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War Robots 3.2 Update Notes. Custom Matches!

by War Robots - 27.09.2017

There’s a lot going on in this update, but Custom Games is still likely to be the most impactful thing in the list. Practice matches, tournaments, clan disputes — now you shouldn’t rely on matchmaking to get the right opponents and drop on the right map. You create your own playing territory and fight as you want.

So let’s talk about custom matches first.

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Custom Games

Custom games allow you to challenge other players to fight 1vs1, train with your clanmates, run tournaments and so on. You create your own room, pick any map and game mode, invite anyone who’s ID you know — and you’re good to start playing on the environment that is entirely yours.

For a deeper dive into Custom Games check the video:

Custom Games are available starting from level 10.



Components are used to build new robots and equipment. You can get Components either by rolling them from Black Market (we made a spreadsheet with chest drop rates, by the way) or buying them.

Here’s a video detailing how Components work:

Currently, with components you can get following items:

Robots: Kumiho, Haechi, Bulgasari, Inquisitor

Weapons: Tempest, Scourge

In the Fall 2017 roadmap we already mentioned our ideas on developing this feature further. If all goes right, we’d like to add more ways to obtain Components — and more ways to utilize them in a meaningful way.


New robot: Inquisitor

Crouching Griffin. Hidden Lancelot 


  • Ability — Descend (24 sec cooldown). Inquisitor jumps, immediately becoming untargetable. Stealth effect persists until 5 seconds after landing
  • HP (level 12): 165 000
  • Movement speed (level 12): 40 km/h
  • Slots: 1H, 2M
  • Starting equipment: 5 s

Inquisitor is made for jumping into a middle of the fight — and gloriously not dying. Stealth effect added to its jump allows the robot to avoid damage while remaining a huge nuisance to the enemies.

Inquisitor is humongous — of course a couple of seconds of being untargetable won’t save it from all rockets and plasma bolts going in its general direction. This alone will give Inquisitor’s opponents a chance to fight back.

But if you time your skills well enough, it won’t save them.


Balance changes

We moved all balance data on server. That means you won’t have to wait until the next patch once we have something too strong or too weak — we’ll be able to react to everything much faster applying the fixes on the go.

From now on, all balance changes will be announced using in-game News screen. Be sure to check it from time to time!



  • More collision fixes on all maps — even lesser chance to drop through the texture
  • Minor performance improvements


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