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Next in War Robots. Workshop 2.0 and more

Author - Lanf

As a part of our “Next in War Robots” series, today we gonna talk about how we make new gear and how you receive it.

You might have missed:

Workshop 2.0

Workshop 2.0 is coming later this year. It works pretty much the same way: you launch the production and get resources along with some experience. Experience improves your workshop by opening new production slots, so the more you use your Workshop, the more resources you can produce simultaneously.

Workshop 2.0 (work in progress)
Workshop 2.0 (work in progress)

You’ll be able to create components for the equipment you need just like you created Workshop Points. Want to build a Mercury but don’t want to wait until right pieces fall into your hands? Queue it up in the new Workshop. Need that last push on your way to Pursuer? Workshop 2.0 lets you do that with silver or gold.

With this we’re giving you more control over your progression — build what you want and when you want it, without any additional steps. Just play, earn resources and collect what you need. It is that simple.

The unspent Workshop Points will be automatically converted into Black Market keys. Also, WP deals will be there until the very end, with more of them in the future. So you’ll have plenty of opportunities to spend your WP before they turn into keys.

Support robots

We want to get back to the roots and group new robots by their origin (“Knight of Camelot”, “Wild Bunch”) or core ability (“Shield bots”, “Dash Bots”, etc.). One of the upcoming packs is based around something we never tried before: supporting allies.

Mender concept-art
Mender concept-art

Mender is literally a combat ambulance. Its ability speeds you up and repairs all allies around. Mender’s short burst of speed allows it to be a lifesaver for mobile assault groups. 

Weyland is a complete opposite of that. Instead of running after patients, it stations itself akin to Raijin and Fujin, losing the ability to move but healing nearby friendlies as long as its “Clinic mode” (working title) is active. This robot is a turtling powerhouse as long as allies protect it well enough.

Both Mender and Weyland work best when right in the middle of a fight, as their tools only repair teammates nearby. We want to encourage more active playstyles, so instead of hiding behind the corner until healed up you'll still be actively engaging in a fight.

We also plan to add ally HP indicators so you always know who needs a repairing hand. Undoubtedly, repairing will be rewarded properly, just like the damage and beacons. After all, support robots sacrifice power to help their teammates, so we should acknowledge this input accordingly.

Support robots will be handy for playing solo as well. Their repair abilities work for themselves which can be lifesaving in FFA mode, for example. Moreover, they have weapon slots and thus some firepower in addition to repairing.

* * *

Stay tuned for the next WR Friday to know more about War Robots future!


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backtothefront14 days ago

I'm going to come out and say that tbis "cool-down" for respawn idea is pure horse puckey.

Let's look at this for a second...

They're stating that it is to keep people from frivolously blowing off robots in order to jump to a beacon etc.

First off, I myself have never done that. I don't even know how to pop off my robots like these ass-hat tankers have been doing all this time.

Secondly, it has appeared to me that very few are even tanking anymore. I used to see it every battle. Often times, entire clans (ton of respect for those tools, totally sarcastic) just blowing off their entire hangar worth of Cossacks, leaving me and one other pilot to get our asses kicked, and the home spawn area looking like a bunch of dead cockroaches. I actually have screen shots of one of such battles. Anyway, I digress. I'm not seeing it anymore, except for the rare battle where I'm figuring some dufus that didn't get the memo or hasn't played in a while pops off his hangar.

THIRDLY, and arguably the most notable is how there us an article written by FM9CUY (a self-admitted "mild-tanker", mind you) that illustrates in MULTIPLE WAYS how to do just what you guys are claiming you want to implement the "respawn cool-down" to stop. Are you effing serious???

Don't punish players because of what appears to me (in Gold I) to have gotten better, especially when you have an article on this very site which promotes such stupidity.

ASHWIN.A13 days ago

Whoo , good going war robots very happy to see workshop 2.0 release it as soon as possible. Please I want to get my very first dash bots😎😎

Daniel King14 days ago

That "Modules" tab is teasing the living hell out of me...

*SQUATCH*13 days ago

backtothefront, You are very lucky i am in champion and tanking is worse now then i have ever seen.

