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WR 2018: Clans and Socialization

by War Robots - 6.01.2018

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  • Teamwork is amazing. Clans are great too and they help teamwork to flourish. So we’re committed to pushing both to the next level in the first half of 2018
  • Players in search of a clan will get the list of recommended clans they can join
  • Players and clans will be able to pick a country they are from — so people speaking the same language will find each other more easily
  • Regional leaderboards are coming as follows
  • Features above are the foundation for the teamwork improvements we have planned for this year. More on them soon

Clans are what keeps everyone together. They create friendships and rivalries. They create a drive to improve. They make the game as dramatic as it is. And right now clans are probably the most reliable way to find strong teammates.

Clans are the best place to socialize — but if we talk about clan representation within the game itself, up until now clans just... were. There’s so much more to them that we want to expand upon!

So, naturally, clans and teamwork become one of our main directions for 2018. Let’s have a peek at features we have planned for first half of the year.

Vector concept art

Recommended clans

For starters, we want to make recruiting (and being recruited) much more convenient and streamlined.

In the recommended clans menu you will see the clans that fit you. We plan to implement different sorting algorithms, starting with language and adding more as we go. Both clans and players will be able to pick the country they’re based in, which should help people speaking the same tongue to find each other effortlessly.

Clan leaders will also receive more flexibility with choosing what kind of players they want to accept. Special filters will allow you to set requirements for joining the clan — things like, again, preferred language or minimum level.

Local competition

Once players pick a country, they will be able to see the separate leaderboard for the region they’ve chosen. Same for clans. That should give you a better idea how you perform not just compared to the whole world, but also to your fellow countrymen.

Are you the best in your region? Well, now everyone will know that!

Griffin? Griffin

More teamwork. Better teamwork

By helping clans to find the new blood we build a new generation of team players. This is our goal for the first half of 2018, but that doesn’t mean we forgot about veterans.

We keep looking into how we can keep promoting teamwork and togetherness across all levels of play. Don’t worry if you prefer to be a lone wolf though — there’s plenty of features that might benefit you as well. In-game communications — looking at you. We also consider adding clan tournaments, in-clan trading and some other things for already established team warriors to have fun with.

But we’ll get to those later — there’s a lot we can explore with team play! Once we set the foundation with clan discovery features, we’ll tell you where we’re going next!

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Pyrotech442, I actually am just saving up my gold to open my 4th slot. Even my son busts my balls about only having 3 robots in the hangar. I guess I'm not doing too bad with only 3 to fight with.
What do you guys mean by the term nerf? Does that mean get rid of?
I, to this point have only been playing solo. Always domination before the Christmas upgrade, now always random. Never tank battles. I actually had to look up what that meant, and then realized I generally am seeing guys do that in a high number of battles. Just blasting through ('destroying') all of their robots right from the start. I don't get that.

When my last robot gets taken out, I stay and hope my teammates get the win...watching sometimes to see victory, others to witness a valiant fight where a last teammate goes down fighting multiple red robots. Sometimes that's me. I hope someone on my team sticks around in those times to see me go down fighting. In that sense, this game has such a visceral aspect. Like these players I don't even know are my buddies and I'll unload my magazines and give my last robot to help them make it.

To me, the way in which one plays this game says everything about the person they are.


2. if there is a player who you don't think they know what they are doing, don't team up with them and do it solo
3. don't spend your gold on ANYTHING until you either get a lancelot or your fifth slot (preferrably lancelot)


Kein Ruckzug, I wouldn't exactly like this idea since I own a lancelot with an ancile, but to balance the game better, what if there was a 5% nerf to physical and energy shield health if and only if an ancile is placed on a lancelot. Without an ancile the lancelot isn't much better than a leo as the punisher and thunder spread bypasses the shield and only one of the 3 main shields are effective against plasma. I ran some unique setups like thunder/storm and thunder/orkan but die fast as a result since the physical shield is small and ineffective to most projectiles, though it does help with those annoying gekkos!

Pyrotech4423 days ago

This game has gone the wrong direction since the updates. Now its just a game of luck, gambling, and pying thousands of dollars to win.

Pyrotech4423 days ago

Kein Ruckzug, Rhino and Galahad are the weakness to a lancelot with an ancile. Galahad has more firepower when an ancile is replaced on a lancelot and has a much stronger shield. Rhino has an even stronger shield and can rush right into its ancile and unload all of its orkans, pinatas, punishers, or whatever you have on. You could also use a punisher griffin and keep a safe distance of around 400m to easily take out its ancile and deal double damage to its physical shields. A thunder is also a very effective at close range to break the energy shield with its wide pullet spread and deal double damage to the physical shields. For setups, a plasma griffin or thunder pinata natasha or thunder magnum leo will deal good amount of damage for their price.

