 Update Notes. King of the Hill and Lunar New Year event!

Supply Drops, King of the Hill, Hangar X and more!

New in WR

26 January

War Robots Friday. Getting ready for 3.6

It’s been a while since the last time we updated you on the upcoming changes. Holidays are over, the work is going full-steam ahead — and the update 3.6 is just around the corner.

New in WR

6 January

WR 2018: Clans and Socialization

Bros before... everything!

New in WR

2 January

WR 2018: UI, matchmaking and performance

Let’s not take much time on explanations and just allow these changes to speak for themselves.

New in WR

29 December

Battle Rewards: digging into the numbers

Battle Rewards — what are they, why do we need them and what's inside?

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