Arik Zonshine14 days ago

It sounds nice overall, but I wonder how shocktrain is gonna handle the supporting bots. Also tanking bots will have the opportunity to tank more due to a healing partner, so there are downsides to this.
I’d like to remind u to buff the old school bots to make them more interesting and challenging for the newer ones. They are less and less used in higher leagues and I believe u’d like too see them used there as well.

A beautiful rajin14 days ago

Daniel King, They said in an earlier (A very old one) post that modules would do certain things to bots, like add a resistance, or more health, anything really

Mick Marauder14 days ago

backtothefront, I have to disagree with you on tanking getting better because I report them 9 out of 10 matches in gold league. And the guys that aren't actually blowing all of their robots up-and-running suicide with their last one just stand there at the spawn point or don't drop a bite at all and then there are the players who run in with no weapons on their robots and just run around the battlefield. A lot of this evidence is I see really well equipped hangers with really high percentage win rates yet these guys are in low leagues. When I see somebody with a thousand victories in Diamond League yet there is a player in gold league with 3000 victories it makes you ask the question of how is this happening? I don't believe any of these players especially if they have a 60 or 70% Victory rate are legitimately in the lower leagues especially with multiple hangers and maxed out robots and weapons. The tankers are getting sneaky especially when they run one hanger of level 1 Cossacks with level 1 weapons and their other hangers are all maxed out so they play one good hanger then they play one crappy hanger or some variation of that scheme in order to stay in the lower league or drop to a lower one than that. I had a player I reported multiple times in gold league 3 and at least in gold league 2 with over 46,000 victories and it makes you wonder why is it allowed to continue to happen. As much as pixonic has told me they collect in a sign points to repeat offenders and when they hit a certain number they automatically drop into low priority queue I don't think low priority queue is actually doing the job and ask for the supply drops and battle rewards as being a deterrent to tanking well we all know that's a heaping steaming pile of horse crap. I'm even seeing instances of bad sportsmanship where your own teammate hinder your ability to play Push you out into enemy fire or just harass you through the game. Then you find the same asshats posting this stuff on Facebook because they think it's funny and even that is written in their user agreement as against the rules but it still happens because pixonic has not gotten Tough Enough on these cheating losers. If they solve the tanking issue by putting a hard floor in So you can't drop to a lower league once you're in a higher League a lot of the game balance will come back on its own. If a guy's in Champion League you should stay in Champion League no matter how many times he loses and that goes for every other league. Seems like a simple fix yet they continue to tell me it's difficult? Difficult my ass. You tell us you don't want tanking yet they still continue to allow it to happen which makes me wonder why? I agree it's the biggest problem in the game and hopefully one day they will read these messages and wake up and do something about it. I love your train of thought and it's too bad they don't listen to people with good ideas instead of watching whatever shows you mentioned and drinking or sleeping on the job instead of fixing the biggest problem in the game. It's really a sad State of Affairs when they can't get their own game under control.

Knight13 days ago

The question is when

Mick Marauder13 days ago

Pyrotech442, You must be joking that you think the reward systems have stopped tanking? I'm not seeing any evidence of that. I thought the rewards in the higher leagues were going to be so great they wouldn't bother coming down to a low league but from what I'm seeing that is far from the truth

backtothefront13 days ago

Anyone been taking note of how the comments are all jumbled to hell??

You've got to scan through them all to find the post you just put up, or the response to you. post from another commenter.


We're dealing with scoundrels folks. Plain and simple. Keep the masses scattered.

Garunix99913 days ago

Flying Pillows, What did you expect? Did you expect a system that spoonfeeds you with 10000 components a second? And so what if WP is gone? You can just create whatever components you want. It's not a big deal, it's not a money-grab, it's a slight change to the current system which will change the game for the better.

NIKHIL~Hawk_Killer372113 days ago

So... unspent Work Shop Points will be converted into keys... what will be the rate of exchange then... I mean.... how many keys for how many Work Shop Points??

Iamrobot13 days ago

Y'ALL Done shitting all over ya self and yet can't seem find a way to take a step back and clean it LMAO.. NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE SINCE DASH BOT, MK2 , Shocktrain, Matchmaking, Rebalanced get that fuck outta here with that shit. PILOTS do yourself a favor and write a bad review on the store game worthless AF.

LoucustMaster11712 days ago

Sooooooooo..... Pixonic the conversion rate from WP to "keys" is going to be decent.


