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War Robots 2.9 Update Notes. Prepare your Tulumbas

War Robots 2.9 update focuses mostly on balance tweaks. Call it calm before the storm if you want. We’re preparing many great things for the upcoming summer and will tell you more about these in a few hours. Literally. 

Here are previous update notes:

War Robots 2.8 Update Notes. Sling me to the Moon




Reloads while you shoot, just like Orkan

New look: model and animations were remade  

Reload time: 18 seconds for 8 rockets → 1 rocket per 2.25 seconds

Damage per shot (at level 12):  2561 2750 (+7.3%)


In short? Same

New look: model and animations were remade

Reload time: 12 seconds for 4 rockets → 1 rocket per 2.25 seconds

Damage per shot (at level 12):  2561 → 2900 (+13%)


Same… plus one bonus rocket

New look: model and animations were remade  

Clip size: 16 rockets → 17 rockets

Reload time: 12 seconds for 16 rockets → 1 rocket per 0.9 seconds

Damage per shot (at level 12):  1427 → 1320 (-7.5%)

Damage per second (at level 12): 1360 → 1465 (+8%)


Developer commentary:

Part rework, part numbers clean up. The key issue with Pin, Pinata and Tulumbas was that after firing the salvo you had pretty much nothing to do for up to 18 seconds in Tulumbas’ case. You could unload your rockets in a moment and then have no firepower at all for a long time.

Wild Bunch robots could partly negate that, but just partly. And if you haven’t managed to connect every rocket with a target, being pretty much powerless was too much of a punishment. All risk — no reward. We’re taking some of this risk away by giving you more control over your rockets.



Bringing the pain since November 2014

Damage per shot (at level 12): 1427 → 1640 (+15%)

Developer commentary:

Prior to aforementioned Pin, Pinata and Tulumbas changes Orkan was the only weapon capable of reloading on the go. To offset the fact that Orkan is not that special anymore and reinforce its role of king of close distance brawling we gave it more damage. As simple as that.



Slightly scarier now 

Damage per shot (at level 12): 370 → 410 (+10%)

Punisher Mk. 2


Damage per shot (at level 12):  550 → 610 (+10%)


Developer commentary:

While adding the wind-up mechanic to autocannons got them in a better spot than before, there’s still a lot we could tune up. As we promised, we’re making lesser steps here to ensure that we won’t go overboard with buffing.

In this patch we’re treating Punishers with a slight damage buff. Molot currently has some use at longer distances, while it’s close-range cousin struggles due to many weapons overperforming it at its up to 500 meter range.



Evolution is truly majestic

New look: model and animations were remade  

Damage per second (at level 12): 630 → 753 (+20%)


Developer commentary:

Compared to other “camper” weapons Gekko is a relatively healthy one due to its non-bursty nature. Once Gekko focuses on you, you always have some time to react, either by quickly taking a cover or simply turning around, like: “Alright, definitely not going this way”.

On the flipside, this exact trait turns out to be the Gekko’s greatest weakness. It’s a weapon best suited for suppression, but what’s the point of it your opponent can simply ignore you? You bite like a thousand small lizards… which are taking turns one after another. It’ll probably be a while until these do any significant harm. Now Gekko turns into a slightly larger reptile.


Feature: Dream squad

Note that this feature will be fully enabled once update arrives to iOS, a week or so after Android release.

It works really simple: you can invite people to War Robots and receive some currency to spend on certain things (currently these “certain things” are Wild Bunch robots). Pilots invited by you also receive a random robot — because why not?

We will publish a detailed guide to Dream squad once it goes live.




Reaper Lancelot, Military Lancelot, Blaze Natasha, Predator Carnage


Bug fixes and tweaks

– Fixed collision issues for Doc and Butch

– Fixed numerous collision bugs on certain maps including Dead City, Springfield and Yamantau

– Removed street signs blocking the view on Dead City

– Fixed a rare bug causing weapons to occasionally deal double damage

– Fixed a bug causing Aphid and Spiral rockets to collide with themselves

– Fixed a bug causing Fury to lose all weapons when critically damaged (at least one piece of equipment should always remain)

– Client size significantly reduced

– Several performance tweaks

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  • Supersteverino

    Orkans sure needed a buff, right?

  • Felipe Hackner

    It is because the other missile weapons got buffed

  • bluecheesedressing

    So we need to buff the other missile systems because they are weak compared to the OP orkans, and they buff Orkans too? K.

  • Kazahani

    This is a direct response to physical shield bots. They were too powerful. Now you can chew them up with missiles! Ancile always had a weakness to plasma, now missiles can truly eat up physical shield bots!

