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War Robots Friday. Shocktrain, Game Modes and Tankers

by WR_Tofsla - 9.02.2018

This time we went for a slightly different format: instead of chaotically going from topic to topic, we picked and answered 5 top questions from last two weeks discussions.

Let's go!

Too many modes

Q: New modes keep coming and it becomes harder and harder to get the mode I want to play right now. This is deeply troubling for me — should I be ready for worse?

New modes are incredibly helpful as a tool for opening more unexpected facets to the game. We want to open the mind and find what else is possible in War Robots other than just running around knee-deep in blood, oil and spare parts (even though this is kinda the point). Make it so the game is always in a flux — but a healthy one. You should come into the game expecting something new and cool to see experiencing delight and curiosity — not the existential horror of “oh gosh, what do I have to grind for now“ kind.

By the way, we are extremely happy with the feedback on King of the Hill you gave us. Currently, KotH steadily holds 20-30% of all concurrent matches with those preferring speed over power and seems like we struck the vein for a particular style of players. And at the same time threads like this one allowed us to locate the issues that we’ll do our best to avoid in the future. Thank you!

King of the Hill ranks pilots by time spend on objective, not by damage — so speed-based builds start to rule there

Of course, with new modes come certain drawbacks — playerbase segregation is possibly the biggest culprit. We already have many players who enjoy playing exclusively TDM. Or sticking to the roots with Domination. Adding separate matchmaking queues is not the option here as it will hurt the matchmaking times and quality by a large margin.

But we also understand that you don’t want to be left at the mercy of random when it comes to picking modes. To soften the impact, we increased Domination and TDM reward multiplier (+10% and +33% respectively) earlier this week. Now you should get about the same amount of silver per match as you would in Beacon Rush.

In the meantime, we took a step back to check our priorities and see if we’re going in a right direction in how we handle new modes. There are many strategies we could adopt. Should we leave one queue for a fixed mode and rotate modes in the second queue? Or reshuffle queues and make it so, say, we have Domination+TDM and BR+KotH queues?

We’ll see soon.

Workshop 2.0

Q: When will Workshop 2.0 go live?

It is still pretty far away — a couple of months away at the very least. But once there's something new to unveil, we won't make you wait any longer!

Supply Drops: only Kumiho?

Q: The way it looks the only components in supply drops will be Kumiho components? Is this the case?

The goal is to switch Supply Drop contents every month or so. We'll begin with Kumiho, then rotating to something else — and so on.

We also plan to launch a poll where people will be able to vote for things they want to see in the next Supply Drop season. Stay tuned.

Leaving vs. Tanking

Q: In 3.6 you introduced a new pop up message about repercussions of leaving the match too early. Is it really enough to stop people from abusive activity like tanking?

No. Definitely not.

What we're actually doing with this popup is getting rid of the current "it's alright to leave, so just go" message that was there for eternity. Leaving a match is still okay in many cases, but the idea we want to plant is that there’s always a chance to ruin the game for your teammates if you leave them too early. Which is, of course, not alright.

This message alone is not going to stop hardcore tankers — would be naive to expect that to happen after the change so tiny. But the part of the issue comes from the fact that some people believe we support tanking — and we don't. We want to establish that clearly enough with proper wordings on our side.

There a lot of discussion going on which approach we should pick to handle matchmaking exploits.

For now, you can use this form to report players ruining your experience.

Shocktrain nerf

Q: Shocktrain is dominating in high leagues. Any plans on nerfing it?

We aren’t going to leave Shocktrain as it is, that’s for sure. We don’t want to nerf it into oblivion, as this would alienate thousands of people who enjoy using it (there's always two sides to the coin). But our goal is definitely to emphasize counterplay, allowing you to find weak spots in Shocktrain-packed enemies’ defence. This weapon should remain relevant — but not nearly as dominant as it is right now.

By the way, Shocktrain is not the only piece of equipment we’re looking at. We also want to bring many outclassed pieces — like Wild Bunch robots — to the forefront with some precise buffs.