Pyrotech4423 days ago

Mikk Nigol, If those lancelots are ancilots (2 tarans with an ancile) then that 4x medium robot doesn't stand a chance. If it's loaded with tulumbas, it's dead. If it's loaded with 4 tarans, it won't be able to break through the physical shield in time. However, I get what you're saying. If used skillfully and with high level weapons, it can take out a double ancile raijin in seconds! If using kinetic weapons (also known as firearms) The raijin level 12 mk2 and 2 level 12 mk2 anciles would have 708000 health! 4 maxed out mk2 orkans would deal more than 310,000 damage, enough to kill a maxed out mk2 raijin in 3 seconds!

Apollosmith1133 days ago

Dr. Slate, I agree completely! Unfortunately, i am afraid it will be very restrictive,since a level 30 player could give a level 20 player extremely advanced items which might tip the balance and inflate the market prices. So it is a double edged sword.

Shadow Infinity3 days ago

All the players who leave bad coments I've noticed are the ones who want to finish the entire game in 30 days. No this is like clash of clans and base building games you have to be patient. Unless you're super rich and can pay the game $5,000 and get it over with. patient gaming led me to be level 25 with a Rogatga, Blazing Natasha, Rajin, Carnage and 2 zeuses. Now I never ever use money in games, so yeah you don't need money guys. Also I'm excited with those players who can be thankful a game like this exsits in the first place and doesn't spam the chat with Cuss words. (hmmm) Clan choosing will hopefully Help me clan grow and expand better. So to those who are starting to get bored of this game try saving up labratory points and buy the Hover Storm component set and you will get a hover soon. (almost halfway there!) And I've been playing for 8 months or something like that too and yes the game had bumps and scratches but still no need to overreact. Good luck piloting your Robots and May Your bullets or other missle, laser, etc. hit thier marks. Please Join My clan! --> TFFA (The Freedom Fighters Alliance)

Shadow Infinity3 days ago

Mikk Nigol, For one, stop cussing and for another you probably need to search up robot cominations and weapon placement. There is at least one actual player among the morons that you get put with sometimes and the two actual players (aka non credit card users) can take over the match with some cordination because pay to winners don't usually have strategy

Dr. Slate4 days ago

I'm really exited about clan trading. It would be really nice to have more ways to give clan mates stuff with out paying money :D

[Ꭺ.Ꭰ.] DIΔPΣRΣD☆SΠIPΣR™4 days ago

Un-dear Pixonic, please don't make modules, especially for boys with a built in extra ability like jump or dash. Please fully pursue the in-clan trading, I think it would really make people happy and it would be a thx to the veterans for sticking with a greedy video game company. Please give higher Au payout for higher leagues also.

Apollosmith1135 days ago

Mikk Nigol, This is true but can you imagine trying to counter a dash bot in a lance with no ancile shield? It is little protection but if you play your cards right it could finish one off. Either way dash bots almost impossible to beat but u can try.

Pyrotech4425 days ago

NICKELPLATED, Good point. Glad I didn't either. I have 4 orkans, a lancelot, multiple anciles, aphids, a gareth, even a hover, yet I did not pay a single penny on this game.

Mikk Nigol5 days ago

Apollosmith113, Because overpowered weapon slots ancile is nowdays too half juseless... so it pretty easy kill it even rockets. Dash bot only counter is another dash bot or invicible bot.

Apollosmith1135 days ago

War Robots is one of the best games i have played. I play a lot of mobile gamed and can beat almost any mobile campaign in a week. A game history u might like is i beat CoD Ghosts campaign in one day and i was sick. So i have experience.
All that being said it is now a quid pro quo game, i have been here for a bit and i am dissapointed with the limited support, and that now old bots like leo don't stand much of a chance on the field. The nee weapons and bots, all with components are the most absurd thing i have seen. To get a dash bot you must spend about 300 dollars. It is sickening.
With all of THAT said, i think that WR is actively trying to make components more available via workshop so we will se how that goes.
This is Devastator113 with clan THE SPARTINS (SP2) look us up we active we good. Thanks!

Mikk Nigol5 days ago

Players seem to forget that good effect+ Op firepower are best defence what bot can have. if bot have 170K lives + 250k shield+ dash this bot is more powerful than LEO what have example 500k lives. Dash avoids rockets, shield avoids other shit,dicent lifepool and OP firepower can take down with 3 sec. opponent so he cant even start hurting you. And best part is that you can put there OP weapons what can take down fucking hole Bot army with 40 pretty safe distance 500m. Lets wait new stelth jumping 4 medium slot bot . In that case Pixonic can make HP pool 50k too but still this is OP. If you cant shoot back who cares how much lives has. i magine that this bot can hold back hole juseles AG bots army jumping every 20 second once and dealing over 250k damage, there will be more annoying than missle Griffins or more powerful in front line than 2X Lancelots.

