Community Roundup: WR University!

by Dredd77 - 29.12.2017

As I started to “make the rounds” and visit the usual hubs of social activity for players of War Robots today, I was delighted to discover a new blog dedicated to the game has cropped up.

I mean, the game has 1.5 million active daily users, right? That’s a lot of souls with a lot of experiences, stories, and insights to share. It’s always great to see someone pick up the quill and inkwell and share a few.

Quills and inkwells

...we still use those, right?

So the spotlight today will be on War Robots University. Don’t let the name fool you- there’s no pledging, no hazing, and- perhaps best of all- no tuition. Instead, we have a rotating curriculum of courses ranging from strategy and tactics to player profiling. Readers of this site may find the author, Where Y’at, a familiar name, as he penned an article recently featured on this very site, on firepower and positioning.

This past week saw another solid tactical dissertation from Professor Y’at, this time on flanking your opponent. Make sure to check it out, and hit that “subscribe” button. Most content creators thrive on feedback from their readers, so if you want to make sure to have more content out there to read, it’s always good to leave a comment or a like when you do so!


If you’re like me, you’re a pilot who makes the occasional distinction between “fun” and “effective.” Sometimes you just wanna run something for old time’s sake, or jet about with an unconventional build. If you’re a fan of sharing some of your own rogue builds, or of groan-inducing names for bots like “LIttle Orkan Annie,” then this is a thread to visit.

For the more meta-minded, there was an interesting recent discussion around seeing older premium bots becoming eclipsed by the evolving metagame (in this case, the Doc). In any game design, there’s always a tension between giving people more of what they want through expansion and making sure that previous content isn’t rendered obsolete in the process.

Finally, if you’re a veteran player, think back to those bygone days of yore when everything was fresh and new, and your mechs smelled of oiled chrome and polished leather. It’s easy to forget that for many players that’s their reality today, so it’s always heartening to see the community rally around a newcomer and provide tips and guidance. “Just started playing two days ago and am level 19,” the thread begins… check out the rest here — and perhaps impart a little wisdom of your own!

Wiki Forum

A variety of game modes brings a variety of metagame adjustments, and players are still soaking in a lot of the recent changes to the game. In this first thread, one player decides he wants to field a support bot setup for Team Deathmatch play and requests the wisdom of the crowd in getting it started.

Finally, this excellent post from pirateb0t details how he managed to accomplish the Bulgasari quest list at Masters-level play. The quest lines certainly reward dedication, but a little technique can go a long way!

Other Sources

The guys at the Very Unofficial War Robots podcast are still going strong, and took their discussion this week to Facebook Live! Topics covered ranged from a deep discussion on Shocktrains, what it takes to be successful in the game, and the role of integrity. Give ‘em a listen here.

Unless you’ve given the test server a complete miss, you may have seen or heard some of the buzz surrounding the prototype Exorcist bot and it’s high-damage, high-mobility gameplay. It’s important to remember that the test server is just that- a test server- and the Exorcist will certainly be tweaked to be in line with its intended role as a glass cannon. But if you’re wondering what the fuss is about, Manni gives us a nice display of its abilities here.

The doors the custom match gameplay opened are almost limitless. The rise of the Six-Pack Leagues, with lower-level bots and weapon restrictions presenting a more level playing field (as they would in any exponential levelling environment)? Check. Damage-assessment bot comparisons, with two bots going one on one across an open field to see which one packs the bigger punch? Sure.

But Baby Destrier Aphid Wars? You’re welcome.

On that note, another week of the roundup comes to an end. Merry Christmas, everyone, and if Santa happens to arrive with fifty tons of gift-wrapped steel, well, you’ll know what to do...


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Skykey3 days ago

You're talking about community's voice but you just removed the possibility for everyone to comment on your website. You want us to register so less people are complaining... Smart and sneaky trick, as always.

#WUT9 days ago

BUFF JESSE !!! He is unplayable ,buff the health !!! ,it is hilorious that such an expensive bot dies so fast ,total waste of money.

Edt.me9 days ago

Man this was so helpful. I would like to dedicate my latest beacon rush win to Where Y'at and ZoSo due to their discussions on tactics and flanking. I landed on the farm map (I forget the official name) in the riverbed. I started off my handy dandy cossack. I grabbed beacons Alpha and Bravo, thus taking away half the maps beacons from the enemy. they had no bots quick enough to take Bravo before I did. The entire rest of my team went to Echo and then Delta. Since they had the brawling majority, (2 or 3 of the enemies starting bots were snipers and one of their brawlers was challenging me for bravo) they quickly took Delta. The enemy was now stuck at their spawn and Beacon Charlie, their only beacon for the duration of the, short, match. I ditched my cossack respawning in a Leo. A teammate killed in the brawl for Delta spawned there with me and shut down the 2 bots challenging Bravo. After that, it was a shut down. We continued respawning at Delta and Bravo keeping them locked in and the match ended in about 4 minutes. I am grateful for the articles by these upstanding professors. if not for that, I wouldn't have thought to risk going all the way to Bravo, which flanked and cut off the enemy ensuring a victory.

Origenfire12 days ago

jaja caja de comentarios que no sirve

Origenfire12 days ago

por que modifican las palabras yo dije otra cosa y me sale otra cosa

Origenfire12 days ago

yo lo unico que les diria es que agan mas reales los mapas que tengan lagos con poca brofundidad o poromenos charcos de agua ya que ninguno de sus mapas lleva nada de agua y deberian mejorar los mapas como el que se ve al principio.

Pyrotech44213 days ago

NICKELPLATED, Don't forget about matchmaking imbalance. Your team a bunch of cossacks and schutze, with the other team a bunch of mk2 dash bots and spectres. Dodging trebuchets, defeating anicots 1v1 without any use of skill, really? And the only real way to Obtain these two hundred dollar dash bots are to either spend 200,000 workshop points or waste your time playing gambling games that are programmed to make you lose.


all this game is, in a nutshell:

This game use to require thinking, piloting, tactics, and skill.
That is all gone now. period. now it only requires a wallet.
what a joke

JamesaBoaWR18 days ago

and that image of springfield would make the map more beautiful, with a city instead of a farm would a more dynamic schenzhen

JamesaBoaWR18 days ago

battle of destriers ... very cute

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