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WR Friday: Meet Mender and Weyland

by WR_Tofsla - 1.06.2018

In classic role-playing games, there’s a popular concepts of role split: those who attack, those who defend and those who make sure others can do their job. Supports.

Some may ask, where’s the fun in supporting others? It is simple: not everyone wants to only do damage. Many would rather save, protect and lead by example. Good leaders can make or break team’s synergy… if they have an opportunity to do so.

While War Robots always had solid options for attackers and defenders, supports never were prominent enough on the battlefield. Now we found an opportunity to fix this: for update 4.0 we prepare two robots based around an all-new mechanic — mid-combat repairs. They sacrifice some of their firepower for the ability to save teammates from dire situations.

This weekend both robots will make their debut on the test server for first round public trials.


  • Equipment slots: 2L, 1M
  • Ability: Support

A quick quirky robot that works kinda like a mobile ambulance. By activating the ability, Mender speed up, gaining damage resistance. After some delay, it launches a wave, repairing a fixed amount of HP to all allied robots nearby.

(You can think of it like Reverse Hellburner...)

On the upcoming trial session we’ll try two variations of Mender. Blue Mender does all healing in one quick burst. Purple Mender splits this burst in three waves with 1 second between each.

In the end, there can be only one Mender, so when you try them both on the test server, choose carefully. Which one you’ll like more?


  • Equipment slots: 2H
  • Ability: Repair Mode

Four-legged Raijin-like robot. After entering stationary mode, Weylands starts to slowly restore HP for all allies around. If Mender is good for supporting mobile storm groups, Weyland’s strength lies in securing backlines and establishing a strong defence on critical points.


Q: Do Mender and Weyland have weapon slots?

Of course! You should have something to defend yourself, especially when your repairs are on cooldown. But obviously, supports have less firepower than their attack/defence focused peers. Doing damage is not their top priority.


Q: Do Mender and Weyland repair themselves?


With this, they can remain useful in modes like FFA.


Q: Will Mender and Weyland players receive rewards for repairs?


At this point, we add part of the healing done up to your damage score. That means you can now farm silver with not just by doing damage.

As a side-effect heals prolong your robot’s life, so you can farm more for one life. Isn’t that sweet? Pretty dang sweet, if you ask us!


Q: How do you figure when your allies need healing?

Mender and Weyland pilots see their allies HP bars by default. At this stage, we only enable these indicators for repair-bots to avoid overloading everyone with information they don’t always need. But, we might add always-on ally HP indicators as an option if there will be a lot of people feeling like they actually need it.


Q: Mid-combat repairs might drag battles quite a bit. How do you solve turtling?

There are limits to how much HP you can restore. Every time a robot takes damage, it also chips a bit from its maximum HP.

For example (numbers are arbitrary):

  • You have a 150000 HP Boa
  • You catch a shot from Kang Dae, taking 17000 damage head-on
  • 20% of this damage also subtracted from your maximum HP until the end of the battle. That means, Mender or Weyland can only patch you up to 150000 - 17000*20% =  146600 Max HP

This means, even though your robot can survive much more under Mender or Weyland’s care, it will still gradually deteriorate. At some point, you’ll have to switch to something else.


Q: Do heals also restore damaged physical shields?

No, at least not at this point. Same goes for energy barriers and Bulwark’s Aegis.


Q: Will restored HP count towards post-combat repair bills?

No. At least it shouldn’t by design. If you catch something weird about the numbers you see on the test server, please let us know!


Prepare for trials!

Want to try Mender and Weyland among the first? Join us on test server this weekend! We’re eager to hear what you’ll think about the new robot class, so don’t hesitate to give your opinion.

You can find the schedule and all details on this Facebook page. You don’t need to sign up for testing — just download the test build below and launch it during the times of the session.

iOS || Android

Buckle up!


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Shaaark!8 hours ago

What if a weapon breaks off? Can it be repaired?

Brute Force2 days ago

Why isn't the test server working for me? It is only showing me level 6 robots and 10k gold available..?

