Making of Kumiho, Haechi and Bulgasari. Part 1: Art and Origins

Introducing: Kumiho, Haechi and Bulgasari. Arriving to the game before the end of this summer.

Oftentimes coming up with a new robot design requires many hours of preparation, going through references and building a relatively solid scientific base. In case of Kumiho, Haechi and Bulgasari we went through this period much quicker, because our incredible artists wanted to do something like this for a long time already. And when folks from the game design department approached them with new concepts, they immediately knew what to do.



What inspired us

Kumiho, Haechi and Bulgasari are nothing like machines we made before — and, thematically, that’s kind of their point. Most of our previous robot designs were tied to real life military tech. This time we took most of the inspiration from myths and legends.

Kumiho, Haechi and Bulgasari are all named after legendary beasts from Korean culture. These characters are not exclusive to Korean tradition though: their analogs surfaced in the folklore of many cultures, both Eastern and Western.  Let’s take an image of Kumiho for example: even if we look into Russian folk tales, there’s an ubiquitous red fox that tricked many, including a bread boy named Kolobok, into their demise. By the way, the story of latter is basically “The Gingerbread Man” from English and many other folklore traditions.

“So, the Gingerbread Man climbed onto the fox’s nose. Immediately, the fox tossed him up into the air, opened his mouth and gobbled up the Gingerbread Man”.

This illuminative tale shows exactly what Kumihos are going to do with Lancelots, if said Lancelots aren’t smart enough.


Making robots out of monsters?

Picking right references wasn’t even half of the deal of course. The tricky part is always to adapt these legendary influences into real robot designs. Many people here in War Robots team are fond of anime and videogames like Zone of the Enders — it helped immensely.

The balance, however, had to be preserved. Even though we removed some of the boundaries we set for ourselves before, sliding into full-on super mecha was something we had to avoid. Robots tossing Galaxies and robots riding robot horses are amazing and all, but they aren’t necessarily a good fit for War Robots universe. Even looking lavish and extravagant, new robots still have to make sense in this world.

In this regard Kumiho, Haechi and Bulgasari are a lot like Raijin and Fujin. They have origins that are completely new to War Robots world, maybe even alien to anything these battlegrounds saw before. But they still have to feel like same laws of physics apply to them. That’s the only strict point we’ve been following designing them. “Go crazy” — yeah. But not too crazy.




kumiho e44

Original Kumiho is a nine-tailed fox. She can transform into a beautiful woman to seduce men and eat their hearts. Sometimes she eats liver — there are different versions of the story. In Chinese tradition you can find her as jiuweihu. In Japan there’s kitsune. (Ninjas and seals are not necessarily involved)

As a robot Kumiho has to rely on its wit and quickness: it can flank anyone in a matter of seconds with a few short quick dashes. Having this in mind, we drew it lanky, yet efficient so nothing can obstruct the movement. Evangelion definitely was an inspiration here — when EVAs move on the screen, they might look really unsettling. We wanted to capture some part of this feel.




Haechi looks like a lion with a horn on top of its head. He’s a symbol of law and justice, the all-knowing beast able to recognize who’s innocent and who’s guilty from a single sight. Wrongdoers are rammed to death — which is okay, because Haechi always knows better.

This one is obviously supposed to be tougher. Haechi’s core gameplay is very similar to Kumiho’s, but it has significantly better protection due to a built-in energy shield, while bearing one additional medium weapon. Haechi feels much more like our classic robots, but it’s still supposed to be it’s very own thing. And be assured, it is.



bulgasari CON778

The body of a bear, trunk of an elephant, legs of a tiger. Add to this fur made of needles and you’ll get an unkillable beast that eats iron, turns into a flaming ball if you try to set it on fire and, well, doesn’t care about anything. Bulgasari.

Oh, and it can also destroy nightmares and cure smallpox, which is pretty handy if you ask us.

Bulgasari is the heaviest out of three, even though it is still considered a medium robot by our legacy classification. With a shield on the side its dash drive cannot be used as sparingly — it’s mostly a one-way engagement/disengagement tool in this case. And without extra mobility Bulgasari has to be able to stay on its own. We represented it by adding more bulkiness to the silhouette.

Next Thursday we’ll return to Kumiho, Haechi and Bulgasari to talk about their gameplay. Don’t forget to come back!

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  • Andrew Fresh

    It was interesting to read. Thanks!

  • Bogdan Ionut

    I thing one robot is 10000 gold 😂😂😂😂

  • Dhruv

    All this is fine but will these be affordable? Or should i stop caring about them, like I did for wild bunch?

  • Rishabh

    One robot 5000 gold

  • Joseph Romero

    What I really like to know is of the robots are gonna cost the sabe as an xbox one video game..which btw has no further purchases once you buy it.


    Guys. MY OCD IS ACTING UP!!!

  • Justin Plasschaert

    I am a fan of Kumiho. Story and robot.

  • Bubba Love Sponge WR

    If these robots cost 14,000 gold like the Wildbunch then everybody’s going to be very angry. You don’t want your players angry. They pay your salaries.

  • ramon enriquez

    I take kumiho

  • SK

    Why not make a million golds bot which can be limited edition?

  • Scott Phillips

    Make them all super expensive and no matter how cool no one will enjoy them.

  • Rorie

    If its with these new facebook add credits how can i get them if im not on facebook?

  • Kyle Hirschensohn

    These bots will no doubt be crazy expensive like everything else war of robots is really starting to piss me off about every little thing. The recent upgrade has totally screwed me as well and I’ve sent message after message and nobody seems to give a crap so I stop spending any money on this game they can make him free I don’t want any of these Bots it’s just not worth the trouble.

  • Russell K

    Lol wildbunch were a FAIL. Cost a bomb, fragile as hell and their “special ability” had longer cooldown than the weapons.
    Traded my doc for a zeus upgrade, best deal ever.
    Hope these new bots are better balanced within the game.

  • John Amanda

    I like the concept behind each robot. It’s good that the development team is not afraid to experiment. In this case the design is a success.

  • Robert Lutter

    It doesn’t matter how cool or how great these new robots are because I’m sure they will so outrageously expensive that no one will ever buy one. This game is becoming a money making scam.

  • Russell K

    Hope these bots are balanced. I look to having a tactical advantage ONLY if i use the abilities well. Most comments are on cost so its safe to say buyers are already wary of 1) being conned with “wildbunch” performance, or 2) having their already expensive bots become redundant. Rockets at 500m on Shenzen will look like the shooting gallery at the show as we zip left, zip right…

  • Nightcore C

    make more way to gain IP instead of facebook and put this 3 for IP ,no faking 14000 G pls
    and Improving the Matchmaking

  • Arthur Musayelyan

    With full 12levels upgrade?

  • Audie Sanks

    The more money I spend on war robots, the more apparent it is that the smart/competitive players are the ones who leveled up free/silver robots and weapons. And they probably don’t even realize that the collection of wildbunch bots I so proudly display gently place me mid pack.

  • Joseph Foster

    I have to agree. I know it is expensive to develope and maintain the product, but this is not a physical property. The balance between selling for volume and margin are as skewed as the American distribution of wealth and this from a country who’s own economic philosophy is based on communism. Russian hypocrisy.

  • Bruce Smith

    I find this game very cheap compared to others.

  • Sword DBZ

    Thank you pixonic for keeping us informed. I can’t wait to play these bots on the live server. They are really fun to use!

  • Jonathan Price

    I bought all the wild bunch for 200 usd ill buy these all the same and you all can watch me play … and i wont b fussing like a bunch of little kids losing my lunch money . U know the game is expensive so stop playing if u cant afford it


    WR should let me trade my DOC i spent 7000 gold for (got burned) for one of those new bots.

  • Nein Gluck

    Care to suggest how much it should be?keep in mind that the production of these machines took a lot of time,skills and so on…you talk like making robots,programming these robot so they won’t glitch is easy…why don’t you make a game similar to war robots with other proffessionals and make everything cheap…let’s see if you will be able to pay all your employees and the bills of your company with the cheap money you earned from 3 robots that took a lot of time and stuff..


