Patch Notes

War Robots 2.9.1 Update Notes. A moment of peace

This is more of a maintenance patch. We fixed some stuff here and there (begone, Zeus damage bug!) and now keep observing how things are going after the 2.9 update.

Our latest round of buffs made rocket weapons much more prominent, which caused a significant metagame shift. In other words — rockets are everywhere now. People seem to adapt to the situation by putting more emphasis on energy barriers: for example, pilots in Expert league and higher start to show off their Carnages much more often. We keep monitoring how things perform very closely, and right now our plain is to let things settle down a bit to see if further changes are necessary.

Previous patch notes:

War Robots 2.9 Update Notes. Prepare your Tulumbas


Next event

New event starts on July 4th! Do your best completing event tasks and get not one but two Tempest cannons! Collect tokens and open chests to win valuable prizes.

More details to come soon.


Bug fixes

– fixed a bug causing Zeus to deal no damage in certain occasions

– fixed a bug causing rockets to explode before reaching fast-moving opponents (Cossack, Rogatka and others) without dealing damage

– fixed collision issues on all maps: now you should get stuck much less often

– fixed a bug causing Ancile animation to trigger when shield gets in contact with friendly fire

– various performance improvements


New skins

Major Jesse
Lieutenant Doc
General Butch
Sandstorm Stalker
Guerilla Rhino

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  • SReader

    Really like the rhino new skin, bought it right away

  • Sean Wagner

    So you made it impossible to outrun 300m rockets? Bug? I thought that was a game mechanism… So runners, hit and run, jumping, beacon capping has all just changed. I’ve spent a lot of time perfecting close combat tactics (~100m) with an orkan rog… Thanks -_-

  • Adriano Mastoy

    If they made that, i think it’s better because it’s more realistic.

  • Ravi Krish

    Zeaus lock is more pathetic now. The target lock gets changed during the charge in midway. No none of the targets are now have no damage dealing. Pathetic update. Please fix it.

  • Spaceman Spliff

    Gotta admit, I kinda agree, I had the “run directly away from rockets” tactic down real pro, now it’s flopped so I feel like my lights are going to be even more useless. Hopefully not too useless, to where I just decide heavies with max damage and shielding are the only option. I already completely gave up on long range. Yeah you can get some kills if you max upgrade and understand tactics. But just not enough to support the constant upgrades. 🙁

  • Joseph

    Soooo, when exactly are you guys gonna sit down and handle controller support?

    It shouldn’t be too hard to map.

  • Timothy Goshorn

    *golf clap* well done on suckering people out on their money. On things that will trick stupid rich people to spend and sleghe hammer their way up the ranks as your company sits back and enjoy the money rain.

  • R_W_S

    Totally agree… seemed like a function of the rocket aiming system. The range to target was programmed to the rocket the moment it left the firing cylinder. If the target range changed since then, how does the unguided rocket know this? Don’t try to say it flies until it hits something or corner splash damage wouldn’t be a thing, and 300 m orkans would fly up to 500, 600, 700 m before exploding depending on terrain from firing to impact. Small, nimble bots have much less use now. Their ability to evade fire, one of the tradeoffs of light underpowered bots was just partially taken away.

  • Sean Wagner

    It’s a timed fused weapon, it detonates at a set distance allowing you to hit enemies around corners. So it was pretty realistic already. You are right in that a good targeting system will compensate for vector, but no rockets in game have shown any indication of that or jumps would be a futile attempt to escape.
    “Realistic” is not really a good metric for quality gameplay anyway.

  • Lairs davis

    Keep up the good work..changing it up keeps it fun..not sure why all you folks you’re still going to play regardless

  • Lairs davis

    Sit down and go play with your teddy bear

  • Lairs davis

    Glad y9u said that..I thought it was possible to use that with a tablet or

  • John Ramos

    Can you please add a weapon grouping option so we can select different combinations? Instead of continuously spending my Trebuchet charge or mid to close range rockets while I firing long range beams or guns.