Mikk Nigol5 days ago

Kein Ruckzug, Dashbots dont need both shields, new trend is Bulgasari Shocktrain, you cant tough that with ordinary bots because snaipers are kinetic ot plasma weapons and Bulgasari have Dash effect and most poweful shield. You need expose yourself only 10% of time and even then you get some hit you have still lives like hell. Now i always watch before game start who will be opponent and if i see dash with Shock train i just let game roll. These kind of games today have 80% :D haha

Mikk Nigol5 days ago

Ok Pixonic got another "tanker" extra, In Champ leagua are now 90% Credit Card players, no one left like me here "old non money pleyer". Imposible to win, protect capture, deal damage or make strategy, sick of 3 sec deaths. Lets see how Pixonic can squeeze out money for moneyplayers who must play agenst each other...

Kein Ruckzug6 days ago

Syed Zaini Syed Zain, Balance went out the door with being able to put an energy shield on a least dashbots don’t have both physical and energy shields. That is the first thing I would or physical...not both.

Kein Ruckzug6 days ago

Syed Zaini Syed Zain, Balance went out the door with being able to put an energy shield on a least dashbots don’t have both physical and energy shields. That is the first thing I would or physical...not both.

backtothefront6 days ago

LoucustMaster117, You know, that wouldn't be so terrible if it didn't stop you from doing other upgrades during that time. But alas, that's exactly what it does. And why? Because you can speed it up with an absurd amount of gold that you earned getting your virtual ass shot off, a little here, maybe none there. Earned slowly and painstakingly, that's for certain. And what if you don't have enough gold?? Why then you can you reach into your 'real pocket' and pay for 'virtual' gold.

Effing insane.

I had to explain to my son the nature and pitfalls of gambling as a result of this game. Dangles the good stuff like carrot, but you'll never get it. Better luck at a Trump casino. Is this a game for war robots, or Christmas jingled slot machine?

backtothefront6 days ago

Recent sign up here. My 9 year old son found this game first and I was so intrigued I loaded on my phone. (My son is A LOT further along than I am. Diamond league I believe. Me, just Silver...only been playing for a few weeks.) We are players, not payers, and that's the one thing that I really have against this game...the payers that have machine after machine, loaded to the gills with weapons that I with Level 7-8 heavies and level 5,6,7 weapons CANNOT compete with. And that I have earned through battle and ridiculous amounts of time (and in moments of impatience) my hard earned gold. And I know that my time further upgrading will still not result in balancing against these. It's a great platform, and I pride myself on being a team player. Covering allies with back up, letting them get the beacon if we're both close etc. But I will say that the pseudo gambling aspect and the obvious design of the game to compel you to spend actual money has me about two tenths of a second from deleting the game from both my sons and my own devices. (That anyone would spend actual dollars on this game is pretty sad. And it's obvious that there are those that spend HUNDREDS of dollars. That's beyond words).

This whole push by the developers for Clan BS is akin to 'jumping the shark'. Same goes for dashing/flying robots. (Usually I can take these out. Proves to me some PAYER just bought it and can't think tactically through a wet paper bag. Just has money and virtual mucsle. Not much respect for these sorts of folks) Keep the game real. It is on the brink of going full-stupid. I suppose that won't line their pockets though.

LoucustMaster1176 days ago

Dear Pixonic peeps

I noticed that my aphids hit my target even after my death. 👍
However physical sheilds need to be able to stop the shocktrain chain when they are hit. If modules are to exsist then there NEEDS to be one that prevents the Shocktrian from chaining from ally to ally within a 100-150 meter radius. Dash *ahem teleport ABSOLUTLY NEEDS TO BE REMOVED!!!!!!! Replace the Kumiho’s dash with a hologram abilty which would last for 10 seconds and recharge for 35. The hologram runs in a straight line to wherever the crosshairs were placed at the time of activation (it cannot be killed) any ammo would pass straight through and it would be targetable through normal means. It must look EXACTLY like the robot that launched it skins and weapons. It would make the Kumiho an excellent team player as well as an adept beacon runner. The ability were it well placed, could be used to draw the enemy’s fire. The enemy’s weapons are now depleted but unlike the dash ability no damage has been inflicted upon thy enemy. If it were dash it would be able to pour 2 full orkans into the other player as well as causing that enemy to waste all of their ammunition on thin air. This way no one is unfairly damaged and the kumiho is placed at an advantage (though not an overpowered one) in this situation because of it’s special abilty as it should be.
Turn both of the medium weapon slots on the Haechi’s left side into light slots, then it is not overpowered but instead an energy sheilded alterative to the Galahad. Give it a 33% more speed “Rush” ability buffing it’s speed to 56kmph (lasts for ten seconds recharges for like 20 or something) and now this robot is much better balanced.
Leave the Bulgasari without an abilty as it has good health, 3 medium weapon slots and the strongest sheild in the game. This is plenty enough to compensate for the lack of an abilty.
Stalker needs +4 to movement speed, + 2 to stealth time and -1 to it’s recharge.

This post is non-biased sound advice from a veteran player of your game I intend only to help further the enjoyment of your game into the future for new and old players alike.
Thanks for readin’ !