    Jonathan price gets touched by his uncle

  • Nein Gluck

    How much have you spend this game?any proof?

  • Jonathan Price

    Finaly someone who gets it

  • Nein Gluck

    If you can’t buy them then don’’s as simple as that…those who can afford them can buy and enjoy them…you jealous people with proper jobs can buy limited edition in gamr robots?

  • Justin Finnegan

    More accessibility=More people
    More people=Better gameplay
    Better gameplay = More paying players
    Expensive shop items + Expensive upgrades(Au vs time, Ag vs Ag generation) for full hangars consisting of 20-25 items that all have to be upgraded consecutively.

    The prices were justified with previous versions of WR because earning in-game Au was relatively easy (200+ Daily), the systems put in play have limited that to about 100Au per day for dedicated players. With the downfall of individual ability to obtain free premium currency at a moderate rate, there is no reason for shop items to be as expensive as they are.

    The 1:1 conversion for Au to IP costs about $150 USD.

    The wealth of Adrian and the other YouTube WR players are not representative of the majority of your player base (not even Adrian has enough Au on his account for the 1:1 Au:IP conversion). So while we respect that appreciate Adrian and what he does for WR, his resources are 3 years of continuous play in the making, through previous and more accessible versions of the game leading up until now.
    If you’re asking years of commitment, or the average Rent of a 1400sq ft apartment, from players just picking up the game, it will not end well.

  • anno

    I think thay should. Cost Gold and workshop points. It should be Harder to get one pluss before u can buy one, there should be an active point to open one 😎✌️ Beside of that, looks cool

  • Justin Finnegan

    Guaranteed if you played the game with people exclusively like you, you’d put the game down.

  • Scott Phillips

    Pretty sure none of us asked for your fedora wearing neckbeard opinion.

  • Jonathan Price

    I do play w people like me and we smash face its awsome check me JustRelax&TakeIt im in merk clan

  • Justin Finnegan

    And the people you “smash face” against are only super dedicated players that drop whatever it costs to get new stuff to lv 12 in a week. Riiigght?

  • Jonathan Price

    I dont know those guys spending habbits but if they made it to champion league then they better b packing heat if not thats there problem not mine … like i said i can afford this game . If they cant go play my little pony or somthing more there speed

  • David Meehan

    Awesome answer

  • Justin Finnegan

    You honestly don’t see the problem with actively discouraging people to quit for good?

  • AmistadPros Seo

    Men I love this game…I dont spend any money and still have fun…War Robots keep up the good work…My favorite game and cant stop playing it. thank you!

  • Josh Draves

    I love this game and the best thing, u don’t HAVE to spend money lots of games like this u MUST spend money to do anything so I am very pleased with this game. GO WAR ROBOTS!!!

  • Neil Cummings

    Love it!

  • GC

    Are you suggesting the other robots didn’t take as much time, skills and so on?

    Look, going with the best Gold:IP exchange rate, the gunslinger bots are as follow:
    – the light one: 70% as expensive as a Lancelot
    – the medium one: 140% the price of a Lancelot
    – the heavy one 280% the price of a Lancelot

    Put another way:

    Jesse: 326% the average gold price of the other light gold robot (1225)
    Doc: 280% the average gold price of the other light gold robot (2500)
    Butch: 280% the average gold price of the other light gold robot (2500)

    Are you saying that the developers spent 3 times more on those than they spent on the “normal” gold bot, so the price is justified? And 50 times more than they spent on silver bots?

    Nah, so, clearly, amount of time spent to develop them has nothing to do with their price.

    About the Korean ones: they have multiple abilities so it stand to reason they will be more expensive than the gunslingers. Let’s say 1.5 times. You think they spent about 4.5 times more on these than they did on the normal gold robots?

    The price as a variable of developing effort theory is clearly silly.

    It is clearly a matter to make it longer for you to grind your way to them for free and therefore raising more cash from impatient players. Which as perfectly ok on their side to do as it makes it perfectly true to say that this is becoming a money making scam.

  • Rex Evester

    Right dude

  • Randall Musgrave

    If you want new content then you support the creator of said content. Also some of the competitive bots are super cheap. Don’t hate on the ppl who do. I personally kick down a few bucks a month for premium.

  • michael schuliga

    Stuid thing about the current influence system: I got a Friend to play wr and we link up and fight occasionally. But because we started a week early I got nothing. Damnabbit.

  • Michael Royle

    Backed with sensible facts. They can make money just don’t take the piss. I mean £41.49 for 1 x Hydra. That’s discounted as well. WTF.

  • Tor Nado

    The dash mk 1 should have an symetric weapon placement and as for dash mk 2 instead of the additional medium weapon it should have a light weapon … the results?
    Perfect balancing if you ask mee
    Also trash the crap about the charges
    That idea really turns me off guys

  • Earl Irvin

    Well they have to make money so they degrade premium paying robots and weapons by upgrading standard robots and weapons. Now if you want to have a stronger robot you have to buy the new.
    Guess those who have unlimited dollars to throw will most likely do it. I think the game still good but have just stopped wasting dollars on something that changes every time they need to drive a few more dollars in. Pretty much destroyed my spending on orkans to build or buy seeing that pinatas and troms are far better being they have distance, want to level it give orkans same range as others. Else a useless weapon unless you can get close and design of fields make that somewhat a challenge. Griffin loaded with pinatas and troms pretty much can rule and take down my Lancelots due to increased fire power and one more slot.
    So last build destroyed premium players who pay. Higher ranks well it’s mostly the same type of builds

  • Nathan Wazalis

    I seriously Pixonic is attacking their player base now. ‘Why don’t you go develop your own game and charge cheap prices for it’s. Hey Cuxonic people are already doing that. I personally an going to try and get refunded the almost 1k$us I have spent on your game.

  • Nathan Wazalis

    And seriously, over 50$ us for a pair of magnums? The problem with pixonic is they have a very bad crack habit.

  • Ari Borai

    I would be agree with you … But the develover must pay the employe Whos create this amazing game … I think its fair enough … That is was i thougth … Peace

  • Abraham Solomon

    You obviously aren’t thinking when you say this. If you had really stopped to think about what you were going to daybreak before you said it you would have realized that these people have been working their butts off to make this game enjoyable for 3 YEARS! They haven’t given up, they haven’t ever made it boring, and keep on adding new bits and weapons all the while keeping a whole different game of WR for the test server every weekend. Coming out with new things every time. I’m not hating on you because I am sure that you are just like me and the rest of us. A big war robots fan. All I am asking is for you to think about what you say before you say it, because pixonic and the WR team can see your comments and it obviously doesn’t help the game or community either.

  • Daniel

    I agree with robert nathan and gc. for nein gluck u should really get help with being lucky.

  • Tim Blacknall

    I like to see a bot design medium carry four thunder weapon or any heavy weapon.

  • Motiwor Rahman

    Well it’s not… I would buy somehing that’s $20 or below in games but no more hands that

  • Daniel

    I agree with robert nathan and gc. for nein gluck u should really get help with being lucky.

  • Daniel

    This game is very ex to play

  • Daniel

    I spend 1 year playing wr and just got a full hanger

  • Robert Kitchen


  • Toufik Chekebkeb

    So you agree with Robert Lutter, it’s a money making game

  • Rodrigo Thorz

    Just one thing about Kumiho… “Kitsune” pretty much means, simply, “fox”. The legendary 9 tailed fox you meant is called “Kyuubi”.

  • Robert Kitchen

    Anime like military equipment…is a joke…..all war mongors want is something that kills/destroys enemies without destroying their countries wealth….(except North Korea…they dont care if new weapons kill everyone.of people with starvation)…..those wings on that bot better be for gluiding through air when jumping or droping from higher elevations……..or it just for show……..or rather .worthless

  • Alpha Infinity

    If these bots are going to be as inaccessible as the wild bunch bots, this will mostly be irrelevant.

  • Atlas Shrugged

    I’d like to see better balance in future designs.

