Lunar New Year is on!

Author - War Robots

You’ve probably already noticed that your hangar look a bit more festive than usual. Yes, it's THIS time of the year again!

Welcome to WR Lunar New Year!

February 8th 9:00 UTC — February 26th 9:00 UTC

As usual, everyone above level 5 can participate.

When the event starts you’ll receive a gold bonusdon’t forget to enter the game to grab it!

During event you can complete special event tasks to get free Storm, Redeemer, Haechi and more!

The full list of event tasks and rewards:

Note: we removed "capture X beacons" tasks from later stages to make the task chain completable in King of the Hill

You can also receive premium equipment by taking part in WR Royale:

  • select a robot or a weapon you want
  • exclude items that you don't like
  • play!
  • press "renew" any moment to return items you already received back to the pool for a small fee

And finally, meet three new paint jobs for Kumiho, Haechi and Bulgasari. These will be available after the event, so there’s no rush to getting them.

As usual, clan players can strengthen their clan by donating gold to increase the maximum member count! Also sending gifts to your clanmates will yield you a Premium subscription!

And don’t forget about special Lunar New Year sales!

See you on the battlefield, Pilots!


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Yuri Correa Matheus14 hours ago

Ampliar los días porfavor. Hasta el 8 de Marzo si es posible. Estoy jugando todos los días, mínimo 4 horas de juego, y todaia estoy por la mision 7.

Opino que hay pocos dias para cumplir unos requisitos increiblemente altos.

Me gustaria una respuesta, gracias.

Shaho Bllbas18 hours ago

All challenges completed as of 1:57 am est. With a week to spare.


That was my last long boring whiny complaining post, I was just venting I suppose. Sorry to have to leave the community though. That is the one worst thing about all this, I’ve met some decent people through war robots. Probably losing touch with them is rather sad. To all you decent pilots that are going to try to stick it out I hope things change and you find fun in war robots again soon. Very best of luck to all the diehard pilots that just won’t give up yet. Sincerely good luck and I hope your tolerance and patience pays off. Peace.


So, since you forced me to play tdm, I say forced because king of the kill is just terrible, imo, and if I had to choose between it and koth I would pick tdm. You had 2 decent game modes, why did you screw with it. I averaged 1000 activity cups or trophies or what ever you want to call them a week. Every other week I was buying gold solely to skip timers and I was buying a lot of it. Now I barely earn 100 activity cups and I buy nothing, was it worth it? You have already created chaos with new bots and weapons and looking at the test server you are planning to make it even worse. On a single positive note I just read about weapon rebalance and the buffs seem good but have you ever considered just saying “ hey look pilots we screwed up, shock trains were just a bad idea” remove them and just compensate the players that have them in some fair way. The buff are only going to shorten survival time in battle, soon you can just make the battle timer about 4 minutes. The battle length and the fact you could last till the end a lot of times was one of the main things that drew me to war robots. It astounds me what the devs have done to an awesome game. It was my main time consuming joy and now I’m sorry I ever wasted a single dime on it. I don’t consider spending on gaming if you can afford it to be wasteful if it makes life more bearable, an escape from the stress and all that life gives out. You have made the game more stressful than the stress people were trying to escape. You have 95 percent negative comments here and on your face book page and yet you continue on the same path. Maybe I’m just old and need to go back to board games or something. I just tried to play a few battles and damage is down for some reason now it seems, did you silently nerf taran? They seem really off, maybe it’s just my lack of enthusiasm though. It’s finally time to uninstall and just not look back I think, the clan I have was getting near 200 in ranking most weeks, after your last update it dropped from around 230 to into the 500’s and there are more zeros on the roster than ever and who can blame them, you have killed the joy pixonic, no one soon will have any faith at all , when your not trusted people don’t give your there money. Maybe you just wanted a whole new player base, hope that works out for you then, it seems such a shame to destroy such an awesome game. You must treat those youtubers well, lol, some that seemed stand up guys now seem to promote any crazy thing at all you roll out, so the corruption spreads, when your all washed up a lot of people will have lost faith in them as well possibly, just going to take as many as you can down with you maybe. Hahahahahaha, oh well, soon you will just be a bad memory for me, forcing me to play that tdm was the straw that snapped my camels back,btw, I was tolerating the rest of it, that was a really bad idea, seems you would have reversed that one at least. You guys should take all your ill gotten game dollars and just buy or build a casino, get out of the Mobil gaming racket, you seem to be able to rig gambling to your favor really well. Oh yeah, taking the single positive thing out of the royale game was also a really bad move, premium account time, shows just how money grabbing petty you have gotten I think, sales of premium time must have dropped off. Hey, news flash, it wasn’t cause you were giving a little away, it’s because the games not worth buying any premium time now. You might want to check the devs work space for maybe something like lead contamination, that causes brain damage you know. Something went wrong that’s for sure.

