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War Robots 2.9.2 Update Notes. Balance above all else

UPDATE: iOS users received the 2.9.3 version instead of 2.9.2. It includes some performance fixes, which on Android will arrive later with the update 3.0.

While the period of rocket domination was fun in its own regard, that meant many builds people used to commit for became much less useful. We don’t want you to throw away something you spent so much time on, so we’re giving the balance another push. 

Previous patch notes:

War Robots 2.9.1 Update Notes. A moment of peace

So does it all mean we nerfed the hell out of everything? No, of course not. Instead the goal was to nudge forward some energy and projectile weapons to make them more appealing among other choices.

But first…


New weapon: Tempest

Available during the event


Tempest is a long-range revolver cannon similar to Molot and Molot mk. 2, but built for heavy equipment slots. It has the same 800 meters range but deals damage that is expected from heavy weapon. 

Note that Tempest damage is increased by 20% compared to its 2.9.1 version. First trials showed that it is slightly underwhelming — again, compared to other heavies and even if we take “the new gun honeymoon period” (i.e. people aren’t used to this weapon yet) into account. So we’re bumping the Tempest up a notch. 

Currently you can get Tempest exclusively through event activities. We’ll inform you on its further availability later on.


Balance changes

Long-range lasers

Didn’t feel good enough. Now better

  • Gekko. Damage: +25%
  • Trebuchet. Damage: +5%

We increased Gekko’s damage twice recently, but that still wasn’t quite enough to ensure it being used among other long-range options. It was never supposed to be as strong as heavier guns, however we want robots like Natasha, Patton and Leo to have something to play with on longer range.

Trebuchet required a lesser tweak. Its performance was only slightly off in our stats, so it gets only a 5 percent damage buff. But even these 5 percents can make a difference between life and death for your opponent.


Homing missiles

Let’s give them another shot

  • Spiral. Damage: +15%
  • Aphid. Damage: +5%
  • Hydra. Damage: +15%

Homing missiles are different to other weapons in many ways. Faster robots can easily dodge or bait them so the whole salvo hits the wall. Slower robots? It’s much harder to impress them with such damage.

So we’re amping the damage of the whole family up — just so you can annoy the juggernauts much more reliably.


Medium-range rockets

Not as overwhelming as before

  • Pin. Slower shooting speed (shot interval +25%)
  • Tulumbas. Slower shooting speed (shot interval +10%)

In 2.9.0 with some rocket launchers we went tad overboard (and detonation bug fix emphasized that pretty well). Pins and Tulumbas, while allowing you to stay out of range of most close-combat weapons, did almost as much damage as knife-fighters could. We’re alleviating this by increasing shooting interval. While higher range will remain Pin and Tulumbas core strength (and RDB Griffins are still far from being dead), there should be a slight opening allowing other robots to go past their oppressiveness.


Close-range rockets and plasma

If these reach you, you’re cooked

  • Orkan. Damage: +15%
  • Pinata. Damage: +5%
  • Magnum. Damage: +5%
  • Taran. Damage: +15%

With bigger presence of long range weapons, using close-combat builds efficiently became way harder. And when you actually manage to get in an attack range, it often didn’t bring results that are naturally expected.

Now knife-fighters should have much better time plummeting campers into the ground.


Machine guns

Still not enough love for these

  • Punisher. Damage: +15%
  • Molot. Damage: +15%
  • Molot Mk2. Damage: +20%
  • Punisher Mk2. Damage: +25%

We keep buffing kinetic weapons to help these perform on par with trendier guns.

The next step will be making them deal increased damage to shields. Most likely, this will happen with 3.0 update. We’ll see how it goes.

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  • Moderate Libertarian Extremist

    So everything gets a buff, midrange splash a slight nerf. Everyone who hasn’t focused on upgrading their bots gets blown away immediately. Could have just not buffed midrange to begin with. Team with most taran ancilots still wins by default.

  • Jay

    The game is change…

  • Jacob Hojonski

    guys the hydras are dumb and stupid you should nerf then by 50% and make the aphids cool again.

  • Soham Halder

    @PirateHunter, Love your posts! btw, that first line under tempest describing it, should’ve molots and molots mk2, rather than punisher and punisher mk2.

  • Sinbad WhiteLine

    Pins and Tulumbas reload times are the same?

  • nissanpro

    The game is good even the bad are the events and the mission of events are many difficult to talk seriously boring and tiring train could handle takes with events of missoes sucanagem it !!!

  • Sinbad WhiteLine

    Ofcourse not upgraded bots facing upgraded midrange weapons will get blown away. Your comparison makes no sense!

  • Bart Justine Bernabe

    True, really annoying weapons. Those missiles even go around pillars. At least make hydras missile projectile a bit more straight not go around walls

  • Tim Coggins

    Not looking forward to the treb-fury set up that I know is out there. Those guys are gonna really smoke players now. If you run a carnage on a big map…bye-bye baby.

  • Tim Coggins

    Pins reload increases 25% and tulumbas increase 10%.

  • Marco


  • Tim Coggins

    The reason it can fire like it does is because the damage that it does is small compared to other weapons.

  • Miko Johnson Co

    Isn’t the tempest the same as molot and not the punishers?

  • Tim Coggins

    It seems to me that the orkan lances will fair better than the tarans. After the missle buff the lancelots were pretty much sitting ducks and not at all difficult to bring down. I have a Gallahad set up with Tulumbas, Pins and Pinatas. It was not uncommon at all to bring down a lancelot, especially the taran ancilots. The orkan lance is another story all together. It does seem however that there are going to be quite a few more battles ended because all the bots of a squad have been destroyed. I would say that currently that only happens 5-10% of the time and the other 90-95% are beacon battles. I think they figured out how to create a death match with the beacons still on the map.

  • Tim Coggins

    The molot could have used a bigger magazine as well. Increased from 70 to 100 rounds per salvo.

  • Thiago Gomes

    Yes. It’s a big Molot. A Molot Mk2 with Whey Protein

  • Tim Coggins

    The article started with;

    “So does it all mean we nerfed the hell out of everything? No, of course not. Instead the goal was to nudge forward some energy and projectile weapons to make them more appealing among other choices.”

    Then it proceeds to explain how it buffed almost everything. It just seems odd to start the article with that opening.

    I predict a lot more battles are going to end with all bots on a squad being destroyed….a lot more. It is probably only 5-10% currently and the rest of the 90-95% are decided by beacons. I think they may have figured out how to create a death match without removing the beacons. Just off hand I will predict that about 30-50% of battles will wind up ending because all the bots have been destroyed. Also, god help you if your spawn is ever invaded because it will be over quickly.

  • Liquid

    GREAT YOU ACTUALLY LISTENED to us. Now that I know that you actually atleast try to listen to the consumer. I will continue to be a loyal customer. You should give the shields an upgrade aswell, though seeing as the Magnum and Rockets do triple the damage on shielded characters. Gor physical shields they are wrecked by splash damage and electric shields the magnum mows them down like butter. But great work, I left War Robots this was my favorite app. But with the new updates I’m happy to return.

  • Liquid

    The Hydra should keep the same damage. But it should be easier to dodge.. harder then a pinata, but easier then a homing missile.

  • Liquid

    Your predictions and statistics are always wrong and flat out horrible dude. Some of the complaints you make are down right petty. This.. isn’t really petty, but your math is completely off. Yes the deathmatch ratio will… nevermind now that I think about it. Sense they nerfed the hell out of almost all the shields. You are not to far off.

  • Mrinal Baishya Çhötú

    Hey guys….you all have been busy on weapons buff…did anyone of you thought for a second of the bots….am not talking about the silver bots…anyone can buy a Leo griffin etc…but what about players who play hard spent money for the gold bots and anicle…at least you guys must focus on the hit points of gold bots….Gareth and Galahad can’t stand a second in front of pin tulumbus trident fury…etc and now you are talking about shield penetration with silver weapons damn you pixonix…. please do try to understand… We play hard day and night saving those golds cant bear all this shits😠😠…you guys may think I have written alot but I haven’t added anything useless in this message ..please pixonix read this whole message please

  • Sinbad WhiteLine

    Isn’t “Slower shooting speed” means rate of fire not reload time? So when magazine is full you get slower fire rate but continue firing and should be the same as before?

  • Atlas Shrugged

    Does this mean my Rajin will no longer be reduced to scrap by one or two Griffin rocket salvoes or is it still useless?

  • Sinbad WhiteLine

    I’m sorry to repeat my question, It’s really a game changer for me, I have 2 RDB Griffins and I need more feed back..
    Pins and Tulumbas isn’t “Slower shooting speed” means rate of fire not reload time? So when magazine is full you get slower fire rate but continued firing and should be the same as before?

  • Robert Chasteen

    The Tempest is one of my favorites. I have 2 even when I get slaughtered I do enough damage anyone with me will take the kill.We all know it aggravating but it definitely leaves an impact.

  • Oak Whelie

    Nope, it becomes even more useless

  • Oak Whelie

    Treb butch say hi

  • Oak Whelie

    Its quite normal for pc gamer, they are used to staring at monitor for hours. Me myself a former pc gamer now switch to war robot

  • Oak Whelie

    Yes, the only change is the rocket rate of fire is decreased

  • Oak Whelie

    Yup, this

  • Dark minion

    It will be faster to be destroyed

  • It would probably be fine if they werent cross map firing, it would be significantly better if they were only like 250 or 300m range due to the fact that they almost never miss

  • Dark minion

    Yeah its so anoying when you are behind cover and it goes around

  • Mark Swithenbank

    All verry well but when will Pixonic be giving us more to buy with the produce as it is limited to only a few robots and weapons

  • Nicolas Duguay

    I feal like there is an effort to listen to player’s complaints here, but something comes wrong out of this…

    My impression is this update will just reduce the time the robots will survive, therefore the fun.
    My suggestion would be to decrease the damage of everything by 10% after this new configuration
    (Exemple: Pinatas modif in 2.9.2 is -0% becomes -10% or Punisher MK2 modif in 2.9.2 is +25% becomes +15%)
    Because if the balance between the different weapons is important, the balance between damage and health certainly also is!

  • Carlos Reyes B

    Hello, thanks for the update, please remember Zeus, we spent money with that weapon and we find bugs and now no buff.


  • Justyn Gengarkun Durnford

    This was a bad idea. Now the game is becoming faster and faster, to the point where there is no more strategy, just presses of the button. The game needs to slow down a bit and be more strategic. Maybe increase the health of all robots and physical shields so that it takes more time? Because Battle of Titans is going to be more slower and strategic and I know TONS of WR players who can’t wait to switch to that game including myself.

  • stygianumbra

    You can’t balance at all. I am going to go out in my neighbors yard and use the seesaw as a demonstration video. You wouldn’t know balance if it fell out of the sky and hit you on the head. All Pixonics’ decisions are driven by money.

  • James C

    game is the same, just got more fierce

  • Kevin Scott Meisner

    So, as if there weren’t enough geckos before, now everyone and their dog is using gecko Leo’s or patrons, nothing but lasers shooting across the screen. If you don’t have geckos, don’t bother.

  • Quinton Doro

    Let’s go u and me couse the tempest is my favorite gun two

  • Isaah E.