    For example, I have a Raijin and to use its physical shields I have to become imobile.

    But when I face off against a Galahad, Lancelot or Rhino their shield is tougher and they van keep moving with it up.

    Look at what robots never get played due to them being useless versus others.

    The weapons also need balancing such as the long range cannons – they show massive damage potential but your level one light machine gun inflicts more damage on average.

    Finally you need to allow weapon points to accept lighter weapons – if I have a heavy slot I should be able to mount a small or medium weapon in it if I wish.

  • Ahmed Zein

    How did u trade ur doc

  • Jester Infester

    I think Pixonic can afford to adjust their pricing methodology and still be profitable, or has the Capitalist demon cast its spell upon them?
    Mail.Ru Group has released its financial report for 2016 – a separate section is devoted to our company, which earned more than $10.7 mln (in dollar terms) in Q4 2016 alone, compared to $2.1 mln in the same quarter in 2015.

    Pixonic showed annual revenue growth of 500% over the past year, bringing its overall earnings up to $22 mln per annum. For successive years now, our company has shown significant growth in both player count and revenue.

    Financial growth wasn’t our only achievement. War Robots, the company’s main project, passed the 45 million download mark, while its daily active user (DAU) count continually exceeds 1 mln. Notably, the game’s first 10 mln downloads were reached less than a year ago.

    All of this didn’t go unnoticed when Google Play listed War Robots as one of its “Most Exhilarating Games” of 2016 on their platform.

    Pixonic achievements wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for our players and our team, continues to put its best efforts into our existing and new projects, growing by 1.5-fold in the past year.

  • Edd

    Regarding the Price of the bots, on the Test server they were 5000 Gold each. This might be a indication of what they will cost at the end of the day. If you do have the cash to splash. would just like to comment that the little Haechi is worth getting it is probably the most fun I had playing this game in a while.

  • Karl Poff

    The new robots don’t really look all that different or interesting….

  • Hera Araujo

    That’s wrong these people just bought it

  • Hera Araujo

    They should be able to make more money selling more product it is a cyber imaginary product once the platform is designed there’s no cost to selling it to everybody at a lower cost you would be able to make more money by selling more hydras for example at a lower cost

  • WeedMaster 64

    He sold it for silver

  • Karl Poff

    I agree everything costs too much, for an avg person, without a huge amount of disposable income. Even trying to upgrade, 3 days seriously.

  • Hera Araujo

    Just cuz you buy a robot doesn’t mean you can pilot it

  • Hera Araujo

    And some of us can buy it but want to claim victory on our Merit not our wallet

  • WeedMaster 64

    Oh, more overly priced, over hyped, extremely weak robots that the average player who doesnt spend money will certainly​ never get, can’t wait

  • Lying Devil》》》

    Neil if you are a War Robots developer then add one Advertisement (video clip) option and that we players should get the choice to watch it, via which we can earn in game currency. This way you will gain as well as we will gain.

    A fair one…..

  • Lying Devil》》》

    War Robots developers please add one Advertisement (video clip) option and that we players should get the choice to watch it, via which we can earn in game currency. This way you will gain as well as we will gain.

    A fair one…..

  • Robert Chinwuba Emeka

    Very interesting and wonderful development, love that thanks to you guys.
    Oh one more thing please the developers has to introduce a market system for the players where they can sell and buy their upgraded arsenal from each other.
    And also there has to be a platform where the team can communicate with the team members while been engaged in the battle.

  • Az Xaribm Ja Walat

    شي فاخر عل آخر شكرآ لكم على هذة العبة رائع جدا جدا

  • Katlyn Nicole Stanley

    I just got to say to those who always complain about cost and all don’t spend your money that’s fine I’ve spent ten bucks on this game and got me more than enough yes some of it is a bit expensive but if you think about it people spend way more money on call of duty than this game but you don’t here anyone ever complain about that just saying guys grow up spend money don’t it doesn’t matter

  • Katlyn Nicole Stanley

    I got to say that I haven’t enjoyed a game like this in a long time think you to those who have put this together and made this happen

  • Oak Whelie

    This, this is the most important thing for pixonic. The dash bot are quite powerful, especially dash mk2. Im fine if they are priced the same way as britbot, 1250 au for light, 2500 au for medium, 5000 au for heavy.

    Those damned expensive wild west bot are not powerful or accesible enought as purchaseable bot. Might as well keep them as event bot forever. If pixonic really want to make them an option for everyone playing, then at least make them cost as much as the britbot, then buff them to justify their price as au bot

  • Oak Whelie

    You are really smart senpai!!

  • Kevin Scott Meisner

    I’ve lost track of how many times i’ve watched a Carnage completely dominate the other team, the unbalance is ridiculous. So great, new bots, hopefully you’ll fix the unbalance when you release them

  • Jesus Chavez

    I say the perfect price is
    1300au – light
    2250au – medium
    4000au – heavy

  • Oak Whelie

    You forgot 2 more zeroes 😀

  • Oak Whelie

    Then deploy plasma griffin and stay 300+, its easy thanks to the jump ability

  • Kevin Scott Meisner

    Ya, except double thunders or double Zeus destroys me in two hits, makes my Griffin real effective…

  • Kevin Scott Meisner

    Besides which, it’s not just me, whether the Carnage is on my team or theirs, chews thru about 8 bots before it dies

  • Justin Szobota

    If I have to pay as much for just one robot as I do for an entire Xbox One, PS4, or PC game then I want nothing to do with them.

  • Kevin Scott Meisner

    So if you have the money to hangar up 4-5 Carnages, you’ll be pretty much unbeatable

  • Oak Whelie

    Or maybe those wild west bot are fine the way they are, just dont make the same decision to dash bot

  • Dragos Nechifor

    Anyway bro … they fu**-it up. Prices… trophies… Everything!
    The game is now for riches or the best players. Medium players … no chance… Me as well… sorry but used to be fun. No more.

  • Justin Szobota

    It costs almost as cash for a heavy gold robot as it does for the latest console game. And with the wild west bots even more! Don’t you see anything wrong with that??

  • Oak Whelie

    Some F2P pc games sell ingame content at the same price as an entirity of a high end game

  • Bart Justine Bernabe

    Right, only cost would be salaries of the employees. If they make new bots cheaper, maybe 50% or more players will buy it. Add up new players everymonth and they will have a big sales, if they jackup the price too much new players will be intimidated and will shy away from the game because its a P2W game. The developers are only looking for short term sales.

  • Phoenix

    They’ll probably make them outrageously expensive with influence or gold so the mechs will be limited to the hardcore p2w

  • Matt Kinney

    It’s gonna be awesome people

  • William Joyner

    They are beautiful robots indeed. I’m glad you are making over $600,000 USD every quarter. I’m sure I’ve payed your light bill for at least a month since I started playing. At least I think $2,000 USD would cover a month of lights at your HQ. The bulk of your player base isn’t openly vocal. I wonder if they are as frustrated as I am with the game right now. I guess it really doesn’t matter as long as people give you 5* ratings and​ play long enough to give you a few hundred dollars before they uninstall the game… Ever since the buy out the players don’t matter to you. Gotta keep the new overlords happy and in the money. I’m going to keep playing and keep spending money but not because I’m happy. I’ll do it now because I’m frustrated but my clan member rely on me. I hope one day that you will try to make players happy again.. but with a solid play store rating and plenty of people spending money without using their voices I doubt we will be happy again..

  • Nein Gluck

    I don’t see anything wrong with it why?because I don’t even plan on spending real money on this game.. Like I said in a previous comment…if you are rich enough to buy the bots then do it…if not then don’t and stop complaining like you are begging developers to give in to your petulant demands just because you can’t afford something in a can already download and play the game for free..these limited edition bots are for those who are rich and value in game objects that don’t have any use in the real world..if I have 1 problem with the game..that is the players who drops out of the match early or just because 2 of their bots are already destroyed and yet they still have 3 in the hangar but they leave their teammates hanging which really spoils the game.