DeadBobChicken6 days ago

I got the same problem I download test server on ios but it says the app is not trusted

Name_Taken8 days ago

How do you trust the testing app on ios

Steve Andrson11 days ago

war robots please stop making people to get components for new robots

pikachuisy11 days ago

dude if anybody is in a russian gamer clan let me in because I am russian спосиба

Punkah11 days ago

Is it me or the game is empty? Half teams, everyone leaving koth and tdm. Its taking more than a minute in random mode for anything. From the last 30 battles i played more than half were koth.
I dont know if its that or the totally absurd new upgrade times and values, but maybe you guys at pixo finally managed to kill the game. You used to have a gold mine, a totally dedicated fan base that loved the game. A little cheap research to backup your decisions would show that the game got really boring really fast. Started playing not that long ago, maybe 5 months, and the difference is night and day. I used to love both domination and beacon rush and i was happy 100% of the time. Then came shocktrain and dash bots, and the game got unbalanced but sometimes manageable. Unless you were playing champions league and getting full time spanks. Then came inquisitor and spectre, and battle as everyone loved was dead. Full stealth hangars, no more face to face shooting, you jump i jump we jump you cant shoot me i cant shoot you. A totally different game. A stupid af game. And dont take me wrong, i got my second spectre on the way (with shocks), i got a maxed mk1 ember inquisitor and i do a lot of danage and been going up the ranks and leagues fast, but what i dont have anymore is fun. War. Battle. Me and my clan members only play squad to lose. Even if you’re all in diamond or expert, as soon as you have more than 3 people on the squad, youll play against Noob, cdxx, heat, vox. Maxed mk2, full spectre hangars. Stupid, pointless ghost battles. And youll be spanked. Waste precious minutes of your day. Like koth. The only thing i regret now is spending money and time in this game. But i cant blame myself, no one couldve guessed something could be ruined so fast, mainly by the lack of love for the player base and for greedy financial decisions. I actually did take note for a few days, and now i have fun 14% of the time im playing the game. Im playing beacon rush and domination less than 30% of the time. Time to look for a game i have fun 100% of the time. Like everyone else is doing.

camander teku 214 days ago

Remember offence is key-Welland is worse than mender mender is actually king of like a Galahad but better can last a lot longer-play mender with organ pinata come out of hiding fire all ur weapons come back into hiding with barely any hp and regen there till full heath-for Weyland/best set up i recommend staying at a beacon with thermite-ps mender is so much better!

nuuu!stahp!14 days ago

perfect!the healers can help recover damage, with some firepower. and also if you think that they are too op, there are shocktrains to kill them, so it is balanced.

Jona robot king15 days ago

Just played on test server and mender and weyland they look and feel great I can't see why people would moan about these bots as they are great for tactical gameplay and not just a slugfest with orks ...

Alienate_15 days ago

It's all BS until you nerf the Shocktrain. I have 3 STs but refuse to use them. They broke the game.

Naval Shank15 days ago

There should be a indicator on healing bots, so non-healing bots can identify them and rush towards them to heal. Since now it becomes difficult to find a healing one among other 5 allies.

Raiderrobb 15 days ago

Stermyster , Yah well what if the whole squad of healers are out there.... It's need to have weapons slots and caliper reduced....... Shocktrain needs to go.... They are ere unrealistic... Same as repair bots.... Armor doesn't just grow back........

Raiderrobb 15 days ago

Team death match mode will be 4+1st aid bots with some. Ancile shields on the 2 other bots... You would be ae to bust that formula with them equipped with 2 heavy weapons or 2med n a light....... I squad of ramdom players vs a clan with extra hangers to exploit the maps........ It's a bad ideal

Raiderrobb 15 days ago

I like my games based on REAITY..... In what universe can armor be magically repaired by push of a button by another machine that happens to be near-by??.... STOP... PLEASE.... it's bad enough that some weapon just strikes closest target... And damage it... Then the energy zaps another and another and another... Who are near by.... But doesn't harm friendly units.... To hell will stupid shocktrain and this stupid 1st aid bot

Stermyster 15 days ago

This is kinda a good idea for the game. This will allow player to stay alive much more longer without taking pointless damage or scraping there bots. If the player knows how to play with those bots, they can change to match rapidly. Sadly, the shocktrains will be there biggest weakness because it deal chain damage. Hey, that’s what the weapon suppose to do and I don’t want to criticize it. And player that are smart will probebly target those medic bots first. The mender will be good for group of bots that are in the fight. But he need to have good protection of his team or else he will die rapidly. The wayland will be good for protecting a position or helping bot that are retreating so they can somme heals and with his good firepower he will can still defend himself. All in all, this will be a great idea to add those bots into the game.

