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Next in War Robots. Workshop 2.0 and more

Author - Lanf

As a part of our “Next in War Robots” series, today we gonna talk about how we make new gear and how you receive it.

You might have missed:

Workshop 2.0

Workshop 2.0 is coming later this year. It works pretty much the same way: you launch the production and get resources along with some experience. Experience improves your workshop by opening new production slots, so the more you use your Workshop, the more resources you can produce simultaneously.

Workshop 2.0 (work in progress)
Workshop 2.0 (work in progress)

You’ll be able to create components for the equipment you need just like you created Workshop Points. Want to build a Mercury but don’t want to wait until right pieces fall into your hands? Queue it up in the new Workshop. Need that last push on your way to Pursuer? Workshop 2.0 lets you do that with silver or gold.

With this we’re giving you more control over your progression — build what you want and when you want it, without any additional steps. Just play, earn resources and collect what you need. It is that simple.

The unspent Workshop Points will be automatically converted into Black Market keys. Also, WP deals will be there until the very end, with more of them in the future. So you’ll have plenty of opportunities to spend your WP before they turn into keys.

Support robots

We want to get back to the roots and group new robots by their origin (“Knight of Camelot”, “Wild Bunch”) or core ability (“Shield bots”, “Dash Bots”, etc.). One of the upcoming packs is based around something we never tried before: supporting allies.

Mender concept-art
Mender concept-art

Mender is literally a combat ambulance. Its ability speeds you up and repairs all allies around. Mender’s short burst of speed allows it to be a lifesaver for mobile assault groups. 

Weyland is a complete opposite of that. Instead of running after patients, it stations itself akin to Raijin and Fujin, losing the ability to move but healing nearby friendlies as long as its “Clinic mode” (working title) is active. This robot is a turtling powerhouse as long as allies protect it well enough.

Both Mender and Weyland work best when right in the middle of a fight, as their tools only repair teammates nearby. We want to encourage more active playstyles, so instead of hiding behind the corner until healed up you'll still be actively engaging in a fight.

We also plan to add ally HP indicators so you always know who needs a repairing hand. Undoubtedly, repairing will be rewarded properly, just like the damage and beacons. After all, support robots sacrifice power to help their teammates, so we should acknowledge this input accordingly.

Support robots will be handy for playing solo as well. Their repair abilities work for themselves which can be lifesaving in FFA mode, for example. Moreover, they have weapon slots and thus some firepower in addition to repairing.

* * *

Stay tuned for the next WR Friday to know more about War Robots future!


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backtothefrontlast month

I'm going to come out and say that tbis "cool-down" for respawn idea is pure horse puckey.

Let's look at this for a second...

They're stating that it is to keep people from frivolously blowing off robots in order to jump to a beacon etc.

First off, I myself have never done that. I don't even know how to pop off my robots like these ass-hat tankers have been doing all this time.

Secondly, it has appeared to me that very few are even tanking anymore. I used to see it every battle. Often times, entire clans (ton of respect for those tools, totally sarcastic) just blowing off their entire hangar worth of Cossacks, leaving me and one other pilot to get our asses kicked, and the home spawn area looking like a bunch of dead cockroaches. I actually have screen shots of one of such battles. Anyway, I digress. I'm not seeing it anymore, except for the rare battle where I'm figuring some dufus that didn't get the memo or hasn't played in a while pops off his hangar.

THIRDLY, and arguably the most notable is how there us an article written by FM9CUY (a self-admitted "mild-tanker", mind you) that illustrates in MULTIPLE WAYS how to do just what you guys are claiming you want to implement the "respawn cool-down" to stop. Are you effing serious???

Don't punish players because of what appears to me (in Gold I) to have gotten better, especially when you have an article on this very site which promotes such stupidity.

ASHWIN.Alast month

Whoo , good going war robots very happy to see workshop 2.0 release it as soon as possible. Please I want to get my very first dash bots😎😎

Daniel Kinglast month

That "Modules" tab is teasing the living hell out of me...

*SQUATCH*last month

backtothefront, You are very lucky i am in champion and tanking is worse now then i have ever seen.