  • Nein Gluck

    That’s good but do you think that will cure the cancer of this game which is the players who always complains?i bet if they add advertisement these people will be like…oh gawd it has adverstisement,screw Pixonic..
    Tbh you can already gain Gold via daily task or by winning 3rd to 1st place in every and that is already enough..spoiled people are just too hard to please brother

  • Nein Gluck

    I agree but keep in mind that not all players are as good as you..there are still azzes in the game that will bring you down no matter how skillful or how op your bots/weapons are

  • Nein Gluck

    Duhhh…the game was develop so that they could earn money…what?people expected it to be like a game which gives you rainbows and butterflies while the developers eat feces just because no one wants to give them money?

  • Nein Gluck

    Same thought can be applied to you.

  • Scott Watkins

    To be honest, the real world cost of the packages Pixonic offers are exorbitant. Seriously. I’m a 48 year old man and I am surprised at your gold cost in comparison to most other mobile games. Considering the facf that myself or one of my teammates are dropped from squad battles 2 out of 5 battles ( and this number increases as more players join the squad ). Methinks Pixonic should be offering a much more stable connection for squads if they want people to spend hard earned cash. I for one will not until numerous issues are addressed, squad connections being the biggest imho.

  • Angel Avila

    Yes you are rigth

  • Nein Gluck

    ” The price as a variable of developing effort theory is clearly silly.” your opinion… True that the time,skills and resources spent making new contents is not enough to justify how expensive Gunslingers are but given that these bots can equip 4 weapons,faster than most bots in their class,durable than most bots in their is justified..and it will be the same with the following bots that they will add. It is a money making scam game and it’s not that different from most of the games that you can download on iOS and android..

  • Chris Wheeler

    F2P games that are not 100% skill based will always turn out to be P2W. It’s just basic human nature to want to be more powerful than your opponent. If you have the money to be “better” than other players you will buy whatever is offered to be stronger. Most games end up in this “power creep ” scenario where newer stuff outperforms the older, freer stuff. At some point the game becomes nearly unplayable to most newcomers and it drops off the cyber game world map. If Pixonic really cared about skill based play they would rework their match making system. With millions of downloads there are certainly enough players to separate out those who are mostly free to play and those who like to win with their wallets. Many games have matching systems that have limits on certain elements of power. War Robots could easily implement such a system. For example there could be leagues where the maximum level of any bot or weapon is level 8; a reasonable level for free to play players who have spent a few months playing. There could be several of these limited level leagues, starting at say, level 6 and moving up in 1 or 2 level increments. Anyone with higher level bots and weapons could still enter the que for the leagues but their equipment would be lowered to the max of that league. This system would provide a much higher level of skill based play at any time in a players commitment level towards the game, instead of the wallet bashing that most freebie players experience that inevitably sends most freebie players back to the Play Store to find another F2P game. Word to the wise: a disgruntled freebie player who downloads a different game and deletes War Robots is 100% garaunteed to never spend a dime on fancy robots. But happy freebie players who have some place available to be competitive just might spend a buck or two or even twenty or thirty dollars if they know they won’t get slaughtered by the $2,000 “better” player. The unlimited league will still be just as populated by the deep wallet players and Pixonic employees can still make a living but the extra cash you could make from the millions of shallow wallet players just might send your kids to a much better college.

  • Neil “Iron Fiend” Addison

    Try being an end gamer in, dare I say it as its by a rival company, Vega Conflict. Read their forums. At least pixonic are being honest and not trying to force you to coin with event, after event, after event. Yes, I think their coin-real money ratio is steep but if they change it, coiners will moan.

  • rockhead911

    It’s a game….spending actual money for the newest, greatest bot, weapon or fast upgrade is ridiculous.
    Many of us do it the right way…play a lot, EARN your gold, WSP and silver. Gain experience, tactical skills and wisdom.
    Just like bad golfers….you can’t “buy” a game…you have to earn it.
    Seeing TT 5-bot hangars being run by players with 1200 wins….I see fools with far too much disposable income and foolish priorities in life.

  • Richard Sears

    What crap is this. The hard points are way too powerful in my opinion. With the recent update to the missile launchers. Everyone is running them. I hardly see people running around with other weapons. When i do, i think of them as connon fodder. The game is too missile heavy. …and i agree on how this game is trying to suck every last penny out you. It’s quite ridicules. I understand they are trying to make money. But, with all the fans they have spending their brains out. They are billionaires by now. If they actually did the research on the economic trends in different areas of the world. Their prices would be better. I’ve spent 300 dollars on this game. No game is worth that much. After that much money, everything should be unlock. Is it a money scam? Yes it is. They are praying on the consumer to be so stupid and addictive enough to spend everything they have. Hell, the paint jobs alone send that message. …Don’t get me wrong. I do love the game. But, it’s not worth my wallet.

  • Richard Sears

    Oh, and one more thing. These new robots with insane firepower are a quick money grab in my opinion. It’s a no brainer to buy these. With that much firepower and speed, everybody will be opening their wallets saying take my money please. Case and point.

  • Katlyn Nicole Stanley

    I got to say that you should be able to earn gold in any match don’t have to be a lot but just some that’s the only change I would like I think that would make those that can’t afford the gold off of there income Ali’s more happier like I said it don’t have to be much but some like fifteen gold for every match would be enough and that would give them more of a reason to keep playing

  • Jonathan Price

    Hydras!!! Thats like saying noracoms r great … they r the worst two weapons in the game y u concerned w them

  • fred flintston

    Why should anyone have to GIVE you the fruits of their labor for FREE? If you don’t like it make your own game and give it to everyone for free. These developers don’t work for you. Maybe you should start a welfare gaming system you can have what you didn’t work for.

  • Jonathan Price

    Preach it brotha

  • Jonathan Price

    No u pay to play like the rest of us keep that bs advretisement in the game u create and c how many of u come watch that trash u advertise

  • Bryant Mortis

    To settle the dispute, every game needs funding. Yes its a free game everyone can play without spending a single penny, However you’ll always have ur more dedicated players who help fund the game by purchasing/ donating for items in game. And yes this will always offset the balance of the game to some degree yet i feel Pixonic is doing a wonderful job at keeping it balanced. For example ive spent 100$ and have found a way to obtain every “gold” robot and weapon x20, without hacking or glitching.. Educate yourself by finding a skilled player to mentor you. We’re out there. And yes 100$ is alot, i agree but the time spent is well worth a small investment. Keep up the good work Devs and your team. The ones who know the work that goes into it is much appreciated.

  • Jonathan Price

    Yes every body gotta eat and feed there family let pixonerds do the same

  • William Joyner

    I agree that the beggers need to quiet themselves. People who have paid considerable amounts​ of money only to have the product changed after purchase (matching, buffs, debuffs, etc.) have a right to be fairly upset right about now.

  • Bryant Mortis

    You say that, yet i didnt pay full or discounted price for any of my bots and i have 56 “Gold” bots in my inventory that costed me only 50$, 20 of each “gold” weapon for another 50$ that ive obtained legitly. Should of invested in the “Anniversary. Lotto” i invested 14k gold got 60+ bots, an arsenal of weapons and then a profit of 45k Gold…

  • Dylan Hinman

    Scam? So do you expect it to be a charity? It’s a business and people like you that expect everything for free are what make many games shut their doors. Anyways you are 100% wrong that no one will buy them. Case in point? A 2500 AU paint job for the fury that many have bought lol

  • William Joyner

    Exactly. They put. Ads in and I’m done.

  • Dylan Hinman

    Theres also balance to think about. We all know how widely used Lancelots are (more so on IOS). Can you imagine how many lances would be on the feild if they cost 500AU? No thanks. The price point on that thing keeps them from being the only bot used.