  • Joe Reitz II

    Getting an error code 505 during install

  • Nightmare .18

    Hey when can you add some flares counter meassures for those missiles, EMP for those zues or i’m thinking of something for counter meassures for gekko trebuche

  • Dustin Bess

    They screwed the game up again.. after all the time I put into building my hangar, now it’s useless.. thanks Pix..

  • John

    I think the inside camera view from the robot glitch when they spawn down in battle is so awesome. I hope that the developers add a optional battle camera view inside the robot and also keep outside view .

  • Zachary Fitzgerald

    What a joke…my lasers still work like crap..using 3 and still no effect..everyone elses work..NOT MINE.

  • Steve Spring

    Natasha’s paint; the rear of the, (head)? Yeah, just hope the similarities to a well known “flying skull” don’t incur wrath from Hxxxs Axxxxs!

  • Supersteverino

    Also, Pins now fire one missile at a time by user control, rather than all at once, as it was before. Strange that didn’t get called out in the above write up.

  • Peter LaRochelle

    They’re not overpowering you’re too too stupid to team up with squad and double team them at least a 90 angle. Whining is pathetic. Adapt, invent tactics and use teamwork. Still I see morons doing the ‘ I’m GOD/DARTH/LORD/JEDI/MASTER/INHALER (just you, bro’) bot and I SHALL DESTROY YOUR IMPUDENT TECHNOLOGY WITH MY OVER POWERED FURY TRIPLE SPERM BAT CANNONS FROM 600M AWAY! Really now, maybe we should just issue every soldier a bullet proof shield and form a wall like Call of Doo-doo where people somehow manage to finish it despite the fact the ENEMIES HAVE SHIELDS! What did you do there, whiny please for nerfing and reminders that a millennial whiner has a right to a trophy just for showing up and the point is to come away from every game with your cardboard ego restored.

  • Charlie

    It did. They operate like Orkan now, but significantly weaker. It was noted.

  • WildStar

    did punishers rate of fire drop to 8.3/sec????? it was 11/sec . so now its weaker than medium plasma, again? even at boosted rate of fire! sigh

  • Kazahani

    Holy crap man did you forget your Ritalin today?

  • Charlie

    A reverse camera, or a camera flip button that allows you to take a fast peek at your flank. Currently, the only way to know that you are backing into a wall is when the camera starts to move closer, and when you get too close to a wall, the camera shake gets too wild to be able to aim. Same hits, same damage, wild camera.

  • WildStar

    developers: their effectiveness drops vs distance and vs fast targets….so punishers MUST be made more powerful than medium plasma at close range….or why use them? spent weeks upgrading a pair of mk2, now they suck again :/

  • Adam Pratt

    No, they did. That’s what the “In short? Same.” Implied.

  • Desim8a

    Wow look at all the whining! Thank you pix for the tweaks and I can’t wait to go into battle and see how it all works out! Funny comments too, I appreciate the humor.

  • Majd Jamal


  • Joe Bazooka

    What is the damage per second for the new Orkan? Why didn’t they list that?

  • Luis Diaz Cornejo

    do you have it to lvl 12 m8 if you dont stfu

  • 0ozymandias

    I like the update, but the Gekko is still completely useless. In my opinion, the DPS should be higher rather than the DMG output. Likewise, the new skins are sorta fallout-ish. Doesn’t really match the rest of the game, but they do look cool!

  • Zachary Fitzgerald

    All 3 are at 11 so you stfu..

  • Ricardo Gonzalez

    Dude what do you expect? Take out half life of a griffin from 1200? Every 10 seconds? What a coward.
    Gekkos are more like a trap for people who don’t read the damage output just like hydras and spirals

  • Teddy Darrell Scurlock

    Im a old guy been gaming sense it all started .. This is the first phone game that I truly liked. think it has great potential.but one thing i think needs to change is in battle you should be able to distinguish your squad from everyone els ..your squad should show up as different color like green teammate still blue

  • R_W_S

    Squadmates are purple. Teammates are blue.

  • Hunterless

    Real players never complain about weapons..cause we utilize team tactical strategies and max our robots out.. the new weapons updates are ok.. but the noobs,Will die countless times until they realise they don’t help there game play..its never the weapons, but who you play with and against.. that’s even if your worth playing against..(some of us are in the top 100 on earth always)

  • Rick Contryman

    Great update all around. I would have liked to see some work on the league or mm system.

  • Pat

    One thing that still bugs me is the fact that missiles vanish if you happen to be killed after firing them. No logical reason for that to happen.

  • Charlie

    That bugs me too. Once it’s out, it’s out.

  • مرشد الوهيبي

    Quick Squad option :
    idea to join or make squad without search it manual.

  • Doug Woodard

    Absolutely. What’s up with that? I noticed the same thing. I fire my aphids, knowing its my last shot and whiff, they disappear in mid-air when I die before reaching the target and cause no damage. Very disheartening.

