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//NEED UPDATES AFTER DASH [2.9.3] Tutorial: escaping rocket fire

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I am a proud owner of five Gareths, that I love to run. I have been through almost everything, been starting in gold league and climbed my way to champion league, went into tankers queue and back out three times, always looking for the fun.

What I have realised, is that currently, light and medium bots have really low survivability, especially against all the heavy robots that have double or triple as much firepower as you do. They require a lot of, skill (although this is a very relative word), to pilot, but the satisfaction meter is very high if you manage to develop a strategy and end up killing a bot.

What is even higher, is the surprise on your enemy’s face when you kill him, when thinking he could be superior. The light bots are outclassed in firepower, but nonetheless, they have the speed, which allows them to cap beacons and make strategical moves or distractions over the map, and in the end win the battle!

As you might have noticed, since the recent update, much more players use rockets — would it be the Russian death button Griffin (aka RDB, Tulumbas and Pins) or simple the death button Griffin or rhino (aka DB, Orkans and Pinatas) — that got a damage buff (+15% for the orkans) and a new reload mechanic (Pinatas, Pins and Tulumbas now reload whilst firing) which makes it especially hard to survive in that explosive environment in small and medium bots.

Here is a strategy I found out while doing some testing, to avoid this deadly storm of heavy artillery shells, although this method has a low chance of working, because it needs some practice and high map awareness.


Tip #1

Speed is key, only bots running at 60 km/h and above make this technique possible. This is a critical factor if you want to be able to outrun rockets. Bots I recommend here are following:

  • Cossack (max speed : 58 km/h and jump ability)
  • Gareth (max speed : 64 km/h and physical shield)
  • Stalker (max speed : 66 km/h and stealth ability)
  • Rogatka (max speed : 60 km/h and jump ability)
  • Carnage (max speed : 40 km/h and rush ability, that allows you to sprint at 66.66 km/h and makes him the fastest bot in the game!)


Tip #2

Use your special abilities wisely! I often see jumping bots landing in a wrong spot or hit a wall get stuck somewhere and end up getting destroyed. That means you need to know the capabilities of your bot; here are a few stats:

  • Cossack can jump permanently but has always a 1 second landing and take-off time and can’t jump very high. You will have to consider that when avoiding the rockets, that every jumping bot will stay immobile and be vulnerable for a second or two.
  • Rogatka has to stay 3 seconds on the ground before it can jump away again, so take note of that too.
  • Stalker has a stealth ability which makes him impossible to target, however, you can still get hit, and the stealth takes a few moments to activate, and doesn’t last forever (8 sec with 16 sec cooldown), so be sure to have taken cover or be protected from plasma weapons.
  • Gareth can put his shield in the front instead of the side, but by doing that, it loses 20% of his speed, so when avoiding rockets you will want to not have the shield in the front.
  • Carnage can rush at 66% percent of his base speed for 10 seconds (with 20 sec CD), which makes him very useful to either back up or close in to enemies.

Tip #3

Don’t try to use the technique when there is a group of RDBs, as you will most likely be killed before you are in range of them. Also this strategy requires you to pretty much run forwards or backwards, so you need to know who is where, as well where your position is and what obstacles are on your attack or retreat trajectory.



My drawings are poor, don’t judge 😉

Close in maneuver

As you try to approach a RDB, it often gets tricky on how to do it. I tend to try to run in a very slight angle towards him, a few rockets will hit you, but most of them will just splash out behind you. That is what the speed is for, you have to be able to run a bigger distance than the rocket can in the same time, so that you escape its AoE. Changing directions is also recommended, as the enemy pilot will soon see your movement and aim ahead of you, so just change your course a little bit and you should be fine.

This maneuver takes the most skill, as it is very hard to avoid every rocket, plus the closer you get, the more rockets will hit you, which is a thing to consider. It has a psychological effect though, because when the enemy realises he can’t hit you he will try to hit you and retreat, but when that happens you should already be in range to fire off your Orkans or Tarans or maybe Thunder.

This strategy works well on Shenzhen and dead city but also on canyon. Note that you will always run into the open and can’t really change the direction you are running in, so choose a good moment and beware of enemies attacking you on your way


Retreat maneuver

This strategy is used to (purely) evade Orkans and Pinata fire. It consists in describing a curve whilst running backwards, because it will get harder for your enemy to follow you and you wont get hit as if you were running straight backwards. Changing directions is also advised to make the enemy have a harder time than he already has.

As a proof of this technique working, here a few screenshots:

This Griffin didn’t even manage to hit me once, I managed to grab the center beacon, but got destroyed as he closed up on me, making it harder to avoid rockets


This Griffin hiding behind the wall also tried to unleash his rockets on me, but I managed to not even get hit once



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