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//NEED UPDATES AFTER DASH AND DECKS [ 2.9.3] What every newbie should know

by War Robots - 26.07.2017

That is the moment, when you first drop in that battlefield. Gunfire, jumping robots, red and blue teams, columns of light reaching for the sky. You start moving your first steps in a Destrier, getting a feel for the battle. And then you’re in it! Perhaps you feel in your ears the sound of the Thunders. You get melted by rockets, other bots coming for your blood and you don’t understand why you won or lost. Particularly if you’ve lost, it’s easy to let yourself look frantically for a solution.

Gold bots? Gold weapons? Maybe plasma? Rockets? Without knowing what you’re doing, there’s a temptation to say to yourself, “let’s buy something, change the setup, go to the battlefield! Again repeat”, and run out of resources. It is when you are lost in this world called War Robots that a little talk can save you: I am here to tell you “Don’t worry! we have all been there!”. But you have got a better chance: a community that can help you in the transition from the Noobie side to the expert one! Open your mind and get you the way back to the light by reading these little tips on what you should have in your backpack while playing War robots!

My final aim is to provide you all the daily tools useful to get information you need to survive in this jungle, reinforce your fun, put in equilibrium your pilot status and enhance your awareness of the game!

Part 1. Hangar

The thin balance between meta, game-style and resources

Are you looking for a static, flat game? War Robot isn’t one. The first thing to be aware, is that a meta (the dominant build at the moment) will always characterize the game. The second thing is that the meta will change quite quickly. You will never see for one year the same bots, the same builds, the same weapons.

War Robot is a nuclear core full of reaction: new bots will arrive, new weapons, rebalance of existing weapons. Developers always challenge you. If you are the kind of pilot that loves to broaden its skills, experience new way to kill reds, living in that adrenalin status when looking for the win, it’s your place! Why otherwise would you have joined the crew?

A meta based game brings an important point to face in your virtual and real life: the point is that if you play a random set up, you get frustrated by the tons of kick you will receive; if you strain too much to get in line with the meta, you get frustrated and the game will turn the fun into a job. That two are the only ways? Not of course. “In medio stat virtus” — there is always a third path to find the equilibrium and keep the fun. Because, remember, it is a game and you need to keep both competition and fun at the same time to stuck on it. WR offers this opportunity.

To find your peace as pilot the first advice one would get is: play your style! There is a large pool to pick up: brawlers, supporters, snipers, managers, runner, ambushers, tankers, and these are just a sneak peek. The meta usually lets you room to sit down in at least one of these categories, and you can experience all at same time by running a mixed hangar.

Each bot, if you can maximize his strength and minimize is weakness, can be effective. So just take your pain and be patient, give a chance to your current bots, don’t get crazy by randomly changing set up. Playing more the same bots helps in understanding what you need more and what to adjust: range? Speed? Hitpoints? Shield?

Patience also is milestone when encountering two obstacles on the way to the equilibrium: the first is the time required by upgrades. As a new pilot, you might feel the rush to get all the possible bots and weapons the app offers you, thinking this will get you become a better player. I’ll put it straight: No! You don’t need to own all the possible builds in the game to have fun and be competitive. You need time to collect resources; you need time to upgrade weapons and bots. Relax, play and focus on something plausible that fits with your playstyle.

Sometimes you can waste resources on a current meta purchase realizing you don’t like to play it. And wasting resources is the second obstacle you may find in your rush to the champion league. Again, don’t rush. Let things settled down and plan your buy.

If you want a shortcut, there’s always an alternative: spending real money on premium account, weapons, resources or in-game offers. It allows you better timing and fast purchasing. There is nothing wrong in that! Furthermore, you will help in contributing to maintain the gigantic effort Pixonic is carrying: developers, server maintenance and all the different services usually require a huge amount of money to be sustained. War Robots exists thanks to these contributions.

So, to sum it all up:

  • be aware about the meta and its changes, weapons and bots stats
  • understand which currency you need to build certain bot set up and how much time you need to upgrade
    be patient

You may ask where to get this information in order to follow these tips — no worries! Next sections will introduce you to these topics.

Part 2. Economics

Understanding currencies and upgrade flow

In War Robots there are four kinds of currencies: Silver, Gold, Workshop Points, Influence points. The take-home message of this section is to understand main differences of the 4 possibilities we have to spend. A first substantial different resides in the rate on which you can gain daily

Silver. This one is the easiest currency to earn. In each battle you gain some silver mainly proportional to how much damage you deal/receive. Less influent parameters affecting the silver won after a battle are kills, beacons and critical hits. The amount of silver depends roughly on your hangar performances, but it’s not difficult to earn at least 100 000 per battle even in low tiers. Furthermore, the first three wins of the day give you 30 000 bonus.

Gold. You can earn gold by reaching top damage score in a winning game (this gives 5, 3 and 1 gold to the first three pilots) either scoring the highest number of captured beacons (5 gold to the highest one). Gold can be also purchased by attending daily challenges: each day you can earn 60 gold from daily challenges, while 3 pieces of gold can be earned after a win in a squad team, for a maximum of three win per day. If you put all together, playing daily you can easily get 80 gold per day.

WP. This has to be created in your Workshop. The rate you can once you have full production is 510 WP per day, paying 40 000 silver per 85 WP

Influence points. these are special points earned by social activities, by inviting in the game people from Facebook, participating contest proposed by Pixonic or being active in the web forum. Influence points at the moment get you access to buy only wild bunch bots. To understand how much Influence is worth you can take a look at this article, where a good analysis is made comparing it to the first three currencies.