LoucustMaster11712 days ago

So the mender has 2 light and 1 medium slot + it heals itself, then of course you add in deathmacth and you get the best Spydra platform in the game!

Iamrobot11 days ago

Let's start a trend because its obvious they aren't getting the message copy and paste #DeleteWR

backtothefront14 days ago

I also want to chime in on the topic of medic bots.

I think this idea is dumb, dumb, DUMB!

I mean seriously guys...are you developers sitting around watching soap operas while you spit-ball these ideas??

Or watching re-runs of 'Happy Day's' so you can watch the "Fonz" jump the shark? Because, that's what this idea seems like...jumping the proverbial shark...

We don't need a tin can nurse to run around the battle field. Will it be wearing a nurse's outfit? White squishy soled shoes on its robot feet??

I'm sorry, this idea is pretty bad.

Kushrenada14 days ago

The healing bots sounds questionable but the workshop 2.0 aounds great. Will there be a way to exchange components for other components? I have a lot for bots/weapons I don’t want. I’d rather trade those for weapons/bots I do want, even if I receive less components than I give away.

Micheal Elia13 days ago

can i change components to another components ??

Pyrotech44213 days ago

Warlock, Tanking isn't 100% fixed, but it's pretty close. New chests and reward systems make it so that you earn less rewards, discouraging tanking

Mick Marauder14 days ago

Fearsum Engine, I completely agree with you this whole idea is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. The only guys that are going to like this are the ones who are going to find a way to work it in their favor and any rewards anybody gets out of sacrificing a slot to help out other players just to heard them for Shack train users to kill them all off needs their head examined. Oh sure it'll be fair they will give you extra rewards for sacrificing yourself to help the team. I'm waiting for pixonic to stop tanking which will fix everybody's problems yet Arc rise fall on deaf ears.

{CYT}Cmeg13 days ago

Arik Zonshine, {This comment on old school Bots needs buffing is true.} My Hanger includes 4 Griffins 11, 12 and a Golem 11 and 2 MK2,
Reason we need them Buffed to compete is: I lose my 5 Bots usually in less than 3 minutes each Game. The rest of the time is waiting for the Game to end and then wait again to connect to the next Game with the same scenario. I wished our Old School Bots could at least be Buffed enough to compete, it would make the Game more FUN! I think for me as well as others in the War Robot community. {Lose up to 18 or 20 Games in a row then Win maybe 1 or 2 imho is not fun.} oh, and often get a -22 or -17 etc., in Rating which drops me back in progress that I had made. Not to mention all the time spent and Gold & Silver used to upgrade each Bot and its Weapons. If I were Wealthy the afore mentioned issue would not be a problem. Being a Korean War Veteran and retired is my problem not WR but it plays a huge factor trying to keep up with WR progression. I am also sure there are others in this similar predicament. Hope WR reads this and buffs Old School Bots. ( My 2 Cents worth ) is not worth much I know. Thanks for allowing (us) me to voice our concerns.

Pyrotech44213 days ago

Buff all robots converted from workshop to components, because that will literally make robots like Fujin obsolete to haechi, and no one would want it. If not, nerf the kumiho at least so its dash is the same as rog's, because it is way too fast. I have one, and it ruins the game for my enemies because they are either too slow or too weak, or both!
P.S. just STOP calling all new robots medium. from the lightweight pursuer classified as medium to the massive inquisitor, yet it's a medium robot!

Charlie13 days ago

Oh I hate it but I must join the tankers, right at this moment. I've had enough of either fighting against opponents who tank down, or fighting with teammates who tank out. Sometimes you don't even know when you are left alone already with 5 red beacons and 6 enemies chasing my ass off. Admittedly I got no skills fighting against component bots who happen to be as skillful as I am and may not even need any skills at all, not in a million years. Guess tanking is now my best solution and the most "decent" way imaginable to protest against tanking and unfair game play. Shocktrains, mk2 dash bots, spectre or whatever, here is my tank to your health!!! Hahaha!

backtothefront13 days ago

Charlie, Don't do it. Don't start tanking. Use the opportunity to sharpen your skills. You will get better because of it.

If you take the easy way out, so you can fight easier opponents, you will have the battle knowledge of a skid stained pair of drawers.