Pcbentley Biz6 days ago

The Big Drop, UTC time zones would bemuch better than countries Language is not a barrier in this game

LoucustMaster1176 days ago

Pyrotech442, You think the Fujin takes a long time? You aint seen nothin’ yet, Rajin level 12 exceeds an entire WEEK!!!!!!!

Pcbentley Biz6 days ago

SpellWolf, Ha we think the same see my comment below, Shock train should be removed Worst idea pix ever had Ruins the game

LoucustMaster1176 days ago

lou(muffin man), They actually did plenty of good things like improving the targeting system greatly and fixing a lot of the clipping/sliding issuse with some of the maps. They also did so very well balancing old weapons and robots. It just sucks that they didn’t balance the new one enough.

Pcbentley Biz6 days ago

If you were serious about team play you would never have introduced another coward weapon, The shock train and to a lesser extent hydra, The shock train totally ruins any coherant team play, Im am so over being cannon fodder for some noob who buys a bulg and 3 shocks ups them to mk2, Its just dash shoot kill dash hide rechargw
0 skill involved no team play and no tactics, We play this game because you can out think and out play stronger opponents Shock Train takes this away, It is by far the worst thing to happen to WR,

Get rid of it is the solution its was a dumb idea creating a weapon like that, before you nerfed it a little I was ready to just quit the map the moment I heard one charge, I actually had to tank a lot just to avoid being paired with opponents using this


Pyrotech442, How mindless was it and simply stupid for Pixocrap Devs to create the MkII system as a TOTAL RESET?! Why in the hell would you want to punish the players who reached max level AND are probably in a high tier league AND say, "you cant use that weapon anymore unless you pay us alot of cash to skip our ABSURD upgrade-time...". Now that weapon isnt any good for the stupid league they achieved and are probably forced to get their heads bashed in or, wait for it... TANK! Again, through a lack of foresight, Pixocrap has once again played the main role in the tanking-problem. its ALL ON THEM. PERIOD.
They couldve easily made the MKII system 10 levels of upgrade(giving players abit of a break for achieving the first 12 levels of upgrades) and kept the weapon at its max-level while slowly adding damage over the 10 new levels. ie: Taran MkII-12.1, TaranMkII-12.2.... 12.9 and on last level just make it Taran-MkII or whatever...
Nope, as usual Pixocrap went the GREEDY-ROUTE!!! Bleed your wallet for every ounce.
Proud I havent given these guys a cent in over 8 months.


Syed Zaini Syed Zain, Agreed. game sucks and they want u to feel like u have to pay $300.00 to compete, they hope u will. DON'T!!!
Screw their greed.
Hell, they cant even figure out a targeting-algorithm that works!!!! Why in the hell would anyone spend money on this game now is beyond me. let the walletwarriors keep playing eachother. dont give Pixocrap a cent.

Mont27P6 days ago

Valkyrja, I get what you saying there, but I don't agree that people would just create new accounts to get more high levelled stuff quickly, firstly to even get new stuff they would have to buy all of it, so they might as well just do on their main instead of a new account, especially if they were looking to get new stuff quickly they would definitely have to spend. We don't know much about trading yet, but if it's bot and weapon trading, it can be really good for the small players, if there's a larger player who wants to help out or has lots of something already. I would see this as a positive, if this is the type of trading they would end up doing, it may end up being a different trade. But I see your point, and who knows, some people may end up creating new accounts for that, but I wouldn't see the point in it.

Vltgo Vltgo6 days ago

Let loyal gamers have an annual personalize and outfit an anniversary selection of gifted war robots.

Desertman Joe6 days ago

#1. LOW GRAVITY option on all maps past,present & future & all Modes, randomly activated by server and/or squad vote before match begins to activate WoooHoo !! [Very important,unlimited Ceilings in maps to accommodate!]
#2 Allow discharged weapon projectiles rounds to continue on its trajectory and target even after firing bot has being destroyed (excluding some energy weapons, since some travel at spped of light).
#3 Invasion Mode OH YEAH! A combined Green team from both sides working together protecting a Main Base or Red verses Blue teams. To see whom can repel and destroy the most attacking Alien waves, each wave a bit more intimidating until all waves have been eliminated.

Valkyrja6 days ago

Additional clan exclusive benefits: 1. special maps for clan vs clan matches, not necessary 6 vs 6; 2. Additional rewards for team up matches, per match, and per month.

Clan filter: not necessary, as sometimes exception applies.

In clan trading: not a good idea, as players would find a way to have multiple accounts and get many high level weapons in a short period of time.

Communication: do not add voice communication due to cyber bullying and connectivity. If you do, please allow players to disable the function.

Teammate HP bars: too much information and bars in the screen. Unless players can disable it.

Thanks for your hard work

Krieg Deadeye6 days ago

Wow that new Griffin sure is beautiful! Hope that it would be released soon!