SGT Junior 15 days ago

Can it come in workshop points please

Jona robot king15 days ago

I think it's a great idea and brings another layer of gameplay to the battlefield a healer is 1 less attacker
I would like to see a robot called ghost which goes invisible for about 5 secs with maybe a quick dash ability so he can dodge out of danger like stalker but not stealth completely invisible

DEATHPointforUSvk15 days ago

King of Wakanda, I KNOW WHAT RE U SAYING LOL :D I was played at emulator once and I barely catch up with Natasha :D.. mobile is option :)

Pcbentley Biz15 days ago

Great Idea but this will be abused by players, Now camping kumi and bulgs will be the only bots to have, Shackfags and scourgetards will Iove this, they can now out camp any attackers. I dont see a need for this in a 10min battle so why risk making the game upkayable by giving these 2 bots an even greater unfair advantage

(W)Worrior15 days ago

Guys why the one with 3 bursts...

If that is so the rush ability would be wasted, but pros and cons
Pros for the purple mender:
Able to heal allies immediately if in the process of engaging
Able to heal a wide range of allies while rushing with ability

Cons for the purple mender:
Unable to use ability at its full potential if ally can only be reached at end of ability

Pros for the blue mender:
Lookin good right there!
Lazy to type... mostly are the opposite of the purple

Cons for the blue mender:
unable to save ally in time if engaging due to lag of time

(W)Worrior15 days ago

War Robots,

Instead of just bringing water to the horse,
why don't you help the horse to bring itself to the water instead?

Like if there is a repair robot in the team, can you put an indicator saying that it is a repair robot,
So if for example, my Carnage got heavily bursted by a Orkan Haechi but manage to survive (due to the fact that the orkans is low level) , An ally weyland noticed me and approached me, but because there is a object blocking my view, i don't know that it is a Weyland, so if you add an indicator saying that it is a repair robot, i can happily use my rush and run to it :)

And everyone's happy!

Francois Chavez Abanto15 days ago

Pixonic seria mejor que regresen como era antes, mejor dicho cuando mejoro una arma o un bot se demora un monton y eso para mi ya no tiene gracia por que tendre que esperar mucho tiempo hasta mejorar todo ☹☹

King of Wakanda15 days ago

When are you going to fix the game glitch that stops your activity and tries to send you back to the hangar? I am tired of being knocked down 22 points every time I get to the diamond league because the game will not let me participate. Or is it designed to do that? Also, why are my 55 and 60 mph robots slower than everything on the game? Robots half as fast as mine can close a gap in seconds when I am trying to maintain distance??? Please address the performance issues on Facebook Gameroom version

JarredC100015 days ago

smeexs, I feel they should add a more compact way of showing ally health bars. What if they added a few dots above their robots, where the fewer dots present, the lower the HP?

JarredC100015 days ago

Why don't they just compromise, do a two-burst healing process with Mender?

Joseph Cruz15 days ago

Will mender and weylander be gold, wp, or components

Omarinator15 days ago

The funniest thing in this reviw about mender and weyland. Is the fact that pixo thinks their game is still amazing and smooth. Proof: pixonic for god's sake nobody uses kang daes. And mender wont survive the current meta (spectre orkan and shocktrains)

ΔStriker-15 days ago

These bots SEEM like a good idea but weyland.. Is not going to be a powerhouse. Dzshbots are not going to sit back and heal. Plus the healers will probably be targeted first. At least mender can MOVE while healing but weyland is gonna need some kind of buff if its gonna be effective in battles. (Like the devs are actually going to read this lol)

ΔStriker-15 days ago

Gotta be honest the design on weyland looks a little strange.. I mean compared to all the other bots it just doesn't seem to fit the theme..??

