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New in WR

25 May

WR Friday. New Map: Rome

Ancient architecture and giant robots — what can be better? It's time to fight for the Colosseum!

Patch Notes

23 May

War Robots 3.9 Update Notes. Forts and Talons

Indestructible Bulwark, sly Falcon, Orkan's heavy cousin and new tools for clans and those looking for one.

New in WR

21 May

Battle Rewards: more silver more often

More silver, Royale Tokens rebalanced and more components for Champions

New in WR

4 May

WR Friday. Answering your Modules questions

You asked us a lot of question during the latest stream. Answers on us!

New in WR

27 April

Next in War Robots. Clans

All about new clan features, quests and leagues

Patch Notes

24 April

War Robots 3.8 Update Notes. Newer Horizons

This update is all about giving you new options

New in WR

20 April

Next in War Robots. Modules

Modules are the new kind of secondary equipment we’re currently working on

New in WR

17 April

Update 3.8 Preview #1. Supply Drop, Battle Rewards and Black Market changes

We bring you fresher rewards and rehash older systems to clean things up and make everything click together better

New in WR

6 April

Next in War Robots. How the game feels, plays and looks

One of our main development directions; an overview of how the game will feel

New in WR

30 March

WR Friday. What’s next in War Robots?

This Friday we decided to give you a heads up: the development directions we will concentrate on and some of the features that are planned


23 March

WR Friday. How do the maps sound?

If you ever wanted to hear how Valley or Moon sound outside of the battle, the opportunity is here.


16 March

Community Spotlight: The Girl and the Griffin

Champion League gameplay is often associated with the latest robots and the most premium weapons. But not so for Lottie-Rose, the founder of the first all-female clan in War Robots and the girl who pilots only Griffins

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