Arik Zonshinelast month

It sounds nice overall, but I wonder how shocktrain is gonna handle the supporting bots. Also tanking bots will have the opportunity to tank more due to a healing partner, so there are downsides to this.
I’d like to remind u to buff the old school bots to make them more interesting and challenging for the newer ones. They are less and less used in higher leagues and I believe u’d like too see them used there as well.

A beautiful rajinlast month

Daniel King, They said in an earlier (A very old one) post that modules would do certain things to bots, like add a resistance, or more health, anything really

Mick Marauderlast month

backtothefront, I have to disagree with you on tanking getting better because I report them 9 out of 10 matches in gold league. And the guys that aren't actually blowing all of their robots up-and-running suicide with their last one just stand there at the spawn point or don't drop a bite at all and then there are the players who run in with no weapons on their robots and just run around the battlefield. A lot of this evidence is I see really well equipped hangers with really high percentage win rates yet these guys are in low leagues. When I see somebody with a thousand victories in Diamond League yet there is a player in gold league with 3000 victories it makes you ask the question of how is this happening? I don't believe any of these players especially if they have a 60 or 70% Victory rate are legitimately in the lower leagues especially with multiple hangers and maxed out robots and weapons. The tankers are getting sneaky especially when they run one hanger of level 1 Cossacks with level 1 weapons and their other hangers are all maxed out so they play one good hanger then they play one crappy hanger or some variation of that scheme in order to stay in the lower league or drop to a lower one than that. I had a player I reported multiple times in gold league 3 and at least in gold league 2 with over 46,000 victories and it makes you wonder why is it allowed to continue to happen. As much as pixonic has told me they collect in a sign points to repeat offenders and when they hit a certain number they automatically drop into low priority queue I don't think low priority queue is actually doing the job and ask for the supply drops and battle rewards as being a deterrent to tanking well we all know that's a heaping steaming pile of horse crap. I'm even seeing instances of bad sportsmanship where your own teammate hinder your ability to play Push you out into enemy fire or just harass you through the game. Then you find the same asshats posting this stuff on Facebook because they think it's funny and even that is written in their user agreement as against the rules but it still happens because pixonic has not gotten Tough Enough on these cheating losers. If they solve the tanking issue by putting a hard floor in So you can't drop to a lower league once you're in a higher League a lot of the game balance will come back on its own. If a guy's in Champion League you should stay in Champion League no matter how many times he loses and that goes for every other league. Seems like a simple fix yet they continue to tell me it's difficult? Difficult my ass. You tell us you don't want tanking yet they still continue to allow it to happen which makes me wonder why? I agree it's the biggest problem in the game and hopefully one day they will read these messages and wake up and do something about it. I love your train of thought and it's too bad they don't listen to people with good ideas instead of watching whatever shows you mentioned and drinking or sleeping on the job instead of fixing the biggest problem in the game. It's really a sad State of Affairs when they can't get their own game under control.

Knightlast month

The question is when

Mick Marauderlast month

Pyrotech442, You must be joking that you think the reward systems have stopped tanking? I'm not seeing any evidence of that. I thought the rewards in the higher leagues were going to be so great they wouldn't bother coming down to a low league but from what I'm seeing that is far from the truth

backtothefrontlast month

Anyone been taking note of how the comments are all jumbled to hell??

You've got to scan through them all to find the post you just put up, or the response to you. post from another commenter.


We're dealing with scoundrels folks. Plain and simple. Keep the masses scattered.

Garunix999last month

Flying Pillows, What did you expect? Did you expect a system that spoonfeeds you with 10000 components a second? And so what if WP is gone? You can just create whatever components you want. It's not a big deal, it's not a money-grab, it's a slight change to the current system which will change the game for the better.

NIKHIL~Hawk_Killer3721last month

So... unspent Work Shop Points will be converted into keys... what will be the rate of exchange then... I mean.... how many keys for how many Work Shop Points??

Iamrobotlast month

Y'ALL Done shitting all over ya self and yet can't seem find a way to take a step back and clean it LMAO.. NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE SINCE DASH BOT, MK2 , Shocktrain, Matchmaking, Rebalanced get that fuck outta here with that shit. PILOTS do yourself a favor and write a bad review on the store game worthless AF.

LoucustMaster117last month

Sooooooooo..... Pixonic the conversion rate from WP to "keys" is going to be decent.


LoucustMaster117last month

So the mender has 2 light and 1 medium slot + it heals itself, then of course you add in deathmacth and you get the best Spydra platform in the game!