Second, each currency gives access to different in-game purchases: weapons, bots, upgrades or boosts. Of course, the rarer is the money the more appealing are bot and weapons associated with it. Even though, it has to be remarked that silver and gold take a special role: silver is the only money you can use to activate upgrades, while gold gives you a speed up on the time required for each level to be reached.

One has to be aware of the fact that it is not advised to use gold to speed up upgrade. Why? Because it isn’t worth the price, and because you are never sure you have enough silver to get the next upgrades after hastening the previous one. It’s usually advised to buy an upgrade and invest the time required to finish it in playing and collecting more silver. Again, shortcut? You can use real money if you don’t want to wait.

A common question in the community is “Do I have to spend a lot of resources to be competitive?” While it’s clear that high-cost weapons and bots perform well on the battlefield, it is not mandatory to spend tons of resources. Here you can find a clear demonstration of how to build a cheap hangar and how it performs on the battlefield.

On the other hand, remember all these resources take months to be collected if you don’t spend money. So be careful on what you purchase. You might not like it.

Final tips?

  • don’t purchase something just because you want to “try” it. There is the possibility to play in the periodic test server Pixonic opens during each month and can be a great opportunity to test different builds
  • focus on what you really need without wasting time. If you don’t like certain Gold/WP items, don’t spend resources on it!

Part 3. Your personal library

You need a good source of knowledge

One of the most useful things in my pilot career was building up a library made of references. A library for War Robots? Yes! A place where to find all the information we mentioned above: weapons, stats, meta, currencies, updates, new release, contests, tactics etc. 

Here I want to share some places you can find useful in the community.

If you are too lazy to go through every single point, I would strongly suggest you to take some time, sit down and enjoy the amazing guide by Shaolin Rogue. These are small episodes leading the player from level 1 to level 30 with the minimum amount of resources spent. It is more than a guide, it has all the requirements of a TV series and it is full of in-game suggestions, tricks, tips, and live commentary, explaining second by second the action. It is really worth to give a look.

If you want to study more, here is more:

1. You can find a lot of basic info quickly on official FAQ. The section named “Guides” will shed a light on the main aspects of the game, and it is a good quick reference source.

2. For more in-depth and varied info you have got the Fan Wiki full of insightful information of all the aspects of the game. Make first sure to give a look at the database of weapons and bots. This helps you in understanding weapons types, shields, ranges, damage per cycle, costs and estimation of overall upgrading time of a hangar. To integrate this wiki, have a look at some youtube channels.

3. There is a bunch of veteran players offering video game-playing: you can get quickly important information about the status of the game as well as learn some trick via tutorial.

4. A must reference is the War Robots forum. A lot of questions are already addressed there and new ones will be answered! Hang around if curious!

5. Official news by Pixonic will be posted on the Facebook War Robots Official Page and in the Official Blog. These two sources are the best to follow for releases, changes in the game, events, video contests, writing contests.

6. On Facebook you can also find a Test Server official page. Test server is useful for pilots for two reasons: it lets you try some builds you want to buy and keeps you in the first line of people informed about changes; this allows also to probe a meta change adjusting your live server hangar as consequences.

7. If you have a genuine attraction for statistics and correlations read What Does it Take to Win in War Robots? an insightful article on what you need to do to win analyzing 200 game stats over three variables: Kills, Damage, Beacons.

8. Mech*Spectrum is an all-around-walking-robots-themed portal built on amazing Gepard Diary’s, originally found by Dredd77, one of the forum moderator and leader of Aurora Nova clan. It gives a player/fan perspective on what’s going on within the game.

9. It is worth to mention the THE VR-01 WAR ROBOTS LIBRARY released by Aurora Nova clan, since it represents a good reference about some specific bots or general strategies

10. Last but not the least, if you War Robots is a thing for you, you might consider to follow the War Robots Subreddit, it is a sort of loud pub full of theories, analysis, helps and discussions!

Part 4. The Family

Join a clan!

Why a family? When first I looked for Predator’s video Keep Fighting, I thought, that is the answer. But it is not based only on that.

To be a solo player, in a squad based game, really cuts your chances to climb the overall ranking. A question you should ask to yourself is: “is the ranking what I am looking for? To be a solo player also limits the potential of the game to become a home, a place where you can communicate and have fun in a way you could never imagine.

There are basically two kinds of clans in the game: the ones that look for success in global ranking and high in-game activity, the ones that look for success in building a family, a place where everyone can find what he/she is looking for, where you can share, grow and find your place in the community. These are two different vision and anyone select the one is more appealing to him. Furthermore, in a clan you can experience some talking while squadding. Yes, clans usually use voice comm chat like Discord. This allows you to know who your mates are and improve the battle action. Parents, sons, daughters, worker, students, all together to have fun, win, discuss, or just taking a time to relax after a stressful journey. This is an example of how war robots can create a community.

To impress you on how a clan experience can really improve your game experience and vice-versa, I want you to take a look at some episodes happened in my own clan (Aurora Nova), where people were supporting each other not only in the virtual life, but also in real life.

To sum up why to get a family:

  1. It’s fun
  2. You get answers to you questions in less than 5 minutes and meet some veteran mentoring you
  3. You get chance to win when squadding: you are able to communicate and and avoid selfish players: the “campers”. Don’t believe me? Well, here’s a demonstration!
  4. It extends your knowledge and awareness of the game
  5. Clan is a place to call home.
  6. Still not enough? Some clans also organize internal contests where you can win tons of gold just playing!
  7. A clan allows you to become a leader. If you want to run your own clan take a look at the following video.

Now go and get a ton of damage, kill, grab beacons, shot critical hits. See you on the battlefield!


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