    Can you please add more maps I think it would be a lot more fun with more futuristic maps

  • Joe Bazooka

    Battle of Titans looks really good. I hope it runs on my phone.

  • Gary Moreland

    Installed new update 2.9.2 and my Android phone now freezes up during every game play. What’s wrong and how long before you can fix it?

  • Domicius

    Its “pummelling”. Not plummeting.

  • Sinbad WhiteLine

    They ruined Pins and Tulumbas splash damage too. Now they dont even hit rushing and small bots anymore. Pins and Tulumbas became useless again. Thanks Divs 🙁

  • Elijah Gudzinas

    I have found that the weapons you choose and how you play are directly related, the tempest will work with more players who actively attack, but not as close combat as the thunders. The weapon buffs just teach people to get out of the way and use your robots wisely, rather than dumping the shield you will value it more than ever now

  • David Versanu

    In 2.9.3 you MUST to upgrade Rhino’s speed, or one more Back Shield…i don’t know.But Good Job with new upgrade! 👍

  • Chris Pilgrim

    The gekko/treb buff is going to make large open maps like Springfield and yamantau unplayable. I mean seriously how much skill does it take to stand in 1 spot and mash a red button? If anything 1100m weapons should have been nerfed not buffed. This is going to take so much away from the game for the actual skilled players that will be either cut off from half the map or or cut in half from the damage parsite all the way on the other side of the map. All this is going to do is lower overall skill in the game due to players getting frustrated and quitting. Or leaving a battle everytime they get unlucky and draw these maps. Pixonic might as well make a map with only 2 platforms 1000m apart and let the unskilled (ooh a red button) players duke it out that way. Well done, race to the bottom complete. We’ll have to see if there are any winners though.

  • Cipta Pradja

    In short: buff all but trident.

  • Victor Riojas

    Rhino needs a turning buff.

  • FridayXIII

    The logic escapes me here. Buff the short-range weapons like Pinatas & Orkans, Magnums & Tarans, yet also buff long-range weapons like the ever-so-annoying Gekkos & Trebs (not to mention Spirals & Hydras). What good is a stronger close-range weapon when you’ll never get close enough to actually use it? Pixo devs must never play maps like Yama, SF, or Canyon, where cowards zap their opponents from across the map without ever really engaging the enemy. Pixo, if you insist on buffing Gekkos & Trebs at least put a more effective range limit on them. This gets a big ol’ WTF….

  • Sebastian Anderson

    Hi team of pixonic to me I would like to improve the forgotten robots that do not even see, even to add a slot weapons more

  • SinZom

    I like this update, keep at it and thanks.

    I do have a request..
    Please make a Purple/green snake like skin camo for the Boa. I really like the Boa and the Fox camo isn’t right for it in my opinion.

    Please charge 500 Gold for it.


  • Agent Afterburn

    what about people who dont pay? one sided arguements always fail. This game is not pay to win currently and it will not be so you may take your comment on ” the hard earned money” and “gold bots” else where. This game is not pay to win and it wont be.

  • Demeco Pillay

    Hi I would like to ask u about the new robots that are coming out,what happened to them?,theres been updates and still no new robots,I think I speak for everyone and I mean everyone,meaning we want the new robots,oh and can u make it easier to get gold please,I started from the bottom and now im finally strong,but I dont pay money for a game,most of these players are kids and I think we kids need the gold too be less in order to by cool new robots,but really we all want the new robots ,we dont care about the new waepons that can come later ,ps the gold

  • Nicola Gibson

    and the Zeus.

  • Nicola Gibson

    YES! Pix definitely went a little crazy with the 500 meter missiles. Ok, so now what? Pumping up everything is the wrong move- because it just makes bots die super fast. This leads to a lack of differentiation in player skill. THAT IS THE POINT OF A COMPETITIVE GAME. The result is that only a few weapons and a few bots are going to be used- making the game less interesting and less fun. All that needed to happen was decreasing the medium rockets a bit and and tweaking the bots that are not being used as much at the higher levels. There are a ton of leo’s and Griffins. I had to switch to 3 griffins or 4 in my 5 bot setup because the game was so focused in damage per second. That isn’t fun- it kills the variety. Increasing the Gecko and treb will wipe out light robots almost entirely. And increasing the bullet weapons won’t work if you can’t stand out there and shoot them. These other changes will nullify the boost they got.
    The frustrating thing there is that every time Pix changes these values, we all have to go back to the drawing board in chosing upgrades, and it sends us all back- wiping out tons of time invested in chosing upgrades and punishing those of us that made the right choices. Stability would be nice.

    1. let robots last more than a single volley
    2. reward strategy and ececution and marksmanship- not passivity
    3. bump the bots that are missing- esp light ones. make them faster, easier to miss with missiles, or something.
    4. Get the number of Griffins down. Those things are taking over the game because they can do the most damage if you can’t spend $5000 gold. See #3

  • Nicola Gibson

    the machine guns aren’t better if you make everything else better too.

  • Bob Bobson

    Says the guy with a gold bot. Have you seen the BS? 50 bucks buys you a load of lopsided rockets and a bottle to match.

  • Bob Bobson


  • Limbo Thatcher

    First, I’m very happy to hear about the Orkan puff, but I think it should be puffed even further for a multitude of reasons: 1. It’s worth 1500 GOLD so it is bad if the Tulumbas stands close to this weapon’s damage. 2. It is a close range weapon, actually the closest, so after purchasing& upgrading this weapon through years of effort should pay off, like lock on target ( if you manage to get close enough) and is toasted pay off.
    Thank you

  • Charles Moore

    @War Robots

    Great stuff guys. I cant seem to get enough. Thanks for continually putting forth effort to make this one of the most enjoyable games. Look forward to the next series of Bots.

  • Duke Python

    I agree that in some cases not life will be reduced, but wouldn’t an improved matchmaking system work out better? I’m continuously placed in matches with people in a much lower league than I am and their bots pretty much melt.

  • Shyam Krishnan

    Gecko & trebuchet buff is unwarranted. In bigger maps reds can badly cripple ur bot at spawn. Also hydras r for cowards & i refused to use it even if u guys made it most powerful weapon in WR.

  • Don Adams Ng

    These weapon buffs are driving me nuts. It’s like pix couldn’t once and for all decide how much each weapons should hurt and so just keep testing and testing buffs until they are forgetting bot survivability. They create imbalances much more than they address it.

  • Atlas Shrugged

    So Griffins still instant kill you

    Machine guns still useless

    Gareth can still solo Leo

    Rajin is still easier to kill than Gareth

    What’s different?

  • Atlas Shrugged

    Pay to win types expect to win easily when they pay more per month for an app then most people pay for rent.

  • Atlas Shrugged

    The Griffin cowards are just as bad hopping up, hitting you with a jillion missiles and then hiding/running.

  • Jose Patria

    Absolutely agree with ur comment. No more strategy, no more fun. Just aim and shoot.

  • Keith

    Couldn’t agree more!

  • Steve Clarke

    No opinion on the matter, but I noticed nobody mentioned that there were no changes to unguided indirect fire artillery.

  • Keith

    Yep, looks like it may be time for a new game!

  • Keith

    I was saying this the last update. Strategy and skill are becoming less important and hide in a corner and shoot long range is taking over, how boring!

  • zaleco zunno

    ur right bro..u want a fair match..short range must be stronger than long range..and robots that used to short range combatants has to be faster n stronger too

  • Apunkr

    Ok, I thought the gekkos needed to be throttled a bit if anything, but bumped up even more? What the hell are the devs smoking?

  • Eduardo Sánchez

    Same here. Play one game ok and the next game freezes. Android 4.4

  • Mr. Meeseeks

    1000 times yes!

  • Aakash Balki

    I m okay with othr weapons being powered up..but why did u make pin nd tulumbas slower,higher level bots with trebuchet nd gekko ie. Natasha have become such a pain we cannot reach them nd they reduce our health to 25percnt..
    Plz fix pin and tulumbas

  • Nand Alinea

    hmm so balance changes.. having 2 or 3 trebs/4 gecks with a dmg buff and a range of 1100m..i think dmg/range should be balanced here.
    homing missiles.. i dont use spirals. aphids dmg compensates with the trick of using it(less useful on a fast sideways movement bot and its range) so the hydra will be more annoying than ever. hate those camper shooter. i think they dominate on small maps such as the moon.
    slower rockets on pin and tulus.. slower than orkans? i think tulus and pins should have more range to compensate with reload time and missile cap.
    so the orkans gets a dmg buff. close range missiles are good as it is before this update i think.
    machine guns.. itll be nice to add more caps on these or low reload time.
    this is only my opinion and experience playing the game.

    oh and.. the league based mm should be replaced now. the only benefit for this mm is you are forced to pay for upgrades in order to compete. the mm is ok ONLY if you are playing against same level firepower of your hangar. the previous mm which is based on highest bot firepower is a bit more ok compared to this one. atleast you are not facing a 12/12 bot in low league tiers. well i may be wrong. again, this is my opinion. not here to argue.

  • Jay Lee

    i some how agree with you, some peoples say Gareth and Galahad are gold bots which you need to spend money on it, but you can earn 1800 gold every month by just playing the tasks, i spend no money but i got a gareth and now it is dying in no time by rdbs even you are running full speed backwards. what the point in it.

  • Yah Neh

    I like the buff! People should try first these upgrade. Complain this and that wouldn’t help.

  • BeKid Remag

    To be honest I like the game but the way pixonic decides the update is just like flipping a switch. “Today lets try to buff rockets then tomorrow lets make it weak…” c’mon pixonix before you decided to buff up rockets you knew that ppl will use tulumbas and pins as a result..but for these ppl to spend time playing and focus their time upgrading rockets which after a month will be weakened I think thats making us look like fools. I understand pixonic has the final say and its just a free game so you’re more than welcome to quit…well if thats the attitude I wont be surprised why more and more players are quitting. Atleast think it through before you proceed with any changes. Its really disappointing.

  • BeKid Remag

    Not to mention gekkos are already intimidating for that range….to further buff it up??? Dang ! I bet tomorrow it will be powered down…sad to think but its definitely a sales strat to increase buyers of gekko. Oh well just enjoy and play. Never buy. ^^

  • Edward Norwood

    Well if you don’t like than play something else this was much needed

  • Santos Cano

    Okay i been playing this game since it came out and trust me its a fun game but the fact that all these new buffs and ranged wepon buffs are beaing added sucks. Im sorry but pixonic plz due relize players like me use skill espeshally when i use rhino or carnage. It is very boring due to the fact i have orkans amd pins but now i never get close enought to use them and this league stuff yall added messed the whole ge up for me now i go against abunch of griffims with long missles and Lancelot’s with sheils and everyome is always maxed out and i die so quick amd i never get close to do damage to anyone. It makes me mad that i camt even play this game anymore because people just stay woth ranged wepons. I dont really like what yall are doing to the game ita becoming unplayable even for low leveled people because they sometimes join in a same ge as me and die instantly. This is becomimg unfair and i save up so much gold for my wepons amd now i camt even use them anymore or my rhino or anything i have to use a griffen and have ranged missles startimg me basicly over and its not even worth it because im so weak now and i die quick. I do not like mostly wat has been changed i played this game simce it came out and now i dont even lile playing that much because the game has chamged so much. And moat gold robots are a waste now. You have to have a lancelot or a ranged griffin just to survive if not you get wiped out quick. Please pixonic players like me used skill to play now its useless and the game is becoming boring and your everyday standared shooter game.