Fight the frustration, dont leave battles, learn from what you are seeing. Good chance you're surrounded by those that are better than you, albeit, they are often going to be seal clubbing chumps. In not too much time you will be defeating them more than tbey are defeating you. Your damage average will go up.

Figure out the weapons you need, earn them and upgrade them and your bots.

Back to the front we go.

Charlie13 days ago

wheres my comment gone?

Charlie12 days ago

Dude, An abusive system always expects obedience and so called non-scumturd "honor". A brilliant system encourages protests and negotiation. Guess tanking is just one of the most effective ways to say "No" to the mistreatment lots of players went through in this game. Innovation is the key, not some humdrum self-inflating speech. And definitely not cowardly cencorship either!

LoucustMaster11712 days ago

Nocluevok, Please just no!

I am begging you!

Dumb@$$ teammates are why I exclusively play solo of Rules of Survival.

Charlie12 days ago

An Energy reflector works this way. As a heavy weapon, ER can only be mounted on a heavy slow robot such as natasha or leo. Any energy weapon including taran and esp. shocktrain that touches it, it immediately reflects the energy back to the taran or shocktrain user and has a chain of damage to players near the energy weapon user (it only works when it reflects back energy from a shocktrain of course). It can get damaged by the energy weapons but it will last a while. It is sure vulnerable to rockets, like any physical shield is. what do you say, guys? Pixonic?

THE INDIAN13 days ago

I think its a right thing
If i can get a kumiho or haechi
I'm a new player and all i lack is a dash bot
I tested my skills in hangar x
and i'm no less than the original users
so by this act of Pixonic i might be able to outmatch the dash bot users
Right now i cam take down a plasma kumiho with my garry.
but i really want a dash bot

RWlunch13 days ago

i think pix should make the wild bunch bots available for sillver, wild bunch bots arent seen that commonly.

Farmaan Akhtar13 days ago

I don't really play this all day because of work.. I can't even upgrade because of the reward.. get something like 100k -190k every match. It's been 3 weeks I haven't upgrade any weapons or bot. I'm kinda stuck.

Berger120113 days ago

Hi can I have a lot of gold and silver

LoucustMaster11712 days ago

backtothefront, Yeah but the movement (and sometimes disappearance) of comments usually takes about a week so what's different this time I wonder?

LoucustMaster11712 days ago

{CYT}Cmeg, "My two cent's worth" hmm... do you reckon that saying comes from the bible where a poor lady gives Jesus two coins of some sort?

The Big Drop12 days ago

I would highly reccomend that everyone who reads this post (and comment) to really consider how many of each WSP Weapon and/or Robot/Mek they should have in their Hangar and try your best to stock-up before WSP2.0 goes live.

Better to have it before you need it and cant get it.

Dave Dave Crook11 days ago

how much do you want to bet that the newer bots & weapons (older ones too: Ex, dash bots) we will not be able to create those components. everything about this game is fabricated to milk the whales as much as possible, there is no way Pixsonic will give the newer contents that easily. Most likely we able make bots that is garbage

Atelang 13 days ago

The new update sounds promising, and I'll withhold comment until we see it implemented.

Tanking has nearly disappeared in expert league. The potential loss of reward box components is apparently having an impact. My biggest issue with Pixonic has been on the business side of the app. The devs are doing their job of creating new bots and weapons, but the business side says they're unavailable for most players. I started playing in 2017, have over 2,100 victories, and I just finally acquired my first component bot, a Kumiho. However, I've been saving WS points for a long time and have over 175,000 ready to use on something. I'm hoping I don't somehow get screwed over in the conversion process.

If Pixonic wants to make an improvement that will increase playtime, cut the premium cost in half and offer an additional, simultaneous upgrade feature for $5/mo. The second upgrade feature will increase the need/demand for silver, which will increase demand for premium. I'll gladly pay $5/mo for premium, but I will not pay $10. And, I'll occasionally pay $5 for simultaneous upgrades when I've built up a nice stockpile of silver. It's just taking too long to level up bots and weapons. I've yet to get anything to level 12, but I won't spend gold for reduced time, either.

__Mehrad_Pro__13 days ago

Immagine this new ability in squads... specialy vice connected ones. and also we need the ability to add friends from ingame

backtothefront13 days ago

Mick Marauder, And Im not sure you got it, but I'm in agreement with you on the medic BS. What I was saying is the battles often don't even go for the 10 minutes that the clock can go. And not for the lack of fighting that is left to do...there are still plenty of robots when the battle abruptly ends. And that I think is bogus. The clock should keep going until there is no one left to fight.

