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In Development. War Robots Fall 2017 Roadmap

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Update 3.1 arrived during the last moments of August. That means we managed to release everything in the timespan we promised — phew!

Now it’s time to discuss what we have for the upcoming Fall. In this article we focus mostly on September and October updates, as our plans for November can still change, depending on how you’ll receive what’s listed here.

Note that most pictures do not represent announced features fully as they are still in active development. Numbers are subject to change and visuals should improve where possible. As usual, we’re open to any commentary — let us know what you think!

And if you prefer video over text, here’s the roadmap in video format.

Custom Matches

What is it? A way to play the way you want

When is it coming? September/October

You asked for it. And through all the hardships and adversities custom matches have almost made their way to the public.

Tournaments, practice matches, or clan meetings — custom matches are made to provide you with all that regular matchmaking cannot give. It’s a completely free sandbox to help you kickstart any of your War Robots activity ideas. And if all goes right, we expect it to arrive by Update 3.2.

New robot: Inquisitor


What is it? a new stealth robot

When is it coming? September

Like the Griffin, Inquisitor can jump, but it rarely jumps to retreat. On the contrary, Inquisitor does best when using its leap to get into combat. While airborne, Inquisitor becomes stealthed and remains in this state for a few seconds after landing. This, along with one heavy and two medium slots, makes him a pretty scary opponent to fight against.

Downsides? Inquisitor is huge. That means, at point-blank range, its stealth won’t give him that much of an advantage. So be mindful of that!

New robot: Glider

What is it? A new robot that flies — sorta

When is it? October/November

Glider is death from above, robotized. A Jetpack-like module lets it hover over the battlefield, granting pleasant views — and of course nailing stylish overhead shots.

It’s not a full-on flying robot that many (us included) fantasized about. Because a robot that’s in the air for 100% of any match would be too much for many maps — imagine that on Moon, for example. But giving short, focused bursts of aerial views makes much more sense in our case. So we’ve done it.

New robot: Hellburner (working title)

What is it? A new robot that explodes

When is it coming? October/November

Sad about your light robots dying too quickly? Good news — now you can get the satisfaction of doing a  good job just by exploding. Hellburner is made to be blown-up. Or rather, it blows itself up when on the verge of dying (or by request). This deals humongous damage to all enemies who didn’t retreat.

You have to be smart and position yourself properly, as your enemies still have some time to react and get out from your explosive range, but even before exploding you can do quite a lot of damage. Hellburner is quick and bears one heavy and one light weapon.

What else can be said here? Don’t let this thing reach your snipers.




What is it? A new map

When is it coming? November

Enclosed spaces are something we haven’t explored in War Robots much — up until now.

On Dreadnought these spaces are still pretty roomy — there’s enough air for Griffins and Rogatkas to jump and maneuver.

A complex landscape providing many occasions to fight for a higher ground is an important focus on Dreadnought. Plenty of cover allows for tense close quarters skirmishes, but there’s also a lot of open space on the periphery for snipers and quick robots.

Lucky Spin (working title)

What is it? Better “chests” — but not actually chests

When is it coming? October

This is an addition to the Black Market.

Here’s how it works, in a nutshell: you see a board with all the items you can possibly get from this chest: silver, gold, components (components? More on this in a minute!), equipment, etc. You pick a couple that you DON’T want to get and start rolling for a small fee.

After a successful roll you can roll again, and again — up until you exhaust all the items in the pool (mind you that the fee will increase with each spin). If you don’t like what you see, you can reset the board. And that’s it!

Item Promotion (working title)

Of course these aren’t the actual numbers, but we cannot stop thinking that Cossack with these parameters would definitely be a sight to behold.

What is it? Another way to improve your items

When is it coming? October

After upgrading any item to level 12 you’ll be able to “promote” it, starting the upgrade cycle from level 1 again, but adding a permanent bonus to its stats. If you manage to overcome this drawback, you’ll eventually receive an item that is significantly stronger than the original.


What is it? A new way to acquire equipment

When is it coming? September/October

Here are probably the two most significant issues with current in-game economics:

  1. We’ve reached the state where we have perhaps too many currencies, which might become too confusing for new people. Silver, gold, WP, Influence, event tokens, chest keys? Which is for what? How and where do you get all these things?
  2. Chest drops give you either all or nothing. When you get something, all is good, all is great. But when all you get from a chest is some gold, you feel like you’re getting nowhere.

So what we’re doing is unifying most of the systems under a single one. From different activities you’ll be receiving fragments of robots or guns that you’ll be able to turn into actual useful things once you have enough of these. Every chest is almost guaranteed to have some components inside, and you’ll always see how your progress towards another Haechi or Inquisitor is going.

And probably the most vital thing: if all goes right, Workshop 2.0 might be based on the same system. This is not set in stone yet, but it’s one of the most possible scenarios. And if we go in that direction, we’ll look for a way to convert workshop points into components so WP you managed to hoard over months won’t go to waste.

New mode: Team Deathmatch

What is it? A game mode without beacons

When? October

In Beacon Rush we attempted to bring more emphasis to beacon control. With Team Deathmatch we’re doing quite the opposite.

In Deathmatch we’re removing beacons. Entirely.

Fight till the last robot standing. Just fight. Nothing else. You’re welcome!


Here we listed the features in which we are 100% sure that they’ll hit the scheduled dates. But likely there will be other things coming during the next couple of months. Significant League changes are slated for 3.2, at least two new weapons should arrive by 3.3 and we also keep vigorously experimenting with alternative modes and event-related bits.

Now we want to hear what you think! Feel free to tell us which things you like and which you don’t.


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