  • Nand Alinea

    i think youre in the pit. leaver/tanker queue. i am maybe wrong though.

  • Nand Alinea

    after the tulus/pins reload while firing update, i tend to see alot of tulus now than before. so after this update, i will be seeing alot of campers shooters and snipers than before.

  • Matt McDonald

    More maps. Please.
    Solo/ campaign mode.
    Ability to choose number of competitors in a match if setting one up. (ie more than 6….)

  • Tim Coggins

    You are was the rate of fire that was decreased. Reload time is the same. I am not certain if a Griffin would be able to completely unload the Tulumbas on a jump now or not. However, the reload time is the same. Actually it seems to me that aside from maybe problems players have with using Tulumbas on a Griffin that the reduced fire rate might be an improvement. It allows you just a bit of time to adjust the aim.

  • Tim Coggins

    Yep…that is going to be another problem. From the battles that I have had since the update it seems to be that the trebs are not quite as accurate as they were. Either that or I have become accustomed to seeing them and can maneuver out of the firing line.

  • Tim Coggins

    It seems to me that the days of the taran/magnum Galahad are over. I repurposed mine with a tulumba/punisher set up and although it isn’t the strongest thing on the battle field it can usually stand its own for a little bit. The new set up increases range and fire power.

  • Tim Coggins

    It seems to me that there shouldn’t be any weapons with a range greater than 800m. Force players into battle.

  • Tim Coggins

    Machine guns perform very well once you have them leveled up. They had quite a bit of fire power before and now they have even more. The key to being effective with them is to stay within range of them hitting the target and out of the range of most energy weapons. If you stay 400-450m out with punishers they saw through bots like butter. The molots you need to stay at about 700-750m and be prepared to find some cover for the 10 seconds that it takes them to reload.

  • Tim Coggins

    The problem is in how they conduct their test server. They allow everyone to use the new bots, new weapons or newly upgraded weapons. If they only allowed one squad to have 3 players with the new weapons it would be easy to evaluate whether those changes were OP or not. If the squad with the new stuff had a win % above 55 or 60 then they would know that it was too OP. They would also be able to see if the 3 players that had access to the new stuff were consistently at the top of the damage ratings. Sound like a good plan…I think it does…However, I don’t think Pixonic spends any time thinking about what they are doing at all.

  • Tim Coggins

    The problem as I see it is in how they conduct their test server.
    They allow everyone to use the new bots, new weapons or newly upgraded weapons. If they only allowed one squad to have 3 players with the new weapons it would be easy to evaluate whether those changes were OP or not.
    If the squad with the new stuff had a win % above 55 or 60 then they would know that it was too OP. They would also be able to see if the 3 players that had access to the new stuff were consistently at the top of the damage ratings and know if they were OP.
    Sound like a good plan…I think it does…However, I don’t think Pixonic spends any time thinking about what they are doing at all.

  • Tim Coggins

    Of the couple dozen or so battles that I have had since the update the percentage of battles ending with wiped out squads seems to have only increased slightly. However, the number that now end purely on the beacon bar has changed dramatically. I have had one match that ended with 6 bots still active on both sides and that was pretty common before. The rest of them ended with 3v5, 2v5…etc. The beacons are not the beginning focus of battle any longer. You can give up beacons at the start in exchange for kills and then pick up the beacons when the numbers are on your side. The predictions were not perfect but they are pretty accurate. I would be interested to know what you believe to be a petty complaint and expect it might have to do with the idiots that quit out maps because they don’t like them or don’t have a hanger that is balanced enough to handle them.

  • Tim Coggins

    Yes…I was correct. It was you that thought that players should be able to quit out on battles and leave players with those idiotic 5v6, 4v6 and worse battles. A player immediately replaced is not so bad but most of the time they are not replaced for 20-30 seconds into the battle. Do the math. In order to completely destroy a squad a bot has to go up every 20 seconds. Spawning a player in that late into a game puts a squad at a huge disadvantage.

  • Viagrinal X

    That wouldn’t work since players skill lvl are random at best

  • Thomas Kinstler

    I’m fairly new to the game, but used to play MechWarrior for PC. I love the format and basis of this game……(here comes the inevitable) but, as you said, without strategy and a basic concept of teamwork, we might as well give it up. When you include the “Trump” players (bought and paid for), then skill, integrity, and even respect amongst your own teammates goes right out the window. Perhaps the ability to execute bots guilty of “treason”… ….where the active group of a battle can single out a player that has “forgotten” the spirit of the game. Players will be more apt to play fair if their weaponry or bot strength is in jeopardy. Just sayin……

  • Timothy Mullenbach

    While all I agree that many of these buffs were.long over due, I also agree that many of the reoccurring grievances that have been expressed do have a good deal of merit. I would make some suggestions of small changes and one or two large changes that may bring about a resolution.

    1. More player surveys, polls, etc. This will allow for more specific information gathering and may reduce the amount of “double working” we see from the diligent Pixonic staff. This will also help players become more invested in the direction the game takes. Even something like a monthly poll with as little as 3-5 questions may have a great effect on the community and will show the the players are in fact being heard as poll results are shown and trends expressed and as a result, we would see an increase in player retention and enjoyment.

    2. Focus more on perfecting what we have, than developing bells and whistles.
    In short, game mechanics, are quintessential. While they have improved since 2014 when I first picked up the game, they leave a few things to be desired. Much like getting hung up/ snagging on something you aren’t visibly in contact with or parts of the terrain which actually impede movement. Like the grating on power plant which often causes players to walk in place much to their frustration.

    3. Targeting and Splash damage. (I guess this could fit with #2…)
    My targeting system should not aim me at something I cannot hit. Like an opponent behind a wall. Let me know they’re there. Great, fantastic even. However, forcing me to change my target simply because I’m closer to a new bot right as I’m about to go in for the kill, is mildly cumbersome, and manually switching targets in a heated firefight is a relative death sentence. All we ask is that the targeting be revamped to give the player more control and a little more fluidity. Mainly, target what my crosshairs are pointing at, not the player out in left field, simply because he’s closer. I would group splash damage with this because everyone and their trident fury packing mom, is going to cry that they like the old mechanics, because the splash damage can hit through walls. This again, is a little silly and cheapens the players ability to use creativity and cunning in A battle. A pressure wave, in real life, would not simply pass though a solid object. Ergo, splash damage should not pass through impenetrable barriers like walls, ceilings, floors etc.

    4. Map selection. We all have maps we love and hate. Springfield is by far my favorite and I detest power plant for the giant kill box that it is. I have seen players abandon battles simply because they refuse to play the map, leaving team one or two pilots short against a whole team. By adding a map select option or even the ability to remove certain maps from a roster, players would have a much more engaging and fulfilling experience, even with the understanding that it may take a little longer to find other players.

    5. Inventory and hanger organization.
    This is not as urgent I feel, but important. Being able to search for a specific weapon or bot by type or level is much more convenient than having to scroll though every side project and will give inventory and hanger set up a much more polished and organized feel and look. Making managing and dealing with hangers much more enjoyable and effective.

    6.(last one I promise) Bot modifications.
    Yes, bot mods. Not upgrades, but mods. Adding one or more mod slots to bots and weapons would allow us to dust off old builds and breath new life into the game since many bots are no longer really relevant. Once a bot is upgraded to a certain leve, allow the mod slot to be unlocked with silver or gold and a purchased mod from the store to be attached to change stats of the bot. This would reward creativity, cunning and forethought. Increased speed at the cost of up, up at the cost of speed, weapon range at the cost of firepower, increased mag capacity at the cost of increased reload time. You get the idea. As well as premium mods that can be bought with workshop points and gold that would have less negative effects. This would make each hanger like a players fingerprint. Completely unique to them. They would be able to take more ownership of the bots they run and not be forced to play the same bots as everyone else just to keep up. It would also make medium and light robots the kings of the battlefield once again, relying on dexterity, cunning and adaptability rather than simple superior firepower.

    As always thank you for the many hours of enjoyment, bot busting therapy. We could not do it without your innovation and hard work. Please let the players know what we can do proactively to support you rather than cry like a bunch of entitled children.

    -Death Shepard.

  • Viagrinal X

    All you girls(sry ladies)do is complain, yes things are not and never will be perfect for everyone. Nor is the game made to be easy or slow. No I’m not happy about everything that has transitioned, but you work around it, you figure out how to and adapt with builds and playing style. There is no entitlement just because you have gold bots/weapons , are lvl 30 or all your gear is at 12. Play, play harder, play more and you will figure it out but nothing in this life will be easy or handed to you..even if you payed to max your gear out..does not mean the you will have the skill of someone with 2k wins under their belt.

  • JB


  • MBMRI Productions

    What the hell are the developers thinking your supposed to give gekko range damage not more damage now gekkos and trebuchet more annoying than ever… Thank you developers for ruining the god dam game!

  • JB

    I vote or express my opinion about over powered long range weps by exiting (IMMEDIATELY) when I see Yamantau or Springfield. (I think Springfield would be a great map if it were only the platform side of the map!) My bet is that they are able to see data on which maps are exited the most. And if enough of us use this I’m betting they may understand our frustration. I spent a LONG TIME working and building up a stable of knife fighting Gepards and high level mags/aphids that now sit in my garage and collect digital dust. I actually left (uninstalled) the game for months. Now I’m back, fumbling around with bots and weps on a game no longer recognize.

  • Sinbad WhiteLine

    Not sure why my post got deleted. If it was a wrong assumption then let it be a question. In this update is the splash size of pins and talams hits is reduced or not?
    Or are those missiles that were exploding next to their targets are now bypassing them just like trident missiles do?
    Now its almost impossible to hit small moving bots and any bot rushing towards you.
    And I don’t see why these aren’t valid questions!

  • Joe Bazooka

    You can. It’s called clans.

  • Jackson J Jackson

    I agree. I think only the pins/tulumbas should have been tweaked with a cooldown. Problem would have been solved. No one had an issue with the firing speed. Now we have a whole list of potential balancing issues coming.

  • Jackson J Jackson

    The balance is totally off. By using a longer range weapon, the benefit should be lesser damage in exchange for staying relatively safe while shorter weapons do more damage at the cost of having to actually engage. This update is looking like a big mistake and I’m glad a lot of people are seeing it. I really hope pixonic nails it but I’m so used to them dropping the ball at every opportunity.

  • Orange

    All you crybabies complain about geckos and griffins and rockets…not a camper get bored doing long distance. But fight fire with fire. Gecko was a tennis ball before. I have 1 long distance bot to knock the others on thier high hill
    ..stop crying…..

  • Erick Quiñónez

    The game is becoming a DIE FAST game, weapons increase damage and bots with no improve at all but to screw the physical shields of the knights of camelots bots

  • Jan Křivčík

    I cannot agree with you. Many times I met Gareth which smash me out very quickly even I have leo with rockets. Right way of rebalancing is also decreasing damage and not only increasing. With this update it was very hard to win especially when we started with one or two player less then opponent.