There is no reason for a medic not, save for some crack-pot scheme that Pixonic is cooking up to invariably fleece us of something. That is for damned sure. Just what and how, only time will tell.

HEATHEN CAT13 days ago

The damn Shocktrain is still killing teamwork and making cover useless and you idiots want to drop another damn easy target for it to hit by unskilled ricochet?? You're steadily removing the need for skill from the game anyway with that damn thing's proliferation in the game. You just added two no skill needing robots(Mercury and Hellburner) too boot. Why don't you just add a one shot full team killing nuclear weapon to the game and just get it over with? This is no longer a game of player skill or strategy anymore. Tactics will soon be a thing of the past as teams Shocktrain the hell out of one another in seconds. War Robots?? No. It's now War Wallets.

backtothefront13 days ago

*SQUATCH*, Ok, when you say tanking are you referring to the prancers that blow off their robots in the beginning of the match, or are you referring to the seal-clubbing pussies that have obviously tanked to get where they are.?

I am not seeing much of the former anymore. But I am seeing the latter...I just came within 50,000 damage with a clan affiliated chump that had an all level 12 hangar. Dash bots, two of which were MK2. He got high 800,000 damage, I got mid 800k. His league??? Silver II.... Some 6000 plus victories. Total effing chump. Cheating fraud of a man. Dacter was his handle...of the born apehbi clan. Hang your pathetic head in shame.

My hanger BTW is only level 8 bots. 1000 wins. Kinda perpetually stuck in Gold I. I only started playing in December because my son wouldn't let me play on his Kindle, lol!! I think one thing to remember is most of the clan chumps are getting their wins by nefarious means. They have no skill. They have no balls. They are prancing, premidonna chumps. Take it to 'em. You might not get every fight, but you will more than likely out fight them in more battles than not. They are dulling their blades by laziness and cheating, you, many others, and I are sharpening ours by fighting through frustration and learning.

Go out and Kill. Back to the effing front we go. Because, well, Metallica.

Warlock13 days ago

So here's my two cents.
1. Repair bots are a stupid idea for the reasons everyone else stated below. Just what I need is to lose a slot in my bay for an ambulance that will get capped as soon as it shows up to rescue someone other than myself. Why not make a rescue drone that you can call once per match that would heal you, say 25% and then fly away. (Make it a non-player support character.) Might be fun to be able to target them too.
2. Until tanking is fixed (yeah, like that is ever going to happen...) then no amount of bots, weapons, maps or other fluff will fix this game.
3. Workshop 2 does sound interesting but I always have a "wait and see" attitude with anything Pixonic comes up with.

backtothefront8 days ago

Charlie, Oh, I hit post to quick....

So're condemning me for not a being a 'decent dude's because I'm describing you to a 'T', but you don't see yourself as not being a decent dude for espousing your myriad of excuses/cop outs for cheating in the game and from what I gather from your posts, life as well????

Suck it.

And gfys.

Mat Velish10 days ago

Mick Marauder, Dude, fight the tankers. Tankers are usually players that eat it badly on champ league due to lack of skill. Just buy tarans and move smart you can kill them all.
I've been playing 2 years, kept my damage rate over 800k last 12 months changing my hangar too many times with mk1 11/12 lvl gear.

We feel you bro. I tell you what, when I was doing solo and Pixonic introduced the supply drops many tankers started raising to grab more rewards but we literally kick them down again because they did NO damage. Like they rised to a place where we do epic battles every day and they found out they needed to stay low to kill more than 2 bots per match.
Nobody like tankers and they are never going to be part of the community.

backtothefront11 days ago

Charlie, Charlie, I'm sorry, but in at least one of your earlier posts, you sit and correctly blame the ills of the game on tanking and the lowlife mentality that resorts to such tactics (basicly cheating).

Then, in a matter of posts, you start saying that you're gonna tank yourself. You are now using getting your virtual ass kicked as an excuse to resort in the endeavor that you yourself see as what is "killing the game".

Didn't take much to sell your soul and integrity, did it?

Suck it up, man up, and do like I've mentioned in a few posts and use this as an opportunity to "sharpen your blade", if you will.

