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Upgrade strategy — in simple terms

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Greetings, pilot!

Here’s a guide on upgrading your equipment. There are many confusing things in the hangar, both for the beginner and for the seasoned pilot for sure, so it would be wise to make you comfortable at all the complex stuff from the very start, saving you both time and money later.



There are many “levels” in game — pilot’s level, upgrade level, workshop level. They are NOT related for the most part. Let’s quickly describe every one of them:

Pilot level (or PL for short). Defines what equipment can you buy, and which game features you can use. At PL = 20 you get access to the Workshop, where Workshop Points (WP for short) are generated. Maximum PL is 30

Workshop level. Your Workshop weaponry and robots forge. Workshop level (WL for short) defines how many slots you can queue for WP generation. Also unlocking higher levels of WP get you bonus WP, up to the moment WL is maxed out, which happens at level 15

Equipment level. Both robots and weapons (and shields, though they are essentially classified as a “weapon”, too) can be maxed out to the level 12.
However, not every equipment are sold equal. Some of the weaponry sold pre-upgraded at level 3 or even 5 for your convenience; and some robots are sold at level 6, so you can save your money and time.


Upgrading: general ideas

So, what’s an “upgrade” and how does it work? Here’s a list of the most important things to know.

  1. To upgrade equipment you need to select it, find big green button with “UPGRADE” label on it, and you will be taken to confirmation window. In confirmation window you will see which characteristics will be increased, by how much, how long and how expensive upgrade will be. If you agree – click another green button with the upgrade price on it.
  2. It might sounds counter-intuitive, but Silver is the most desirable currency in the game. Gold, Workshop Points, Event Coins, Influence Points and any new currency are good for one-time purchase, but Silver would be needed every day, to keep upgrades rolling.
  3. Weapons could be upgraded ONLY in terms of damage. Yes, ONLY damage is increased by 10% with every level. Don’t you worry, it is more than enough to make reds cry. Range, fire speed, reload time, clip size, ammunition time – remains the same.
  4. Robots upgrade several characteristics at once. You can NOT pick single thing to upgrade, it comes as a package. So for every level up you get +6% hitpoints upgrade, sometimes run speed is upgraded (until it maxes out at level 9), and your robot in-built shield (if there’s any) gets +6% of its current hitpoints, too. Jumping speed and distance are NOT upgraded, as well as turn speed, quantity and type of hardpoints.
  5. Upgrade takes time. The higher the level — the more time it takes. At lower levels you need to spend minutes or hours; at higher levels single upgrade take DAYS. To overcome inconvenience with upgrade taking so much time — they could be completed at instant, by using Gold. You can be upgrading only single item at a time. Yeah, it is not convenient.
  6. Speaking of convenience — you cannot queue upgrades. So you need to be around when one upgrade is finished to start another one.
  7. There is a way to upgrade equipment for Gold without using Silver. To do that start any cheap low-level upgrade, and then choose item you want to upgrade for Gold only. Click “upgrade”, and you will be taken to the modal window asking if you want to end current item upgrade (for a small Gold price) or instantly upgrade new item (which is, usually, very expensive in Gold).
  8. There are several key upgrade levels, it is good to remember them all. No weapon or robot is good at lower levels. Let’s talk about those key levels.


How high should I upgrade?

Minimum viable level — level 5-6

Due to some equipment sold on level five or (in case of bots) even six, it is a good idea to bring your entire hangar to the same level, so you can perform fair comparison and understand how the weapon\robot is working out for you. It is a bad idea to compare, say, level 1 Taran and level 10 Punisher. So get your money where your mouth’s at, take your time and bring your active equipment to at least level five. Or even six. Six is better, because Natasha, Leo and Griffin (you ARE riding one of these, aren’t you?) comes at level 6, so be fair to the rest of hangar.

Decent performance level — level 8-9

You might have noticed that almost every new level brings +10% of damage to the weapon (save for Punishers), but only +6% for robot hitpoints. Outcome for this madness is the fact that at level 8 weapons are gaining so much in damage, that you will be killing same level bot much faster. Remember – to kill enemies faster – get your weapons to level 8. The higher the better.

But you might ask – why there is a “level nine” mentioned, why not just “level 8 or higher”?
Well, the reason for that is the fact that every bot (save for Gepard) will get its maximum speed at level 9. So you might want to get your beacon runners to the level 9 for faster beacon grab.

Maxed hangar — level 12

While it is nice to have maxed out hangar, it is not exactly the thing you want to do in the War Robots game. The thing is – game is VERY diverse, and upgrades are VERY long (if you are not spending Gold to speed it up)


Diverse or focused?

The next thing of interest in terms of upgrade strategy is — should you upgrade every good weapon and bot, or focus on single set of robots and weapons?

If your aim is to be able to try out different playstyles, bots, and be able to accompany every friend’s loadout — it is a good thing to have your hangar diverse. Good call would be level 8 or 9, it allows you to get at least to a Diamond league (or higher if you are a skillful player), and would not take much time and Silver.

If your aim is to get all the way to the Champions, or you just NEED to max out some equipment — then your best bet is to focus only on a single loadout for the bot, and upgrade only five robots, one for every slot.


Should I pay Gold for the upgrades?

If you just started playing a game — most likely not. You will need to get used to the controls, weapons, maps and grind some skills. Meanwhile your equipment will be slowly but steadily upgraded.

However if you are at your good game already, and you need to bring new fancy toys up to speed — then yes, by all means. Just remember: the earlier you speed it up, the better your “Minutes saved / Gold spent” ratio is. So don’t wait until it’s 1-2 hours left, click away right after upgrade started.


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