Leagues update. First batch of tweaks

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Leagues launched about a month ago, and you gave us tons of valuable feedback since then. For some it worked really well, some weren’t so lucky. And while it was a nice start, the system clearly needs tweaking.

Now, it’s time.

The first change is seemingly small, but it should shift the League dynamics significantly. We reworked the point distribution pretty much from the ground up.

How it looked before:














How it looks now:













Notice that values for a losing team mirror values for winners, but with a minus sign. It might sound harsh, but bear with us. There’s actually a huge reason for that.

The previous point distribution allowed most players to quickly reach their respective leagues. However, those who prefer capturing beacons instead of head-on fighting got into a bad position. They rarely got more than 4 points per win, while losing 10-20 per every lose. If you wanted to climb, going full damage was THE way to go. Didn’t matter whether you won or lost — if you were hitting harder than anyone else, you were on the plus side anyway. Instead of teamplay, the situation promoted the unhealthy “hardcore loner” attitude.

And now you have to go for the win to get in a higher league. Dealing damage is as important as ever, but let’s face the statistics: most matches in War Robots are won by beacon control, not by elimination. Hence, play along with your teammates to climb the ladder faster.

The effort of swift flankers is much more lucrative now: if you prefer capturing beacons rather than fighting, doing your job should feel much more rewarding. And most importantly, there’s a real reason to play in squads now: a well coordinated team tends to win much more.

Also: entry-level leagues should feel calmer now

We adjusted point distribution in lower leagues. Players in Recruit and Private leagues don’t go down in ranking anymore — we consider these tiers as a training field for new players to get a general feel of the game.

This also means once you reach higher leagues it is impossible to drop below Bronze.

In Bronze things get a little spicier: you start losing some points for losses but still earn much more for wins. This introduces ex-Private freshmen to the risk of higher-level play but still allows them to reach higher ranking pretty fast.

Real action starts in Silver. And now, as most players have reached Leagues that represent their skill level and hangar power, we expect it to become much more even with the new way of point distribution.

Don’t stop with your feedback!

It’s not our final destination: we won’t stop iterating on matchmaking until we feel that it is fair enough and provides the dynamic that actually feels good to most players. But this change alone should noticeably improve the situation. Let us know how it works for you!

As usual, feel free to join the in-depth discussion on changes on Reddit or unofficial fan forums.


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