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Good day, pilots.

This is quick summary recap of a livestream that was held on 29th of September with all the major questions answered. Summary is provided by fellow pilots Phoenixwolf and Momentum for community.

You can take a look at the recording of the stream here:

If you have not seen the Fall 2017 Roadmap, you can see it here for further information about the new Bots, Weapons and Maps we have coming:

In Development. War Robots Fall 2017 Roadmap

Now, to the stream summary:

It is no surprise to us that there has been a strong reaction to version 3.2.

So, whilst we were “settling some scores” (Robot) with our pilots on amazing battlefields, we decided to update you all on what we are doing to move these things forward.


We are working hard to push the update through for these platforms! Sorry for the wait!


The balance changes were deliberately minor so as not to upset the meta too much whilst still allowing us to monitor the impact it may or may not have. This is something we intend to do continually to ensure that the game remains competitive for everyone.


We dropped the ball here when we presented Item Promotion in the War Robots Fall 2017 Roadmap so please accept our apologies. We saw the feedback Monday morning and realized our mistake. The image shown was taken from an early concept of the interface. It was never intended that the sort of level up was shown would occur.

The plan is to bring in a maximum of a 20% performance increase to “Promoted” weapons and bots.

We also want to assure you that there will be safeguards that will get built into Matchmaking to ensure the game stays balanced and fun for all players. More on this will come once we have more firm details to release.


We always had the idea that the robots in the game have to be “assembled” from components, and hence this procurement system was born. Version 3.2 is meant to be the first of many iterations of a basic component system and in future updates, we will include additional ways to earn components, including remodeled Workshop to “manufacture” components for robots and weapons. Please stay tuned!


The Black Market was conceived as a way to allow Pilots to earn free items whilst playing the game. To ensure all Pilots have an opportunity to get to the Superchest, we have recently doubled the Black Market Season. We are constantly gathering data on item drop rates and Superchest progress and please rest assured that we will continue to tweak the whole Black Market mechanism to improve it.

One idea we are also seriously exploring is to periodically gift pilots with chests as a “thank you” for playing. And in order to encourage pilots to climb leagues, we will make the loot better for higher Leagues.


And speaking of leagues, the matchmaking is and continues to be the cornerstone of War Robots. If done well, the game will be truly enjoyable for all, and it will have the opposite, detrimental effect if not tweaked properly. We currently testing some new rules for matchmaking in our internal servers and if it proves to be better than the current one, we will push changes to live server. If not, it will be back to the drawing board for us – we will not rest until it is perfect.

Additionally, we have dragged our feet on the Leavers Queue rewards nerfing. We still intend to do so, however, we are facing technical difficulties in doing so, and we apologize for that delay.


Custom game mode launched just after the release of 3.2 on Android and we have more ideas on how to use this. Many will use it to explore maps, for clan training and video production. But we want more for it. We see it as a place to run tournaments and battles like the one our dev team played with some of our players.

One idea we have in development is custom mode hangers that will come with preset bots and weapon combinations giving players not only access to bots and weapons in their own hanger but new items and other builds they don’t currently own. It’s a chance to test drive a new bot before deciding to buy it. These hangers would be available for limited periods inside custom game mode. More details will come once we firm up plans for this!


Here at War Robots HQ we never rest to release new content to keep the game fresh. Besides the previously mentioned Castle, Rome and Dreadnought maps, we have two more maps in development. You would have also seen the Shocktrain weapon and the Glider and Hellburner robots.


Now to what is perhaps the most controversial issue plaguing the game currently.

We would like to state for the record that turning out game into PayToWin has never been the intention and we are sorry if some of our actions were perceived as steps in that direction.

We understand that there has not been enough clarity about some of our recent decisions, and we would like to reassure all pilots that this is definitely not how we intend to behave moving forward. War Robots is still a game we all love both at a professional and personal level, and we hope to make interesting, engaging and quality content with a rich and diverse ecosystem for years to come.


You have spoken, loud and clear, and we have heard you. We are feeding your comments back to the Marketing and Dev Team.

We have seen the comments over the last few days and heard your anger. We want to ask for your patience and understanding as we roll out these and future changes, none are set in stone and many are in the most basic form like the Components but ultimately will help keep the game fun and fair as we look to the future of War Robots.

Your comments are a big part of the development process and your feedback will help shape the game in the future so please continue to keep your comments coming!

Stay tuned, good things are coming!


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