Amr Khedr2 days ago

من موافق

Amr Khedr2 days ago

نريد أن نفعل تيم عربي

Klatuu2 days ago

All challenges completed as of 1:57 am est. With a week to spare.

Javad Jamshidi3 days ago

Opening the chests is in this order from the lowest value to the highest it doesn't give you any of high value items before the end. It's so unfair and it's not random. So stringy and unfair.

elizjava355 days ago

Guys, ladys, guys, its okayyyy the op people are teiring up soo fast they are going to Valhalla. Wjen they kick oit asses they are just passing through

LOLumad?6 days ago

Ur not so smart nor a pro gamer. Coming from cal-i and esea-i cevo-p CS 1.6, SOURCE, & CS:GO I have recently retired due to more important life matters.

Needless to say, I want to point out for you that WR is not a competitve game for tier levels to be placed on players based on skill. Everything u said is dumb the controls are awful I always have a frustrating time locking on some one. When I jump and not locked, my crosshair on a target switches from who i want to a farther awau bot not in range and waste my ammo. There is no custom player in game settings just the same outdated options since forever.

The only skill in this game is who has enough wallet talent. It is unmatched. Skill level pars universally meaning the skill level u think u got over a span of years playing, can come challenging you from a new player with ur same hangar with only 4 weeks playing while missing one arm. There is no special skill here so move on plz. I love this game but i hate those who make the decisions and have authority over the game. Aside from an obvious approach to its fans, the game urgently needs major small changes.

First of all remove deathmatch type matches from the beacon rush and domination updates. Second, your mystery boxes game is pure fraudulent stuff I never win a good price so i stopped. The free prize events are 99% useless and probaby cheats u out. There is still no hangar setting that u can delete multiple weapons u dont need or want at once. The matching system pi**es me off, so many downy players. The -22 is ridiculous especially that -22 can never be a +22 in any game. I dont think there rhould be -22 if there is no +22... And just about any other stuff in the game the list goes on. Im surprised pixonic hasnt start charging 1 or 4 gold before joining a match yet.

Sunny 6 days ago

When can the players choose in which mode they wanna play?
Because i hate deathmatch or whatever its name is. I always leave the game when my mode is deathmatch.
So, are you guys planing to separate these mode in the near future or not. Because if you are not planning to separate them, then I believe i have to quit this game and play something else. Because now you guys have introduced another mode and if im not wrong you guys will merge that mode too. (The king of the hill).
So, guys i love this game and i will be sorry to delete this game but you guys are not giving me any option.
And whenever i leave a game mode that i dont like, i have to pay a penalty.
I know you guys have created this game but you are not our bosses who gave us orders that you have to do this and do that, if not than we have to pay a penalty.
Please make this game a player friendly.

Greg Lloyd6 days ago

the bonus task take away from the game it is more like going to work to earn something instead of having an enjoyable time in your past time I don't like them and I noticed no one tries to do anything except complete the bonus tasks that you have posted for them in essence you screwed up big time Big Time big time it's not fun anymorein

the bonus has made the game not fun very not fun extremely not fun not fun you screwed up!