  • Orange

    Long distance is boring…agreed. when you have 3 campers on the other side they need to knocked off onto the field. When done my long range. bot becomes a kamikaze bot so I can get action….. turn it into knife fight. There is ALWAYS skill and strategy that win the battle. It is their game….please please stop crying…..You just adjust and stop complaining…….crybabies…

  • Cody kingcujo

    You said it man I’ve played this game for two years and only spent 20$ on this game… I’ve earned everything I have but one orkan…

  • oberon lord of chaos

    Spot on. Light mechs are dead. Now u walk slowly towards the enemy shooting. And see who blows up first. No skill no tactics.

  • Ευρω.παιος

    Stop talking and fight 😈😈😈

  • Marshall Hays

    Pixonix please give us atleast some kind of percentage to silver earned for damaging shields, physical shields at the least its really annoying actually being a team player and breaking a shield just so a vulture on my team waiting for me to do so, so they can get all the real hit points. These rebalances of weapons are making all of them useable. Does anyone not remember when rhinos with orkans or tarans almost ruined the game all together. That took no skill to rush the spawn with a sqaud of rhinos and match ends there it was pathetic because of that i only want one of each bot and five of each weapon i refuse to be a cookie cutter lame like the rest, same thing almost happend with griffins and the cowardly way people use them there is a fine line between strategic maneuvers and cowardess these updates saved us from a griffin apocalypse. So whats wrong with diversity? This will actually bring more strategy to the game. Id love to see kinetic weps affect energy shields more cuz its annoying being on a team with a bunch of trash cans that have no team ethics when im not playing with my clan, and theres mostly enemy lancelots with ancile shields which get rediculous to break cuz they hide behind each other. Its stupid how your forced to use the few weps that everyone uses cuz thats all that is affective do to shields, campers, and cowards. Also free hint if your bot goes bout 50 km or higher back pedle and go side to side slightly and rockets arent much of an issue. And cqb(close quarters combat) is more fitting than knife fight there are no melee weapons in WR.. Smh lol…

  • Aaron Ruggles

    I don’t understand what the gripe is… Punisher mk2 +%25 !! You kids complainin about a lack of strategy in the game with all this point and shoot stuff lol! That’s why you all keep dying! The last couple rebalance’s have been awesome! Keeping the game and the tactics fresh . When everyone starts using OP, they make a great counter. Gold has nothing to do with it. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY !! Just get be cons and kill fools!

  • Duebenevolence

    First and foremost thank you Pixonic for trying to rework things in an effort to make the game better. The changes don’t always work out for the best but the fact that you’re continually trying to improve says a lot about you.

    The tempest- Seems like a good idea but I have not tried one yet so it’s hard to have an opinion.

    Long range lasers- I like the buff to gekko as it has always been more of a trolling weapon than a viable one. Even with the range it was hard to really dent anything with it.
    The trebuchet, on the other hand, seems like it didn’t need any buff. When the taller bots are hiding behind cover and their 2-3 trebs peek out the top and are able to deal full damage across the whole map while not taking a single hit due to cover is super frustrating. This happens quite often. Not to mention that a full blast of 2-3 trebs shaves off a good chunk of life to anything. Buff seems unnecessary.

    Missile weapons- The buff to spiral is a long time coming. I would say this is one of the few weapons that really needs a buff. I’ve tried to do something viable with these but even a full volley of 4 from a patton doesn’t do much. I get it has excellent range and path but as stated fast bots just bait them to crash into walls and heavy bots just scoff at the damage. Not to mention the fact that if it even nicks walls/obstacles/even other bots, including your own, you lose the shots and are forced to wait for the reload. I really like this weapon as it takes more actual skill than most other weapons but in the end it amounts to little to nothing.
    The aphid does deserve the boost I think as it actually requires you to use skill/strategy rather than just hittinf the fire button. It can be quite difficult to use and you’re not always garaunteed max damage so I feel it makes the pay off worth it.
    The hydras do not need a buff. I actually run 2 of them for certain maps but I feel like this could easily be abused by certain spider like bots who rarely venture where they can be hit.

    Medium range rockets- I understand where you’re coming from on this one. 500m to inflict similar damage to close range rockets is ridiculous. They did merit some kind of de buff. Maybe just a smidge less de buff on the pin would be better. Though I might be a little biased on that last statement.

    Close range- First the rockets. Piñatas did deserve a buff as they were still outcompeted by a lot other weapons. Don’t get me wrong they were still usable but by the time you got past all the pin/Tulumbas and snipers you rarely had a chance to do much. The orkan I feel was already powerful to begin with. They are already one of the most used weapons in the game. Granted the shorter range is a hindrance but most things that run it are either fast, bulky, or have shields. I feel like buffing them will only elevate their use and displace some other weapons.
    The energy weapons already had the advantage of ignoring energy shields and packed quite a punch. Again I feel this will drive up their use and drive others out.

    Kinetic weapons- I’ve said this before but these require the most tuning to make them viable. They’re not effective against either shield. They cant go over/around obstacles and it takes too long to achieve max damage with a full clip. The molots at least have the range but the punishers are highly inferior to most other weapons. Thanks for the increased fire rate but it still takes too long in direct line of fire to unload the full clip then having to hide to wait for the reload. I would suggest maybe a reload buff. Barring that at least give them something else to carve out a niche for these, especially the punishers. I like the idea of adding either an incremental damage buff when you have the target under continuous fire or a small durability drop after having the target under continuous fire for either x amount of shots or x amount of time of direct fire. Either fit the flavor of the weapon types (think of running a machine gun on a wall, each shot adds to the damage of the last till the structure as a whole weakens after continuous fire)

  • Cybertron2

    Dear Pix developers,

    Some strategic ideas to share with your guys.

    1/ First target of the game is profit. In long term, not short term. Basically you need to gain a huge market share first, then profit. It seems you have enough market share now, and start to take profit. That’s fair, for all of your effort to create an exellent game for players. But during profit taking, you should maintain the players community, keep the old ones and attract more new ones, to make the profit consistency. Your strategy should be balanced.

    2/ There are two kind of players who can contribute to your game:
    – The rich ones who can pay real money to have good stuffs quick and have fun immediately.
    – Ones who cannot, or don’t want to pay real money, but want to have fun with the game. Those players must spend their other value thing, even more valuable than money, it’s their time. Although they don’t contribute to your profit directly, they do contribute to game community, increase your market share.
    All of them need to be well treated.

    3/ To keep the rich ones paying for the game’s stuffs, your guys are doing quite well. No more comments.

    4/ To maintain the old players to stay long with the game, you must keep the game structure clear and consistency. Don’t buff and neuf this and that occasionally like this, because it make the old players feel bad when their huge effort or real money spent for some bots and weapons now become obsolete and useless.

    5/ To attract new players, don’t let them be killed by experienced players with much stronger stuffs. Just allow same or similar level hangars to play together. The Summer Event is a mess now because you let high level hangar players go down to low leagues.

    6/ Keep the game strucutre balanced. Don’t make some bots or weapons become too OP, then degrade it down. Don’t often adjust performance and characteristic of weapons like this. Keep the structure consistency.
    Think about “paper, hammer and scissors” style to keep the game balanced. Or if you want to make the game have more rich features, think about Orient theory with Five Elements which have pros and cons over others: Earth, Water, Fire, Metal and Wood.
    For examle: An Fire robot (strong weapons, long range like RBD Griffin) can has advantage over Metal robot (shielded bots) but must has disadvanatge against Water type robot (horning missile bot for example). In turn, Water type robot must has disadvantage against Earth type bots (durable, stable and less be affective by horning missiles, think about Leo). In short, each types of bot will have a some suitable weapons, have advantage over a type of bots (easy to kill them), and have disadvantage against another type of bots (easy to be killed by them). A team will be strong if they have all type of bots and balanced, otherwise if they only have one or two types of bot, they will be defeated easily, not only in term of beacons be capped, but also be killed by red team.
    And above all, when you created a structure, keep it consistency. So, if one spent money or time to build a bot, they won’t feel unhappy because their bots won’t be obsolete. And they have to build a balanced hangar, not full Ancilots and Griffins like now.

  • Viva LaResistance

    One person says it needs to be slower, another says it needs to pick up the pace to make it more action packed.
    There is still the same strategic aspect. It is the action which draws a crowd, this is not a game of chess.

  • Viva LaResistance

    You see, this is where you are wrong.
    It is that “just aim and shoot” part which holds you back. There is a lot more to skilled gameplay then just aiming and shooting but it is up to you to figure what that is.

  • Justyn Gengarkun Durnford

    The thing is there are a TON of people who want the game to be slower so that more time is spent thinking and using logic instead of “Imma jump and kill em” because the game is literally that easy now. It’s barely a challenge.

    BoT looks like it will be more challenging and slower yet not too slow as to completely bore us. The triple axis aiming will certainly be challenging to master and I’m excited for a challenge such as it.

  • Justyn Gengarkun Durnford

    There is nothing more to figure out. Use Griffins and Lancelots and boom. Done. Now sit and play in repetitive battles against other Griffins and Lancelots. Over. And over. And over. And over again.

  • Martin Nikolov

    Ok lets say i like the changes, but feom all the game exp. i had i can tell that WWR needs aome new style robots that can bring the strategy gameplay or team work in order to win. I have a set of robots that i design and i will be glad to share them with pixonic. For example: i see lots of heavy love and less light/medium bots being use in combat. Lets make a light bot with some new, fresh and deadly abilits that worth 5k gold for example. I have one such robot in mind 😉 that can outstand this buff changes.

  • James Bautista

    exactly the same problem here!

  • Michael Roughen

    They ruined this game. They should have left it alone. The first time they increased the damage on the rockets, it started to suck. They need
    to put it back to the way it was three months ago and leave it alone. Fix the crash issues. It’s almost unplayable now and I’m tired of it.

  • Agent Afterburn

    i really wish that they didnt buff the homing weapon especially the spiral and hydra because people always just sit at a comfortable spot and just keep eating away at hp or shield with no real engaging with the opponent and the buffing of the gekko was just another hint to that fact that you are promoting campers the trebutchet and aphid buff was fine because the the aphid has to be close which almost ensures engaging the enemy and the trebutchet has to be in plain sight so counter sniping can work.

  • Agent Afterburn

    what is your opinion on a thought of mine? a flak shield that can take rocket weapon damage nullifying the splash and absorbing damage but, takes extra damage from bullet weapons or energy weapons because it rips through or burns through the splash absorbing component of the shield, my intention is to give shielded bots a better chance. And this shield can be swapped for shiel bots like galahad,gareth and lancelot. they will have a slightly different look that i havent decided yet.

  • Agent Afterburn

    BoT i would like to see that game too .Is it released or still in development? also will it be available for IOS?

  • Jacob Roach

    This update made long range heavy robots more convenient. At the same time light robots are still being considered easy prey. A update for a stealth option only for light robots or even a missile defense. Beacon running setups are become extremely unlikely to win or even have a good chance to stay in the battle long enough to contribute.

  • Tim Coggins

    Skill levels are random but unless you are talking about only taking data from a single game it most certainly would work. That is the whole point of sampling quantities of data. Let me know when you analyze some data and get back to me to let me know what will and will not work.