I'll gaurrantee that your tactics absolutely stink like week old trash, and you've got room to improve greatly. No offense meant. We all grow in this game. I certainly have and have much more to grow. It's apparent every time I get my ass handed to me.

Otherwise, do us a favor and quit the game. Or put up your screen name so we can further demoralize you in battle. Don't worry, I dont have any Shocktrains. You'll be taken out un a hail of kinetic weaponry, or maybe my tarans.

backtothefront11 days ago

Charlie, Yes, I most certainly can call you or anyone else that tanks because they're too busy sucking their thumbs to a shriveled nub, low-life's.

Because it illustrates just how little mettle you possess. That you can't persevere through a 'game' dude. It is extremely dubious that your integrity in life is somehow more stand up and exemplary than what you show here. 'Life ain't going your way...might as well cheat', right??

And while this is a 'game', it isn't one where your spineless prancing actions only effect you. They effect the other 5 real people that are on your team 'directly'. They 'indirectly' effect all of us, and you are in full awareness and understanding of that as you outlined that yourself in one of your earlier posts of this thread, before you want schizo and started claiming you were going to tank yourself.

Save your diatribe about why you should tank for an audience that is sympathetic to your quitters mentality. I dont think that's who's in here.

#WUT9 days ago


backtothefront11 days ago

Charlie, I think you've got that backwards, and as a matter of fact, you are wrong anyway.

The more you claim that you cant win against this weapon or that bot, the more I'm convinced that your battle skills are in need of development.

Dont tank.

Mick Marauder14 days ago

I for one have been saving Workshop points for a long time to get a Rajin or a fujin. I don't know about anybody else but I will be pissed off if my 10000 + Workshop points are suddenly converted to keys that I can spin for worthless prizes. You should be able to convert the workshop points directly into components and if I misunderstood that then I hope somebody explains it to me.

Charlie11 days ago

Like I said somewhere else, there must be a tit for tat mode of thinking for weapon and bot design. You can't let one type of weapon or robot or even one particular type of players with their one partiular type of tactics rule too long. Status quo ruins this game, innovation enlivens it. Now lets get back to my idea of "Energy reflector", ladies and gentlemen,....

backtothefront11 days ago

Charlie, And you are cheating "real money out of real pockets" if you tank in this game. Because even if I don't spend money, there are others that do, and yet don't tank, so when you tank and they get pummeled because you left a game like prancing primadonna, their results aren't dictated by the challenge anymore...they're dictated by some creep who is playing a group interactive game, but yet sees only his own micro-peckered need to quit. You're not playing against a computer here. You're playing against other people who decided to take time out of their own lives to play when they hit that effing 'BATTLE' button.

Unbelievable that you clearly dont have the ability to make that connection.

And don't refer to me as "bro".

backtothefront9 days ago

Charlie, You aren't a man if you resort to the cop outs that you do Charlie. And I do take your horseshit personally, because it's you and your ilk that create the shit in the world that others have to deal with. That ain't innovation, but damn, you sure do sound classy and cutting edge with that.

More like classless.

Pyrotech44213 days ago

A beautiful rajin, New shocktrain rebalance needed!

-chain range nerfed to 100m (was 150)
-if shocktrain hits a physical shield, it is deflected back
and deals 50% damage to the shocktrain user

This way, more skill will be implemented into the shocktrain
while at the same time more balanced.

Toola13 days ago

Nice Addition..gonna help keep more pilots in game...

Error[404]13 days ago

I suggest the Weyland to be a new four-legged bot. Does anyone agree?

tadiho13 days ago

clinic seem to work with them but doesn't it seem to only work for others but not themself? maybe you should an extra ability ( a bonus that comes with the clinic ) when ever it kills some bots, it could gain 25% hp of the bot that it destroyed. seem fair to me that they can do something other than sacrifice for it's teammates, right?

Aslam Tahir11 days ago

Charlie, Shocktrain is the best example of this. At 500m, there is no risk to orkan and taran. There must be reward with risk or there is no point for knife fighters, just get the whole team to equip shocktrains and blast anyone that come within 500 feet and chain dmg the robot behind them and behind that and behind the other one. If the whole opponent line up properly a maxed out 4shocktrain spectre can 1hit the robot in front and make everyone nearby below 50% hp. Those using orkan and taran die too fast because in higher league, the shocktrain groupies know to gang on them first. pew pew pew. 3 bulgasari wth a total of 9 shocktrain aim at the same guy just because he is using orkan/tarn. He is dead and the only thing he can do is jump into his shocktrain robot to counter. This become everyone using only shocktrain and its not fun.