Snapdragon™7 days ago

18 days is doable for this event, its repeating task makes it kind of boring mostly at the end. And yes, if You pay you will win much easier, but who wants to be in top payer league? I dont, and up to master 1 league you are fine , on the other side are tankers who ruining lower level player game experience.

Shaun Finnegan7 days ago

Look, if Pixonic made everything easily attainable or affordable, nobody would appreciate the uniqueness of owning the only 3 Dragoon Fury in the battle. I only had to take out a 2nd mortgage on my home, donated 46 bags of plasma, and pawned my gf’s engagement ring to get my MK2 Punishers last month.

LoucustMaster1177 days ago

Lol I just got destroyed on War Robots so I logged onto Rules of Survival and I get a message from the deves apologising for the game having freezing issues from the last update and for compenstaion they gave me 1000 gold.

Good blokes those guys.

LoucustMaster1177 days ago

Papajofixit, The best game that I have ever seen for value for money is Pixel Gun 3d (not to be confused with dear old Pixonic). It is free to play and there are deals that come up constantly where you can buy 120 gems for a $1.50, thats absolutly insane! That means that if you pay about 20 bucks you can be an absolute god!

Okay so not really since every player has equal access to every weapon it just takes a little longer for most players to aquire the gems. So by paying to win you might expect to well, win only that never happens since those guys just get their arses kicked by players that have actual skill. That is in complete contrast to War Robots where players just buy a sheiled bot and strap Shocktrains + Arbalest to them which means that you cannot even out distance them anymore, there’s also certainty no killing them from long range either.

Papajofixit8 days ago

Everyone needs to lower their star rating in the Play Store it's the only thing pixonic will respond to is a lure rating I did this on my six Play Store accounts and each time I did I got a response from the company asking me why I simply told them it was their greed that was over powering their better judgement I also told them I would be more than willing to spend money on the game if the game was fairly priced like most all other games on the internet a couple of dollars here couple of dollars there not hundreds of dollars at the time it really is a shame because this is a really awesome game or at least it used to be before they screwed it all up I no longer play the game with the characters that I have up to level 30 I go into my apps and I delete the data from the game so I can start a new game every time I play which makes it a lot more fun again playing back up to level 20 I quit and start a new character I no longer login to the Play Store because that's how they rip you off I've probably restarted well over a hundred characters and what I have found is that their black market is nothing but a scam and they only give you the lowest thing no matter what every time so if everyone would please just lower your star rating to 1 maybe then we could get their attention and pull their heads out of their asses so we could turn this shity game back into the really awesome game it used to be

Tawfeq Imad8 days ago

انا 5 سنوات العب هاذ العبه ولا احصل على ريبورت جديد

Farmaan Akhtar8 days ago

I have zero hope in this lunar event.. I have beacon task and mostly I get teamdeathmatch.. you guys are so mean. It's already hard surviving in expert league 3 with lvl 8/9/10 weapon and bots.

LoucustMaster1178 days ago

Also RIP a couple of my other posts
I worked so hard on them.... so sad...

LoucustMaster1179 days ago

Ha lmao I can’t wait for Battle of Titans to come out

Ken k9 days ago

Can u give me gold for weapons i have not received magnum,leo,triebuchey thx love playing but would like what I have earned play three to five hours a day