Syed Zaini Syed Zain6 days ago

The korean bots change everything..the game is really no fun now..u need at least 3 old powerful bots just to kill 1 korean bots..wheres the balance u said?the game now is just shot n run quickly with korean bots if u want to win.. Why u give too much speed n power with korean bots?its really not fair for all ur entire old bots..Too much powerful n speed is killing ur game..its really2 spoil the game situation..the fun is gone..i really miss the time when korean bots are not there..u should separate the moving powerful korean bots to another game..not at this game..everyday i try to challenge the korean bots n i still cant win n even touch them sometime..its really pain like i slap ur face n ran away.. Now im seaching another game to play..n will quit ur no fun game when i found better game..

Pyrotech4426 days ago

Pyrotech442, I'm kidding. The new griffin looks nice, and the claws aren't that visible to the user. I'll take it.

Pyrotech4426 days ago

Mitch Stein, I wish, but that probably won't happen. However, now you can upgrade to mk2. Therefore, it's like upgrading EVERYTHING all over again. At least reduce the wait time for some upgrades, especially the fujin.

David Quinn6 days ago

I would love to see this game be officially adapted to the pc with customizable controls so we dont need an emulater to play it on pc.

Pyrotech4426 days ago

SpellWolf, Completely agree, but don't forget about the game destabilizing dash bots and ember!

Pyrotech4426 days ago

Hypebeast290, In domination/beacon rush: of your team wins, you get 5 gold for the most damage and 5 gold for the most beacons. In team death match, you get 5 gold for most damage and 5 gold for most kills if you win. You get 3 extra gold for the first 3 times you play with a squad in a day. Try to complete gold daily tasks to earn gold, change a task to gold if the reward is workshop because gold is more valuable. You also get gold at the end of a season for free and the reward is better the higher your league. I don't like playing with dash bots either, but the only other way is to drop your league by losing on purpose, also known as tanking. I don't recommended this unless you are a skilled tanker, or you will be thrown in the miserable now priority queue.

Pyrotech4426 days ago

JamesaBoaWR, After the campers on my team are destroyed and I am the only one left, I am on the battlefield in all the action capturing beacons and destroying the enemy team. I hate camping; If I'm in a Patton gekko or fury zeus supporting my team, I will be more than ready to ditch it whenever the beacons are insufficient or there aren't enough brawlers. Just look at my hangar. Orkan/magnum rhino, orkan/pinata (DB) Griff, ancilot, punisher Griff (going to be punisher hover one I get my hover tomorrow) with a punisher gareth to replace my hover for now. All brawlers and beacon cappers with level 6-12 equipment.

Pyrotech4426 days ago

JamesaBoaWR, Lol no I just listed some obsolete setups (though Patton gekko sounds pretty fun, despite my lack of desire in camping) that would turn out to actually deal a lot of any range.

Hollow Hunter6 days ago

I think there should be a favorites button, for players who don't use Facebook . Say you squad with someone who you like , but say they are already in a clan, so they can't join your clan, and they don't use Facebook, and what are the odds you'll run into eachother in battle? If there is a favorites button, you can invite them to squad whenever they're on.

Mont27P6 days ago

Pyrotech442, Yeah, 30 would be a bit better, and for upgrades that are days long it ain't worth spending the qualities of gold, so your right there.

Mont27P6 days ago

Orange Ninga121, No you get the option to open bronze chests straight away, from what I remember. And clearing space isn't going to give me the ability to start getting ads again, I've got plenty of space left, it's not a matter of space, it's a matter of there being a bug, go back into the 3.5 update notes page and they even state that it's a bug where the ad option disappears when relaunching the app, which is what is happening here.

JamesaBoaWR6 days ago

the campers worsened war robots

JamesaBoaWR6 days ago

please!!! I beseech!!! remove the camper weapons!!!

Mikk Nigol6 days ago

Hypebeast290, Thats the problem, they cant make it fair unless they make bots and weapons fair. Pixonic system punish old players who dont have a change to get all OP bots, weapons and levels. Its like your own fault that you dont spend hundred euro per month. Pixonic told that they are made high prices because that they called in this game balancing, but now so many players are quit this game who has played with Ag, Au bots and who still playing this game are pushed into full Creditcard plays. Because that Pixonic wants to punish so called "tankers" because they lower league to get fair play and credit card players cant sealhunt anymore. Basically Pixonic needs Free to Play old player "food" purpose for Credit card players. In android are thing double bad, there are mk2 Embers and 300 dollar bots almost every second player, 1 streemer made experiment with lv12 Ag bots and he s bots was dieing like flys, basically he killed with 3 maxed out free bots only 1 opponent. So if you start that game and dont want waste money for dieing game, dont start playing this shit, because its not Free to Play, it Free to be Slave type of game.

