Author - War Robots

We are glad to share with you War Robots comic book. It was written by pilots from all over the world and includes both serious and funny stories. There is even a couple of romantic ones!

War Robots community keeps surprising us with its creativity. Way to go!

And remember, whenever you want to share anything with us — feel free!
We love you.

Download comic book:

  • PDF - for reading online and with image viewing programmes
  • CTZ - for comics reading programmes


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Kiwi5000last month

Awesome artist and ideas, you all rock! No dissenting cartoons? That’s highly unlikely.

D.MOBlast month


Alexlast month

Weyland is not doing Great. Its Healing Power is not as strong as it was seen in Test Server.Please Buff the Weyland. Also at Maxed Mk2 level 12 it gets easily killed

Owen grady2 months ago

Please make another one

Shaaark!2 months ago

Wow... just wow

Blocky_4002 months ago

Wow! A comic book? I'd read this willingly! Keep up whatever project this is!

Epicteen2132 months ago

Omg the I think this should become a weekly comic it is so cool!!

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