We already have some solutions ready. As always, they will surface on the test server first — follow its official page and be ready for the upcoming week's announcements!


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MK317 hours ago

Making shocktrain more accessable to more people won't help. If everyone has shocktrains, they'll just destroy each other at 500 m. There goes all the fun of the game.

MK319 hours ago

ETC ROBLES, And when the reds come at you, you rip them apart with the shocktrains. This weapon needs a nerf.

Pilot FM9CUYyesterday

Lecygne, No, no we read it. Takes a bit of time to process and judge all the complaints but eventually the nasty tankers are sent deep into LPQ purgatory!


The Tankers / Campers are a plague, a parasite for honest players who want to progress.
I hope that with the new denunciation’s form, the information will be processed.
My fear is that the email address where the form will be sent would be a black hole.
I specify my thought. The form is sent but nobody to read it.

S44 days ago

Shocktrain est une arme de faible, au moins autant que l'était l'hydra. Pas de risque et des dégâts à coups sûrs.. le problème n est pas tant sa puissance, un orkan fait d'énorme dégâts et personne ne s'en plaint.. le problème c'est que quand tu en a 4, 5 voir 6 en face équipés full shocktrains mk2 et bien... tu fait comme tout le monde, tu arrêtes de jouer.. parce que franchement même en se payant des dash et des shocktrains, on voit plus l'intérêt de jouer.. 0 stratégie. Je me cache a 600m, je sort je tire, je me cache a 600m, je sort je tire.... wow quel ennuie !

Phenomenal5 days ago

#Thanks pix for making tanker reporting center

d1mk1n6 days ago

apparently I must be playing a different game to Tofsla. my experience, when playing solo I can never get into a game of KOH, the timer goes to 3 and 5 minutes without finding a game. makes me think that nobody is really playing KOH, the concept anyway is not very intelligent people running from the one beacon to the next, by the way I found this mode incredibly easy to win and usually the two team bars are very low and it matters who got the first beacon or how the next beacons lit up. in some maps like yamantau its a disaster, really some of the maps should be excluded from KOH.

for TDM, this has become an extremely boring game mode. everybody sits back waiting for the other person to come. the only thing that could make this mode interesting would be a circle of death ala player unknown with everyone forcing to come to the center and annihilate each other. its not even a good game mode when you need to make destroy robots for the event tasks. whenever I get TDM I leave the battle immediately so I get replaced with another player, in this way I dont ruin other peoples experience and also I dont ruin my experiencing by spending 10 mins in boredom (yes TDM matches usually run the full length of the match). the "group of many players who enjoys TDM" really puzzles me, this mode is good for campers.

the best would be for the player to have his own choice to group 2+2 game modes in two different buttons according to his preference. this would make two matchmaking queues as is now and let the players enjoy the game mode they like.

still the main flow of the game has not been addresses. its really hard to compete in champions with overpowered opponents that have 5 hangars all mk2. why should these people be pitted against normal hangars without any mk2 weapons and have a 20% advantage on everything? its not sporting or a challenge for them and definitely not fair for the other players. matchmaking needs to be improved to take into consideration hangar power - in this way tanking would not be possible anymore or be reduced significantly.

Tmoneyshot 6 days ago

Since you decided to ban my second fb account from posting on your page I hear you loud and clear- you don’t want me as a player anymore so I will spend my money on Battle Titans instead. Way to piss off your player base. You guys are the worst company, I am looking forward to the full release of Battle Titans and your downfall. Phu Q I hope you fail before you recoup your $30 million investment and I hope your whole team gets aids and dies.

Greg Taschdjian6 days ago

You don't need to nerf the shock, it's the pairing with the bulgasari that is the problem. Either nerf the bulgasari shield or buff trident to deal with the pairing of bulgasari and shocktrain. Make trident continuous fire like all the other rockets.

Dude7 days ago

ETC ROBLES, What will stop them them from their ultimate goal, which is to drop leagues for weaker competition, is to limit the use of higher leveled bots and weapons in the lower leagues. Take away their advantage and they are just players that can't utilize what most players develop through slow growth, which are a couple of things called skill and strategy. They are only low life's in the game, and pretty much in their daily life too.