Matthew Sampson6 days ago

Not team player. Not dropping cash. I do my part and move on. Last thing i want is needless chatter

Pyrotech4426 days ago

Jose Ocasio, Add a module that fits in a heavy slot and can carry 2 light (like a shutze turning into a destrier, or a lenncelot turning into a shielded rushing griffin. Though I'm not sure if the maximum total weapons is 4 or not, so maybe make a heavy module that can attach a medium module but withincrease, or a medium slot that fits a light with a 60% (similar) or 75% (slightly more) damage % increase. Gekko haechi or noricum spectre! It would also be nice

Pyrotech4426 days ago

Mont27P, 30 minutes sounds good. It isn't too much to the point where it wouldn't worth spending gold on speeding up upgrades. Maybe also improve the bronze chest slightly so it is viable for higher leagues, specifically to increase the number of components per drop.

Hypebeast2906 days ago

I wish that plz make the matches fair with the levels and types of robots that u and the league that ur in coz ppl with straight up dash bots shocktrains scourges all mk2 come and just mess me up I don't get it. I don't even have fun sometimes am afraid of even playing the game but it's too good but it won't be for long if u don't fix it. It's so hard to get the bots becoz everything is gold gold gold y don't u make it so that u can change silver into gold plz. Another thing plz don't make things so over priced coz it's takes a lot of time to farm things like gold which I have talked about and plz reduce the power of the dash bots especially the haechi it's too powerful u can't do anything when ur against it take this seriously plz I hope the nxt update makes change fair change

SpellWolf6 days ago

I can see how as a company you might want to make "Clans" better for the game community. However there is no way you can prove to me you want to make game play better for squads and clans with a weapon on the field like the "ShockTrain!" It is designed in use, to break up a squad from working together by forcing team-mates apart in order to keep their bots from taking to much damage so each bot still can be effective once it reaches a key beacon.

Its funny because Pixonic's advice for taking out the stronger bots/more expensive bots is to work together and target these bots at the same time to kill them quicker. However they shred that advice with a weapon that is designed to break up that team-work.

PVP "team" play should not ever be how one player or one weapon ruled them all. Every other weapon and bot has a weakness... The ShockTrain should be no different!

Mikk Nigol6 days ago

lou(muffin man), Are you stupid or what, every day players post screenshots that 4 people quit game because they got agein moneyplayers agenst or 35 minutes waiting time then matchmake dont find opponents.. You donkey think that this is good work by Pixonic?

lou(muffin man)6 days ago

pixo...i know how much hard work ur doing and it brakes my heart that ppl dont know and appreciate it

Mikk Nigol6 days ago

Katts Centneuf, They cant make matchmake better... That game reflects directly Russian economy! They have lots of rich people and lots of poor ones. contrast is so big, that you can tell in first 10 seconds who wins..Trophy 7000 one player can be 5 times weaker than opposite side trophy 7000 player and weapons levels dont matter too lot because 1 moneybot can be 5 times better than oponent Ag one. If they dont solve that "poor-rich" problem they cant do nothing about matchmake. I hope every time then Pixonic make announcement that they do something about that, but insteed of that they make new OP bots, they make problem bigger just some juseless changing. Todays news is neutral, they spended so much time for nothing, i dont care about clan searching system..who does?

Katts Centneuf7 days ago

no mention of matchmaker changes. Updates to clans are uselesss if the do not update the matchmaker so non-master level clans can squad together again.

Mitch Stein7 days ago

LJB1111GIJ, upgrade times are way way too long... they should not exceed 1 day, there is nothing like the Adrenalin rush one receives from an upgraded bot or weapon! and waiting 2 or 3 days takes that excitement away..

Mitch Stein7 days ago

Jose Ocasio, Absolutely!! and I have a server with a 10 gigabyte connection I would donate!!

Mitch Stein7 days ago

In game chat for clan mates, squads and teams is paramount. As it is now we have to keep another window open in order to chat and switching between chat and the game window sometimes results in the keyboard not functioning in the game so it is something I do very little.

Communication is the key to "team" game play. Let's add communication!!

JamesaBoaWR7 days ago

being able to try the robot would be great

LoucustMaster1177 days ago

The poor guys won't stand a chance.
Whoops ment to say rich guys.

Jose Ocasio7 days ago

If you don't have one already a U.S. server would improve game connections here in America. A contest where War Robots players send in Models for new Weapons And Robots, Voting encouraged. Modular Tweaking of bot or weapon components in mech bay for players to customize for their own unique playing style.

LJB1111GIJ7 days ago

It would be also good when the upgrade time would be shorter .

LJB1111GIJ7 days ago

Is also not faer when your oponent have two shields , one energy and one materiel . So you do not can win agenst . Also wpould be nice a batle one on one , like old western style duel .Also it would be nice if a robot could have 4 wepons and 1 shild ,materiel shield only . Also would be nice only tobetle the same wepond oponents like the oun robot . And with the same level of wepons and robot level .

LoucustMaster1177 days ago

Mikk Nigol, Pixonic + Russia, you know? The place where civilians can legally own a 40mm fully automatic, car towable anti-aircraft battery? Even comes with power steering.