  • Tim Coggins

    Another couple dozen battles since then. Two of them ended with 6v6 full squads and the beacon bar down. The rest came down to 5v2 or 5v3 battles and then the beacons were collected to seal the win. So although not a perfect prediction…highly accurate. It seems to me that if you are so anxious to quit out on battles and maps that perhaps you should uninstall the game all together.

  • Allan Zhu

    Buff list:
    Molot (both)
    Punisher (both)

    Nerf list:

  • Allan Zhu

    Not used doesn’t mean need for buff. One buff is all it takes to make a weapon OP.

  • Dan Hartmann

    It’s power creep plain and simple. Lighter bots suffer most in terms of TTL(time to live) and forces the meta to heavier, slower, less fun bots. Pixo should be focusing on how to make more bots viable not buy adjusting weapons but by adjusting bots. Add in the new beacon rush and any reason to run a light bot past the first slot disappears.

  • Stevie

    they are bumping everything up so everyone gets the korean bots. Defintely will get Haechi not sure of Bulgasari and Kumiho.

  • Jose Patria

    Come on, WR never have any update about increase the health of the bots or shield, just add the power of the weapons. Not even add more maps.
    How can we make any strategy if the weapon power superiority is way above the the power of the bots.
    Its only work for ppl those has lv10 and more of bots and weapons. Below that, forget it, just hide, aim and shoot.

  • dobravery

    Yore wrong about faster bots dodging missliles. Thsy cant except for aphids. Missiles are eating the light bots up now. The hydra didnt need a buff. Ppl dont use it cuz its boring.

  • dobravery

    You might as well run a Griffin,fujin, or rhino that has more firepower. if you go for medium weapons then the Garlands speed is no longer essential.

  • Irving Arias

    I think each robot should have like a special power just saying 🙄

  • Mrinal Baishya Çhötú

    I urge you pixonix please add HP buffs to lance Galahad and Gareth…please…and I cant make out any strategy when missiles keep hitting me everytime

  • Ale Pinilih

    This is a pretty good update i like a good close rang knife fight

  • Sinbad WhiteLine

    They made the Pins/Talams missiles not explode next to their target and pass them by (But they didnt say that. Only the ones who use them know). Congrats to all Pin/Talam haters now they are useless again.

  • Sinbad WhiteLine

    One last thing before I move on from this page forever, the so called “detonation bug” in Pins and Tulumbas is what made the players like them in the first place. Now that its “fixed” they are dead again. RDB players know what I’m talking about.
    And now that I know that investing in upgrading some weapons for many months only to be obsolete again made sure that my days of War Robots are coming to an end.
    Thanks Pixonic for a fun time while it lasted.

  • Tim Coggins

    The advantage of the Galahad is that it can get to cover much quicker than those three except for the Griffin and it can only move faster with a jump. If it is in its cool down period it is a sitting duck. After the latest update that buffed the tulumbas I repurposed my Galahad once again. Back came the Taran and it is now coupled with a couple of punishers. It can unload a ton of damage in a short period of time.

  • Tim Coggins

    The youtube videos that I have seen seem interesting, but the bots seem to move erratically. It doesn’t seem to be smooth at all. The other thing that I really don’t like at this point is the screen seems way too busy. It is a case of less is more.

  • Tim Coggins

    Galahad almost started out needing a buff. It still boogles my mind to look at the little shield on a Gareth and figure out how it provide 150 degree wrap around protection and the great big monster shield on a Galahad won’t cover a pimple. Just from an aesthetic prospective it looks like the Gareth shield would provide about 60 degrees of coverage and Galahad 90 degrees of coverage. Game play is far different however. Personally I would not give any buff to the Lancelot. It was a big money grab for Pixonic and once they realized how OP it was they had to start changing a lot of other thing on the game to keep from having to change the name of the game from “War Robots” to “Lancelot Robots”. The game life of the Lancelot reminds me a lot of the Rhino. It was the bot to beat for a day and then they destroyed it. The same will happen with the new dash bots. I have stuck by my Leos and they have taken me on quite a journey.

  • David Sudhisasasanakul

    “spend real money to stay in trend” . Yup, this game was all about that. to keep up demand, one must spend real money in order to stay a head their competition.

  • 300SpartansNeeded

    These idiots never thought to SCALE BACKWARDS, making the game close to what we we’re used to.. They always think, “Oh lets increase weapons to balance..” BULLSHIT! How about you scale them back to increase people’s strategy play and enjoyment of other bots.

  • dobravery

    You know Tim… I haven’t given the Punishers a decent shot yet. I’m going to try that setup and see how it fits my style of play. Thanks!

  • dobravery

    Totally agree. The Lancelot is just fine. I’d like to see the Brit G’s get a shield buff to be back where they’re intended to fit–resistent to Tarans magnums molots and punishers.

  • dobravery

    Ditto on the Haechi. And if it’s not affordable… I hope they start discounting the Wild Bunch once the Koreans arrive.

  • dobravery

    A little off topic about league play.. I’m always seeing opponents two leagues or more higher in my battles. I’m not talking about clan battles either. What’s the point of the leagues if your opponents are from outside of your league?

  • dobravery

    I think Gareth and Galahad belong on your buff list. Their shields break away too quickly now, and unlike the rhino, don’t have the extra firepower nor HP. At least the lancelot can run an ancil.

  • dobravery

    Or make a missile hit a large bot standing still 100% of the time. Medium 90%, light 80%. And from there improve with speed. I run light bots a lot, and out of hundreds of hydras and spirals fired at me, I’ve dodged like 4. All you can do is hug some cover like it’s Megan Fox.

  • Joe Bazooka

    How is this for balance: If you run heavy bots w/powerful weapons, then you can play for the top two spots in the match rankings. Then you will always be rewarded with lots of silver, and you will advance your league ranking, whether your team wins or not. You can also earn between 3 and 10 gold if you win. If you play for beacons, which should be the main objective, you inflict less damage so you can’t land a top 2 spot, so you earn very few league points, a little bit of silver, and you only get gold if your teams wins, which it won’t if they ignore beacons. The result is that you get a bunch of pilots in top leagues, who got there by only doing damage, and they don’t care if they are winning matches or not because they’re just after silver which they get regardless. Where’s the strategy in that? Might as well just make the War Robots a free for all, and get rid of beacons altogether. Pixonic probably doesn’t want you earning gold. They want you to buy it. And they want you to buy big bots and weapons for doing damage.

  • Joe Bazooka

    Yes they have some bob and sway to the walk, which anything with hips that moves on two legs will do. In this regard, it is more realistic than War Robots. Anyway, pretty trivial thing. I don’t know that the screen looks busier than WR, but I’m sure you would get used to it. One thing is for sure, the graphics are beautiful.

  • Luke Cheddar

    The rebalance has been great!

  • Virgilio Simudlan

    Pixo buffs the weapon to balance things we must buff the bots too depending on their excellence (I.e. faster light bots but same health ) this will give a huge difference in each bots so skills may take it place

  • Chris Wheeler

    LMAO. Pigsonic nerfed their own namesake into oblivion. RDB? Russian Death Button? Not anymore. RDB Now means Russian Dog Barf. You might as well feed your dog Russian cuisine and send it out to battle to puke on enemy robots now. Dog Barf would do more damage.

  • dobravery

    Im seeing carnages and Brit bots getting ripped apart in the gold leagues…. The Tarans and Orkans make short work of them.

  • dobravery

    You totally nailed it. Plus you get killed in league points @ -22.
    Once I realize I’m on a bad team, I forget competing and go for points. It’s the only way to not get screwed.

  • Karan Singh Pattar

    ‘Zenits’ need rebalance too. The zenits minimum range is 600m .
    During reload it point downwards.
    But during fire it always points upwards which is ridiculous.
    If zenit can turn down during reload then it can also turn down during fire. This will reduce its minimun range to 0m.

  • Austin Davidson


  • Marques Guzman

    2 days ago I had only 1 million silver and to day I have 10 million almost 11million that proves how fast it is.


    about to get an aphid


    war robots isn’t a bad game so howa bout you cut it.


    shut up war robots is great. NOW CUT IT OUT!!


    Shut up everyone, everything is fine with war robots. I’m starting to get mad. and there is need for this mess.


    Orange agreed


    Jose patria I don’t get it it is fun

  • Justyn Gengarkun Durnford

    I never said it was a bad game, just that it’s getting worse.

  • Justyn Gengarkun Durnford

    No it hasn’t.

  • Josh Gant

    In my opinion either get rid of Lazer and lightning weapons, keep it old school

  • Carl Romell Perry

    I haven’t been playing for a long time only about a year-and-a-half but too often I’ve seen players go off on their own to try to achieve what they have to get gold and by doing that any strategy that maybe him play goes out the window because now you have everyone running on their own

  • Colosabeast Epic

    Faster is better

  • Colosabeast Epic


  • Colosabeast Epic

    Griffan uses skill unlike long range

  • Colosabeast Epic

    Molot is 800 meters that is range and I hate range

  • Justyn Gengarkun Durnford

    No not really. It’s just becoming brain-dead easy because people on FB want it that way.

  • Colosabeast Epic

    I hate zenit

  • Colosabeast Epic

    Carnage is smashing in dimond

  • Colosabeast Epic

    Buying stuff in games sucks if you spend real money the game gets boring

  • Colosabeast Epic

    I am in diamond league and I keep getting silver and expert players in my league it makes no sense

  • Colosabeast Epic

    Galahad and Gareth need buff Orcan and pinata and magnum and taren need to stay the same also your while buff list needs a nerf or stay the same

  • Colosabeast Epic

    They want more small bots

  • Colosabeast Epic

    We need solo

  • Colosabeast Epic

    I only use magnums tarans pins and orcans and the game is great for me I am in diamond league

  • Colosabeast Epic

    I hate mid range missiles pixonic is merging them this is a good thing

  • Colosabeast Epic


  • Colosabeast Epic

    I have never tryed boa I’d like to but I guess I can’t really start using it in diamond leauge

  • Colosabeast Epic

    And zeus and gecko

  • Colosabeast Epic

    I have Zeus it is OP

  • Colosabeast Epic

    I hate treb butch it kills everything

  • Colosabeast Epic


  • Tim Coggins

    They do have to be leveled up a bit before they are really stout. From what I understand they are going to be buffed in the next update to do more shield damage than they have. The other nice thing about them is the range that they have. It keeps you out of harms way against tarans and magnums. Also the Galahad can use the shield against a zeus pretty effectively.

  • Carlos Reyes B

    Hello, you think? In what level becomes OP? 12?

  • Tim Coggins

    After all the weapon buffs the Lancelot is no longer dominant. I think they originally tried only buffing missile weapons and had to back track on that because it had unintended consequences. The most recent buffs to almost everything else with the nerf of the missiles seems to have leveled things out a bit.

  • Tim Coggins

    The graphics look decent on the youtube videos. WR could tone down the amount of junk on the screen as well and it would probably help a lot of people that are having connection issues.

  • Tim Coggins

    Agreed…I usually try to find a bot to pair up with when I play. If I am running energy then I find a player running artillery and vice/versa. This usually is a good way to start but after that first bot it is a lot more difficult to stay paired with another player.

  • dobravery

    My mains in diamond. They are only good in support. I eat the thunders for breakfast.