  • Sean Wagner

    Because it reduces the skill required to use 300m rockets and makes moot skills needed to survive them. I play both sides of that coin. And I’ve honestly left alot of games because they made changes that reduce the affect of skill. Otherwise it comes down to who fires first which is boring cause I’m too fast lol 😉

  • Lianxin He

    is there any officials who can explain the second bug in details? this totally impacts my hangar!
    “fixed a bug causing rockets to explode before reaching fast-moving opponents (Cossack, Rogatka and others) without dealing damage”

  • Remblie Kain

    look to the out side of your weapon wheel they have that already you can tap a weapon then a second one and hold to only fire both. Just stop hitting the one in the center. I’ll make a new video about it when I get off of work and post it to my amino for you.

  • Mafia

    NO .. but if that what you want then how about change the flying rockets too ?? they are 350m or 600 and ppl keep hide behind walls or something to hit and you CANT do any thing about it … at least 500m rockets works in open field and you can shot opponent by trid or zeus or any thing

  • Remblie Kain

    used to be that rocket say 600 range hydra chasing a gepard would only travel 300 and explode in the air like fire works.

    now they finish their 600 path and explode where they are supposed to even if it is on the ground or the side of a building some where behind the fast moving Bot.

    it was a recent glich not an old one so your rocket runners can still run from rockets that has not changed.

  • Remblie Kain

    you miss understand they only got rid of the mid flight fire work explosions that started after the last update you can still run from rockets like before and not get hit.

  • Sean Wagner

    Oh thank you so much for clarifying that lol. The names of things in game can be pretty confusing. Technically rockets are dumb weapons that fly in a straight path. Missiles are seeking/tracking

  • Remblie Kain

    you can still run from rockets they only got rid of the mid flight explosion before it reached its “prelaunch” target glitch that recently popped up after last update.

  • Sean Wagner

    Thnx =) misunderstood because they call missiles rockets in game

  • NemesisMB

    Not really, the Galahad should be able to outrun the Orkans like before. But lately if you noticed, eve a Griffin walking backwards at 250m didn’t get damage registered. Orkans trajectory is all messed up since like an update some four months ago I think. It is a bug that is fixed not the behaviour of the weapon. The wordings in their explanation is just an excuse.

  • NemesisMB

    Are you using the Lock on target or letting it select automatically?

  • Timothy Goshorn

    Gave my teddy bear to my wife. And, I just love watching suckers spend money on a app and nothing to show for it after. Who is the the real winner here? They are.

  • Zachary Fitzgerald

    What can be done for people commenting kamikaze and the other person losses the kill…it is happing to often!

  • renega

    iOS update within a yer, right?

  • Bob Bobson

    In a few words; rockets have unbalanced the game and completely taken the fun out of it. Screw you guys.

  • Jeff Mori

    I am lovin this game but am a poor soul… just some food for thought,silver is worthless… and all other means of getting good stuff is so pain stakiing and just plain no fun. This game is ftp but also ptw…….plz devs and corporate big wigs be more fair to us low scale wage ppl and put better stuff in silver category, as it stands rigblht now I will never own a Lancelot or a 5th slot, but I’ll keep playing cuz the game is #1….

  • Array

    Excatly. Pixonic is a their. I max weapons, or try to At least, then they change them. What kind of scam is that? It’s bs. Pixonic needs to reimburse us in silver and gold when they change weapons and bots, otherwise it’s just called theft. How many times are they gonna change weapons? So we sit here and try max a weapon that does goo, then Pixonic comes along and makes it useless just like they have made all light bots useless. Now we have this b.s. influence scam so the new badass robots will be dominating the old badass robots. I will never spend a dime on any game from these thieves!

  • Mike Petrusky

    True, True, True…bright shiny toys for suckers to Russian dealers ploys..

  • GameGeek

    Im just waiting for more robots that can be bought with the silver currency. Becuz now, the battlefield is full of griffins with tulumbass and leos with thunders.

  • Ben Howard

    It seems that the shields on Gareth and Galahad are now useless as ballistic and energy weapons seem to blow through them like they are only paper.