  • taximattcy

    Will be perfect if we can also manually and automatically choose the target because if other robots front we can’t shoot the other was behind

  • Doug Woodard

    They really need to add the ability to chat to your teammates during battle. It would really help the game as well as the newbies. You can make a plan before battle if you are in a squad but even that is fruitless as battle conditions change unpredictably.
    Being able to tell the idiots to capture the beacon they are standing next to as time runs out would save me a lot of hair. I pull it out while screaming at someone who can’t hear me.

  • Corey Bryan

    Where is the wild bunch? I don’t see them when I go to hanger ?

  • Scott Doherty

    I agree 100% I lose my mind when someone ignores a beacon that would save the game for my team.

  • Scott Doherty

    I would like to see an update to talk with teammates during battle also and how about guys I like playing with that aren’t in my clan it would be very useful to have a way to invite them to a game.

  • Grim Reaper

    Devs make controls adjustable! It sucks when you are flanking and suddenly the enemy sees a griffin flying past them…it sucks!

  • CyberWyre

    I agree with the view point. Being able to switch from third to first person view would be kewl

  • WildStar

    good ideas! i once suggested a kick move. would be fun

  • Lose world

    It will be better if upgrade time reduce

  • WildStar


  • Jared Peyton

    Yeah what’s up with my robot; I have never recharged or refilled my robot with fuel of any sort…..It just keeps going. Forget rockets mid air disappearing after I die; I have real problems here!

  • John Calvery

    Orkans were not that op cause, they had the shortest range of any weapon.

  • Julio Gaona

    It would be more way better if we could upgraded more equipment rather than one.

  • ben wheelock

    we need to pay more attention to the cossack.

  • Supersteverino

    Look, dumbkakas, that friggin description up there doesn’t say a darn thing about changing Pins from all fire at once vs. the new user control to fire one at a time, so pass around whatever it is ur smokin…

  • Bk Ong

    There is mistake in Pin information. 4 shots with 12 seconds reloads equal to 3 seconds reload per rocket. Not 2.25 seconds per rocket reload.
    For 4 rocket with 2.25 seconds reload per rocket, the total reload time is 9 seconds. Please correct the proper information

  • Bk Ong

    Just check the in game description,
    Pinata 17 rocket reload in 15 seconds which makes it 0.88 seconds reload per rocket.
    Pin 4 rockets reload in 12 seconds which makes it 3 seconds reload per rocket.
    Orkan 32 rockets reload in 23 seconds which makes it 0.71 seconds reload per rocket.
    Tumbulas 8 rockets reload in 18 seconds which makes it 2.25 seconds reload per rocket.

    Now why there is so much different between the reload time of Pinata and Orkan, also the same thing in Pin and Tumbulas?
    I thought basically Orkan is two Pinata and Tumbulas is two Pin?

  • Kevin Haines

    I would like to see the status bar(over the opposing players) that displays how many hits have been taken & that are left, added to my robots as well. Instead of just having a notice that my legs are damaged right before i die,i have a chance to take cover sooner. Also add it to the battle while you’re watching after all your robots are destroyed, to make it a little more interesting

  • Kira

    Here is the upside: You and your opponent are so close to killing each other, you both fire and yours reach them first, killing them and their rockets disappear….not reaching you, not killing you…you live a little longer.

  • Kira

    What do you mean? There’s a health bar in the top left of your screen at all times during your battle that shows your health and a bar underneath that shows the level of your energy shield if you have one on that robot. When I first started playing, I didn’t notice that and I would have said the same thing you just said. For quite a few battles, I was surprised when I died, until I noticed once the bar went real low that I would die shortly after. So I’m just wondering if you didn’t notice the bar or didn’t know what it was for.

  • Kira

    Yes, absolutely.

  • Anthony Marisha Persad

    So….. often times I’m at the top of all the players, on both teams. #1 in damage, #1 in beacons, #1 in robots destroyed; yet because my team lost, I get rewarded nothing. No gold, low silver, nothing. Seems slightly unfair sometimes. I figure the #1 player of the entire battle should get something! Does anyone agree?

  • Kizmyass

    It’s about time they changed the damn scenery ! I’m getting tired of the same old Sh#t !!! People with low incomes can’t afford what you Greedy Azzholes charge for weapons, Robots and upgrades ! Give us a break ! Remember, Whatever you give comes back 7 times, that goes for Bad or Good ! Read Proverbs !!!

  • brett

    Uninstall the War robots test server app if you have it installed. That worked for me.

  • Kevin Haines

    My mistake, you were right. I didn’t see it & if i did ,did not know what the hell it was for. Thank u

  • Yash Jahar

    There is also problem with aim. Whenever I want to take aim on particular robot whom I want to shot I couldn’t. So please solve this issue. I don’t know how it select aim by himself. But it is irritating and after play it can’t appease.