  • Brandon Rimar

    Hi my name on War Robots is Wasp45 I like using the gekko even before it was buffed but I really like it because it has something like infinite range plz don’t change it to where it doesn’t I like the gekko

  • Orange

    Probably cuz i’m smoking you off the field….3 of 4 are close robots and really have no hard getting to campers…..again stop crying…..

  • Orange

    Someone earlier said just adapt…I agree.

  • barbzilla

    Any thoughts to giving the Zenits and Noricums an overhaul? I don’t want them to just receive straight forward damage buffs, as that could get way out of hand really fast, however some form of new mechanics. Perhaps the zenit could deal about 50% of the damage of a pin, but also allowing it to more reliably hit bots over the same larger coverage area (provided they are not in cover or protected by another bot, I would also make it so bots with shields pointed towards the area of impact block the damage). I would keep the delay between launch and splashdown (though maybe tone it down by 10%-20% to make it a smidgen easier to predict and alter your fire pattern to adjust for a bot changing directions). You could even do something such as giving it a 10s true lock on that would let it be guided to either an area or a bot like the Javelin missile that the Zenit appears to be modeled after. The Noricum needs a rework entirely, maybe something more akin to a mirv launcher or even just giving it mechanics more like the Zenit (only vastly reduced AoE, and closer to 75% of a Pin’s damage potential). I honestly like the idea of the artillery making use of a drone or something to switch to a top down over the battle view and letting you select the targets for each shot fired. Reduce the reload time on the zenit by 50% and the total ammo by 35%, the launch to splashdown time by 20%, and force the player to select all target locations for every shot before closing the overview of the map. This would make the player have to use their heads and predict movement patterns or coordinate with their team and plan a zone of fire to provide clearance or cover for the blue team moving towards an objective (or even cover a single knife fighter bot trying to flank the enemy supports).

    The Noricum I would make to where it is a mirv launcher (one surface to air to surface missile that bursts into smaller bombs rather than missiles shortly before impact allowing multiple hits to a single target as well as over an entire area). Make it have a small AoE (about 75% the AoE size of the Pin rocket) and each hit deal maybe 250ish damage (with the potential spread able to hit a motionless fury up to 6 times and a motionless gareth up to 3 times). Reduce the total ammo load to 12 rockets and adjust the reload time to 15 to 18 seconds. This weapon would also require the use of the top down over the map screen and selecting all 4 projectile targets at the same time.

    With both weapons allow the missiles to fire at the rate of 1 missile per second (or so, this may need to be adjusted to allow some medium speed bots to get in cover before the next salvo hits if they are close enough and react on time), and the travel to target time should be between .75s and 1.5s (depending on distance, the .75 should be targets closer than 400m while 1.5s targets out to 1200m). The final adjustment is on the AoE sizes. The Noricum as I said earlier should only be able to hit 2-3 bots if they are all close enough, but with potentially high damage (approximately 2000 damage per cycle if they manage to hit a fury/lance/Raijin all 6 times per salvo. Which should be practically impossible, but have the chance for a skilled player to predict the Red’s movement well enough to manage it. That said the average hits should be closer to 3-4 hits on a single bot per successful missile target splashdown). Each missile should release between 16 and 24 smaller bombs, though this would need tweaking to hit the average dispersal rate discussed earlier.

    Top down map overhead weapons require all ammo to have a planned target before releasing the overhead (or before an opposing team’s sniper can successfully shoot down the drone giving you the view, which would just be represented by a timer, something in the effect of 30s maximum time spent in the overhead gives you plenty of time to tap out a missile pattern if you pre-plan it assuming you are on either a triple zenit Fury or a Double Zenit Double Noricum Natasha. Though you may want the overhead to be selective to each weapon type since it could be confusing as to what type of missile you are selecting with each tap, so maybe one time for all Zenit ammo and one time for all Noricum ammo (or perhaps just make the UI intuitive enough and flexible enough to be able to allow the player to select the missile they are firing at the tapped target).

    Anyway, even if my idea is not used (no hard feelings), I would like to see those weapons actually be useful without being something that can be abused if 2 or 3 reds tag team with them (basically zone denial over large scale areas or heavy enough splash/team damage to wipe out 3-4 bots before they even have a chance to physically see you hiding 1200m away behind cover. I know it is a tall order as if you make it useful enough for one player to use on a team, then multiple players could start getting out of hand very quickly (maybe even the overhead with no spotted enemy locations on it, make the player target from memory after viewing the field or something). Just make it a skill based weapon with a high skill barrier to actual usefulness, but be rewarding enough to put that kind of effort, training, and strategy into the weapon to want to use it in the first place. I am currently good enough to run a triple Zenit Fury and land my missiles on target with any bot slower than 45-50km/h with no waste (though I do occasionally miss due to not being able to physically see them as they are running into cover, I am generally good enough to avoid wasting ammo like that though), and can manage to pull 200k-400k (depending on time spent on the match and the enemy groupings) damage from a single match with just that one bot. The problem is that it is mostly useless damage that doesn’t even deal enough to scare the enemy team into cover most of the time. I am literally just following the main groups and pegging them on the heads with about 80%-90% accuracy to hit those numbers. When I would use the bot for zone denial or harassment of the enemy beacon defenders, I would either A be unable to actually hit the location I want (due to the way targeting works with the Zenit) or B the enemy would just completely ignore it anyway and keep right on trucking it through my damage field since it only hurts if you are a light bot or a medium bot under level 6. Even hitting groups of 3-5 with every salvo for the majority of the match (which if I could do with any other splash weapon in the game would be 1m+ damage scores easy) only yielded 500k (about 1/3 the damage 3 pins, a light weapon, can get from steady fire into the same group, meanwhile the Zenit, a heavy weapon, has to fire their weapon 1.5 seconds before it actually goes where you were pointing at when the firing process began, and the pin is the least efficient of the support missiles right now in terms of damage per cycle when fired at tight groups).

    As it stands, those weapons are borderline useless (I am sure a pair of skilled players with an eye for obscure strategies might be able to use 6 Zenits as a group to provide area denial and/or zone clearing, but then you are 4v6 in actual beacon battles). Right now there is no reason to max out a Zenit or Noricum that I am aware of, so please give them some hope. Pretty much every other weapon in the game has moved towards the direction of being played semi-regularly in mid to mid/high levels of game-play (competitive top tier game-play will pretty much always work towards the few weapons with the greatest efficiency at dealing with the largest number of situations, so I don’t expect them to be competitive leagues ready, just try to make them at least fun to use).

    NOTE: Please do not worry, I normally only run the triple Zenit Fury when I either A run out of my other 4 bots or B have a match where my team is doing a good job of beacon control and we don’t already have a sniper or more than 2 supports. I did run it pretty well exclusively for around a week or so (starting on a beacon running bot and switching after either the runner becoming a waste of metal on the team, I.E. beacon runner with damaged legs, or it dies then would switch out to gauge my damage and hit efficiency). To anyone I annoyed during that week, I apologize).

  • dobravery

    They should make zenits kinetic rockets that are pinpoint accurate, but have zero splash/explosion. Min range 500m.
    Basically if you’re standing still for 20 seconds, you’re going to be ripped apart. Think of it as a counter-sniper.

  • dobravery

    A griffin with Tarans and Magnums will rip apart a Galahad now. Something wrong with that picture. Time for Pix to start discounting the Brit Bots IMO.

    I think Pixonic also silently nerfed the Brit Bots shield coverage. I’m seeing tarans, magnums, and missiles hitting above / around the shield far more now. Just my theory…

  • George Delgado

    This gives players that don’t use money. A chance to win. If you don’t like the buffs is cause you still a bunch on cry babies. That’s what this game is about, giving everyone an equal chance at winning. And for those that say you need money to get gold, you’re all stupid. I’m collecting about 100 gold each day not including the daily tasks. I just started like 2 weeks ago and i already collected about 3k gold. The only complain i have is that players with thebest bots don’t do Jack squat. Other than that Pixonix keep up the good work.


    With the pinatas yes but what about the dash robots?


    There called diamonds?

  • Gica Contra

    In any game you have category of weapons. more expensive and less expensive. It is not about the real money, it is about concept. In this case exist 3 type silver, workshop and gold. main issue is now that gold robots become vulnerable to a silver robot. if all robots will cost more or less the same and will be different only by designe and weapons configuration will be ok for most of the players. if totally damage will be close for all havie robots will be also ok.

    PS Stop blame the person that pay, that person pay salary to pixonic and make them profitable. and you can pay this game because of that person. on short it is exactly pasagers that fly with economy class expect to have same confort and facilities that bussines clas pasagers.

  • Gica Contra

    In any game you have category of weapons. more expensive and less expensive. It is not about the real money, it is about concept. In this case exist 3 type silver, workshop and gold. main issue is now that gold robots become vulnerable to a silver robot. if all robots will cost more or less the same and will be different only by designe and weapons configuration will be ok for most of the players. if totally damage will be close for all havie robots will be also ok.

    PS Stop blame the person that pay, that person pay salary to pixonic and make them profitable. and you can pay this game because of that person. on short it is exactly pasagers that fly with economy class expect to have same confort and facilities that bussines class pasagers.

  • TheCaptainOf TheObvious


  • TheCaptainOf TheObvious

    Hey, this is one of your biggest fans (I know you probably get that a lot, but it seems true for me). I just want to make a suggestion.
    It seems to me there are a lot of people, including me and many of my friends, that can’t spend money on the game and thus can’t buy gold robots, weapons, etc. I am suggesting, and hear me out, that you make a one day sale or a one day change-up where you switch the currency for each robot. Gold robots are bought with silver (probably millions, to make it fair), silver robots are bought with gold, etc. It’s just a suggestion, but it could make a lot of gamers happy in your game. And, besides the money, isn’t that really what it’s all about?
    Well, thanks for considering! Toodles!
    Username: Bender

  • Bryan Shakespeare

    Hey guys, this is pointed to the bots themselves. Im glad you bumped the weapons up a bit! But i have a Gareth and love it! And i have a Leo, love him also. Here’s what needs to be fixed in my oppinion: Gareth’s sheild is much stronger than Galahad’s. Galahad dies very easily, compared to Gareth. What i dont understand is, I can take down a Leo with my Gareth pretty easily. But Galahad dont stand a chance, and has one more weapon.
    On the other hand, my Leo is pretty strong, he’s lvl 10, with 9 thunder and 3-10 magnum. For some reason, my Leo cant even hurt most Gareth’s. Why is the Gareth so strong, compared to most bots. You would think standing toe to toe, that Leo would take down a smaller Gareth. But thats not the case. Now you put Leo toe to toe with Galahad, Gareth’s bigger brother, Leo will smoke him. Why is Gareth so strong, and Galahad is so weak? And why is Leo so weak against Gareth?
    Im sure many have expeirenced the same thing.
    I love taking down bigger bots with my light bot, but I also dont like a light bot taking my big bot down so easily either. There needs to be something done with either the sheilds or the bots. And Galahad’s sheild needs to be a bit stronger. His little brother makes him look bad!
    Hope i explained this right!
    Thanks guys!