Dude7 days ago

ETC ROBLES, If that were the reality of how it is, that would be acceptable, but that isn't even close. Where do you think most of the tankers end up? The money player tankers with the leveled up bots. They are in the lower leagues dominating the weaker and frugal players, then excuse that as some type of legitimate gaming. It is just low class assery. The developers have created the majority of these player issues just to cause strife and piss off some to pay for upgrades and new stuff, thinking it will help them get even or some lame thing like that. All it does is enrich the developer. Look at how they are constantly nerf in and buffing bots and weapons. It totally misleads the player in thinking that they are getting what they pay for, only to have it nerfed shortly afterwards. That is called fraud in most places, in Russia it is called business as usual. Just remember who runs so the game every time you get pissed at something in the game.

Papajofixit8 days ago

Everybody needs to lower their star rating to a more appropriate rating for the game 1 * that's all they deserve until they can stop their greedy ways why have a giveaway game if you're going to cheat people on it how stupid is that I have this really big green handled tool that you guys need to borrow is specifically designed to pull your head out of your ass

Papajofixit8 days ago

Here's a question for the Developers if you have 10 million downloads and a 2 million rating 2 million people rating your game why is there any wait times at all if you have so many players or is it because all your players who quit playing because of your selfish greed because I know for myself that I would spend more money on your game if your stuff was more reasonably priced and not so greedily priced and you'd probably have way more players logging on to play the game then there wouldn't be any wait times now with their but I don't know you guys have to make all your money on one person all at once instead of off of thousands of people a little at a time your ignorance amazes me because it seems anybody that develops a game this good should be smart but I guess that isn't the case here well like Forest mama said stupid is as stupid does keep up the stupid good work guys

Prateek8 days ago

Glad to hear that you are going to address long standing issues.

ETC ROBLES8 days ago

ETC ROBLES, A better solution maybe to combine ALL games with beacons and leave TDM as a separate option. This would encourage lighter/faster bot in beacon modes and leave the heavy hitters for TDM. Yeah, that would do.

Panzer8 days ago

I see you guys saying your going to buff wild bunch robots, a few weeks ago you were rebuffing older bots to make them more viable. Changes will surface on the test sever you say. Well I just watched the lastest test sever. I saw nothing of revamping anything older to bring it to the forefront. I did however see more new weapons, they going to cost in excess of a hundred dollars like the latest ones? You added one new weapon and made it around 40 dollars, the medium vortex, made it easier to get, didn’t seem to need yet another missle/rocket weapon that wrecks most of a bots health in a single volley from where I’m setting. 3 new bots as well, more stealth bots, bot that jump and force land and take half the older bots health when they land, don’t need weapons , just landing cause over 20000 damage to anything near, and of course the hellburner, chaos, you seem to want chaos on the live server. Your not updating anything older, your just adding new content as fast as you can crank it out. Not to mention grouping all the fun modes into one random button. You win , I give, I see nothing positive happening, I’m not free to play, I did spend and it was a lot, I won’t say as I don’t wish anyone to think me some braggart. But I will say no more, I had a clan, I just turned over leadership to another member and I won’t play another battle. I’ll leave the game on my devices to check back a few times to see if someone at least attempts to fix the mess the new content has created. I’ve lost all faith in your company and won’t risk my money on any future game either. One more paying player out the door, seems you would stop this madness, I hung in there and kept hoping, apparently in vein. Congrats enjoy the chaos. I’m out , no more.

Tango Mike10 days ago

I've known pix is a Russian company, that being said anyone who isn't Russian have another reason not to pay to play and probably the most important one is any $ spent here will in one way or another most likely be allocated to there military in efforts to expand The size of there country and destabalize any peace that's left in the world and I'd go so far as to say start WWIII. I'm also guessing that this game is collecting any and all Intel on players and any other valuable pieces of intel they can gather on there enemy's which is everybody l, especially Americans.....