  • Skilletlicker

    You must certainly realize that this would be abused by people foul mouthing their team mates, blame each other or just plain old trolling.

  • BB49

    I would very much like to see the Zeus repaired, I’ve been having issues with it since I first aquired it months ago, it won’t penetrate any shields, yet it’s advertised to do just that!!!

  • Secret

    he said lvl 12 not 11 idiot

  • Secret

    Can You explain what is the problem? I Cant understand

  • Justin Finnegan

    Why did you lower the rate of fire on the punishers? Unless that means all of the bullets hit, you actually nerfed them by 15%…

  • Lizzard Smith

    I’ve suggested that several times! I play Fox One, fling a jet from the cockpit. Only way I play that game! In WR it would b the same 4 me!!!😯💨

  • Lizzard Smith

    More suggested camera angle coolness…😯💨

  • Skilletlicker

    Okay. This will take some getting used to. The first battle I got so side tracked by the changes, especially the sound, that I tried to make my stalker jump. This was met with little success.
    All that aside, those of you who are asking for easier gold need to be aware of one important point. You CAN play without paying a nickel. The developers are not doing this because they are bored. They put in a lot of work into this program and expect to make money from doing it. If you are dirt poor like I am, you can still play. I don’t know why they allow this, but I am very glad they do. I spend $5 every now and then when I have it to show my appreciation.

  • Roboute

    Melee -a chainsaw would be nice
    Scavenging weapons of destroyed bots to be used only in that battle itself
    Maybe a healer not😊😊

  • Ilija Najdov

    Fu*ked up the game totaly this time

  • Alan Schaefer

    How about the trident? Easily the least used weapon. How about reload on that too?

  • Rohit Gupta

    Love the game, but my galaxy s7 is not supported for new version!!!!!

  • A.k. Mehadi Fahad

    This game is now centered on the Tulumbus and Pinata…..i think you will increase the power of Magnum weapon more then now….

  • Maxim N. Golan

    Still it doesnt make any sense. Were do they go.. Lombo. Not only is that unrealistic its counter productive. Killing one another should be pussible and it happens all the time with other weapons in game. This essue should be fixed.

  • Joe Reitz II

    It worked, thank you!

  • Jon m

    If you die, your “tracking system” is fried…that seems realistic.Think of a Bradley getting destroyed instantly after firing a TOW missile. Would the missile keep going to its target?

  • Jon m

    Yes, I love riding around inside my Taran..

  • Jon m

    Used auto targeting, you can scroll thru targets

  • Jon m

    That’s what the auto target button is for

  • Jon m


  • R_W_S

    Well, it wouldn’t disappear into the ether. May not hit the target, but it’s hitting something. Compare it to a sidewinder missile if you’re thinking of the guided missiles. Once fired, they’re on their own. Rockets are just rockets. Point and shoot, no guidance. They won’t disappear either. EVEN PLASMA WOULDN’T DISAPPEAR. it does in the game though.

  • Clayton Lance

    If I’d known that you were going to make rockets the only weapon worth having I would have done more with them now all my silver has been wasted on other weapon types

  • Yash Jahar

    Yes I do. In moon map whenever target is above me it can’t take or hardly take aim.

  • Matej_SI

    I’m software developer myself and I must congratulate YOU for developing this game in a way that is not “pay-to-win.” I understand you need to make money but we (developers) are in precarious position. Free game means no money; buying in-game can tilt the game to wrong direction. So as far as I’m concered YOU’re game is very well balanced money-wise. In my opinion if someone could finally solve the problem of micro-transactions it will change the world (internet). I suppose you aren’t making a lot of money with this game… So I would introduce a couple of options if I was in charge of developing: 1. Current situation: I would make players watch an AD every hour or after every couple of matches. Or something ion this line. 2. For a couple of bucks a month (how much is depended on your own statistics) you wouldn’t have to watch ADs and upgrading would be speed up by 10-25%. I think this would be fair and NOT annoying to “free” players.

    I’m writing this post because I was reading messages of people who seems to not understand how hard it is to make money on *mobile* “Free” games. There is maybe a dozen “free” games on android play store that are not annoying and are fair to “free” and paying players. This is truly example of one of the best “free” games. I hope people would pay *something* (like a couple of bucks) every couple months because it hurts my hearts seeing such a good game with lots of players and it is obvious to me developers NEED more money. They are doing superb job now but if they get some more influx they would make even more amazing maps, more robots, more weapons,… better balancing between robots-weapons-maps….

    Keep a good job developers!!!