  • Damiens Faustin

    ? Im a free to play player and i agreed the matchmaking are stupid but even so i have more damage with 4 robots overall with 200 win than people who spend gold, have 5 robot and 1000+ win. Gold can buy you weapons but not skills. Some match i get destroy early but most match i am eveb or is even better than all the players. Im 99% in the 3 top player with 0 money spend. Just be smart and this game is easy. But if you sre bad at this game then even 100000$ spend on this game wont help you. Just stop playing.

  • Josh Gant

    I love how how people playing a free game cry about wasting money, this is by far the best game that’s free. The amount charged to buy stuff is rediculous,.

  • Josh Gant

    Don’t hate a player, hate the game

  • Josh Gant

    I think you should be able to change any weapon you’ve bought to any bot, no just the one bot you bought it for

  • Darcy Anatole De Joux

    yeah i m a newish player and have tons of silver lol about Griffins and Leos

  • Ih8rtards

    You guys are pathetic! Whine and cry over an amazing game that’s free and to make it worse it is a game that you can be competitive at and not spend money… wtf? With all the entitled cry babies and free loaders it’s no wonder the world is going to crap. Love the game and have spent $23 dollars on it as everyone should to support the developer. You people make it out to be another Game of War or King of Avalon type pay to play and win,this game is not that.

  • Bagofsoup

    Thanks for the updates and notes. Also, thanks for your hard work, Pixonic guys and girls. I have my frustrations with the game here and there, like anyone else, but I appreciate what you all do.

  • Scott Bne

    Try the Nimbus controller. Works with all iOS devices. Using a lightning to hdmi adapter I connected my pad to my tv and using the controller makes WR even better. Nimbus is available at most common stores like Walmart, Target, Apple, and online for $49.99.

  • bluecheesedressing

    Update killed my goldminer

  • Carlos Reyes B

    true story bro =)

  • Thomas Simmons

    Inside the cockpit……true first person…..i think we all agree, right, right. This alone will make itmone of the bst. I have been inyto battle tech since the first book “Decision at Thunder Rift”. Pweeeez?

  • Jose Roche

    Agreed only reason why most complain it’s because they don’t like adapting

  • GameCasters

    Hi, I use tasker to automate games. You should try it.

  • Geoff Lewis

    Hello, first post.
    1 I think that the (reloads while firing) mechanic has made rockets more stable in a head to head fight. Rather than firing on a Stalker, just as it cloaks, and expending all rockets in the salvo. One can refrain from continous fire. This update has been a game changer.

    2 i think the gecko should not have gotten a damge boost. Rather it should deal less damage, but have a constant DPS rating. Something to give a light robot, for example, more suppressive capibilty. Who wants to stand exposed, waiting for a reload, while constantly taking damage.
    – Sp3ctr3127

  • Lairs davis

    That sounds like a personal issue bub..good luck with that

  • Lairs davis

    Well it’s a simple system put out a product people respond..say what you want but they have to make money. I’m a right?

  • freezingfire born

    so when is the new bots coming? and what do we need to buy them? (please not gold)

  • Joe Hollis

    4 bots with 1200 wins and can’t get in a clan.

  • bluecheesedressing

    I had the premium bot from pixonic mining gold. He dead now.

  • bluecheesedressing

    Not that much red in the game.

  • Noli Cris Ibarra

    Still you haven’t fixed bugs regarding direction controller issues as well as misfiring on fire button. When sre you guys going to fix these? I could not enjoy the game more because of these, might as well uninstall in the next couple of weeks if this is not corrected.

  • Mohammad Bou-Adolf Nasrallah

    If you unequip it from the bot you bought it for you can use it on another on

  • Scott Spangler

    This game is such bullshit. Every change you money grubbing people make is to force people to spend more money to keep up, or lose, lose, lose. Ive been complaining about the same problems for months and instead of fixing the ridiculous targeting system or the fact my weapons fire by themselves, you nerf all the things ive been working hard to improve. The fact that tge tulumbas has more firepower than the 3 heavy weapons on top of my fury, ridiculous. Or the fact that the stalker steath mode doesnt work, i constantly get hit after engaging it. You’re destroying this game and making it un-fun to play. I dont buy you are watching anything closely except your damn bank account. Fed up

  • Josh Gant

    Hallelujah preach it father

  • Josh Gant

    I’m with you bro, ppl don’t wanna play the game that’s free and earn something, that’s what makes it fun, somebody put a titty in all these cry babies mouths

  • Blue Gray

    Update on iOS?