Jagadhari123 9 days ago

1) Getting 9 0ut of 10 TDM while have tasks of capturing Bcons.
2) same old Lunar event Prize
3) No shocktrain components in BM
4) when have ST compo its way too expensive.
5) as soon as i reach 4100 LP I start loosing battle (sometimes seems fixed by server)
6) why in Royale I got only premium no matter which box i opened? (And BS sometimes)
7) how On earth a player with 5000 LP and yet in Champion league and with 2 hangers, full of MK2 lvl heichi ,Bulgasari mounted with all Orkans and STs and that's also of MK2 12 lvl. (With 80%win Rate and 8.0 kills on avg?
8) If its taking more then 2 months to get a SHocktrain(still have only 5800compos) then how long will it take to get three?
9) now find the corelation (and my point) in point 7 and 8.
Whats the productivity of Work points?
10) I switched to .. an online singing app (Smule) where I can sing and share songs in my voice.. its quite amusing and i don't need to get frustrated with continuous loosing (you should try Smule to get rid of this WR mess and addiction which lure you in temptation of winning in a virtual online game.
Final words after playing it for 2 years....
Ohh... I will not say F**k You... Because God himself will f**k you PIXO AKA PIGSo.


LoucustMaster1179 days ago

New test sever I see (keenly scrutinising) well the Balista is exactly what I expected and the Ion is great (despite both somewhat lacking in originality). As far as the new aphips go I still dislike them but whatever. Moving on to the new robots, the Mercury’s ability should not be a sphere of damage but rather a horizontal pulse and get rid of the stealth WHY THE FUCK DOES IT HAVE STEALTH!!!!!!! It is not stealth orientated in any way at all! The same can also be said for both the Spectre and Inquisitor. By the way why a heavy weapon? If it is a mini Inquister then it should have a medium slot instead.
The Persuer though I guess is okay it is after all the child of two of my favorite robots and a lot of people have been asking for light bots to be ressurected (just know that there is a difference between bringing them back and making new ones). So I will be looking foward to being able to play again once Beacon Rush is available and I am looking foward to getting my hands on most of the upcoming content.

Were it so easy

LoucustMaster1179 days ago

Navid, To get the top prize it is over 80 beacons and you must kill literally hundreds of players as well and don’t even get me started on the number of macthes that you must win.

Gambit659 days ago

Why are we CONTINUALLY tasked with chasing beacons, which i LOVE to do. but all i get is TDM after TDM?? its like pixonic is saying "FUCK YOU, GO CHASE THIS IMPOSSIBLE TASK FOR BULLSHIT REWARDS"

LoucustMaster1179 days ago

Pyrotech442, Sucks to be you. I had 1300 gold at that point then I just looked at the gust and did the math. Gust for about the same price as a Gepard vs the cost of ECC Thunder (500,000 silver) so I was all like WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK PIXONIC! What could possibly cause you to become such greedy dick for brains, seriously you’re out of control.

The slow gun10 days ago

What does the workshop icon look

Navid10 days ago

This so called event is totally bullshit..fuck I have to capture 40 beacons to get a single Strom!! U guys r totally inspiring us to leave r we supposed to capture 40 beacons without leaving several matches when dash bots r capturing all the beacons!! And now we can't even play beacon rush if we want!!
This is all bullshit
Hell with ur crappy money sucking game.hell with ur stupid chain task

Alexandr Shamray10 days ago

Tell please, what happen with tarans after update? It has slowing damage on 2-3 second after hit and if U die damage dissapear

Chophel Chophel11 days ago

Why can't I enter into king of the hill mode, as soon I tap onto 'to battle' I'm directly taken into random mode and the game begins and to make it worse I don't get not more the 5k silver even when I win. Can anyone help me.

Shotgun Slim11 days ago

Wow and here I thought I was the only one that thought this game was turning to pure garbage. Pixonic, you really need to read these comments. You’ve succeeded in taking a perfectly good game and turning it into a pos Vegas crap shoot. Give yourselves a big hand. Oh and by the way, keep turning out those suck assed bots that take no strategy whatsoever to pilot.

Blaster Shelby11 days ago

Just more of the same with Magnum, Leo, etc? & only 2000 Components?? Not the full Weapons???

Not much of an Event. & that TDM is in Random, meaning screwing up Beacon &/or Kills Tasks... Yeah, no thanks. No point to this Event.

Blaster was here...