  • Riazul Islam

    All updates

  • So basically , I can’t see why I spent money on orkans now, same as aphids, and ancile shields. The money spent on the game basically gets balanced out , so why spend money if there is no advantage ? Nothing purchased in the game is safe from being tuned down , which since there is no advantage , for me it makes it kinda lame. Same goes to the Ability to no longer pick the map you wanna fight on without getting penelized. I really wish pixonic would stop acting like they gotta tell players when and where they play the game , and just keep building.

    Also – fix the ranking tier system in clans. It’s rediculous that you cannot promote somebody because they are givin the authority to kick other members. Is it really that difficult to fix this guy’s ? Please look into it thanks. (15th time)

  • Chris Wheeler

    Lots of games have in game chat and yes there is abuse. But most let you report bad behavior and the benifits far outweigh disadvantages.

  • Chris Wheeler

    You live in LaLa land. This game is already deep into power creep, P2W and will likely never be fair or balanced for F2P. There isn’t any skill required to be “good” here other than the skill of opening your wallet. Plasma rips through everything except shields like Gareth. Now rockets shred Gareth in one salvo. A couple of bucks a month is nothing compared to the $100’s or even $1,000’s that p2w players spend

  • Chris Wheeler

    You must be new to these kinds of games. that’s what developers do. they make one weapon powerful so you have to buy it. Then they make a counter for that weapon so you have to buy something else. In developer language It’s called Power creep. Sooner or later there will be a weapon that one shots anything. But it will cost $2,000 and only the real Power Players will ever get it.

  • EphYew

    Glad to help 🙂

  • Jeniel Shin

    I need Friendly Robot’s Health bar.

  • Ecca

    When are they going to fix it so carnage is easier to kill just overly powerful and energy shield is a nightmare
    Griffin goes close but carnage is just to 1 sided the energy shield should be able to be depleted easier with hydra or afiids or spirals

  • Abhinav Pawar

    Nice update just bring some new looks of robots

  • keisu ri

    Nice QandC generals reference

  • Clayton Lance

    ROFLMAO Not new to these there little buddy. I’ve already uninstalled the game though because the power shift in the play of the game was just too much for the robots I had developed and I will move on and find a new game

  • Lars Marius Natvig

    I would really like to see a New Melee robot. Maybe with speed boost or teleport/blink and chainsaws or something like that. Would be awsome.

  • Timmy Hicks

    This game has lost balance. It needs to be labeled Rocket robots,as after the “fix” it’s pretty much all that gets used?

  • Nightmare .18

    Well use omlet arcade they update a call chat box but its beta

  • Nightmare .18

    I got a lot of ideas but by the time i finished it
    Thry just keep on updrading the game😑😑😑

  • Chris Wheeler

    Oh, so you are just naive . Well maybe in your new game you will be a little wiser and remember the lesson you haven’t seemed to grasp yet. Namely, don’t put all your silver eggs in one basket. Wizard 101 is probably more your speed.

  • Clayton Lance

    You get funnier the more you talk thanks for the good laugh

  • Matej_SI

    Designing a game takes months. You need couple “low level” optimization programmers, couple of “broad-range” (as in connecting various pieces in game engine), artists, designers to make sketches from artists into the game, sound effects, testers (OK, for the most part, we – players – are testers nowadays),… So you need relatively a lot of people for a game like this. All those people need to feed themself and their families. In a lot P2W games paying players have tremendous advantage against free players. But this is not the case in War Robots. Yes they have big advantage but if you “grind” a lot and have good hand coordination, you can compete with “$1000 players”. Paying in this game is not necessary to win. You can be “free” player and still have a good time winning.

  • Mike Ackerson

    Zeus still damage after they are fired and you die. I wish they would fix that. As for fuel.. they have nuclear reactors!

  • spongypiggaming _

    I really do think they should add chat ability cause, when i try to tell someone to get the beacon, they just ignore me. Even as fujin when i have a lot of fans, i try to tell them to get the beacon, but they keep following me

  • Yash Jahar

    Sometimes we play with immature teammates. Result lose and what we get ranking down. Can developer fix it.

  • driftking 13

    We need more robots

  • Justyn Gengarkun Durnford

    Please keep working on performance Issues.

  • cjcool 007

    Since energy shield has a health bar could you add 1 for phisical Shields because I dont realize it has broke and I die quickly

  • TXMarine1

    Just remember this is a mobile game. Much more would take a ton more data and the game would get a lot more laggy.