  • William Joyner

    Lol yup! I have paint on everything I run and then some. I will have the new mechs if I want them. 🙂

  • Jonathan Price

    Only thing i would like changed is go back to the old mm wher if i want i can play 5 light bots agianst other light bots or same w medium and heavy combos the way it is now i cant put 5 light bots in a match in champion league wont get any silver or a win

  • Chris Creekmore

    I personally think such a giant cost decrease would suck much of the appeal out of the game; making goals achievable is a necessity for any game hoping to attract and especially retain a players, but making them so easily achievable that everyone gets everything they want is a perfect way to kill that appeal. A cost decrease isn’t inherently a mistake, but such a big one would mean a lack of pride or satisfaction for players who finally win enough & save up their winnings to get the top tier equipment. When was the last time any of us played a game in which we completed every quest, acquired every desired item, maxed out every stat/skill/upgrade/whatnot and then KEPT enjoying the game consistently despite having nothing else to work toward? Once a game is out of things to be achieved/acquired, it becomes as stale as an hour of post-IDKFA Duke Nukem 3D. The point of all this is to say you’re on the right track about intimidating players away by overcharging for in-game currency/items, but there’s a balance to be struck between that overpricing danger of intimidation and the underpricing danger of disinterest. Pixonic hasn’t yet struck that balance as well as they should, but they’ve undeniably put their efforts behind attempting to do so for the purpose of long-term player retention. Their every move paints a clear picture of the company chasing that long-term goal of keeping players returning for regular purchases as a far higher priority than the limited revenue offered by only short-term sales.

    Also, employee salary is certainly not the only cost, regardless of whether a game is still in development or is complete and in widespread use like this one. It’s barely ever even the highest ongoing cost.. There are plenty of other things requiring ongoing revenue after release: licensing/legal, marketing, and server upkeep, just to name a few that almost always drain more income than salaries.

  • Katy W

    I don’t mind that they charge for new content (it is a business after all).

    However, the prices they charge are ludicrous.

  • William Joyner

    Yes, yes, yes exactly!! Please put matching based on what I’m running! I like to change and do different things often. I haven’t been able to do this with new system and it’s very discouraging. I even built a system for determining overall “hangar weight” that is fair and balanced across the board. Using the stats from the official WR page I built a spreadsheet for dps/ dpm for every weapon at every level. I also charted each robot with Hp, speed, and special abilities all calculated​. It’s ready to roll out now. No clubbing, no tanking. Just fair play.

  • Chris Creekmore

    No argument on the winner for worst weapon, of course, but Hydras ought not be lumped in with those low damage lawn darts. After getting a Doc from a box last event, I’ve discovered that Hydras actually CAN be surprisingly effective, albeit within only a VERY limited range of configurations.

  • Skilletlicker

    Why are we talking about the company and how/if they are making money. Who cares. Either cough up the set price or get off your….. couch and make some gold by letting me kick your….. tail.

  • Chris Creekmore

    By “money making scam”, you mean “business of almost any kind”, right? Like the sneaky buggers who go around building cars only to then scam the public by not letting ANY ONE have them without getting paid in return? I think there may be some confusion at play regarding the meaning of the word “scam” as well as the underlying principles of capitalism.

  • Chris Creekmore

    Hear hear!

  • Kein ruckzug

    Can’t wait for the new bots…will they be introduced as part of an event?

  • Jonathan Price

    Yea ive got 24 bots w paint and 6 more to paint . Some r even lvl1 in my show room

  • Karl Poff

    Ok cost of bots and weapons aside, why is it if I want to sell a robot all I get is silver, I have several “gold bots” I invested in but don’t use would dump them if I could get half my gold back, let alone the gold I spent to accelerate their growth.

  • Justyn Gengarkun Durnford

    Stop releasing new content to make money and focus on fixing your game first please.

  • GC

    Your point being?
    “therefore raising more cash from impatient players”
    Alright, you are a patient player (and a lucky one at lotteries too). Fine.

    But how does that contradicts anything I said?

  • Furious Grumper

    I had the fish tacos here. Pretty good. And the service was excellent. 5*

  • xXHyperBeastXx

    These robots are gonna cost a ton because of how op they are so save up your gold

  • Paul Trueman

    How about lowering the RIDICULOUS prices of adding extra hanger slots…..

  • Array

    Not true at all. Look at games like modern warfare for example. Or Racing Rivals. They both make more in sales than this game will and die hard followers. The biggest complaint with this game is the constant changing of weapons. It takes 6 months to max out a weapon just for the devs to come slash it or make a differwnt weapon better. The devs are doing it all wrong. Instead of changing exiating weapons add new ones. This will increase sales and make the game more diverse. The devs and forum gardians of this game are censorship commies and will ban me from here next even though all I do is speak the truth. I don’t see them advancing this game fast enough or the right way. If you say something they don’t like, they ban you. Lame people at Pixonic.

  • Array

    And all that said, the people who can’t afford to spend $1000 dollars for bots will quit playing because the few that can will dominate the crappy match maker.

  • Array

    Great idea.

  • Exotic Hedgehog

    on bulgasarI is that a Gundam next to him?

  • Byron Leeth


  • Bardwah Challish

    You’re stupid. Saying that $150 for a butch is a scam does NOT mean I want it for free, moron. It means that $150 is a scam. If a vending machine had sodas for $20 bucks, you’d say that’s a scam. That doesn’t mean you want the soda for free, it means you want it for a fair price. Idiot.

  • Byron Leeth

    I think we can all agree we wouldn’t play if we didn’t like the game but we do. It’s a great game one of the best iPad games I’ve ever played. That being said, We know professionals made the bots spent lots of time programming but the base code is done. Your just adding colors and tweaking now. I have no clue how many people are playing but by the insane amount of quite powerful bots out there we the players know your not struggling at all. All we are asking is don’t be greedy ( like the fuel companies were for so long) price them fairly and even give discounts to the players who gave you so much in return. In the end yes it’s your game and we are just the players but without us there is no money to be had. Focus on fairness and balance. In the end you can make a hell of a lot more if they are priced competitively because more will by them. Not just the rich kids….

  • Bardwah Challish

    If a vending machine had sodas for $20, that would be a scam. It doesn’t mean I want the soda for free, I want it for a fair price. This is literally the same thing… $150 for a single butch… scam. Prove me wrong. Oh wait you can’t.

  • Bardwah Challish

    Uhhh, call of duty costs $60 for the whole game. It cost $150 for just a single butch in this game. How are they spending more lol? And you didn’t get anything with that $10, congrats you bought one orkan, big whoop. That’s nothing.

  • Benjamin Casiano Hernandez

    I hop their bought with SILVER

  • Justin Szobota

    Don’t presume my thoughts. I never “begged” them for anything or made any “petulant demands”. In fact I stated elsewhere on this page that if i have to pay a ridiculous amount for these new bots that I wanted nothing to do with them.
    What they’re doing is just such a blatant rip-off that its insulting. It’s so obvious that they’re trying to take advantage of thier base and its appalling to watch them do it.

    Btw, being able to download this game for free means nothing. In case you somehow didn’t know there are already tens of thousands of games that also do that and get more than enough revenue just through ads…