Maks Peric11 days ago

Now is deferent story game is better but still we players needs more ideas for you same story about gold , weapons, robotics give as trade center for everything staff in game or give as more money and gold ...old stuff what we do with this to sell ?? Or what? Give as to communicate in game live with headphones thanks again all best to you people game is 1 hit a admit and for end thanks for all you to your new ideas give as more Marko Djekic Serbia

Nata Martinez11 days ago

War Robot deberías de aumentar las cantidades de plata en el Royale se me hace injusto que poca plata se de por mucho oro !!!... Ejemplo.. ponen en el Royale 50,000 de plata. Por 6 de oro. Mi sugerencia de elevar esos 50K de plata a millones (por ejemplo 5,000,000 de plata ) eso es un poco más justo por el oro que se gasta ... Sean considerados no jodan más al juego

Nata Martinez11 days ago

War Robot deberías de aumentar las cantidades de plata en el Royale se me hace injusto que poca plata se de por mucho oro !!!... Ejemplo.. ponen en el Royale 50,000 de plata. Por 6 de oro. Mi sugerencia de elevar esos 50K de plata a millones (por ejemplo 5,000,000 de plata ) eso es un poco más justo por el oro que se gasta ... Sean considerados no jodan más al juego

Wisdom77712 days ago

Wendy Weaver Bryant, Very well said. And this new game mode is boring. Death match is rubbish too beacon rush is pointless too. Yet they know this that is why you can only play random.

Wendy Weaver Bryant12 days ago

Couldn't you just post a chart for us to see this? I don't want to have to watch the video every time. Also, how about letting us choose from rewards. I've got zero use for another magnum or Leo. Even if you don't want to hand out entire new weapons and mechs let us choose a magnum, a Gekko, or 1000 weapon components. Playing for the same stuff except at the very top tier rewards is tediuous. Hell its nuts how much you have to play to get those rewards.

Nikola Simic12 days ago

I would like to post a pic so everyone can see how shity this system is...but long story short...i spend 3k gold to recive shits from this and last trhee rewards for what i was aiming on were 2.5k gold 500gold and 10k points for weapon. Its to much pay to win

Marios Fitros12 days ago

Matt Augustine, I want Pixonoc to make $ and continue to release new products, but not by limiting our choices for game play.
They say it's so that they can consolidate players for shorter wait times, but it's totally a trick to force us to own more hangars, weapons and bots.
All we can do to protest is limit how much we spend on the game and or play it.
My play time has definitely gone down significantly.

Marios Fitros12 days ago

It is terrible how they've made one of the 2 available game modes a random selection of beacon rush, TD, and domination. I will not play TD, especially on a large map,and even domination can be pretty boring. I have definitely reduced my spending on the game, and the only choice to avoid games I don't like is to drop out of battles b4 they start. This is really is bad for the game.

Matt Augustine12 days ago

HEATHEN CAT, Gotta love the criticism, esp the recent one from HEATHEN CAT! Pure genius and one the Ball.

My Opinion why they stuck 3 completely different modes together... To FORCE players to fork over (their once again new policy of WAY OVERPRICED STUFF) 7500Au for another hanger with either Brawlers for TDM or Fast Beacon Cappers.

Think about it for a second. This was a willful and malicious move by Pixonic to scam players.
As former WR fan and Youtuber, Lloyd Le-Mar, said the game was perfect mid last year before Pixonic suddenly changed their strategy and ruined the game.

TheDude196512 days ago

For games to get better it requires development and development requires funds so as long paying is voluntary lets not whine and enjoy the game for what it is, a form of entertainment that you pay for.

HEATHEN CAT12 days ago

Battlefield?? It's a gods d*mned casino/carnival! WTF have they done this to a combat game?? A combat game that had over 10 million downloads BEFORE PIXONIC started screwing it over and ruining what was once a really great PvP combat game. Now it's nothing but event after event and rigged gambling. Winning has been replaced by task completion and card games. This is not War Robots. Call it something more appropriate like Monte Carlobots or Las Vegas Robotica.