  • dobravery

    I’m a Gareth driver. It depends on strategy. The speed let’s the Gareth choose the fight here. It can keep away from that shield breaking thunder and then match its shielded Taran Magnum vs your 3 Magnum. Or just go and circle the slow turning Leo.
    But if you go with pins and pinatas it’s harder for the Gareth, though I’d still attack. Some matchups are just no-wins. A Gareth can’t touch a fully healthy rocket Griffin, and since the buff, a plasma G busts the shield pretty quickly. You kill the Galahads because they try to fight on your terms. The Gareth fights differently and is a harder target. Some fights you’re not supposed to win.

  • Miko Johnson Co

    I now honestly don’t know what to invest on anymore with all these changes keep on coming

  • dobravery

    But if you see my comment from a day ago… I do agree that these are tough times to run a Galahad. They don’t have enough weapon slots to benefit from the big buff. And they are now getting abused buy bots and weapons that they’re supposed to match up well against.

    The slow Leo was meant to survive on HP as it closes on a target. With the big weapon buff, that is quite a challenge now. I’m already starting to see Leo’s switch to Zeus and Tridents.

  • pdwalker


    i’ve switched in a light bot back into my rotation and i often get multiple kills with that bot alone. i’ve even won battles against heavy bots by using the terrain in knife distance battles.

    it’s become a lot more fun.

  • William Cook

    Enjoying the buffs but what kind of annoys me that I haven’t seen people talk about is slower heavy bots sliding down hills slower than their movement speed. To me it seems like some sort of bug.

  • Brasen

    What I’m hopeing for that they make the robot slots cheaper because it take forever to save up 1000 gold to get the 4th slot then you have to worry about the 5th god pixonic make gold easier to get or lower the prices eather one is fine with me

  • dobravery

    If you do the daily tasks, and earn 20 something gold while doing so, you’ll have that 5th slot in 2 months. Me… I skipped buying a few value meals, and then saved the difference. You spend money on other stuff that entertains you. Nothing wrong with supporting a game you enjoy a lot.

  • Ian McMahon

    100% agree, I paid real money for a Galahad and it’s a great bot but it shield only barely lasts long enough to do its job, which is to survive long enough to get to the enemy or beacon. If you add a buff to destroying it’s shield by the same long range weapons it gave you an edge to get to, you 100% ruin the point of the bot and quite frankly every player is entitled to petition Google for money back. 100% dash bots will replace the point of a galahad. The medium has greater fire power, a regenerating shield and is much faster. This change is plain stupid.

  • Spaceman Spliff

    You whine too much. Frankly, the game has never been more balanced.

  • Spaceman Spliff

    You can always tell which of these comments is from a butthurt spender. Whose ex-OP shield robot is less effective now.(nothing against them, devs gotta make money somehow or game dies. If I could buy more than 3 gold robots and maybe a gold weapon for 100 dollars, I’d consider spending too. But as it stands, prices are not good enough for me.)

  • Spaceman Spliff

    Also, try actually using the whole strategy thing you talked about. You’re probably one of those dummies that just charges toward the enemies in a straight line and gets rekt before even landing a salvo. Sorry pal, but I can’t stand you whining and blaming the devs for trying to refine their already great game.

  • Esteban Marez

    I agree as well. What is the point of spending real $$$ or saving your gold and upgrading your Lancelot Gareth or Galahad with hard earned silver and then the shield is absolutely useless. You even get pushisned for using the shield with a 20% speed reduction on top of it.

  • Sae Lee

    What they really need to fix is mm. Stop mixing low level players with champs. It will prevent new players wanting keep playing if they are just getting killed without even getting into the game.

  • Double A Frank

    I always thought punisher and molot would make sense as an armor piercing weapon rather than a shield penetrator. Something like every fifth round being “armor piercing” which ignore armor.

  • Mark Dyson

    Experiencing smoke lag when everyone shoots. Didn’t do this before the update. iPad user.

  • Earl Irvin

    Does matter weather or not u have the guns. It’s team mates that sit and don’t go for beacons. Sure u can sit back n fire but the game is becons till these idiots get it it’s just a gamble.

  • Earl Irvin

    You said it we who spend mean jack didie—– they don’t care all they want it you spending on the new bots n getting bucks

  • William Singley

    Galahad is bad because I used him and I died the sheid

  • RockingQuix

    So in short, ” I suck and is your fault pixonix, Boohoo”. Pretty much the jest of this author’s stupid rant=:D

  • Captain “Connor” Falcon

    Hey, since you guys are buffing the already overpowered Taran & Magnum, as a counterpart to kinetic weapons, could energy weapons deal _*less*_ damage to physical shields?


    The greatest thing about this new update is how light robots are tearing through my heavies like tissue paper from a distance I can’t touch. Second best part, all my weapons are now useless. I love this so much, I’ll be asking for my purchases refunded because they were used for things this update makes useless. Back to The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land I go.

  • Jamie Kelsey

    Wow this is so dumb of want you did it go to fast and you made the shooting target to small it is so do um b to do that

  • Menageryl

    OMG! The amount of butt-hurt I hear going on is pathetic!!!
    Good god people, deal with it! The plain fact of the matter is that, as an online, always being developed game, there is ALWAYS going to be further changes coming! Pixonic will continue to strive for balance (as it should) whilst remaining profitable (because as soon as they aren’t there’s no game to play!
    People – developers – are human, and will make mistakes. As long as the intention is right – balance – then fine… I agree that it may be time to look at modding the actual bots instead of the focus always being primarily weapons, but again, changes are always going to be happening as the game evolves!
    I understand people wanting their rl cash to mean something, and IT DOES, but at the same time WR cannot be a P2W game, hopefully never will be. Which means, guess what, just because you spent money doesn’t guarantee you a win! As it should be! There is actually a requirement beyond cash – skill! Experience! Why don’t y’all try working on that – take your kit you’ve spent money on and ACTUALLY LEARN HOW TO USE THEM / IT!!!
    Also, ffs, everyone has different playstyles and preferances people… Just because you prefer knife-fights doesn’t mean the other options should be nerfed or useless!!! And vica-versa (of course)!!! Adapt! Learn! Evovle!
    Have some fun ffs!
    What it boils down to people: This game is always, constantly going to be changing and evolving. This is A GOOD THING! If you wanna have any fun, my suggestion is this: Give Pixonic CONSTRUCTIVE feedback, otherwise shut the hell up; change and evolve your own damn self – your lodouts, your playstylea, and your hanger… You may just rediscover the reason for playing – enjoyment!

  • Menageryl

    Yes! Right attitude! Right mindset!

  • Ethan Emerald

    Guyz of pixonic ….. WOULD YOU CARE INCREASING THE DURABILITY OF GALAHAD AND GARETH TO ROCKETS AND MISSILES?…..HAHAHHAHA! players will spend eons of time to earn gold and some will shed lots of tears from their momma for a bucks of gold and UPON BUYING THE ROBOT WITH GOLD??????….. TWANNGGGG!!!! ,,,IT DIES LIKE A NEWLY BORN MOSQUITOS! …… come on guyz…..why did you made it soooo weak! ….its so much disappointing.

  • Ethan Emerald

    Donot buy gold robots guyz specially galahad and gareth…..its useless….BELIEVE ME ITS USELESS!!!

  • Ethan Emerald

    I guess we should not buy any gold robots and weapons here guyz… doesnt have a point buying them….well lancelot is a nice thing its superb!!! And can be bought by gold! But guys hellooooooo!!!!! IT A CLEAR MONEY GRABBING MODE!!!…..HHAHAAHA IT IS SOOOOOO EXPENSIVE!!!!! hhahahaaha!…..come on guys …… Dont grab too much !!

  • Rob

    What I would like to see happen is being able to upgrade more things at once e.g. One robot one weapon! It’s like waiting for Christmas to come with some of these upgrade times

  • Rikkem Diyum

    Gold bots, if your looking for perfect bot there is non. With Gareth and galahad just avoid rocket bot.. tumb is a real kill-joy 500m. If you like close combat go for leo max and bam suddenly your not scared of anyone

  • Jack

    Your stupid. I hate money spenders who spend money to get good just because there bad. You bought the gold bots because you thought they were good and now you relize that there not so your trying to get pixonic to buff your robots on a lack of resarch on your part, on top of that gold robots are op enough as they are they dont need buffed. What needs to be buffed is the Fuijin. I have a level 5 and people still kill it ez. Fujins with wp weapons are supposed to be gods of the battle. I rember back in the early days no one could kill a fujin. That was the incentive to play the game and get the fujin. Now it worthless

  • Samsung Tab 3

    Is Rhino a good robot ? I want to buy one .

  • Yee Zee

    Awww man, the shot interval time for medium range rockets was fine as it was!😕

  • Clancy Allard

    I really think the machine gun buff for extra damage to shields is obsurd. With all the recent buffs to all weapons, shields have already lost too much effectiveness, not to even mention the upcoming flamethrower and dash bots. Its going to make shield bots obsolete, especially the lancelot with its 3 piece shield and slowspeed, which is unacceptable when you think how hard people had to work to get it or spent alot of money with your company. Lets not forget paying players are the ONLY reason this games still around and being updated, with no other income from adds and such, so it only make sense gold bots should have a slight advantage. I think all bots need a health increase and all shields(physical/ancile) need a buff to keep them effective with ever increasing damage of all weapons. Not to mention all bots with any type of shield are supposed to be top tier considering they all cost gold or WP. Overall i think all bots need a health or speed increase to keep them inline with the more powerful weapons and shields need a slight increase, in lancelots case you could just combine the 3 shields into one. Just those changes would slow the game down a bit and make it more enjoyable.

  • Joshua V. Chambers

    IMO there should be no boost for gold bots/weapons over silver. The only thing gold should be good for is speeding up the process of obtaining and speeding up upgrading. Too many games have fallen victim to becoming ptw. This game is too good to let that happen to.

  • Jester Infester

    “Riddle me this”…
    It appears that what I call “Missiles” (not Tulumbas, nor Pins or even “Rockets”) have been slighted, even ignored for the most part. At a closer look it’s readily observable that the most costly Missile, the Hydra, [@ Ag 2,656,000 (adjusted from Wp to Ag for comparison purposes)] is also the weakest and most worthless of the three Missiles”:-
    The Spiral: Ag-20,000 = 2,490 DPS (Dmg. Per sec.)
    The Aphid: Ag-1,500,000 = 9,360 DPS
    The Hydra: Ag-2,656,000 = 1,305 DPS
    This means that an economical Patton fitted with 4 Spirals (outperforms- 9,960 DPS vs 3,915 DPS) could inflict 6,000 DPS more than the pricey Fujin with 3 Hydra for Ag-12M+ lower cost, excluding leveling.
    I propose the Aphid be improved (buffed) by:
    1. Increasing range to 800m. (To pair with Molots for ranged battles).
    2. Increasing units fired per second to 3.
    3. Decreasing cool-down to 10 secs.
    4. Increasing damage to 900 hit points per unit.

