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//NEED UPDATES AFTER DASH AND DECKS [3.0] How to build a powerful yet versatile hangar

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Note: This guide is for 5 hangar slots. If you have less, choose the appropriate ones

Slot 1

This should be your beacon capturer bot.

Ideal Bots: Stalker, Jesse or Gareth. (Kumiho once released) (Sorry Cossack!)

This bot should ideally be spawned at the beginning of the battle and be used to capture all the sureshot beacons near you. This is valuable, as it will award you with gold. Also, once beacons are captured, don’t forget to use your speed to terrorise opponent spawn points. Using continuous fire weapon like Magnum or short reload time ones like Taran (only on Gareth) or even Aphids will get you lots of damage too!


  • Stalker — 2 Magnums
  • Jesse — 4 Aphids
  • Gareth — Magnum + Taran OR Orkan + Pinata


Slots 2, 3 and 4

These all should be your knife fighters i.e robots going for kills.

Ideal Bots: Griffin, Rhino, Lancelot, Carnage, Patton, Galahad (Haechi and Bulgasari when released)

These bots are what will get you from the 5 gold for beacons to 10 gold for max damage. These should be spawned either second onwards (on small maps like Shenzen, Dead City or Moon) or third onwards after your camper in slot 5 (on medium and large maps like Canyon, Springfield, Yamantau or Powerplant) for getting opponents at close range with plasma setups or rockets.

Carnage can be used at close range with thunders using stealth to get close and then doing massive damage. Getting an Ancilot (Lancelot + Ancile) will give you lots of protection while firing, obviously if you can afford it. But the best and cheapest bot here is Griffin. Armed with a Jump Drive and 2 light+2 medium slots, it can do massive damage at 300-350 m with Death Button(2 Orkans + 2 Pinatas) or Plasma DB (2 Tarans + 2 Magnums) setups.

Get a Rhino with same artillery for protection, but with the recent rocket buffs, physical shields lose to jump in evasion and protection. Also a griffin with Spydra (2 Spirals + 2 Hydra) or Russian DB (2 Tulus + 2 Pins) setups can do great damage at non line-of-sight and medium to long range respectively. Get a Patton melee for instant KO damage with 4 rocket weapons,too if you would like to give up on health and maneuverability for firepower or a Galahad for dealing damage without receiving much from plasma. Get a Doc for an upgrade on Patton.


  • Griffin — PDB/DB/RDB or Spydra as stated above.
  • Rhino — DB or PDB as stated above.
  • Lancelot — Ancile + 2 Orkans/Tarans OR Thunder + 2 Orkans/Tarans
  • Carnage — 2 Thunders OR 2 Zeus for mid-range
  • G.I. Patton — 4 Pinatas OR 4 Magnums for continuous flank fire
  • Galahad — 2 Magnums + Taran OR 2 Pinatas + Orkan
  • Doc — 4 Orkans OR 4 Tulumbas


Slot 5

This should be your camper for doing massive damage from long-range. (mostly your spawn point)

Ideal Bots: Fury, Natasha

These should be spawned at start (on maps like Yamantau) or when the battle is heated in the middle for killing from range. Arm Fury with the appropriate weapons (3 Trebuchet) for massive damage every time it goes off reload. For battling on smaller maps with a Fury get 3 Tridents or 3 Zeus for getting through physical or ancile shields respectively. If you can’t get a Fury, start with a Natasha with either a long range laser+plasma setup (2 Trebs + 2 Gekkos), splash damage setup (2 Tridents + 2 Pins) or even 2 Zeus + 2 Gekkos for 600m damage.


  • Fury — 3 Trebuchets OR 3 Tridents for splash OR 3*Zeus.
  • Natasha — 2 Trebs + 2 Gekkos OR 2 Tridents + 2 Pins OR 2 Zeus + 2 Gekkos


Example build

These are only my suggestions or thoughts, however you wish to take it. You can build one of the strongest hangars in the game with this like my ideal one:

  • Slot 1 — Taran + Magnum Gareth
  • Slot 2 — Ancile + 2 Orkans Lancelot (Ancilot)
  • Slot 3 — 2 Orkans + 2 Pinatas Griffin (DB Griffin)
  • Slot 4 — 2 Tarans + 2 Magnums Rhino (PDB Rhino) 
  • Slot 5 — 3 Tridents OR 3 Trebuchets Fury
  • Get all to Level 12 and average over 1.2 million damage with 4-5 beacons.



Of course, experimenting and tinkering with these setups is all up to you. If you can find a better setup, do contact me at sayalu00@gmail.com.

So, with this, I finish. Hail War Robots! Adios!


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