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15 December

Community Roundup: where do the bullets vanish?

Why can’t a Rhino charge after losing their shield, despite being lighter? What happens to Punisher bullets after 500m? And, finally, where do the robots store all their reloads?...

New in WR

8 December

Development News. Future of game modes

More about new modes: Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill and Free-for-all.


5 December

War Robots Official Hub is open. Welcome Home!

Here it is. The new War Robots website. We’ve been working on it for quite a while, and now we can finally show it to you. Feel yourself at home. Fiddle around. We think it's pretty great. What do you think?


5 December

Christmas Event is on!

Christmas event is here! Read what's inside.

New in WR

29 November

Supply Drops: what's inside?

When we released the first info on Supply Drops and Battle Rewards, one question was still open: what is inside?

Patch Notes

17 November

War Robots 3.4 Update Notes. Dreadnought, Hover and more

Another feature heavy update. New map, new robot, new gun — and more!

New in WR

3 November

War Robots Development News. 03.11.17

Next update will arrive in a couple of weeks. Seems like now is a good time to give you a brief look on the upcoming changes.

New in WR

31 October

Coming up: new battle reward system

TL;DR: more rewards, better rewards.

Patch Notes

18 October

War Robots 3.3 Update Notes. Halloween, TDM and more

There’s a new gun, a new experimental game mode and also — a Halloween event.

Patch Notes

27 September

War Robots 3.2 Update Notes. Custom Matches!

There’s a lot going on in this update, but Custom Matches is still probably the biggest thing in the list.

Patch Notes

28 August

War Robots 3.1 Update Notes. Dash into the Valley

New map. Three new robots. One new and one not-so-new gun. Add a huge buff for all the bullet weapons to that — and you’ll get the list of things that define the update 3.1.

New in WR

25 August

New map: Valley. How it was made — and what’s next

With the update 3.1 War Robots will step into the Valley. That’s a fancy way to say “the new map is coming!” 

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