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//NEED UPDATES AFTER DASH [2.9.3] Moon map. Best tactics and practices

by 789456123логшщздлшогрнпеа - 26.07.2017

Note: Red/Reds = enemy/enemies. Blue = teammates/your team

Map analysis

OK, before anything let’s take a look at the map.

As you can see the map is mirrored, which means that no side has particular advantage at the start. Beacons are very close to each other, meaning that you will engage the enemy sooner than on most maps. There is also a very special central Beacon that can be accessible from 2 tunnels (above and below) making it possible to capture and defend from two separate locations.

Side beacons B) & E) are easily capturable since they are the farthest, have no natural defense and usually least crowded.

Middle Beacons A) & D) are the location of most intense skirmishes.

This is the most convenient map if you go for a beacon count — during the events, for example, or if you rely on capping beacons to earn gold. You will mostly see hordes of Griffins, Rogs and Cossack roaming around since there are many covers that you can leap over. But finding the perfect safe spot is a challenge here. Expect the fire from all directions, even from above! Spawn areas, however, are well protected and the reds rarely raid them.

Since there will be many Aphids flying without you knowing, is important to always look towards enemy direction to see any incoming missile. Map awareness is, as a matter of fact, of utmost importance on this map.

The map is brawler and missile focused, so sniper builds (based on Trebuchets, Nashorns, Kang Daes, Gekkos, etc.) will be at great disadvantage. Your mid-rangers will also struggle a bit, while high DPS, high durability bots (e.g. Tarancilot) will feast all over the map.


Hangar tier list

As always, there is no unbeatable hangar (or bot) on the map, but some will perform better than others.

If you in a lower league (up until Silver) I suggest using 1 capper, 1 mid-range build (e.g. tulumbas-based) and fill the rest with brawlers.

If you are Gold-Diamond I suggest 1 capper (or no cappers at all), 1 mid-ranger, 1 Aphid-bearer and as much brawlers as you can fit.

If you in Expert and above, go for 1 mid-ranger, 1 (or none at all) rocket-based build. Rest (you got it right!) — brawlers.

Here’s is my personal list for best performers on Moon Map:

• Taran Ancilot
• Orkan Ancilot
• RDB Griffin
• Aphid Orkan Griffin
• DB Griffin
• PDB Griffin

• DB Rhino
• Orkan Rogatka
• Taran Rogatka
• Thunder Carnage
• Trident Fury
• PDB Rhino
• Ancile Aphid Leo
• Aphid Patton
• Tulumbas Doc
• Thunder Orkan Lancelot
• Tulumbas Fujin
• Thunder Pinata Leo

• Thunder Magnum Leo
• Orkan Fujin
• Taran Fujin
• Orkan Aphid Galahad
• Orkan Fujin
• Orkan Fujin
• Zeus Carnage
• Aphid Jesse
• Aphid Gepard
• Zeus Fury
• Trebuchet Butch

• Trident Carnage
• Trident Pin Natasha
• Aphid Jesse
• PDB Galahad
• Magnum Taran Gareth
• Trebuchet Butch
• Trebuchet Fury
• Aphid Stalker
• Zeus Fujin

• Anything else


Beacon Strategy

On Moon it is common to go from a 4-1 beacon lead to a 1-4 disadvantage. Long range builds can’t control the map so it is quite easy to find a beacon without any protection and cap it. If you need an easy capture just go for the farthermost.

D) seems difficult to capture but with a good eye (and a light bot/bot with Rush ability). Plus with some timing you can find them unguarded more often than you think. If you manage to sneak past B), the central beacon C) is also quite easy to capture from the upper tunnel, since reds tends to not dwell inside the lower tunnel if they are not pushing for A).

Speaking of bot selection, Cossacks and Rogatkas are the best capture bots here. Second is the (currently) almighty Griffin. Third comes the Carnage.

Since the Moon is a smaller map, slower bots will remain efficient as well on this role. On lower levels (Gold and below) there will also be numerous Stalkers and Gareths roaming around.

If you focus on capturing beacons the most efficient path is going back and forth from B) to E), passing through the upper tunnel. This is because there is a lot of cover and less Reds to fights. This is less true through whilst you climb up to the mid-tier leagues, where everything becomes less standardized and more based on experience.



Rogatka, Cossack, Gareth and Stalker will guarantee you 2 early beacons A) & B) but be aware at the red griffins that sometimes camp on B).

Here’s a trick: If you spawn on the highest side (look at the map), your B) beacon will be surrounded by a circle of rocks. Just move on the border of the circle to cap it and you will be 90% covered. (there still a small window for RDB Griffins). It is a useful visual hint.

Since my hangar has Zeus Carnage and no light robots (I play on Expert where these tend to disappear) I maximize its Rush efficiency using it right at the start. I have a chance to capture 2 beacons, while being protected from early volleys and having the room to zap once or twice before capturing a second beacon. After that it depends on you — how long you want it to survive? As I said, sniper/support isn’t the best class on this map so losing it early for a couple of beacon and some damage is a good bargain.

At the beginning of the match your team will split between attacking E), pushing/patrolling C) and capping A) + B). Best choice is the latter if you have a fast bot. If reds are delaying/ignoring the C), it is a good idea to take it right after A) instead of going for B


Firing spots

For this part i’ll use another map to mark my indications

SNIPERS (marked with a red “S”)

From spawn site you can walk a bit and cover Beacon A) & B) on your right (point marked with S1)

From the hill just beside the spawn you can cover part of A) and lower tunnel entrance in case of heavy reds attack (point S2). Plus you can shoot any flying reds jumping on the platform in front of you.

