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17 July

Avengers, assemble! Best machine guns builds

Best Avengers builds for the battlefield. By Ol’ Pappy

New in WR

13 July

WR Friday. Influence Points, update 4.1 and more

With so many things happening in — and to — War Robots, it's time for another development update!

New in WR

6 July

Lock them down! Shredder & Pulsar Reveal

An interesting weapon can be more than just a tool for causing destruction


29 June

Community Spotlight: the Woman of the Sky.

For the Kennedy’s, War Robots became a family thing.

New in WR

25 June

Economy changes: dates and details

Robots and weapons faster & easier to get! Find out how and when.

Patch Notes

21 June

War Robots 4.0 Update Notes: New Way To Play

Support players rejoice! Now it is your time to shine

New in WR

8 June

WR Friday: balancing Modules

Together with game designer Ivan Zvonarev we keep going through most popular Module-related topics.


4 June


Comic book — from community to community!

New in WR

1 June

WR Friday: Meet Mender and Weyland

Two robots with a brand new role make their debut on the test server this weekend.

New in WR

25 May

WR Friday. New Map: Rome

Ancient architecture and giant robots — what can be better? It's time to fight for the Colosseum!

Patch Notes

23 May

War Robots 3.9 Update Notes. Forts and Talons

Indestructible Bulwark, sly Falcon, Orkan's heavy cousin and new tools for clans and those looking for one.

New in WR

21 May

Battle Rewards: more silver more often

More silver, Royale Tokens rebalanced and more components for Champions

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