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[2.9.3] 3 Things You Should Know When You Are New

Author - braxtonjj

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I was first introduced to War Robots through advertisements in other games.  I saw the photos and videos and said “I know I would love to play that game but I don’t have time to introduce another game that I will become addicted to into my busy life.”  Sure enough, game currency was offered in another game if I downloaded War Robots and made it to level 5.

I was dropped into the intense sounds of war, explosions and maneuvering some very cool robots.  4 months later, I am all in with War Robots while the other games on my android are collecting megabyte dust and just taking up space.

I could bore you with all the mistakes I made early on but I won’t.  I will take a moment to share with you 3 things I would do differently if I could start the game over again.


The power is in the weapons, the strategy is in the robots

It didn’t take me long to find the store where I could purchase robots & weapons and immediately catch a case of “I’ve got to have that one”.  What that thinking lead to was a false notion that if I had a better bot, I will be a better player.  Although I’ve been hovering between silver league 2 and silver league 1, I’ve learned that the more powerful your weapons are the more likely you will dominate your current league and get promoted to the next higher league. Lesson learned:

Focus on upgrading your weapons rather than your robots.

The truly good players have learned how to combine powerful weapons with different robots.  Every bot has its strengths and weaknesses.  Learning how to maximize the strengths of the robots with your weapons build on that robot will truly allow you to become a great pilot quicker.  These two nuggets leads me to my next point.


Spend resources wisely early

Because I thought being really good was about having the bigger, newest and shiniest robots, I spent a lot of silver and gold trying to purchase robots and extra hangar slots.  As a beginner, you have 3 slots in your hangar to use 3 robots per match.  

If you focused on upgrading your weapons rather than bots and slots, you will find yourself not wasting away resources on robots you probably won’t use often as you advance in the game.  The weapons you upgrade can be transferred to other robots as you progress in the game (assuming the new bots have slots for them) thus making upgrading your weapons a wise choice early.

When you reach level 5, a third resource will be introduced to you in what’s called “The Workshop”. In the workshop, you will be able to produce workshop points (WP) that will allow you to purchase some of the best weapons (hint hint) and more strategic bots in the game.  

At this point in the game, you should know what style of play you like. Slow bots with powerful weapons, very fast bots with very little durability or a balanced approach.  This should determine how you spend your WP.  I have a couple of bots that I purchased with WP that I simply don’t like to use because of the style of play the bot warrants. Purchase bots that will fit the style of play that you want. 


Learn how to fight from cover

This is simple and doesn’t need to be labored over very long.  Simple principle here: deliver as much damage to your opponent as possible while taking as little damage as possible.  You will accomplish this by learning how to hide behind hills, objects, structures etc. on every map.  This will be an essential skill needed as you advance in the game when weapons and bots will be more powerful.  

I have set a goal that I believe is helping me develop this behavior of battling from cover.  The goal is to finish a match with using only 1 robot while still finishing in the top 3 in damage.

I have a Griffin — it is a heavy robot that is very well balanced. Not too fast, not too slow, with the ability to jump (you can use it to get into action, behind cover or out from cover, to ambush or flank).  I have equipped it with 2 Orkan missile weapons and two pinata weapons.  I am focusing all my resources on upgrading these weapons making them more powerful.  

At the current level, if I was to empty all four weapons entirely and accurately onto an opponent’s robot, I can do over 100k damage in about six seconds.  This is a bot that I want on the battlefield as long as possible and learning how to fight from cover will allow this to happen.


All in all, this game is awesome and strategies will change as easily as changing weapons on the same exact bots.  As you advance in the game, strategies, weapons, focuses etc. will change but for the pilots who are new to War Robots, if you follow these few tips, you will grow and advance a lot faster than I have!


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Cartrr7 days ago

Mayank Katela, you'll notice that there are icons for your weapons around the big red button. If you tap on just one of those icons, it'll only fire the corresponding weapon.

Mayank Katela16 days ago

Everything's good and fine but on the entire website, I still haven't got any article on how to change the weapons because apparently when we fire even a single missile using right click or middle mouse button, all the missiles and rockets get launched at the same time leaving me with only the machine gun in hand. Can you please explain me how to deal with this?

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