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[2.9.3] Plasma Griffin: Definitive Guide

Author - AS4407

Plasma Griffin uses combination of two Magnums and two Tarans. It is one of the best combo in the game, but only few players know how to use it with best results.



Plasma Griffin is good for attack, worse in defending/camping, but you should not go alone to enemy base. Best thing you can do is go behind your teammate, especially Fujin or Carnage and hide in his shield. This will protect you against attacks of some cheap – and popular – Tulumbases or Pins. Allow your teammate to receive all damage while you safely shoot the enemies.


It is not good tactic at all, but in some moments it can save your life. You should hide from Gekkos and Trebuchets.

Camping at Canyon


Camping at Moon


Yamantau: by standing below center beacon, you are hidden before snipers


Camping at Dead City


Camping at Springfield


Remember that your weapons range is 350. That means you must be extremely careful on open surfaces and watch out for snipers. Tulumbas and Pin are also dangerous if they keep distance between 350 and 500. Do not forget about Tridents – they deal a lot of damage.


Your weapon range is close, so the closer you get to your target the better for you. But not always. Thunder is best in range under 100, then remember to get in 300 – 350. There is simple tactic for rocket weapons like Orkan: use Griffin jump ability. Do not jump behind opponent, but directly left or right. This will make you impossible (or very hard) to hit by rockets.


As I said before, Thunders are effective in 100 range, so keep distance in end of your range – about 300 to 350. Jump is good option too.


Unfortunately, plasma weapons has not splash damage. When properly aiming, you should break Gareth shield before it kills you. Galahad is stronger, good tactic will be very close combat. Griffin is higher than Galahad and probably it could shoot behind Galahad shield (works with Gareth). You can also go around enemy and try to stand behind him. Jumping behind Galahad will work only if you can rotate fast.


When Rhino shield is turned off, you can just shoot at it. But when it has shield turned on, tactic is more complicated. If you are far from Rhino, you should find cover and camp there, hiding when Rhino turns on the shield and shooting at shield off. In close combat remember: Rhino with shield rotates slow, so you can go around it and shoot.


…just jump: Aphid missiles are too slow to hit you. But do not jump too fast – it can hit you while you are in highest point of your jump; and too slow – in the beginning of jump Griffin has slower speed than in the middle.


Remember to capture beacons during battle, not only kill enemy robots. Use your jump ability to get fast to the beacons placed above you (for example beacon “C” in Springfield).


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