Iamrobotlast month

Let's start a trend because its obvious they aren't getting the message copy and paste #DeleteWR

backtothefrontlast month

I also want to chime in on the topic of medic bots.

I think this idea is dumb, dumb, DUMB!

I mean seriously guys...are you developers sitting around watching soap operas while you spit-ball these ideas??

Or watching re-runs of 'Happy Day's' so you can watch the "Fonz" jump the shark? Because, that's what this idea seems like...jumping the proverbial shark...

We don't need a tin can nurse to run around the battle field. Will it be wearing a nurse's outfit? White squishy soled shoes on its robot feet??

I'm sorry, this idea is pretty bad.

Kushrenadalast month

The healing bots sounds questionable but the workshop 2.0 aounds great. Will there be a way to exchange components for other components? I have a lot for bots/weapons I don’t want. I’d rather trade those for weapons/bots I do want, even if I receive less components than I give away.

Micheal Elialast month

can i change components to another components ??

Pyrotech442last month

Warlock, Tanking isn't 100% fixed, but it's pretty close. New chests and reward systems make it so that you earn less rewards, discouraging tanking

Mick Marauderlast month

Fearsum Engine, I completely agree with you this whole idea is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. The only guys that are going to like this are the ones who are going to find a way to work it in their favor and any rewards anybody gets out of sacrificing a slot to help out other players just to heard them for Shack train users to kill them all off needs their head examined. Oh sure it'll be fair they will give you extra rewards for sacrificing yourself to help the team. I'm waiting for pixonic to stop tanking which will fix everybody's problems yet Arc rise fall on deaf ears.

{CYT}Cmeglast month

Arik Zonshine, {This comment on old school Bots needs buffing is true.} My Hanger includes 4 Griffins 11, 12 and a Golem 11 and 2 MK2,
Reason we need them Buffed to compete is: I lose my 5 Bots usually in less than 3 minutes each Game. The rest of the time is waiting for the Game to end and then wait again to connect to the next Game with the same scenario. I wished our Old School Bots could at least be Buffed enough to compete, it would make the Game more FUN! I think for me as well as others in the War Robot community. {Lose up to 18 or 20 Games in a row then Win maybe 1 or 2 imho is not fun.} oh, and often get a -22 or -17 etc., in Rating which drops me back in progress that I had made. Not to mention all the time spent and Gold & Silver used to upgrade each Bot and its Weapons. If I were Wealthy the afore mentioned issue would not be a problem. Being a Korean War Veteran and retired is my problem not WR but it plays a huge factor trying to keep up with WR progression. I am also sure there are others in this similar predicament. Hope WR reads this and buffs Old School Bots. ( My 2 Cents worth ) is not worth much I know. Thanks for allowing (us) me to voice our concerns.

Pyrotech442last month

Buff all robots converted from workshop to components, because that will literally make robots like Fujin obsolete to haechi, and no one would want it. If not, nerf the kumiho at least so its dash is the same as rog's, because it is way too fast. I have one, and it ruins the game for my enemies because they are either too slow or too weak, or both!
P.S. just STOP calling all new robots medium. from the lightweight pursuer classified as medium to the massive inquisitor, yet it's a medium robot!

Charlielast month

Oh I hate it but I must join the tankers, right at this moment. I've had enough of either fighting against opponents who tank down, or fighting with teammates who tank out. Sometimes you don't even know when you are left alone already with 5 red beacons and 6 enemies chasing my ass off. Admittedly I got no skills fighting against component bots who happen to be as skillful as I am and may not even need any skills at all, not in a million years. Guess tanking is now my best solution and the most "decent" way imaginable to protest against tanking and unfair game play. Shocktrains, mk2 dash bots, spectre or whatever, here is my tank to your health!!! Hahaha!

backtothefrontlast month

Charlie, Don't do it. Don't start tanking. Use the opportunity to sharpen your skills. You will get better because of it.

If you take the easy way out, so you can fight easier opponents, you will have the battle knowledge of a skid stained pair of drawers.

Fight the frustration, dont leave battles, learn from what you are seeing. Good chance you're surrounded by those that are better than you, albeit, they are often going to be seal clubbing chumps. In not too much time you will be defeating them more than tbey are defeating you. Your