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AcMe27 days ago

I have dragoons set up, tried raijin. Wasn't happy with it. I got my natasha out with 2 arbalst.
Very mobile, lack of 130% damage. As mentioned in article. However,able to get zone needed faster.
Goodluck, pilot.

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AcMelast month

I wonder if, maybe effects mk 2. build after the newly required said parts?
Still working on leveling up,regular weapons.

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AcMelast month

It is very well balanced.However,2 thunders or mix match of storm gust. Trash it fast!
Like Mr. Dallos wrote above, need to be a very skilled pilot. To do it right, shield on/off regeneration, and shot!

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AcMelast month

It is well balanced, However the thunder doubled up. Trash it to fast!
Like Mr. DALLOS wrote above, be very skilled pilot!

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AcMe4 months ago

AcMe LDHFNQ Android samsung7
I have say No. 2 Rakin.

A little bit before Halloween, how's it looking for a new app from Google Play Store. There was on the recommendations War robots, I started laughing I used to play this on my old book down tablet. Since my old flip phone. Decided to poop out on me. You know kind of the kind of phone that you had to touch each function buttons three times to get a single letter. Well anyway this fancy phone the Samsung, can do things like my tablet did and even better. Anyway I told the wife about it she even got a giggle out of it. Before I can download my weather app for my new phone. I had to do some weatherization to my vehicle. I let the wife have the phone told her what the what weather app I wanted. But two hours later after being done with what I need to do to my vehicle for winter. I told me I had two or three messages on my phone. The messages were from my game on war robots which used to be walking War robots. My wife downloaded the game, well truthfully I got curious. I opened up the app for looking around. Come to find out I didn't lose nothing on the account however, however I did have enough to buy a new robot paint job and snow weaponry so I did just that. I bought a rajin, a tempest and Zues. Ever since then I've been blasting, bashing and smashing other pilot robots that would have a red upside down triangle on them

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