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For August season War Robots pilot AnarchoDom set up a challenge for himself: he should beat his previous league record 6197 of league points having at least 3 light robots in his hangar.

Impossible? Maybe. Or maybe not.

To keep track of his journey, Dominic started a blog series. One post a day, he describes his progress with all the details: what he experimented with, how it went and what he’s going to try next day.

“I have tried in the past to rise up in leagues and make it to Champions using only maxed out light robots. It was during the era of the Ancilots, prior to the changes to all rocket weapons and the more recent rebalancing of weapons. In that time, I sunk in leagues level because what little points I earned were totally absorbed by only one defeat. After two weeks, I changed approach and simply played whatever I saw fit. (Including an all-Natasha hangar.)

I now have the honor to be a proud member of Dominion – Elite. I learned a lot playing with my new clanmates and more importantly, I found myself in a position where I was freer in my playstyle since I didn’t have to look over my shoulder as much as when playing solo. These recent successes pushed me up into Champions league and now, well, my old light bots challenge made no sense anymore.

This is why I came up with a variant. I will play the whole August season with a minimum of 3 light robots in my hangar. I’m keeping myself 2 slots for other types of bots. This is for better enjoyment – I like playing almost all the bots – but also because keeping my league points earnings high enough requires the ability to deal some real damage”

Go follow the Lil’Champs Challenge blog if you’re into some good reading.

By the way, don’t forget to check out Dom’s amazing guide on how to utilize Light robots in The Iron Library.

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And here’s a light robots compendium by RollingThunder which is super handy as well!

Ultimate guide to Light Robots: from Destrier to Jesse



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