LJB1111GIJ7 days ago

It would also be a nice gift from you to think also on players who have to much silver and can not spend it on robots or wepos becouse al silver robots are cheap , from about 15k to 500k is ot to much , it would be ice if with silver you can buy also gold robots , same for the wepons . My request is : ake gold robots and gold wepons payable with silver . Also it would be good to spend silver for quest where to ave pay for gold . Also the parts of robots and wepons could be payed with silver , but only for gamer who have over a 1 million silver , like me .

LoucustMaster1177 days ago

Can we get a server without lag bots?
No I am actually serious a sever without them would be heavenly.

LJB1111GIJ7 days ago

I meant two apgrades like a robot and a second robot or two wepons or a wepon and a robot

LoucustMaster1177 days ago

Change all of the twenty something different confusing component types (you said that you would reduce the amount of different currencies, not make a new currency for each new weapon and robot) into easy to use and understand workshop points. That way people can chose what they want, not be forced to recieve 750 stupid Inquisotor components from a gold chest they spent an entire month grinding to get. If I get 750 components from each yearly event theres’s like 4 so coupled with the 20 something other component things not to mention the fact that you need 10,000 of them to get something. Then I now add in the growth rate of new items which is like 10 I think and I have about 60-70 more years to live so that means by the time I am 80 or something I own.........................0....yep Zero ZZZEEEEERRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO component bots!!!!!! This is because in just 10 years time I will be trying to get the components for that 1 thing, that 1 thing out of 100 others that I DONT WANT!!!!!!! So make all component and upcoming items into silver, gold and the very well working workshop points.

LJB1111GIJ7 days ago

Also it wold be nice to make twoapgrades at te sae time

Tom7 days ago

Thanks now I can join clans.Also please make matchmaking more even.By making players with the same level battle instead of leagues or robot level

Panzer7 days ago

The poll is impossible to complete, each time you try tor select an answer it snaps to the bottom of the page and you have to scroll back to the section where the poll is. A very annoying glitch. You guys should put a way on this website in general a way to edit or delete theses comments.

Your talk of adding filters to clans concerns me, if it’s optional that’s fine, but the clan I’m lead to we have different languages and we manage just fine. Currently we rank at 233 and we like our clan as is, would prefer no one starts screwing with the way we have it now. Members that are bilingual make communications possible and everyone gets along just fine. In fact having to use a translator has actually taught me some Spanish and I’m sure it’s working the other way around to the people I talk with. Please don’t start segregating us and ruin our clan.

Ahmed Rwy7 days ago

The other day and the

Navid7 days ago

hey u stupid f**k developers i never tanked in battles infact i hate tankers and snipers but i had to left battle bcz of the stupid task u people gave!! How am i supposed to collect 50+ beacon without dash bots!!I had to active 5 Cossack and work very hard to get those stupid task done and now u placed me in leavers queue!
Damn f**k !
this is so stupid!
Atleast f**king tell me how am i supposed to get out of this trap !
I am getting no Au or tickets and have to wait like hours to start a battle!

Mikk Nigol7 days ago

I want to see what happens then this jump and make almoust 300k damage and you cant shoot bot come to play. You are made allready super camper weapon shocktrain now fucking we can get 2 sec 2bots dead jumper bots too in game. i cant belive how some programmers can be so think that your game survives, soon you will be beating up for real life too. If i would you i stay rather in office all day and dont show face in streets...fucking scammers.

Orange Ninga1217 days ago

Mont27P, You get that as you get closer to a super chest.
Also try clearing some of your devices memory with a cleaning app

Orange Ninga1217 days ago

Why don't you add a clan wars feature? It would be so cool.

Stewart Kidwell7 days ago

can we get a repair tool/ weapon? to fix abilities and legs/repair bots

Navid7 days ago

hey u stupid fuck developers i never tanked in battles infact i hate tankers and snipers but i had to left battle bcz of the stupid task u people gave!! How am i supposed to collect 50+ beacon without dash bots!!I had to active 5 Cossack and work very hard to get those stupid task done and now u placed me in leavers queue!
Damn fuck !
this is so stupid!
Atleast fucking tell me how am i supposed to get out of this trap !
I am getting no Au or tickets and have to wait like hours to start a battle!

Mikk Nigol7 days ago

All my friends are quit that game at lvl 10, you have no players in diffrent gamemodes because more an more no money players dont play this game and dont come new ones too because they bot die with seconds. And you fuckholes wonder why you cant make Deathmatch where are mostly no moneyplayers are 6 minutes avg. waiting time and ind Random mode 15 sec where are mk2 players. If i play sometime this game i better wait that 6 minutes. Idiots.