  • Chris Wheeler

    Completely wrong. There aren’t enough hours in a day to be able to grind enough silver to even start level 12 upgrades for a full hangar. That’s assuming you somehow had enough workshop points to even buy top level robots and weapons. It would take years to get anywhere close to what P2W players have. By then there will be 4 more updates making everything you have obsolete. Your paltry estimate of $1000 is ludicrous. Most of the maxed out players have spent 3 to 4 times that. My own clan leader has spent over $8000 and he is still regularly beat. The only way F2P players win is because the match maker at WR is stoned most of the time and couldn’t care less about providing a balanced game. If it can’t find a reasonable match within 1 minute…poof…magically a match is found. If you are lucky to be on the more powerful team, you win.
    Additionally…”good hand coordination,” give me a break. I am on the beta test team and I see the new dash bots that will hit the game pretty soon. They will make what little skill this game had completely irrelevant. Maxed out plasma on a bot that can close the gap in less than a second, unload lethal damage AND be able to dash away to safety. The only skill required there is the ability to open up your wallet.

  • Nightmare .18

    But its not fair the game is not balance
    Zues trebuchet.gekko plasma weapons dont have counter measures it can penetrate shields of raijin and lance armor shields easily and some are long range type u get killed the momement they got site on ur bots.. Thunders molots tulumbas and the new updated weapons they got a knock out punch but its on close range armor shield deflect those and got little damage only unlike the sniper long range firepower the moment u got hits it takes half of the bots life

  • Jeff Bennett

    Complain I have is: show me the money!!! At first I was able to sell off my old stuff, how do you get back to that, I can’t find anywhere to sell. Also, it’s so hard to make the Gold. SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!

  • Beastyyyy

    How about globalchat ????? We need alternate ways to recruit for clan squads.

  • Ben Poling

    We need a Clan Hanger. This is how i think it would work. All players in the clan can donate any weapons and bots to the clan to use. They can not take them with them if they leave the clan for any reason. What is Donated stays with the clan and only Clan Members can use these Weapons and Bots. I would like to know your thoughts on this @pixonic And @ WarRobots. My Game Name Is (Marine.InGodMode) And Clan Name Is (Soldiers Of Fate). Please let me know what you think about this option. As other games i play have this Option and works very well for the clan.

  • Beastyyyy

    How about global chat to recruit for clan squads?

  • Jacob Wegener

    I had a favor to ask you guys i want you to look at the history of mech games Armored Core, Mechwarrior such also maybe the new russian movie guardians 2017 id really like to see more speed on the mechs wepons like energy blades faster reload timesmaybe deployable wepons also please can me have a dash effect where jumpjets can be used to move along the ground at high speed in any direction more stealth stuff also please mechs have peices if i put my target as your right leg and do 100k damage to that legg it should blow off. We need more game modes besides capture the flag. love your new map tho really nice work please work on the target sytem it twitchy and changes target to easy a campaign mode would be sick or where we as a unit work to defeat waves of npc mechs see if you can win the last round with boss im sorry this is a book but the pace of this game is too slow id like to see somthing in the future where people can play virtual reality and up the players in a game a few fold last but least thanks for your time

  • Varukkuristofa Chikku

    Needs commands while in a match

  • LarryDeLuva

    What bugs me is that the game determines who wins. There can still be time left to play, and your squad can be regrouping,and the game will declare you winner, or loser. How about you guys just let us battle it out until there is a decisive winner,or your squad just can’t win. Also, how about putting those “switching” robots up for sale?

  • Peter LaRochelle

    Try using the twin Zeus on your own or Natasha with Gekko or Ep magnums. I love obliterating Carnage and Griffin (especially in mid air, DUCK 🦆 HUNT!)

  • Matej_SI

    I spend 20 bucks couple of times. My friend didn’t. We both stared playing around same time. And he who wouldn’t pay a dime have robots and weapong at level 9-10 and at the end of the match he have 500000-900000 damage points depending of other players and map.

    In what direction is the game headed I don’t know. Yes, devs can always screw the game and tilt it to P2W and if that is really happening, well it’s a shame. But the situation as is now is good enough for F2P players so that they can compete with paying players. Free daily gold (and from top 3 and squad) in 10 days get you one “gold” weapon which is reasonable timeframe to me.

    By my understanding P2W game is a game where winning is possible only by paying and currently this is not the case…

  • Evanthony Paglinawan

    I agree…missiles should reach the target even you died first on the brawl.

  • Allan Chen

    Use physical shields, Galahad, Lancelot

  • Allan Chen

    They’re too much of a money grabber to make this happen

  • konradical

    Noricum buff please!

  • Blue Gray

    Pat, you are right

  • Scott Self

    Thank god you took the street signs out of dead city….I couldn’t tell you how many battles I have lost due to not being able to see my apartment and to determine if they’re behind something or right in front of me again thank you

  • ronvela

    Zeus penetrates energy shield, but not the physical shield. There are 2 types of shields in this game. Just go for the bot that has blue line on its health bar.