Panda16 days ago

When will the update be out for Apple?

Dagowood190416 days ago


Dagowood190416 days ago


I am the lol16 days ago

Use both mender abilities just put one on a different bot

Seekers_Bot16 days ago

My biggest question is is how unaffordable is this bot going to be to us players that don't pay to play?

Willm241316 days ago

Mender 2 the purple one with 3 puses is the 1 i like, also will amount healed go up with lvl?

Byzo16 days ago

Fucking royal token

Ihateshoctrains16 days ago

Intresting but first.....

Nerf the shoctrain...

smeexs16 days ago

Talose, I do also like seening my allies HP bars .. important point !

smeexs16 days ago

great thing !

꧁₲ㄥ1༒¢ℏ꧂16 days ago

I have just tested these bots. But while repairing, their/our broken weapons should be fixed I think.

Ffsdammit16 days ago

tadiho, Adrian Chong ran them both, and while as a skilled player he made them all look good, myself as an aggressive player found Mender 2 to be s s s l o o o w...

DEATHPointforUSvk16 days ago

WindyBreezy, No god no.. people that is bad idea long range is for plasma weapons and raijin already have shield to counter them u won t do nothing there

Weiland is somewhat useless same as raijin til u reach point where u can do something u waste 2 mins of match
And same as raijin DB builds gonna make u cry
And I m not even talking about sparks and scourges that s instant death without attempt to heal yourself

Italo Assis16 days ago

Wow how incredible, we can now put together a better attack strategy. We can fully support our troops, I love the novelty thank you..💓❤❤❤❤

DEATHPointforUSvk16 days ago

Creepergomoo, There is no need for another one healing shit .. for long range huh
Why do u think that robot like this would be useful there is Weyland which basically do the same thing he could be in back line Weyland is also slow ....
But the thing is that snipers Don t need hp aid much so u won t get much 'dmg' anyways

Creepergomoo16 days ago

I have an idea for another healer, it would work best at long range due to having low health and speed. It would have 2 H 1 L slots, and the ability would spawn 2 small healing minibots that look for damaged teammates and heal them. The minibots would be on a timer and will disappear after about a minute. This not will have the lowest heals in the game, but will have the advantage of being able to snipe effectively while still healing its teammates. Good builds would be 2 trebs+noricum, 2 flux+gekko, or 2 dragoon+molot.

Talose16 days ago

I really do like the idea of support units Also as it's gonna be a while until I can acquire one of those new mechanics I do also like seening my allies HP bars It would let me know if my 2 allies can take out the one enemy on the far side

Hszyhss OK major16 days ago

When a decent number of players have these, isn't there a risk that, particularly when you go to choose your second bot, there might be several of these out in battle, and not much destruction going on. Also, is this not likely to best help the dash bots most, as they would be able to reach a Weyland or Mender before getting destroyed. The video I've seen mainly features a Kumiho, does this tell a tale? Some of these dash bots are difficult enough to get rid of already, what if you have 2 Bulwarks and a Weyland together? Might not be very nimble but in Deathmatch , almost impossible to break down.

WindyBreezy16 days ago

Weyland would make a perfect sniping companion with Raijin

tadiho16 days ago

maybe i'd agreed to the mender 2 with the 3 pulses, because it may help the team better
the first one only give 1 pulse, better than 3 but it only give once, rather 3 so to be safe

AnarchoDom16 days ago

I agree with the others: nerf the Shocktrain!

Maybe less so for the Mender, but Weyland will be a Shocktrain magnet. Focused fire from Spectre and Bulgasaris on a stack of players trying to heal their bots around the Weyland might prove really effective.

I wonder if we will see these bots in Champs league where it’s all about the damage. On average, we die too quickly to get a chance to heal.

#WUT16 days ago


Barry Andrews17 days ago

Very cool. Can't wait to try it!

PixelPower617 days ago

Please don't cost components. At least one of them.

PixelPower617 days ago

Please don't cost components. At least one of them.

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