Dark Eye Knight 10 days ago

About the game modes , I have a good Idea
but first we need to understand that any mod have a 3 type of players , players who love the mode , and those who just accept the mode , and players who hate the mode

so how about (rotating an increase in battle rewards) on the game modes ?
it would be like :-
1- make the players chose any mode they want to play (no more random mode)
2- declare an increase in rewards on one of the modes so the players so the players who love the mode be satisfied and those who accept the mode find it more interesting to play , and then the players who hate the mode still can chose the mode thy find it fun to play .
3- move the increase in reward to another mode

like this you will satisfy all kind of players , and reward those who can play any mode , and also those who want's to play only one mode can have won't be sad because they are forced to play modes they hate .

for example , I love BR , I accept Domination and KotH , and I really hate TDM ... when I see an increase in rewards on BR I'll be happy , when I see it on Domination or KotH I'll play them to have more rewards , and when I see more rewards TDM I can continue playing BR

Tango Mike10 days ago

There is a difference between constructive criticism and whining/ bit***** I see mostly whining/ bitc**** which helps nothing at all, in fact it does nothing at all but make yourself look bad and tell others just how misserable a person you are. If you hate the game and modern day buisness practices that turn profits (crazy right? People earning money and keeping investors happy to stay afloat and be competative!!!!) Nobody is making you play so there's the door let it hit u on the way out!!!

HEATHEN CAT10 days ago

I cannot understand how PIXONIC manages to ignore the much higher percentage of negative feedback on their own media feeders. Here, FaceBook, YouTube, no media oulet is without a greater majority of negative comments. And yet PIXONIC tries to make us believe that everything is great and that those in the gaming community making the negative comments are in the minority. It's as though they are simply blind to the mayhem they have caused in the game. Actually it appears worse. They are choosing to be DELIBERATELY blind to it.

One might note that there was once a gamer-developers roundtable created to bring forth gamer issues and to discuss future development in the game. PIXONIC's developers must not have liked the truth of that discussion because they never once reached out to the community again after that.
And PIXONIC keeps claiming it is "listening to" the players but it is more than apparent to most of us that they are not. They are just lying right to our faces about it over and over again. Is this just a moral aspect of the company or is it a much deeper social trait of the people who are running the company?

ETC ROBLES11 days ago

Echo Alpha 94, Echo... You're right, any Noob can use Shocktrains... But they'll have to pay big $$$ to get them fast. Ever get slaughtered by 3 snipers with Trebuchets? I don't think they're in discussion to Nerf those. Having Shocktrains makes you Target #1 for the Reds. Shocktrains are fine the way they are.

ETC ROBLES11 days ago

I've been playing WR since August 2017 and deeply enjoy the game. The level of competition IS set by player. Play for free and enjoy the game at lower leagues or invest with money for premium equipment to compete at higher leagues. Whichever you choose, just remember to have fun... It's just a game. ;-)

These are solely my opinion and not intended to upset anyone.

ETC ROBLES11 days ago

Nerfing: Nerfing should happen in the development stage of weapon or bot and NEVER once it has gone LIVE. This is what the test sever is for. Developers should take stock in what Test Server Youtubers say about their weapon or bot while in development. Once a weapon system or bot is placed on the Live Server it should have undergone all the tweeks and nerfing required. Nerfing something once it comes out undermines those who have saved components or spent money on that item. You don't buy a car with 400 horse power to have the dealership do a recall to reduce power 10%. Nerfing after a product comes out shows poor management in development and a quick way to upset players who have invested to have these items. Conversely, fans will accept an increase in weapon system power. Example....Increasing Molot damage made them relevant in higher leagues. Some premium weapons just aren't worth the commitment to acquire components. (Arbalest needs more power to be worth acquiring it). Leave Shocktrain the way it is.

ETC ROBLES11 days ago

Leaving and Tanking: No real solution here. Folks are going to do what they want to do but there should be a way of removing gifts from them. Once a system is in place to DEFINE and IDENTIFY "Tanking" and "Seal Clubing", those suspected of it should receive no supply drops, no gold, no keys, no free chests and be placed in low game priority. Will this stop them... no, but at least they will not be receiving any additional benefits enjoyed by honest players.