  • Jester Infester

    “Riddle me this”…
    It appears that what I call “Missiles” (not Tulumbas, nor Pins or even “Rockets”) have been slighted, even ignored for the most part. At a closer look it’s readily observable that the most costly Missile, the Hydra, [@ Ag 2,656,000 (adjusted from Wp to Ag for comparison purposes)] is also the weakest and most worthless of the three Missiles”:-
    The Spiral: Ag-20,000 = 2,490 DPS (Dmg. Per sec.)
    The Aphid: Ag-1,500,000 = 9,360 DPS
    The Hydra: Ag-2,656,000 = 1,305 DPS
    This means that an economical Patton fitted with 4 Spirals (outperforms- 9,960 DPS vs 3,915 DPS) could inflict 6,000 DPS more than the pricey Fujin with 3 Hydra for Ag-12M+ lower cost, excluding leveling.
    I propose the Aphid be improved (buffed) by:
    1. Increasing range to 800m. (To pair with Molots for ranged battles).
    2. Increasing units fired per second to 3.
    3. Decreasing cool-down to 10 secs.
    4. Increasing damage to 900 hit points per unit.

  • Jester Infester

    I don’t understand why. The Tulumbas were nerfed not buffed!

  • Pablo Perri

    I can affirm that galahad punishers is and unexpected OP bot level them up to 9 at least, you can fire from safe distance, turn off your shield for more speed and rune sideways (with the shield facing their tarans) if you need to run to cover to reload and come back with when reloaded. I am destroying carnages and ancilots only losing my shield. Griffins have no chance. The only weaknes is of course griff orkans or aphids, but they have to get close, any other bot in close distanse is ‘punished’ hard.

  • shyler Myler

    So basically every robot and weapon you invested in for over a year is now ‘downgraded’ ….you chose the wrong path. They decided….. Guess what happens next year? …..Don’t spend a dime on this game. They move the goal post on a regular basis. They Screw the people that are currently playing the game to bring in new blood. Well played war robots, you got my 10 bucks. Now not only will I never spend another cent on this game, I will let everyone I know to never spend a cent on this game. But download it anyway to waste your server space. Thanks for playing me? No , thanks for playing you…? The dust bin of history is full of services that screw there customers. You are going to need to elbow space in the dust bin.

  • Orange

    Changing subject…. sorry. I REALLY CAN’T REMEMBER HAVING 5 TANKERS ON TEAM……1 OR 2, maybe 3….But ALL 5?!?!?!! For those who always try, it is really messed up….. Stay in the minor leagues and stay away from me….signed. Pissed Off


    okay so the pinatas were cooler back then


    I’m not playing a different game!

    Just cut it out already! Nothing is wrong with this game!


    Nah get a fujin


    I don’t get this

  • Samsung Tab 3

    Which weapons are good ?

  • Stewart Knoles

    I played a game online for 4 years and it IS A PAY to WIN game. I stopped playing it. Got so expensive that I needed a car worse. This game I hope never gets that way. So far it’s pretty fair. You have long range and short range weapons. If someone wants to rack up a huge credit card balance, that’s up to them. I cannot afford that anymore.

  • Tim Coggins

    The tulumbas were nerfed before they were buffed. Sounds like the Russian developers are working with American politicians doesn’t it!

  • Tim Coggins

    Depends on what league you are in as to whether everything is just fine or not. I expect that you are one of the newbies at silver or below.

  • Tim Coggins

    It also seems that you whine too much about players bringing up legitimate issues with the game. Weird ain’t it…you are whining because you think someone else is whining…how selfish is that!

  • Spaceman Spliff

    Hardly, fat man. You see whining because you are likely a larger, more sedentary, man baby as compared to the one you tried to defend.

  • Spaceman Spliff

    Perhaps expend as much effort into not crying toward people on the internet, as you do into accumulating back sweat. Maybe you’d become a bit happier about life.

  • winston

    i think in most maps, the game play is very predictable, the moment the timer goes to Zero, Blue will rush for the 2 beacons closest to them, and RED vice versa, and so the “winning side” is decided by who gets and defend the center beacon. sometimes when i turn and see 2 “Zenits” players on the blue side before the game starts, I start to think, oh crap, another losing match. Maybe it will change if they buff the reload timing and the minimum lock on range of the Zenits and Noricums, which i saw on the test server. I think the DASH bots may turn the game from being a very “Heavy Bots” only game to one which uses Speed and agility of the robots to overcome, Shields (physical or energy), or just lots of HP.

  • Tim Coggins

    Wow…and here you are continuing to whine. Seems to me that perhaps you need to get a life. It is hilarious watching you whine about the complaints that people have with the game. Dude…what an idiot you are.

  • Spaceman Spliff

    I refuse to debate with a middle aged ogre over something as baseless and repetitive as you. But listen guy, I say this as someone who cares about your health and well being. I’d consider heading outside, get a lil sun and talk to someone if I was you. A minor change to a free mobile game should not invoke this much of your feelings. Those girls at the grocery store will even walk you to your car if YOU ask them nicely.

    By the way since it seemed to matter a lot to you. I’m upper gold tier at the moment. I imagine I’d be higher if I played as much as you. I’d also wager my low level bots and weapons would out manuever and crush you. 1v1❤️

  • donhawthorne

    Once again, Pixonic, you are fixing the wrong things.
    Make any one thing weak and you make something else strong. The reverse is also true.
    Forget about “fixing” weapons, or even robots.
    What you SHOULD be fixing is your economic system.
    You real cash for gold prices are absurd, considering how little silver can be bought with gold.
    Workshop points are yseless, and now there’s a NEW in-game currency, “influence”?!?
    Seriously, could you at least TRY to be subtle?
    First off, you need to dump that “repair” penalty or take it out of Workshop Points. We play to win paltry sums compred to what it takes to upgrade, you shouldn’t steal from what little we do earn.
    The simplest fix – which I have said to you in many, many letters – would be to add a “zero” to every single Silver award, including how much Silver can be bought for gold.
    As it is, as soon as anybody starts paying attention to how poor the reward system is, they look for another game to play.
    Increasingly, they are finding them.

  • Tim Coggins

    Heh…heh…heh…Dude. I go to gym 3 times a week. I would be willing to bet that you would die trying to keep up with me. Hopefully they will get that 1v1 game type up and running. It is still amusing that you keep coming back for more abuse you idiot. You whine and whine and whine…Probably because the higher levels and your own for that matter are kicking your bot from one side of the map to the other….heh…heh…heh…what an idiot.

  • Tim Coggins

    Side note…please reference any quote of mine that you can give that even resembles any whining you idiot. I have made observations about the game and some inerrant problems. You on the other hand have whined about people even discussing the game and devolved that conversation into your own personal little power war. Perhaps you can start telling yo mama jokes now…you little idiot.

  • Super Daddy Mon

    Noticed you won’t come back and dispute any of the predictions that you said were horrible…probably because if you have been playing you found out they were pretty darned accurate.

  • donhawthorne


  • donhawthorne

    Well said, Shyler.

  • Spaceman Spliff

    1v1 or gtfo.

  • Fudge Fudge

    I agree I use gareth it’s good and all but it’s so weak to tulumbas, piñata, etc maybe strengthen the shield and give more hp to gareth and its so hard to earn a lot of gold. I play a lot and it took me about 1-2 weeks to get gareth it’s disappointing how bad gareth is due to its high prices…

  • GelJAX

    Pixonic cant u do any better than this I hate this update than ever ad not only me many pilot share the same opinion u turned Galahad,GEPÂRDs,Gareth,carnage,rhino into s**t….do some more good balancing.dont turn this game into some never land I used to like this game a lot and now iam starting to loose patience on dis game.i congratulate pixonic on your previous updates but not on dis one I bet you are planning to make dis game premier(like more money spending on weapons and robots)for your own interests if you do dat wr game will start getting critical reviews please don’t turn this game to nothing.All the best.

  • KSS

    Recently, I realised that the shields are now useless against a lot of weapons. I remember that only a few weapons can penetrate the shields, eg. tulumbas, Orkan, thunder. But now we have punishers, molots can score HP on Lancelot without breaking the shield. Previously, the Gareth with Tarans and magnum can score HP on Lancelots without breaking the shields.

    So, what is happening with the upgrades? Should Pixonic review the whole game?

  • Super Daddy Mon

    Orange and I quote..”..please please stop crying…..You just adjust and stop complaining…….crybabies…” Deal with the tankers crybaby.

  • Super Daddy Mon

    Still waiting to hear what you think of those predictions and statistics and how wrong they were. Good night be a man and admit you were wrong and these are pretty darned accurate…punk.

  • Orange

    Yea and get wiped out…..Changing subject. It seems I’m in tanker league….All numbers are screwed up and why? GET BLOWN AWAY WITH 50 CENT REWARD. I haven’t changed play to kill and win…. always.
    Silver 1 and bots are really upgraded. 4 slots. How long til I’m out of the crop league? And I don’t leave games on purpose…that’s weak but I get tossed in Tuna league…..How long..? ….anyone! S.O.S. HAHA

  • Orange

    And by the way…..your crying to the spaceman……

  • Orange

    I just read full story on wrforum about tankers, clubbers, and gold diggers… As I see it, the tankers are so desperate for their precious gold, they tank on squad at our expense in game. No care at all….than those moving up the ladder get their as kicked. I’m not great….good not great. Got a credit card and could buy and max all out. Or the Real Low route of ditching squad than beating up honest players…ALL IT IS IS CHEATING…THE TANKING WORSE THAN THE OTHER. What”s point of playing when when your buying or tanking so you have the best. Cheating dictionary—‘#1 act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage. Sad……

  • Colosabeast Epic

    Faster is better

  • Colosabeast Epic

    My Galahad beats Gareth and my Gareth loses to Galahad (Using a ordinary set up of mag tar)

  • Colosabeast Epic

    Diomand league

  • Colosabeast Epic

    I got carnage thunder and it is going strong in diomand all you need is to know how to play the game and how thunder works

  • No such thing as a “balance.” They know this. It’s just a tactic used to give them a excuse to manipulate the weps systems. Doubt me? Then why on Earth would the same weps they have had around for ages , that get -free-help from the players , to beta test , continuously be needing to get adjusted? There should be no excuse for that , but for the sake of profit and their business model, it’s done . I just don’t appreciate being told it’s a balance to write it off like they are making some excuse for what they are doing. Also what makes me angry , is when it effects these gold bots and the long term investments into them that it took. I’m not a fan of the way they conduct business , but hey there is nothing that I can do about it , and they really dont have much competition , even battle of Titans , because that game lacks in certain areas that this has.

  • 100%agreed

  • As far as taking the ballistics and making them doing more damage to Camelot bots, I would have to say that , it would be very unwise. My personal thoughts are this , the major teams are flooding the fields with Lancelots . Too many of them and the weak minded players complain. So instead of nerfing them , they give the ballistics buff to essentially damage their shield and not directly make it look like it’s getting nerfed when it is. Ya know I’ve said this already. If I’m in the battle field and I watch my paid for products perform like chit , I will refuse to purchase any more products from these guys and I’m not playing this cat and mouse game where you pull back what you implemented a month earlier. This is getting rediculous.

  • Lol the Lance is too slow. C’mon guys . Plus the front shield sucks
    Leo yeah maybe I should just go level mine up and forget everything else.

  • Happy Slappy

    Cry why dont u

  • Joel Mettler

    The range is fine, its the acvuracy and flight trajectories thats the problem with aphids, hydras dont hit hard agreed but they hit constantly. Their flight trajectories are borderline too accurate. They will fly around obstacles and over them with ease while the aphid smacks into a two meter wall if you arent above it or ten miles away.

  • bamz eko

    boring….boring…boring…..boring….boring…boring… now with the current update not addicted with this game…