I cannot even play the game anymore because I will get punished for not enjoying 2 out of 3 modes. PIXONIC is actually forcing us to gamble on whether we will even enjoy playing the game anymore?

"Come one, come all to the greatest ripoff in gaming!! Push the Battle button for a chance to play in one of four game modes! Surprise! You must choose between our experimental new game mode or the opportunity to play in the game mode that you actually prefer in our roulette wheel of chance! And don't you dare leave if you don't like our choice of game mode for you! Or we'll take away your rewards and make you wait indeterminate amounts of time just to do it all over again! F*ck your game mode preference, you're playing our mode...or else!"

Joseph Goff13 days ago

Really a great game good job

Andrei Toma13 days ago

I have 4 storm weapons and i use.....none!

Echo Alpha 9413 days ago

Events are should be interesting for players newly joined the game. But how about veterans in this game? All events have repetitive and boring chains of tasks and prizes are even worse! Leo, Aphid, Magnum, Trident, etc are fixed prizes at all events. Please make events more interesting and more challenging by "new design of tasks" and "different prizes between events".

TryAgainNextTime13 days ago

Firstly, the event task is very very disappointing, why would any body want gust & storm, put ember & other stuff,
2nd, battle Royal doesn't win anything decent when u have to spend more gold than it cost to get stuff like Orkan (spend 1300+)
3rd KOTH should be paired with becan rush while domination & team death match another,
4th make components more available to use, workshop 2.0 pls come

PosiodenProxy1813 days ago

"flop a card to get hidden prizes" bullshit I earn 35000 silver ×10 every battle and I flip a card for 800 gold and I get 50000 you cheap pieces of shit fuck you

PosiodenProxy1813 days ago

@Tango Mike hey dumb shit read next time you assume XD

PosiodenProxy1813 days ago

@Tango Mike you seem to not understand his point it wasn't for just him it was more in general dude. Nobody wants that

Kxng_ØĞ13 days ago

This is absolute garbage as we have less than two weeks to complete the never ending chain of tasks, which is humanly impossible and the war robots Royale feature is rigged and as such I implore players not to gamble as you'll only lose not gain in the end because your gold is worth more than every other thing you'll get except the highest component give out e.g.( is 255 gold/au equivalent to 35000 silver/ag), of course not. In the end all I'm saying is pixonic started off this game with fair being in heart but now all they want is for you to have to start using money now to enjoy it as you once did.

CaptJohn_USMC13 days ago

WR is stingy with EVERYTHING that hand out.
I lost my IP for 2 updates. I would think I would get a +5% - +10% increase for their mistakes... Nope.

CaptJohn_USMC13 days ago

Ben, I don't think can read English.
I've sent emails, Comments here now.
FUCKING forums.
My offgame is WoTBlitz, Sudoku Daily, WoWBlitz, Word Cookies then I end my night with WR.
Thro various YouTubers that have been in WR test server, these haven't seen ANY free in-game rewards in the 3 years of testing since vanilla.

CaptJohn_USMC13 days ago

WR 4.6.0 let's me login to FB account, butt I can not watch vids to minimize timers nor add progress to tasks. The in game invite using squad up feature stopped working at 3.9.0.
Phone has Android 7.0.0
LG Stylo 2 plus

Pyrotech44213 days ago

ANONYMOUS GAMER, I thought it was a good idea to spend a couple hundred gold to try to get a gust. Apparently, I didn't win it and burned up all that valuable gold.

CaptJohn_USMC13 days ago

That Renew part is the "games" is overpriced, 350-400gold would be Great. The last square to flip is 563g, how is this nominal to the current 500g Renew feature.

CaptJohn_USMC13 days ago

The Event tasks should handout prizes based on pilot level.
Lvl(wep/bot) ... Pilot level (rounded down)
5 ... 6
7 ... 12
8 ... 18-30
9 ... 24
**not exceeding wep/bot lvl of avg for overall wep/bot class, (light/medium/heavy).