ETC ROBLES11 days ago

Supply Drops: This was done RIGHT by Pixonic. There should be a small gift for just loging in and playing a bit. I do agree that the FANS should have a voice in what components are available in Supply Drops but having premium bots every month is unreasonable. Maybe a month long drop of a weapon and every now and then a week long drop of premium bot components.

ETC ROBLES11 days ago

Workshop 2.0: This has to come online and allow players to build components for items they desire. Currently, the ONLY way to get components is to receive them from chests, supply Drops, use work shop points to buy them (VERY limiting) or pay a ridiculous amount of real money for them. $300 US for a bot? 1.5 years to acquire enough components? Workshop 2.0 is important to build up to New levels of equipment and gameplay.

ETC ROBLES11 days ago

Modes: Modes should be separated but I do understand how this would cause long wait times for certain modes. A good compromise would be to split the modes as follows.... Domination with Beacon Rush and Team Death match with King of the Hill.

Echo Alpha 9411 days ago

Our problem with Shocktrain is not only about its high damage. Orkan is also very lethal but no one has complaints. Why? Because using Orkan in a effective way and dealing damage while surviving in the battlefield requires perfect skills. While Shocktrain is not so. Any stupid newbie who had purchased it can dominate a team of skillful veterans. Its damage and its range are both too high.

HEATHEN CAT11 days ago

You have effectively banished a large portion of players with Random. No amount of rewards will cause players to enjoy playing game modes that they do not like or enjoy. And punishing players for daring to defy PIXONIC's singular decree that they play those modes or else will only drive off more players.

I stopped playing the moment 3.7 hit the servers. With Random I have only a 33% chance of playing the one game mode that I actually enjoy. Open my mind to other experiences? I tried the other modes and I simply do not like them. I do not want to play them, ever. And so I will not play at all.

I will not be punished like a willful child by a gaming company. I am an adult who has every right to choose for myself whether I enjoy an experience or not. And no amount of prodding by PIXONIC will ever change that fact. I've been a loyal occasionally paying customer and player for well over a year. But that all ended the moment that PIXONIC began to decide for me that which I and others must enjoy.

I feel as though I have wasted my money on a hanger that I can no longer play with. Not without facing the inevitable happening of being placed in the LPQ for choosing not to stay in BR, TDM and KotH matches.

The game is falsely advertised as a game of PvP combat. But that is no longer the case. It has become a rigged gambling and carnival event of relentless strings of tasks for the acquisition of paltry rewards. Teamwork and winning are no longer the main game features anymore. They are not even the secondary features.

The game has become all about the individual and utter selfishness. Rank tanking and clubbing are accepted by PIXONIC as they simply refuse to make the necessary changes to stop it. Not only that but PIXONIC has been endorsing it continually with challenges and sponsorships of videos portraying bad gamesmanship and anti-team behaviours. This is best illustrated with the recent Foolawround challenges where players were actually encouraged to video themselves doing their very best to be a bad player either through their bot builds or by their gaming behaviour or both. Ever heard of the word hypocrisy, developers?

Pyrotech44211 days ago

TryAgainNextTime, Why used the balanced inquisitor when you can get an op spectre with more firepower, more speed, and faster cooldown time?

Pyrotech44211 days ago

*SQUATCH*, Just saying, but I believe there is a difference between tanking and simply leaving. I think they're trying to say that if you need cut your arm then get a bandage, not continue playing. If you need to use the restroom and it is an emergency, then it is ok to turn off your game.
Combining domination, beacon rush, and TDM is a nightmare. I think TDM should be combined with king of the hill, so the ones with sufficient beacons will be there if you need it, and the newer modes on the other button. I also agree that the points provided per beacon and the rate it is given should be increased.
I agree the shocktrain nerf is awesome! Though that alone is not enough to thoroughly balance the game. The redeemer is obsolete to the ember, haechi left fujin in the dust, dragoon is a nightmare, arbalest is like trying to penetrate bullet-proof armor with a foam toy dart gun, and so on. And if something is too op no matter how much they nerf it (*cough* *cough* *spectre* *cough*).
I agree with changing the rewards for the events, though they kind of in a way did that with the second half of the chain.