From approximately the spawn point (s3) you can cover the left passage marked the red triangle (from now on these will indicate danger points) from any flanker

From A) beacon, point (s4) shoot through the lower tunnel


All the 4 points before are valid also for mid-ranges with the exception of B coverage from S1. Additionally:

On the platform (R1) you can shoot to beacon and inside the upper tunnel of C. I would not suggest to use this point since is a noted camping point of reds where you have no protection. If you are forced to go for E) use teammates help.

Another good spot (R2) is on the bottom of the map, left to platform looking to D)

MISSILES (blue “M”)

With Missile I generally imply Aphid since Hydra (and Spiral) has such long range and accuracy that you don’t have to be positioned somewhere to hit enemy.

As you can see there are many good points from where to swarm missiles. You will meet a lot of Griffins with Aphids, some Pattons and some Aphid Ancile Leos; Leo, in my honest opinion it is the best Aphid build on this map due to his defence capability.

There are essentially 3 area to spam Aphids, I’ll divide them for damage chance and hazardness of the location.

Points m1, m2, m3 – high efficiency, lower risk
Points m4, m5 – high efficiency, high risk (due to location and lot of enemy counterfire)
Points m6, m7 – medium efficiency, medium risk

M1 & M2 are most used spots due to coverage and potential damage.


Most frequent fight spots

Beacon areas will clearly become the most heated locations so I decided to analyze the 5 areas separately, for this chapter I will refer to different maps, one for each beacon. The guide is about defending the beacon but since the map is specular, it will help you to understand which path and firing positions are the less dangerous to take for attacking.

Green point are the good positioning spots, purple line are primary line of fire of fire while brown one are secondary line, the ones you have to check from time to time. I will also provide a score (from 1 being the least prominent to 3 being the most) about the primary aspect of each beacon area.




Mirrors the D). This is where you will have the toughest fights since it is the bridgehead for central beacon and for stalling enemy putting pressure on spawning area.
If you are aiming to regain it from spawn position keep in mind that reds have notable defence advantage due to beacon access conformation.

To defend/push from this beacon is essential to control, or having it engaged, the external beacon B). I’ve seen multiple times 3 or 4 bots getting slaughtered by a pincer attack from tunnel (heavies) and B (mid-rangers).

The beacon A) has 3 shields that provide you cover from plasma but experienced rocket pilots will just shoot to the side of the barrier. The barrier provide perfectly cover for the Lancelot that can shoot with side weapon without exposing, try it!

In a heavy rocket battlefield situation, I advise you to not dwell inside the beacon but stay on the side of tunnel entrance to shoot any assaulting red from the tunnel without getting in their line of fire. See the green point with lines of fire to understand what I mean. Always pay attention to the menaces from side beacon towards the brown lines.




Beacon B) is quite easy to defend on paper, but enemy bots won’t just pop up coverless on the front platform but they will probably barrage you with missile before doing that, so it’s important to hug the walls as much as possible. Some pilots use to position just below the hill or platform to hide from missiles.

If the enemy manage to capture A), could force you to defend on two side as well. If that’s the case, you are probably in a bad situation since your front has been split in two and you are very close to enemy spawn point: an aggressive red army could strike at your back quickly if you don’t pay attention. Best move is to help regain A) as soon as possible and then try to re-take B) hoping that somehow your team reduced the menace coming from C). Of course, it all depends on the current battlefield situation if you have to do it or not; if you see that your mates has good chances to regain control of A) quickly than keep defending B) is the best choice.

Beacon B) also give you access to the higher tunnel of C) but be aware that the path isn’t short and the Reds won’t let you go there harmlessly if they can, since from the inside you have a good line of fire off the ramp (in front of spawn point) and off the entrance in front of E). One bot there could negate the capture of beacon from before, always keep that in mind.




Beacon C) is the central beacon so you can think that is the most important, but that is only partially true on this map since the beacon are very close and the capture turnover is very high. Tactically A) is more important since it’s the real choke point for your assaults and bot movements.

Beacon C is located inside the building with 2 tunnels crossed a 90°, located at different levels. Lower tunnel is the most dangerous and it is the location where most damage will be inflicted.

Inside of it you have no cover and no protection so the best choice is to stick to wall on your right (or left) so you can shoot any red swarming into the tunnel before entering in his line of fire. If you imagine the tunnel divided in 5 equivalent sections (starting from blue entrance), the best place to stick is on the second and forth segment.
Second segment (starting to count from your tunnel entrance) is generally better because it gives you a chance to flee out the tunnel if too many reds swarm in. Fourth is better for short-range builds like Thunder Carnage.
Reds use to launch big scale attack with 3 or 4 bots because the beacon is hard to cap; just shoot from outside the tunnel any incoming red.

One bot frequently occupies the upper control zone to negate the capture from below. Endure there could be boring since you stay “out of the action” but many times is the key for beacon victory. Ancile bots extend their shield underneath the pavement actually blocking part of rockets enemy attack (double usefulness!)




As I said before in the beacon B)’s analysis, holding this one for a sufficient amount of time will grant you easy victory since you will have to defend just 2 beacons (D & B), and this is indeed a great advantage because it will be easier to focus fire with your teammates.

If you have the chance to cap it with a swift move (and defend it) you can buy some time even 1 vs 2 until blue’s help come.




If I have to chose the less important beacon it should be the E).

Capping it is easy but defending is somewhat harder since the reds has better line of fire than you, so defending it to the death is not your primary goal.

It gets more usefulness if the blues are pushing through C) to attack B), in that case your flanking help is essential. In any other case exposing to attack D) alone is dangerous since reds have also mid-range / sniper support.


That’s all, I hope you enjoyed my guide




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