  • Steven Williams

    To make a profit a game only needs to sell at a higher price than it cost to make…
    It is true as with all games these days in playstore etc…develepers have taken advantage of the ever growing market of addiction force micro transaction spending. It is scientific in its nature to deliberately include features and mechanics designed to induce habbit spending and aims at the vulnerable gullible game addicts.
    it does not cost as much as what you all keep suggesting to make an app….
    I know because I have published 3 apps myself on playstore!
    Develepers are raking in fortunes on these tools of microtransactions “I call them tools because it is really a tool to entice the impatient or gullible game addict into purchasing. Rather than a game designed with “FUN” at the forefront of priority…Instead “FUN” is replaced by “Profit” as the driving force in creating apps. Now days…there is very few devs who aim at fun for all….the non buyer is almost always the second rate player.
    This game develepers are “No offence”
    Utterly clueless…
    The best robots in game are silver cost well as weapons…
    Don’t waste fortunes of money on other bots! You can have a fury with 3x zeus costed you a fortune get totally wtf pawned in seconds by a griffin with tumbulus….
    Or a cheaper gareth…
    Now that rockets have been buffed
    and have a
    Reload feature…the game is all TULUBUS WARS!
    Very stupid really and sux for the players who supported tge server with large purchases…pixonix just make the silver weapons so good now everyone has tulumbus and with the large splash damage effect and 500mtr range and reloads….they are highly effective.
    Gareth galahad rhino etc…get owned. Their shields are rendered useless now because often they are encountering the rockets that everyone is using.
    I Think it was a bad move…making Tulumbus so powerful at a silver cost.
    Any noob can use one its even already lvl 5 in store. Griffin and Tulumbus plus pins…all silver already lvl 5 and all OP.
    Makes no sence the best robots and weapons are silver…you should need to earn that power…
    So my point….just use griffin with tulubus upgrade them…you will do well….
    Maks different combos of griffen like .
    Taran magnum griff. Tulumbus pin griff. Orkan pinata griff if you like close range take down power…
    Punisher griff and or molot ghecko etc…
    Don’t need these new bots…
    Its just your desire makes you think you do..
    Btw…having griffs youll win more matches.
    Why? Because most often youll be getting beacons being more mobile and aggressive.
    Using the fujin fury raijin artillery etc…whilst they might cause a nuisance they often are the reason yoir team loses…because you sit there and dont help cap…most battles are won by holding beacons fewer are won by destroying all robots…
    Dont play with tunnel vision either…look around 360° Its disturbing how many dont look around….walk past beacons…all with personal ego vendettas to get some revenge on a bot…hello? The best revenge is to win the match…not lose trying to kill one guy….when you lose he just got even more satisfaction he baited your whole team into following him across the map while they capped the beacons.
    Why the hell you need to go after a gareth running far away when you can see 3 others alreadu chasing him..duh…

  • John Dorobiala

    Just currious but….you do realize from a company stand point pixonic provides no physical product. Their overhead is much much smaller than say a company thats designs and builds and supplies widgets. There is actually very little in the physical logistics and no physical product they provide. No transportation costs no buying material….no delivering a tangible product. So as long as pixonic can continue to keep old players playing and continue to bring in new players with their GAME content….along with useing player test servers….which people like you jump right on for free I might add….the company has a high profit and low operating cost. Pixonic could give robots for free and still make a huge profit!
    A Bussiness owner

  • bluecheesedressing

    It does smack of “‘Pay’ to win.”

  • Jester Infester

    Yeah, well good luck leveling them up and arming them. Personally I think you’re bull s!!tjing.

  • Chipper Giles

    In one week I can get 1,500 gold without spending money it is easy just complete your challenges and get at least five gold per battle.I can get at least 3 beacons per battle and get 5 gold. If you want to get the 5 gold for damage instead or also then I also have something to say about that.I see a lot of players that just wait for a enemy bot’s health to get low and then just take the kill. You need to be the one that lowers the bot’s health. You will see battles where there is someone who gets 8 kills and someone who just two and gets the 5 gold. If I got off topic on this then I am sorry ,but if you say it is hard to get gold then you are wrong.

  • Nighty Inforno (best changelin

    Omfg these bots sound so amazing in it’s new ways that now I just want to throw my money for haechi as much as I love this game rlly everything about the three new bots sounds amazing but the problem is if they were to be added at Least make them buyable instead of event like buying because I can’t even get a doc or Jessie bot of the heavy not as such I can’t stand it so if u all rlly additional adds make them buyable atleast pls but the ideas are amazingly awesome tho

  • Mark Steel

    I agree with Robert Litter as this and the GODDAM INFLUENCE can cost hundreds which is just a huge scam

  • Ben Regney

    I think it would be great if you guys added a melee attack to a few of the bots. Like a huge cattle punch or a hydraulic spike that is able to be used when you’re basically right on top of your enemy. What do some of yins think about that? Good idea of no?

  • Gica Contra

    Hahaha, maybe you are not inform, I know, pass only 27 years and information don’t travel so fast but comunism disappears from Europe region long time ago. Aaa, btw, in Russia you will find some of the richest people from the world, more that in west Europe. So, can I say American ignorance? Better not, it’s just you…I hope.


    Just keep going.. no matter wt you do people wont stop complaining and thanks for bringing the point system back. I wish i could’ve bought butch but honestly it was a bit much but it is worth the time you all put into a game millions play now. Its been nice seen this game grow and i hope for more robots or game modes or just anything that you do best. 👍

  • jparrish001

    I spend $10 on lunch every day… $15 at the car wash… spending $20 on months of enjoyment seems like bagain price entertainment to me… just saying… and that’s coming from a poor class American gamer.

  • David Baker

    I agree, robots used to be my favorite game because you didn’t have to beat rich to be one of the best. Now the games about who has the most money to spend on bots weapons and upgrades.

  • David Baker

    I don’t really think anyone’s complaining about buying bots, it’s the fact that the price goudge is out of control. It’s apparent by how many players in my clan have quit recent months. You need to find a better balance. Like $50 for a hydra! That’s a joke dude!

  • David Baker


  • Gadg.i.c

    Better to put this as gold item robots, 2500 should be fine..
    So not everyone dan get it, only for those pay for gold or use ages earn gold to get..

    If you think you want game free, then want everything good..
    Then you go for permanent job and ask company don need pay salary, see how..

    Wish developer can earn from game and continue provide this good game..

  • Jarred Jay Bautista

    make it cheaper and every one will buy and have fun….i think more profit in earning a little from thousands of pilot than counting on few pilot buying for high price….

  • yassin

    thats not true i did not spend money and i dominate people

  • Victor Castillo

    As long as the bots are affordable I’m sure more players would actually buy. I myself have spent roughly 100 on premium or special events or when I’m desperate to obtain a weapon. In all reality if it was cheaper I’m very positive i would be buying more often. Make the bots a bit with money only that way is a premium bot but not so expensive maybe 15-20 dollars per bot and watch lot of players buy them. In return i see as more funding for the game since you multiply quantity of buyers. If its like 100 per bot im very sure i won’t buy it. You see the point is to sell as much as possible which helps players and game developers. Dont overprice anything keep it nice and steady where players keep wanting to come back and spend an extra dollar everyday… simple business.

  • Michael Schwarz

    Funny, that’s exactly what i am doing because all my bots are food for the lancelot except the trebuchet x3 bot. So after they killed i don’t see the point anymore in making my repair costs higher and still lose. I like the game. Dont get me wrong, but i just can’t compete with more developed accounts except with this one bot. The simple consequence is that i quit after it got shot down to lower the repair costs and still get some silver to upgrade my weapons, which is not cheap IMO. I fully undertsand that a game costs money to develop, but why should i hinder my growth if there’s no drawback? Why should i throw in 3 other bots that sre just cannon fodder for the gold bots, when my team already has no chance of winning? Are the gold paying or more developped players supposed to have more fun to crush me? I say hell motherf♡♡*** NO! I quit before you shoot me down with your lancelot and wish you good luck and q enjoyable game while doing so. Not wasting a single second or funds to make you enjoy your OP arsenal more, when there’s no chance of winning.

  • Tim

    This game has become more and more money hunger. Rather than to fix the crappy game match maker or fix those annoying crashing issue, they are spending time to create more money maker: new bots new weap, they are actually just new outlook with more unfair power as well as ridiculous price. So players have to spend more money in order to win in battle. Real game fans dont want to lose the battle obviously.