  • Agent Afterburn

    i will tell you this much no one is actually going to bother getting the wild bunch bots because 1. How many friends do you expect us to have 2. The only worth it bots are doc and butch 3. The addition of those bots don’t really make any difference in gameplay because jesse is like a Gi patton but faster doc is like a fujin but with one gun more and no shield and butch is like a fury with one more gun. my point is made and nothing more. please do reply if you have objections or correction

  • Agent Afterburn

    One thing more from me is a request i would like it if you guys from the dev team animated the bots like the turbines on natasha spinning when you move and flames coming out of the jets on the back of griffins and rogatkas when they jump and the exhausts on the stalker lighting up or getting brighter when it starts to move, and some sound effects when the bots are moving like the bots arent moving without any fuel or powersource so a sound for when the bots are standing by would be appreciated

  • Douglas Howser

    I totally agree, what the hell they thinking? Tired of playing hard to earn,and it’s just wasted.

  • Douglas Howser

    Picnic needs to correct things before it’s way Otta control. Just started 2 weeks ago, spent a small amount of money, but I don’t think I’ll spend another dime with these goomba’s . Seeing and feeling like someone at the top doesn’t know what their doing.

  • Lairs davis

    Lol good one and true

  • mel

    the upgraded is so expensive ..

  • chris russell

    Clans want 5 bots or no join

  • Joe Hollis

    Hi all
    Does any one know if WR can be played on a chromebook?

  • Christian Linton

    It would be nice if the punisher got another buff because even with the higher rate of fire it still doesn’t do much damage. I tried 3 punisher mark 2’s on the Fujin and it didn’t really work out to well.


    Yes the prices are ridiculous but well worth it I broke down and bought a Galahad, and I’m so happy I did. Spent $25.00, and I couldn’t have made a better choice I am truly B3A5TM0D3 now lmao


    I’m guna be playing nonstop starting July 4th just to get my 2 Tempest cannons!


    Most clans who want 5 slot members are top clans but not all want or require 5 slots

  • Joseph Robles Buenaflor

    Why is it that my bot stops moving and when it shoots while walking, my bots either stop walking or stop shooting, or both? Sometimes i cant follow my target while im firing! Thanks

  • celtacs2017

    thats true bro me . . . be smart and be patience

  • cfrb

    When will zeus trebuchet and ancile be nerfed. They r too powerful. Also all bullet weapons long or short needs a buff to be viable.

  • soroosh mj

    Best game

  • Craig Hoague

    I disagree completely, are you saying that even if I had a hangar with 5 Lancelots with ancile shields and talumbas that I would still need skill? That bologna, the game is unbalanced it’s simple as that… If it isn’t unbalanced then why are rockets more prevalant than any other weapon by a lot?

  • Javi Uchiha

    Hmmm.the lancelot is missing something.It just doesnt work with ancile shield….nor the thunder.Maybe it needs another weapon slot.i mean the leo has 3 slots plus a thunder so there should be no worry putting another weapon slot on the lancelot .

  • Damiens Faustin

    You are a noob then. I never once see tha game unbalanced. And im in gold when i have only lvl 6 bots and 7,8 weapons. And i always vs diamond+ with lvl 10 + bots and weapons. But still more than 50% of the time i outdamage them. So yes you need skills. And some luck perhaps. But i have 56% win rate sooo. If you are losing dont just blame lvls, blame yourself.

  • Damiens Faustin

    But if you still think it unbalanced, this game is not made for you just deinstall and stop crying. Go play an easier game. Simple as that.

  • David Birdsall

    When are you going to stop awarding damage? I spend a week fighting to climb 100-200 points, and when I get there, I lose it all in 5-10 games because you rare damage over capturing beacons to win the game. Im tired of this Fraud.