Pyrotech44211 days ago

Dave Dave Crook, I believe tanking will never be fixed no matter how hard they try unless they come up with an ingenious solution that encourages tankers to not tank instead of forcing them to not tank. What I mean is there are many kinds of tankers and leavers with different reasons to tank. LPQ is really a quitters/leavers league than a tankers. I have to admit

Pyrotech44211 days ago

Shocktrain is being used as a BRAWLING WEAPON! I used a punisher hover earlier today to try to take out an annoying shocktrain bulgasari. I snuck close into the punisher's effective range with nearly full health, but came out with almost nothing at such a close range. Another time I had problems with shocktrain was I was in an ancilot trying to make it to the other side on yamantau, but nearly all the health I lost (I had around 20% health after them all shooting at me) was from shocktrain. Another "shocking" time was when I used an ancilot, full health, then a shocktrain bulgasari and doc shocktrain came out and in a single shot of them shooting at me, those 7 shocktrains broke through my front plate, and I have a level 9 lancelot.

Josue Jungo11 days ago

Any planning on the new mode FFA (Free For All) Pixonic?

Crazy[geo]11 days ago

pixonic, you can remove one random mode and make all this modes

♰ βΔŦŦŁ€ ΔŇG€Ł ♰11 days ago

Possible Shocktrain solutions: Make it so that if it the first shot hits a shield. 1. That shield causes it to bounce back to who shot it. 2. Change how the shot fired travels. If the weapon is a 500m weapon. It should not hit anything else out of the 500m range of the bot that shot it. Meaning it can't hit a guy 500m away then bounce to a guy 600m away from you. 3. Nerf/reduce it's power. It's really a bit ridiculous. 4. Maybe set limits on what weapons can be turned MK2. So there's more control over weapons on the entire platform too.

Exelleration12 days ago

Is it just me, or is this just a forum for everyone to criticize Pixonic.

Dave Dave Crook12 days ago

I'm fed up pix/mail with they're ability of lying but don't have the ability to fix the real issues here.
The random modes is designed to get the players to spend more $$$ on more hangars to play a specific style for that mode . There was never any real problem with the queue waiting time since the day of this game was born, watch any old clips of war robot youtubers playing solo matches. notice any waiting time take no more than 60 seconds? .
Shocktrain get nerf because payxonic bagged enough money so they get nerf. This how pay 2 win is designed selling power over skill. If player's stick to one play style, payxonic won't make money. what you do? You nerf an item and introduce a new item that is better. This push out the old meta and put them into a new meta play style.
The report tanking form is a joke if they actually fixed the MM they wouldn't need a form.
2.0 work shop is taking forever because they're not making any money out of it.
The community has addressed the main issues here billions of time and yet payxonic & mail has always steered the other direction. I can draw a line that payxonic & mail are only focused on selling power over the moral player's value. In another word, this game is a selling service.

Dave Dave Crook12 days ago

I'm fed up pix/mail with they're ability of lying but don't have the ability to fix the real issues here.
The random modes is designed to get the players to spend more $$$ on more hangars to play a specific style for that mode . There was never any real problem with the queue waiting time since the day of this game was born, watch any old clips of war robot youtubers playing solo matches. notice any waiting time take no more than 60 seconds? .
Shocktrain get nerf because payxonic bagged enough money so they get nerf. This how pay 2 win is designed selling power over skill. If player's stick to one play style, payxonic won't make money. what you do? You nerf an item and introduce a new item that is better. This push out the old meta and put them into a new meta play style.
The report tanking form is a joke if they actually fixed the MM they wouldn't need a form.
2.0 work shop is taking forever because they're not making any money out of it.
The community has addressed the main issues here billions of time and yet payxonic & mail has always steered the other direction. I can draw a line that payxonic & mail are only focused on selling power over the moral player's value. In another word, this game is a selling service.

