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//NEED UPDATES AFTER DASH [2.9.3] Book of Armaments: The Round Table

Author - Wall-E von Crack

  • Author: Wall-E von Crack
  • Topic: Gareth, Galahad and Lancelot
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Bonus points for: Hilariousness

Powered by ham and jam and a lot of Spam, the British bots are more than silly English K-nig-hts. Defeaters of Saxons and Natashas, the Knights of Camelot are the kings of knees-bent running around advancing behavior, AKA the frontal assault.


Sir Lancelot the Brave


At a cost of 5000 shrubberies, it’s a luxury. However, it’s totally worth it, because you’ll need more than a herring to cut down this tree. It has three 102,000 hp shields on the front, totalling 306,000 hp (assuming they get destroyed one after another, which is not always the case). Add 170,000 hp for the chassis and you have a 476,000 hp monster with nasty, big, pointy teeth. Add an ancile shield and we’re talking over 570,000 health with protection from all types of fire…for now… Until ballistic weapons are buffed further, taking one on head to head is silly with anything but splash damage. Although, if ye can flank it or get a bit of an angle on the shield, Lancelot will quickly melt in unprotected areas.


Lancelot moves like molasses without its speed boost. Therefore, you’ve got 20 sec between boosts to take it out.

Splash damage! If you’ve been preparing an anti-Rhino rush hangar, you possess the pins, tridents, tulumbas and orkans to blow thine enemies to tiny bits. Death Button Griffin setups are a particularly useful for taking out Lances.

Unlike the Rhino’s shield, which covers the chassis, Hydra rockets easily circumvent the Lance’s small shield and hit the body. ‘Tis but a scratch, but flesh wounds add up!

2 vs 1 is a weakness to every bot, but it’s particularly relevant for a hard-shield bot of this magnitude. Don’t take it on alone if you don’t have to.


Sir Galahad the Pure


Galahad’s 120,000 hp body and 199,000 hp shield are not to be trifled with in a shot for shot plasma battle. If a Taran/Mag Rhino and a Taran/Mag Galahad are in a stand-off, the Rhino’s 241,000 hp shield could fail before the Galahad’s due to Gal’s Taran advantage when both are shielded. However, the Galahad is not locked in place when its shield is forward, and it can strafe the Rhino at 40-50km/h, further complicating their encounter. 2500 gold is a fair asking price for this skill set.


The shield could not be a more ideal target for rockets and 20% movement speed is lost while using it. Adding to this vulnerability is that 10km/h is a lot of speed to lose for the sake of a shield. Open the shield during an enemy’s rocket salvo and some of the rockets just might pass through you.


Sir Gareth the Not-Quite-So-Brave-as-Sir-Lancelot


The bot keepers ask for only a humble 1,250 gold donation for Gareth’s services. Gareth’s max speed is 64km/h compared to the Stalker’s 66km/h, meaning it’s as fast as an unladen swallow and a great challenge to the Stalker. The 160,000 hp shield allows a capper to run across the map absorbing trebuchet, zeus and gekkos with impunity. At close range it can take a fair amount of plasma before cover is needed. Keep moving and strafe thine enemies.


Gareth isn’t as much powerful as it is convenient for capping and serious harassing of shielded rhinos and slow heavy bots. There are many ways to take one out if you can catch it. Splash is an obvious solution, but relatively slow moving rocket projectiles can be dodged. The 20% speed reduction with shield up takes away a bit of the speed advantage that makes it worthwhile. Last, the body has a mere 80,000 hp, making it only slightly more durable than a cossack.


…and that, my friends, is how we know the Earth to be banana-shaped. — Baron Wall-E von Crack


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