Charlie11 days ago

Aslam Tahir, EXACTLY!!! Skills won't matter in such cases. It's plain shocktrain barbecue feast. Quadruple shocktrains specter?!?! If I had one, I 'd slaugher everyone like putting young lambs to a sharpened blade. I don't even need any help from teammates as long as they stay out of my way. All that combat experience you've accumulated for months (in my case weeks, lol) through real sweat and virtual blood just goes to oblivion. Not to mention a series of other ridiculous mk2 gold-sucking tactics. Anyways, I like this game but I don't like where it's headed now.

Warlock9 days ago

Just another thought... Instead of a repair bot why not a repair module. It would take up a weapon slot and s l o w l y repair the bot. Say 1%/second.

backtothefront11 days ago

Charlie, I'm sorry, but this is just a well crafted excuse to cop-out and cheat. I and many others who most likely don't even bother to post on this site have gone up against "triple-shocktrained" bots countless times. Speaking for myself, I have never felt the urge to tank the game because of it, or for any other reason.

Tanking says a person is a complete prancer, who can't stick out a situation because the cards aren't in their favor. And being that this game is one the involves other people, it is so effing selfish to tank that it would take days to illustrate the myriad of ways that 'tankers', for whatever reason they attempt to delude themselves and others to the efficacy of the practice, are just low-life's who aren't worthy of trust.

In betting you play on a Kindle?

Pyrotech44210 days ago

Mick Marauder, The only reasons why people still tank even with chests is because either they don't care about the rewards, need gold, or want to get away from dash bots. I think the chests help with tanking a little, but to get rid of tankers completely pixonic would have to first make a new reliable source of gold because of all the uses gold now has, most players can't keep up without spending loads of money to use it. Second, matchmaking (and balancing of op stuff) NEEDS to be fixed! I know I almost felt like tanking just to get away from the dash bots because at the time I had mostly silver equipment with some workshop and a lancelot. A lancelot is powerful but compared to dash bots? More like obsolete! Fixing these two things is the next huge move to fix tanking and also help players get new components faster.

backtothefront9 days ago

Charlie, They're generally classified as sociopaths, as well. Not something I'd be clicking my heels to emulate.

You mirror what's wrong in the world Charlie. Other people do things that are morally wrong...I guess we all should???

You are exactly what you said I couldn't call you. Full Stop.

Nocluevok14 days ago

Somebody at PIX got their dates mixed up... it isn't April 1st. I can't wait to drop into a match with a brawler and find myself surrounded by "support" bots. Too bad I won't be able to lay on the battlefield screaming, "medic" just to watch my team's support bots get picked off by snipers when they come to "help" me. THAT would be funny!

Creepergomoo14 days ago

Also, another idea for a heal bot would be a minibot spawning robot that can put small robots that heal an ally to follow them until they are destroyed. Probably should be a limit to the amount of these that can be spawned, but it could mean that you could put long range weapons on this bot and the minibots would work as a long-range heal.

Charlie11 days ago

backtothefront, On a laptop. Facebook gameroom. But whatever you say, you won't stop tanking. You can not actually call someone a "low life" simply because that person cheats in a robot game, can you? If you can, what would you call those who cheat real money outta our real pockets? JK. Tankers, they have improved this game greatly, admit it bro. A new way of thinking.

Error[404]10 days ago

LoucustMaster117, You are right. The combination of annoying homing missiles and a self-healing bot is a total nightmare for most players.