  • Ryan Lucia

    I saved up a lot of gold and splurged it on Doc in th sale and then realised their big issue. They are sold as having 4 slots but you aren’t playing a 4-slot robot, only a 2 – you can only fire two weapons and must wait a long time to swap. I appreciate that you can remain engaged in a fight longer but your publicity said that long engagements are difficult to sustain -true- and that’s why you were happy speeding up the machine guns after 2 seconds. This makes Doc essentially a Rogotka without the speed and jump and at 3 times the price! I felt a little ripped off, even now I only use it cause it cost me so much! Other than that, I love the game! And I’m only giving my comment as a form of critical feedback. Cheers

  • Hobie Fisher

    Still turning into a money making scheme,most people aren’t wallet warriors

  • Hobie Fisher

    Ever heard of a pyramid scheme…thats exactly what this is turning into.
    No matter how much all those
    ” Wallet Warriors” shell out there will ALWAYS be someone stronger,was there a request for new bots?
    Or do you want your faithful wallet warriors to spend more….GREED KILLS GAMES

  • Hobie Fisher

    You still cater to your faithful wallet warriors, money talks..happens in politics and gaming

  • Jake Volen

    Agree totally, I have invested little cash, but have just to support the game. I have been patient an EARNED my bots over time. I saved and took advantage of the anniversary event to get one each of the gunslingers, which would have taken me a year to earn over time. I’m happy overall! Most games I find require people to spend tons of money to be even competitive, but this one makes it possible to compete if you are patient and take advantage of certain events while spending a little here and there at certain moments. You can’t please everyone, but I for one feel the developers of this game have done a good job!!

  • Omar Mejia

    Wow the nerve of some people .these guys have made a game that I am rapped up in .it’s the only game I play. And yes I have spent money, got annihilated, annihilated others, and I have 4 slots not 5 .yes this game has it perks and it has it draw backs.
    That said ,I love this game! These guys are doing awesome things with this game and I am excited to see all these updates this summer keep doing y’all thing .I am and will be loyal to the game. Y’all got me 4 Life. Epic !

  • William Joyner

    Say that after playing for two years. You think the game is epic now? You should have seen it before the league system (which was supposed to be something else entirely). We were promised different game modes last year. I’ve paid heavy cash on the backs of these promises and I’ve been let down. It’s disheartening. I’m glad to hear new players are pretty happy though.

  • Chimera

    You can’t really blame them for charging and wanting to make money. Before this game I had never heard of pixonic. Though I wonder why it’s taking their workers so long to fix that glitch that won’t let you do multiple actions at once. If you dont want to pay then don’t pay, if you do then become a wallet warrior. It’s not like you can compare this game to something on the world cyber games. Though I do agree the pricing is getting out of hand. Perhaps if some items were cheaper more people would buy them? Would that not still make profits?

  • Chimera

    If that’s truly the case then the balance of the bots is off. It’s easy to get a Lance and be lazy, I’ve done it lol. Be nice if their was diversity. Not just on more types of weapons but how about having an option for ammo type? Maybe one round does avg damage, another more to energy Shields and less to the robot, and maybe armor peircing doing less damage to the robot and more damage to physical Shields?

  • Parker Goad

    That’s not true these people are doing a great job and if you’re too inpatient to get enough gold and silver ETC without spending much money than your cumpletele blind to other games and your not very bright

  • Quantre Henderson

    Yeah dont putt NO ads i putt too much time an money in this game to be watching sum bs after everything u do!

  • Array

    Okay little boy. Don’t need name calling but I bet your just a little pud walker anyway. When your stuck between gold and diamond come talk then. Geeze some people kids.

  • Anthony Mcgruder

    Lol i got the white paint job.


    How about letting players convert their silver to gold

  • Chimera

    Riot seems to be able to do it with league of legends lol.

  • Firebrand288

    Lmao!! You are correct in so many aspects with your response to thier outrageous rant… and my regards to the diplomatic tone you used as well. Even simple coding can take an enormous amount of time and effort (which equals money spent). The game you have designed is not quite flawless but is a work in continuous process, and I appreciate the tireless effort you appear to be putting into it. Thank you for this amazing diversion and escape you have given to me through War Robots. Two Thumbs Up So Far!

  • Chris Chris

    The best games are user friendly, not wallet friendly. Go back to a WR roots

  • Kei Mah

    It’s not easy to buy robots,gold, and weapons for poor people…😂😂

  • Michael Tippie

    Awesome work on the Moon Map guys. Just something to think about, how about some NEW GUNS or SIDE ARM
    EQUIPMENT for every Robot.


    • A (PULSE GUN) that’s automatic for up close attacks like 300m out and the closer you get the more damage it does.
    • A (Plasma Gun)
    • A (MINI ZUES GUN) for smaller robots to use.
    • A (DRAGONS BREATH GUN) like the bullets that Shoot out Fire but a Gun maybe 250m out.
    • A (GROUND IMPACT GUN) that impacts the ground in the direction the enemy is but has to be in a clear direction with nothing in the way.
    • A (TRACER MACHINE GUN) like the Hrdra Missiles but a gun that can fire at an Angle if close to a corner.
    • A (ARMOR PEIRCING GUN) that’s Long Distance that can penetrate enemy Shields. just make it like the Nashorn Gun.


    • A (GRENADE)
    • A (SHIELD REGINERATING DEVICE) that shoots out to protect allies or yourself for a certain amount of time.
    • A (TOOL KIT) to repair yourself or allies but so many Repairs can be made before it’s destroyed.
    • A (EMP GRENADE) that Stuns Enemy Robots for a couple of seconds.
    • A (FLASH BANG)

  • Byron Leeth

    I think a close quarters combat weapon would be interesting to investigate in. since blunt force objects and sharp objects against any kind of armo is basically useless. Maybe a plasma dagger or lance that could basically pop out from armor pocket in the center of the bot. Lord knows we always end up playing king of the hill with eachother ,climbing up eachother trying to get the high ground.

  • Chris Creekmore

    Sure I can. If a vending machine has sodas for $20, nobody will buy them because it’s far too expensive. That isn’t a scam, it’s just a really crappy offer. A scam, by definition, involves the use of deceit. If, however, that same machine provides sodas for $20 but claims the customer will receive their tasty beverage at a cost of $1.50, then THAT is a scam. The thirsty target puts in $1.50 and receives no bubbly goodness, then the scam has been executed successfully by either having acquired $1.50 in exchange for nothing or – if the nefarious vendor is lucky – by getting the customer to feed the machine more and more money in the hope that this next nickle will be the one to finally reach the required amount because the $20 price point remains unknown to all but the soda-withholding mastermind. By the same token, $150 for a single Butch is an arguably unattractive offer, but there is no deceit involved in the pricing or the product which means the offer does not meet conditions necessary for the application of the term “scam”. QED (Thus it is proved).

    Despite the snarky tone of discourse at play (for which I make no attempt to blame you; I was the one to set the tone with my regrettably blatant sarcasm in the post to which you replied.. Sorry about that. It was uncalled for and served only to undermine the message I was attempting to communicate), I don’t wholly disagree with the idea that Pixonic has practiced deceit – and thereby perpetrated scams – in their business, only that their pricing model itself can be universally described as such. Your use of the Butch pricing as an example is a perfect segue to a prime illustration of an actual scam which was very recently active.. I myself have a Butch (a bot i frequently use for 2-3 games, curse at its relative ineffectiveness, then take out of rotation for a few days before restarting the cycle),but not as a result of seeing the sticker price and accepting the offer with clarity regarding the precise details. Rathee, my uber-expensive robot of unparalleled mediocrity was the end result of an admittedly self-destructive propensity for unwise gambling ventures which I exercised expansively in a recent War Robots anniversary event. It probably cost me considerably more than $150, but I never would have given that amount of cash knowing exactly what I would be getting in return.. Only because of my affinity for overspending on games of chance did I find myself opening “super chest” as “reward” for having opened an unjustifiably enormous number of lesser prize-chests in exchange for gold. The mystery chest offer itself is a grey area as far as scams go; there is an argument to be made for it being one just as reasonably as the argument that it’s not one since no promises of return on investment are explicitly involved. The way the offer, and especially its cumulative super-chest payoff were actually executed, though, infinitely more clear cut: THAT is what a scam is, and there is zero chance of reasonably arguing otherwise in that instance.. An offer of indeterminate cost for undisclosed goods is by its very nature a scam, regardless of the fact that in the case at hand I undeniably knew better than to accept those terms (I knew better only because of the intuitive evidence. If the offer had been presented with honest representation of the odds, it would be a different story entirely). The fact that the terms offered were not advantageous to me as a consumer isn’t what makes it a scam; the misleading graphics used in the rolling of a chest to make it appear like every spin was ALMOST a big winner and the dishonest way the super-chest acquisition progress bar filled quickly at first only to slow at an ever-fluctuating rate as I approached completion, however, DEFINITELY were the kinds of underhanded practices that made the event a scam. None of that contradicts the fact that the regular pricing is in no way a scam (as I’ve said, it is important to distinguish between a crappy deal and a dishonest one), but the tactics used in that anniversary event set a precedent I find troubling. Having presumably made a tidy profit from that limited time use of undeniably deceitful practices (the misleading spin graphics & inconsistent rate of progress toward super-chest acquisition have both been documented & verified widely enough to no longer be considered matters of perspective or opinion), I fear Pixonic will find the slope more slippery than ever before and that makes me worry that we may be facing such scams in the future with ever-increasing likelihood.