  • Jester Infester

    Took a moment to verify your claims of “buffing” Punishers and while you did INCREASE the amount of damage per unit fired, you failed to mention that you correspondingly DECREASED the number of units fired and thereby decreasing the overall damage per second (DPS). This is misleading, intentionally or unintentionally and has the opposite effect that you claimed it would have because in truth Punishers ain’t “scarier” now! This discrepancy leads me to believe that I should continue to verify the rest of your claims to confirm just how misleading they might be as well. I’ve only been trying the game for a few months, but so far your revisions and tweaks have been predictably erroneous and have failed to actually improve anything. Now I understand why so many others may be leaving for something better.

  • Jester Infester

    Yeah I just wrote a book on it before I saw your post. It doesn’t stop there, keep looking. And I think I might have struck a nerve because they deleted a few of my other posts.

  • Larry Vollor

    This is exactly why I like this game, no bs and trash talking. just fight.

  • Jester Infester

    Do you think they just accidentally forgot or could it have been intentional?

  • Larry Vollor

    I really love that about this game, you can play without paying and still do pretty well. Most games are not that way nowadays.

  • Casey Jones

    I think you need to let the battles play out till the timer exspires of all robots are destroyed no more of ending battles early what’s the point of haveing 5 bots when you can’t use them cause some are slower they take longer to get into the battle

  • Casey Jones

    Perfect example battle ended with 7:02 secs left on the clock and my team lost we were holding 3 beacons what a ripoff let the battles play out

  • Casey Jones

    I very much agree with you on that LET US PLAY!!!!!!!!

  • Kasey Hooker

    YES! Fix that crap please

  • Kasey Hooker

    Think of a heat seeker. Once it’s locked on to a heat signature it will keep going.

  • Double A Frank

    It took me a while before I noticed it too. Lol

  • Double A Frank

    That is a concern. But being able to communicate your intentions would certainly increase the tactical coordination and overall fun. Perhaps a simple button to indicate going after a beacon or assaulting a position with a colored arrow your team could see to show your intent?

  • Double A Frank

    “Useless” is a little melodramatic. Every buff and nerf is just an opportunity to learn new tactics and strategies. Change is always hard.

  • Double A Frank

    I’ve had problems with that. A target very near my reticle and it chooses everything but that one. Very aggravating.

  • Double A Frank

    Lmao. It’s funny because I’ve tried to stealth a griffin and wound up looking like a jack in the box.

  • Double A Frank

    I am on the data center infrastructure side. Maintaining servers is also costly. Dumping a few bucks here and there is reasonable in order to support the hours of entertainment value. People pay how much for a one shot 2 hr movie?

    WWR has definitely struck a good balance between the free vs exorbitant paying clientell.

  • Jester Infester

    Freakin condescending twit… weapons don’t matter? You’ve never been in combat have you?

  • Kevin Little

    Mutually assured destruction not so fun

  • konradical

    Check your beacon timer, the red and blue bars next to the play timer. If the opposition is holding more beacons, your beacon timer runs down faster and vice versa. If the blue line runs down first the reds win and vice versa. That’s why matches sometimes end early. If you see that beacon timer running down, switch to a light bot and start capping! Hope this helps.

  • konradical

    As I stated earlier, Check your beacon timer, the red and blue bars next to the play timer. If the opposition is holding more beacons, your beacon timer runs down faster and vice versa. If the blue line runs down first the reds win and vice versa. That’s why matches sometimes end early. If you see that beacon timer running down, switch to a light bot and start capping! Hope this helps.

  • Dean Karol

    Yes good point on the vessels vanishing. But here is even a bigger one… On the moon the gravity is the same. Please let’s change the gravity so at least the jump ranges are slightly increased. This will be the very first move then of course you could have movement be slightly different but this is a balancing issue. But changing the jump ranges on the jumping robots would give you the simulation the gravity is different without drastically changing the balance of the game. This needs to be addressed!

  • Abuud Tahha

    Cool 😎

  • John

    Buff da gekko more pls and BUFF hÿdrå pls it costs as much as a Taran :/.like maybe add:u shoot the rockets then it splits into 4 homing rockets before impact dat deal 1000 dmg each.1 rocket=4000 , 6 rockets= 24 000 dmg.then reload is around 15 seconds.(it would make the weapon more unique and cooler) Because the Taran is 25 184 dmg before reloading.(Sorry for the Long comment):(

  • John

    FIY:not my real name

  • John

    FYI:not my real name

  • John

    Yea so I can share like my 10 aphids 🙂

  • Jester Infester

    After looking further and deeper into the changes in the lite Weapons it appears that the net effect is that they have been “Nerfed”‼️ That’s right, the latest revisions to the weapons listed in this article have decreased their “Damage per Second” by significant amounts. The HP INCREASED and the units fired per second DECREASED. I couldn’t understand my stats over the last 100 games or so. I usually run +/- 400K Damage, but for the past couple of days my last 50 game average is +/- 300K. That is pretty low for a four slot hangar 10/9 across the board. I feel cheated and fooled into believing we were really getting a break. The developers have some explaining to do. I’m about ready to bag the whole stinking mess.