This sliding scale would help Gold 3 league pilots or better.

The Arbiter13 days ago

Why is it that on my android the missions are different and I start out getting magnum...

'Corvo13 days ago


Ben13 days ago

Its time to play a battle of titan...war robot is not fun anymore..pixonic doesn’t care what our comments...all about to him is much better we delete the war robot and install the battle of titan...and all dash bot users and shocktrain is fucking a gay....


Luke Jones, I agree it is impossible to win anything decent without spending 1000+ gold on the gambling things.


Luke Jones, I agree it is impossible to win anything decent without spending 1000+ gold 🤬🤬🤬🤬

*SQUATCH*13 days ago

Same boring event. Same junk prizes.

Ülar Laane14 days ago

still same prizes magnum and so on....... so keep this BS to you self and Haechi I never ever whant that s...

Luke Jones14 days ago

It’s time to fucking stop war robots stop giving us rigged god damned events and waste our money with shitty gambling where you have to be rich af to have a chance of winning just stop

Александр Джеймс14 days ago

I had 700 gold before I logged in I got the bonus 300 gold so that comes to 1,000 gold I went to play for the gust and I ended up with only 400 gold left.. you might think you're winning and you will win it but you will pay for it and the 300 gold that they give you will NOT I repeat NOT win the prize for the gust, you will lose and in the end pay for it.

Ahmed mahad14 days ago

Very good but I didn't receive 300 gold can i get

daedren14 days ago

love this game so far great for a FB game!

Jacques Morreale14 days ago

LoucustMaster11714 days ago

The task chain needs to be left going for about 3 years before anyone gets to the end.

wangkung lumwau14 days ago

My 300 au didn't click. U0348, second message

wangkung lumwau14 days ago

I entered the event but didn't receive 300 gold. That's okay if you don't. Sorry.

PosiodenProxy1814 days ago

Geist, Yep. Heachi is the sacred god in war robots. You may have to cut your manhood off next

PosiodenProxy1814 days ago

HEATHEN CAT, Agreed. Im leaving every battle rigged to smoke my team. And there is no separation with matchmaking. None. If you pair with one champ from your clan youll be the last on the battle board if your anywhere lower than master. I did a video of selling all my shit on ios and abandoned my hangar because of the shit. I had orkans lv 10 stuff and i said fuck it. Im on android now. And every battle i will use one bot and let the shitty system of players take over. Because im an asshole. And pixonic is as well in terms of developement. They add new dash bots and a 4 medium hardpoint. Sadistic fucks.

Ramjaun Fayyed14 days ago

Pixo the task is hard and only two week impossible I have school better studying than your impossible winning game

HEATHEN CAT14 days ago

Wash, rinse, repeat. Same garbage repackaged. It's 10 lbs of shit crammed in a five lb sack. Worse, we are not even allowed to play only the game mode/s that WE want to play. We are threatened with a loss of rewards and long match creation times if we choose not to play certain game modes in Random.
This shit sucks ass. I only enjoy ONE mode of play. And now I have only a 33% chance of even getting to enjoy the game that I've been playing for years and apparently wasting my money on. Way to "listen" to the gaming community.

This WAS a great combat game with winning the matches being the best feature and the top priority. Now it's an endless fucking carnival/casino of badly rigged gambling and crappy "events" that completely obliterate simply winning for winning's sake. Instead it's all about completing insanely long and game destroying tasks that cause players to take shortcuts and play badly(if at all) just to obtain items that we can obtain easily enough in the game. Or worse, we receive a bunch of fucking pieces of items that we have to accumulate over time to complete items that we may not even want.

So excuse the unholy fuck out of me if I curse and express my true feelings on the matter of not being able to play the game as it once was played.

P R C14 days ago


Geist14 days ago

It really SUCKS. what you guys did with step 5 on battle wins. having to be in top 3. Really Sucks! You keep making game less fun.

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