Mikk Nigol7 days ago

I have played this game 8 month and i avarage bot life time is 3 sec. You fucking Pixonic morans dont know how much you fucked up that game and now you say in new you want to make teamwork better? Fucking laser and rockets everywhere how some people can enyoy this game then he hasnt but hundreds of dollars in it. No tactics, no counter bots anymore.. And even then what plesure get one player who juses brain to enjoy 3 sec clash over roll "zombie walk" gameplay. Even your best youtuber Manni sayd that level 10-11 lvl Ag,Au hangar is low i have played this game 8 month and dont even have that good. 6 month ago my level 6 Ag hangar was stronger than now, not because that time wasnt much OP bots and weapons, thats because you have killed gameplay what need little thinking. I watch every week clans trophys and you dont need much points to be top 50 clan..what that meen you donkeys?...right, players quiting that shit.

Mikk Nigol7 days ago

In this game doesent exist teamwork and same old story...players are so unequal. Pixonic teamwork meens, press quit button if you see credit card players squads, if you are in this squad just run over your opponents because if you dont do it quickly your "team mates" do. I have little suggestion to Pixonic, maybe you put besides country selection money jusage selection too. Example i juse 100 bucks in month and want quick games and 100% wins.

Ultima7 days ago

Hi pixonic. Honestly I like the Griffen remake in at the heading of the page rather than the in the page. The first picture looks very cool and speaks well of the Griffen as a predator rather then the fat bulgy remake in the main page. Thanks

HELL FIRE ||7 days ago

Can there be a schedule for that

HELL FIRE ||7 days ago

I like the update articles but where are the actual updates?

Joevanders7 days ago

Graphic System, Physic Move, Jump, Crash, if you make new robot and make skill with Crash, i'm surely this game have more player

Mont27P7 days ago

Pyrotech442, Hmm ok, well I'm using iOS, so multiple platforms must have the problem, I hope their working on it though, I actually didn't mind the ads, with doing progress on the daily tasks and opening bronze chests, although the speed up times are rediculous, only 20 min for an ad, and some upgrades take days, maybe it should scale up with each video you watch or something.

Pyrotech4427 days ago

The new griffin looks nice, but the feet remind me of a dinosaur. Add a purple skin, get the new remodel, and you got BARNEY!!!

Pyrotech4427 days ago

Mont27P, What platform are you using? I'm using amazon fire, but I don't have any video ads either.

Pyrotech4427 days ago

Matthewthecowboy, Yes, converting silver into gold would be nice, even if it means converting 50,000 silver for a single piece of gold. If you had 200 million silver, that would convert to 4000 gold out of that, which to me is pretty balanced. If not, 100,000 silver per gold should be ok too.

Pyrotech4427 days ago

WR Dennis, (Joke) Yes, pay $200 for a ton of gold, and use some of it to get some workshop!

Matthewthecowboy7 days ago

2 options for you guys in pixonic
1: make it easier to get GOLD AND COMPONENTS

Free2Play (_Y_)7 days ago

As to filling out the 'poll', why? When has Pix ever listened to the community?

Free2Play (_Y_)7 days ago

And yet Wintrain goes directly against teamwork.

WR Dennis8 days ago

Any easier ways to get gold and components?

The Big Drop8 days ago

Im not sure what I seen so far in this teaser article is enough for me to once again dive into WR clan-dom but its a start.

Consider "Regions" as UTC timezones rather than entire, established countries for a more perfect fit.

Ranks and/or Titles, awarded and managed by the clan leadership, would be a nice way to show importance of pilots to their clans. Established Military ranks (Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain ect.ect.) Titles i.e. "Top Gun", "Clan Herald" "Sergeant-At-Arms" or "Liberator") could be awarded to pilots by specific clan leadership further recognizing clan associates.

A way to recognize a multi-chapter or alliance clans would be nice...

If a clans leader could secretly choose several specific rivals that would offer additional rewards to a clans pilots who defeat their rivals in combat would stimulate a playing atmosphere.

CarnageThunder8 days ago

Could you guys make it a little bit easier to get gold and components? I would really like a Galahad but there way to expensive gold wise.

Rohith 8 days ago

Please introduce the ability to unlock new builders so that we can upgrade multiple items at once. Just like clash of clans. Some amount of gold to unlock new builders! Also please try to be generous as wel, l its not gonna hurt :) The pricing system could be more reasonable, eg:clash of clans! Everyone loves it and also it is reasonable in its pricing, hoping that can also be addressed.

Mont27P8 days ago

Don't know if it's just me but I'm not receiving the video ad option anymore, ever since first watching an ad, and coming back into the game the next day, I haven't received it, it was a known bug apparently and they said they would fix it in 3.5 as by one of the update notes pages, but it's still not fixed for me, anyone still having the same problem and not getting ads?

Blazin' Flizard9 days ago

Amazing work on trying to make us all happy! This will all work out with the features in store for us. Also on more thing for customization can Raijin have a Bastion skin? Meaning that he has the Bastion model instead of his model. I'm sure people would love for that to be a feature! Best of luck to you guys \[T]/ cheers

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