  • Katy W

    Whoever came up with the prices for the stuff you’re selling is insane and you should have them hospitalized immediately.

  • Kein ruckzug

    Screw this…Let me know when I can select my maps. Big maps are unplayable no w with the new buffs. Back to my regularly scheduled life.

  • Prince Bryant

    I can’t agree more with everything everyone already said about the vanishing last missile shots. Once fired, missiles should still hit the intended targets, even after you go down.

  • jamie rogers

    I would like to know how to counter the small round table bots. Lancelot is pretty straight forward. I have a DB griff and 2 level 10 griffs with lvl10 mags and tarans. Some times I can spawn all 3 and not smoke one lvl 8 gareth. It’s really frustrating.

  • Joseph King

    My big issue is at the moon , when going for the center beacon on ground floor and there is a enemy above you your bot locks on to them and won’t change to the enemy in front of you it’s certain death your completely vulnerable while your bot hit the ceiling , please fix this issue .

  • SK

    Talking about locked target: I think that Pixonic needs to look into the locked or unlocked target, a lot of time, I have problems in locating the target and changing locked target even the cursor is pointing the target but the target locking is not changing to right one and it takes a few seconds to switch targets until I get the right one, by then my bot is almost killed or gone. It is even more serious in the Moon map especially the centre beacons ‘C’ my target keeps pointing upwards when in the lower level, and takes a long time to switch them around to get the right target.

  • Richard Culwell

    And if you die in mid-air, you drop straight down, just like real life… Everyone knows that!

  • SK

    But there are other signs that at the bottom right corner or top left corner still blocking our sight almost similar to the earlier one that is taken out. Please take them out, Pixonic.

  • ajendus

    The Orkans are gold weapons. If you want them to be “special” you’ll need to keep them special and not diminish their value by making silver weapons better.

  • SK

    Yes, I agree, as I find that the recent updates has weaken the Orkan hit strength which I find it hard to kill off the Gareth or bots with shields recently and I used to finish off them more easily before updates.

  • Hobie Fisher

    If aphids are supposed to be so special and expensive to upgrade,they need to be more accurate,they fire and if they dont dissappear they go into buildings etc,…they REALLY NEED TO GO UP HIGHER with better accuracy llike there counterpart which work better in my opinion……just sayin…lol

  • Doug Woodard

    That’s the great thing about chat. You can’t hear it. You can simply choose not to read it.

  • Ben Regney

    I agree…once missiles are out..they’re out! It’s actually weird that they don’t hit after death…

  • Ayax Rivers

    I agree with you guys … Suicidal last shot banished because of £€|<««€]¢&#&?!&$!!! Please fix it… Any shot made before dying should hit that.

  • Lance Hembrey

    I have picture proof of kills from the grave. You just have to be quicker

  • Jeff Mori

    Grey should make “NOoB” mislead -instant kill from any range and they never miss, some of these ppl need them really really bad ! L♡L. &O

  • Jeff Mori

    Sorry “They should make “NOOB” missles”

  • Joe Bazooka

    bullets don’t have tracking systems. And even if missiles stop tracking, they don’t vanish, they carry on in the same direction.

  • Rasilio

    If they were actual robots there would be no logical reason for that. From a software dev standpoint it might.

    If I had to guess the missiles exist as a child of the launcher and when the launcher is destroyed the missiles are as well.

    Again, just a guess on my part but based on the way I have seen the game behave under the hood the way missiles work is like this…

    You press the fire button on a missile launcher
    That activates the fire method of the launcher which displays sends the missile launch to the graphics controller but the launcher itself is tracking the damage by calculating the flight time and damage caused and then reports that back to the server for distribution to all of the other clients (aka devices) connected to the battle and when the target bots device receives the damage report it subtracts the health and checks for system damage and then reports that back to the server.

    This is why damage from missiles does not show up till a half second to second after you “hit” with them.

    Logically (as in computer logic) the missiles have no independent existence in the program, they are extensions of the launcher even thought graphically they appear separate. If I had to guess they did this either for performance reasons, adding in the missiles as independent objects slows the game down too much, or because making them independent created loopholes for hackers to cheat the game.

    For example I know a while ago there were tricks where people could momentarily disconnect from the game to make sure their bot never received damage, don’t recall if that was only for missiles or anything.

  • Rasilio

    The games are too fast paced, chat would be uselss.

    The average game I am in lasts about 7 minutes, I type about 50 wpm. 5 10 word messages through out the game and you are spending 15% if the entire game typing not fighting

  • Twolf_blue

    weren’t Molot Mk1 and Molot Mk2 also buffed?