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[2.9.3] From Bob D Destroyer: How to Engage

by Bob D Destroyer - 14.08.2017

From your first game of Monopoly to your last game of Hopscotch there are always two sets of rules to observe.

The first set of rules has to do with the “HOW TO PLAY”. Rolling dice, moving pieces, who’s turn it is, things like that. The second set of rules is those rules you learn after playing for a while. They are like “NCIS Gibs rules”. They are rules that when observed allow you to live longer, do more damage and ultimately win.  

Now, you will eventually come up with your own set of rules. That is just how things go. Below are my “Primary Objectives or Primary Rules”.  


1. Know your Bots and Weapons

Ok the level starts and there you are driving your shiny new Boa. You have equipped your bot with a Thunder and a Tulumbas.  Who is your prime target? Well the Boa at any level is a bit slower but hearty bot. The above armament is perfect for mid distance harassment. Between the two weapons you can take out smaller squishy bots an offer a speedy end to a damaged tank.   

Now change the weapons to say, a Zeus and a Hydra. This may seem to be an odd combo at first look but, when you can hit them and they can’t hit you, that’s a winner.  Play with different combos and remember, every weapon has its place. It is up to you to maximize the potential for damage.


2. Honor the Code

There are folks that like to camp, jump, and buzz saw their way through a fight.  All fighting styles should be respected and honored.  There are those who prefer a lone wolf style others like the team aspect of the game. Assisting another player in a two way death box always results a dead opponent. That is what happiness is made of.

That being said, there is nothing more frustrating than out flanking a 12/12 DBG (Death Button Griffin) only to have someone sneak in at the last moment and unload an Orkan thereby removing your opponent’s last 100 health points to take your hard earned kill. These people make any game less palatable to play. It is “just a game.” However, try to be classy about the way you play.


3. Don’ get Dead

Much like Tic-Tacs there are many different types and flavors of tactics.  Whatever bot you are using, tactical movements can profoundly extend your life expectancy. Everyone knows about corner shooting, midair targeting and covering at the appropriate times.  

May I suggest that taking the time to learn the map and the using “flanking”, “aiming” and “retreating” can extend your bot’s playing time? The moon base is a perfect example here. Knowing this base map’s ins and outs is very helpful. Many times I have seen perfectly healthy bots run headlong into battle with multiple bots only to get melted (ok, this is usually me). Taking a couple of shots from around a corner to bring one or more enemy bots away from the herd makes it easier to stay in the game.  

Don’t underestimate the power of teamwork either.  Sometimes pounding on a single wayward bot as a team can be the difference of that bot making it to a beacon and changing the tide of the game. Running between two team mates when you are getting fired upon can allow you to get to safety long enough to recharge weapons and shields.  It could keep you alive and feeds your team. Win Win!


4. Be Prepared…

It’s not just a good motto!

Most of my bots are put together with the idea of a direct frontal or flanked attack. I tend to keep at least two plasma Galahads and a several flavors of Griffin in the mix. I have a Rogatka that I use to pick up beacons and jump into and out of fights.  I also keep a couple of bots in my back stable that are more the “creepy, twisted and annoying” types.  

My stable is specifically made to be non-specific. If the last guy to melt me was hard shield based then my Rogatka is coming out.  If there is a rogue Carnage on the field then here comes Sir Galahad.  It is about being prepared, having fun and putting other bots in the ground… or the repair shop as it were.

Whether your favorite fighting style is back line missile chucker or if you are a front line chainsaw massacre-er, you have a ruleset. You might be a free for all, no honor bruiser or a highly disciplined, honor bound, samurai. In any case, employing these gameplay rules may help you bring, to the battlefield, an improved brand of mechanical death and dismemberment.  

May your battles be many and your crashes be few, and I will see you on the ground!!!!– Bob D!


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