HillBllyBob94212 days ago

Can I please say something about shocktrain?

I’m in silver 2 and people use bulgasari shocktrains, and I hate them. But that doesn’t mean it’s okay to ruin what other people like to play with even if you just have it. Workshop 2.0 will definenly help people who need higher tier weapons, and if shocktrain will be easier for people to get, more people will stop complaining about is. I’m really exited for workshop 2.0 as it will get me the robot I’ve been wanting sconce it came out (*cough* *cough* Bulgasari) and it will help newer players become better than a G.I Patton hanger. In conclusion, shocktrain needs only a small nerf, and workshop 2.0 definetly needs to come out.

The Big Drop12 days ago

A couple cmments...

Re: Workshop 2.0
Gosh, with the pain-points of all various Component deals and inconsistant WSP-Comonent deals leaving me to face facts that Im–for whatever reason– not 'allowed' to get equipment I once wanted despite entering WR 3.0 update. Once having over 130k WSP points that were strategicaly spent on certain deals for desired equipment, I have become complacent with what I have vs. what I desired.

Complacency leads to apathy and apathy does no good for any business.

So, PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME considering WORKSHOP revamps. Steive for positive pro-player results rather than just seemingly to consider economic impact.

RE: Supply Drops.
I wish the Components were universal rather than specific toward individual items... So I could get what I desire rather than what Im ALLOWED to get. But really, that is a seperate issue sortof, I guess.

Re: Leaving vs. Tanking
This section sounds more like a THREAT rather than an actual attempt to correct something. The time for Threats are over. Action and follow-thru are needed for Leavers, Tankers and FADERS. Dont forget the faders!

Its all of the Talk (threats) minus action that is leading others to misinterpret you as supporting such actions. Talk without action is just talk. Talking about action makes you more part of the problem than a solution. Choose to be a solution.

*SQUATCH*12 days ago

"leaving a match in many cases is still ok" so yes you do support the idea of tanking. To fix tanking simply fix the league system, that is what gives tankers the ability to tank.
The 20% 30% that play king of the hill is not legit. Some people play it to get away from the mess that is random mode. I would be one of them however it takes 10+ minutes to get a match of king of the hill in champion league.
Nerfing shocktrain is great. However when it was first seen in the test server under the name chain lightning the vast majority hated it. A few months pass and you put it in the game and rename it shocktrain. Maybe listen to the player base and the need to nerf weapins and bot would not be needed shortly after the release of the items.
Events have become beyond stagnet. We get the same thing over and over again with different decorations. Three different events would be much better. You can then rotate them so they reamin somewhat fresh.
As for the link to the test server site. The most recent artical on it us from mid November of last year. So i see no reason for this site.

Blurred Vision13 days ago

Can we report & PIxonic for ruining the experience, via a gross Pay-to-Win strategy? As a vet who did the grind, embraced the suck, and spent RM for his max level hangar, getting pounded by full Dash/Inquisitor, Mk2 L12 squads ruins MY gameplay experience. Get WS 2.0 in the game STAT. Stop introducing more bots & weapons and deal with issues like the Taran bug, underpowered Redeemer, and a whacked MM, and then we can talk.

Radar love 13 days ago

If you were to combine the entirety off the player base we could have a bunch of game options. At least then we could really see who likes what.

Koalabear13 days ago

If you do a survey for components, and the overwhelming response is for the Spectre, will you really give us Spectre components, and will you do it long enough for us to complete it?

Nocluevok13 days ago

If there are 4 game modes, three of which are "random", this KoTH news is all "spin". Especially during an event, when one "random" mode excludes the ability to cap beacons. I would bet it's only "concurrent" because pilots don't want to waste time having to play TDM, when the task they're completing is capping beacons.
"If we "randomly" ( 4 - 5 matches in a row) make them play TDM when they need beacons, it will boost the KoTH numbers!"

Naval Shank13 days ago

NO NO NO !!!
TDM with KotH
and Br with domination
not KotH with Br

TryAgainNextTime13 days ago

Can't wait for workshop 2.0. Inquisitor for next supply drop

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