VØƦŦEX1014 days ago

Thomas Notyourconcern, That sounds great try to come out with ws 2.0 as quick as u can I’m waiting for it I think I’m gonna love it 😎

Niko14 days ago

ok first off,
1. workshop 2.0 will be the balancer of the game. making the components easier to get in exchange for silver, gold and time. however, that is the job of the supply drop and honor points, its free but fixed on one type only. maybe you should give the choice on what component would be in the supply drop instead of fixed on one type.
2. tanking is the most hated in warrobots now, i suggest no one will ever get to diamond league if they reached expert league, like expert league now is the baseline league. those in diamond can stay in diamond however if they reach expert, they will never go down diamond league. like from private to diamond league is the beginner leagues.
3. i suggest a feature where you can auction/sell weapons and bots to a "black market" where you could trade your haechi to other players to gold or silver. like for example, i sell my haechi for 150m silver. (though this may lead to scammers, so idk)
4. there had been 3rd party cheats that destroys the game, like that super jump cossack, or walk through walls/ or beneath the map natashas,. please make sure this game is run with legit apks.
5. being premium sucks, +50% exp and silver? and when youre lvl 30, that exp is negligible. i suggest revamp the premium, like for example. being in premium gets you +50% silver, gold and keys each end of battle. you can get another upgrading slot so you can have 2 upgrades at the same time, or upgrading is cut in half, you get more daily missions that earns gold,
6. i suggest getting the "wild west bots" to be in wsp or gold...
7. and please, i know you want to release bots and weapons so that the game feels fresh every month, its just too much components. when you spin in the black market, chances are you are not getting what you want.
8. speaking of components, i suggest you implement a common component currency. like for example, every battle we earn 10 components where we can convert it to components of bots and weapons, lets say haechi is 10k components, and inquisitor is 12k components. shocktrains are 8k components. there is just too much components in the current black market..
i hope you consider these... tnx

YBULL 14 days ago

Great ideas I like where the game is going with this updates

Valkyrja14 days ago

What would be the ratio to convert WP to Keys?

Warren Dixon14 days ago

This will be a great addition to the game. It should inspire better team play, which is lacking in this game. There is no finesse at times at I believe this might address that issue. Any new changes should be met with open arms. Let's see how this works, be fore passing judgement or crying about other aspects of the game. I like this new idea, can't wait to see it in production.

Creepergomoo11 days ago

Someone needs to make clearer the importance of beacons. Every time I play, even though I'm master 1 league, I am the only one capturing beacons. Meanwhile, my teammates get themselves killed and I end up by myself against 6 other people. That's when all my beacon work goes to waste- just 10 seconds away from winning, the other team captures all the beacons and wins. Please stress the importance of beacons more than a quick mention of it in the tutorial.

Error[404]10 days ago

HEATHEN CAT, First off, Shocktrains require skill to use. If you wanna kill someone with a shield, hit the bot near it. Second, you can't just helldive randomly or go kamikaze mode every time you see someone. You need to have skill to time the use of your ability properly and effectively.

Sam 11065#14 days ago

Healing bots will be nice idea. We know on test server about it is functioning and design.Work Points 2.0 is most helpful for player's to get new bots

Terry Adrian13 days ago

I like the sound of the new workshop but the proof will be in the pudding so to speak. I like the idea of healing bots too but how sturdy will they actually be? I mean they will be completely pointless if they get taken out before they can even get to their team mates to assist. Much of this sounds good on paper but that sometimes doesn't translate into the game. We will have to wait and see. I also think that currently there are too many energy weapons in WR which make energy shields all but useless. For example, Shocktrain Bulgsari is a nightmare and of course, it's mostly the big spenders who can afford to buy three shocktrains and level them up to mk2 level 12 instantly that have them, relegating everyone else to cannon fodder status pretty much. No one can deny that the game has steadily evolved into pay to win with things like "mk2" and the option to buy bots and weapons for cash. How are average players meant to compete against hangers full of mk2 level 12 everything? Please tell me. The game HAS become unfair, there's no two ways about it and that is that exact reason why today there are so many people tanking. I don't agree with that practice but I understand why it's happening. The game needs fixing and nobody can do that but you guys. But that would mean a change in priorities and putting the players before money for once. I won't hold my breath.

ΔStriker-13 days ago

Rip.. Everyone's ideas are so good in these comments! Too bad pix doesn't listen to most of them..

Creepergomoo11 days ago

Also, there needs to be a risk involved from using a shocktrain. A cool way to make a risk is if the first bot the shocktrain hits has a physical shield, the shot could ricochet back to the user of the shocktrain and they would take 25% of the damage. Maybe this could only happen if the charge was above level 3 to make use of not charging first. Either way, shocktrains would become easier to counter.

Dsnipe11 days ago

That is very nice idea to add a repair bot