    Sorry to have gotten a bit off-track there, but the moral of the story is simple enough..

    TL;DR -1. nya nya, you’re wrong, I totally proved it! & 2. your concern is completely reasonable based on Pixonic’s track record.

  • Chris Creekmore

    I’m not familiar with those games (I know of their existence, but haven’t played them myself so I don’t know their pricing models at all), but I see your point. It isn’t the profit margin I was referring to, but rather the cost to the consumer both in money & time. How much of that cost is profit for the developer is immaterial as far as its impact on consumer loyaly. You’re most definitely right about the treatment of existing equipment being handled poorly. I’ve been very frustrated with that exact problem. Months of time & effort & saving & focus all to improve the best bots & weapons I could, all wasted when suddenly that gear gets outdone by balance changes & new gear releases. It’s infuriating, without a doubt. But after decades of gaming across huge varieties of genres & platforms, I’ve yet to find a game wherein that particular problem has been solved entirely. Pixonic could be doing MUCH better in that regard than they are, but I doubt it’s something they’ll ever manage to totally perfect since I haven’t seen anyone else pull it off (not that I haven’t spent years yelling angrily at Blizzard and the other big companies for falling short, too).

    I haven’t personally encountered any issues with censorship on forums or the like, but I suppose I wouldn’t really know if I did since I have no way of knowing what messages they prevented people from posting or who they banned & why.. but you’ve got me paranoid about it now, especially since the last thing I posted was a lengthy diatribe outlining deceitful practices Pixonic used in their recent anniversary event… I’m gonna make sure to check the brakes on all my bots from here on out to be sure they haven’t been tampered with!

  • Array

    Well said. I feel your frustrations too.

  • Dhruv

    I didnt say that it should be for free. I said affordable. Like one comment below says, $150 for 1 bot is overpriced to put it mildly. Make it affordable, not free.
    Ps i have spent over $500 already on this game,fyi.

  • Jester Infester

    Haechi… built-in shield, three medium weapons, quick on it’s feet, hmmm… where have I seen this before?? Oh! Yes, it’s just like the Fujin only not ungainly awkward, slow and useless! Great idea, gonna piss-off lotsa Fujin owners that paid double the price in inflated WS points. Ugh!

  • Jester Infester

    Just ignore this troll he’s too simple to realize he has no argument. Players are never the cancer, moron, they are the lifeblood of the game. Like it or not Clucky, it’s the end users that decide who succeeds and who fails. Pixonic has become greedy and abusive to its wheel horse and that is when the wheels fall off. Go play with yourself elsewhere.

  • Jester Infester


  • 김규

    Maybe the haechi suppose to be spellt haite

  • Mehmet Taş

    so good

  • Luis Garibay

    I am only concerned that these gold robots are very costly and yet get killed like nothing by a DB Griffin or a Plasma Griffin, if that so then why buy them? you should definitevely make them stronger.

  • Mehmet Taş

    ı need 3d viewer all robots help war robots

  • Joseph Foster

    It’s was a joke and obviously it was lost on people who can’t spell communism even when they are responding to a post that spells it correctly right above. Don’t American ignorance me…. I’ll tool you back to the third world country your from. Your’re an idiot BTW!

  • Dominic Claveau

    I’ve written long posts about the possible negative impact of inflation in the game. Vets are driving prices up because they had the time to stockpile lots of game currency over the time and most of their gear is leveled up. So when Pixonic releases a new bot (or series) once every 6 months, they might need to go for a higher price point or it’d be too easy for old timers to spam the battlefield with the new shiny bots. IP is trying to make you spend more gold on bots both by the pricing of the bots but also the exchange rate.

    On the other end of the spectrum, everything costs a fortune for new comers and right now, nothing prevents me from exploiting matchmaker to tank down my stats and destroy weaker hangars in lower leagues with my maxed out gear. (I’m not doing it, by the way.) So I could afford the new OP bots and go trample newbies. That might convince some of them to shell out the cash, but it might also discourage a good bunch of them from playing further. I know that, for example, the infamous mag geps made the game unenjoyable for my brother.

  • Isaac Mathison

    Amen, brother!

  • Mike Hill

    To the developers I would sugest these bots not be as expensive as the wild bunch as I have 1 of each and the cost is not really worth it. They are better than their counter part bots that are gold but being they are twice as expensive I couldnt see opting to buy a butch over two lancelots or a doc over a lance and a rog. I do enjoy them but perhaps they should only be slightly more expensive and I really hope these 3 new bots are not priced the same way. Another thing to take into acount is the time and effort it takes to upgrade so many weapons, if you lose your bot thats 4 weapons gone at once. (Or 3 with the new bots) so I do hope you take things like that into consideration when you are pricing bots in the future. Love the game and will continue to play and suport it. Thanks in advanced if you guys read this. XR71 OUT

  • Yuri Yamanaka

    New robots are good and all….. but, I kinda wanna see new weapons. There hasn’t been a new weapon in ages.

  • Spaceman Spliff

    The time each robot takes to make means nothing, the fact is they didn’t invest all this time just so you can have every robot. They are trying to make money. Wtf in life DON’T you pay for? Just be happy your broke, lazy self doesn’t HAVE to pay to play, also stop whining and be constructive.

  • Spaceman Spliff

    I dominate just about every match and have not spent any money. My strongest robot/weapon is level 8. I guess you just aren’t that good at the game.

  • Spaceman Spliff

    The time each robot takes to make means nothing, the fact is they didn’t invest all this time just so you can have every robot. They are trying to make money. Wtf in life DON’T you pay for? Just be happy your broke, lazy self doesn’t HAVE to pay to play, also stop whining and be constructive. 🙂

  • 300SpartansNeeded

    Apparently “We The Players” have more power than you might think! My idea of forcing Pixonic to release those bots as WSP or Gold or suffer a 1 star review from MILLIONS of players would literally crush them. We have the power to change them guys, just join me in putting a 1 star until they do.

  • Daimaou

    Robot throwing galaxies, robot riding robot horses…. I see what you did there… XD

  • Ion Munteanu

    Awesome changes, we will waiting for them, i have 5k gold)) for Haechi)) good tehnique witH new points)) i don`t think that i`l have them in near future ( about bots ) HAHAHA, epic ! Support +++ best team, cheers for your gold politics ! TOP

  • SK

    Whenever you make new innovative bots, don’t make the gold bots obsolete as we have seen with the improvement of tulumbas firing and hit scores, the gold purchased Orkan and Taran have become obsolete as the power have greatly reduced and it becomes useless against some bots and shields. I don’t agree that Fury to have extra light weapons on the sides as it already has good domination at long range and difficult to destroy which can cause the gameplay unbalanced and tilted. Now, we have seen in some gameplay, some players have 3 or 4 Lancelots each at lower league levels, and this has tilted the gameplay to be one sided and it is meaningless to continue to play on and the whole battle ends in less than 3-4 minutes, so this has caused the players with 4 or 5 hangers and bots meaningless to continue to play this war robots.

  • Ashish Katariya

    downloaded the latest version yet the garage doesnt show the new robots! Even new weapons are not visible in my garage.

  • Dhruv Patel

    Where are the robots they was not in store….And weapons also not in store….