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//NEED UPDATES AFTER DASH [2.9.3] 5 tips: how to use light bots in Expert and higher

Author - AnarchoDom

  • Author: AnarchoDom
  • Topic: Light Robots gameplay
  • Level: Expert
  • Bonus points for: Unshakable respect for light robots

I’m not writing this down because I believe I’m the best or anything. To be honest, it’s mostly to help me remind myself of the do’s and don’ts of piloting light bots in higher league. Playing a light bot is more about trying to win by outmaneuvering than trying to mech out the enemy team. It is also a lonelier gaming experience since you shouldn’t aim to stick with your team, brawling your way to center, but rather leave the fighting aside and cover ground instead.

Make the enemy territory yours without fighting

But it is easier said than done. Therefore, piloting a light bot in the higher leagues represents a different challenge altogether. The skill level of your opponents coupled with their heavy damage dealing gear means that you can’t expect a lucky break or quickly dispatching your foe because your weapons are at a higher level than their bot. Good situational awareness, creativity, and maneuvering skills are required. As is a certain philosophy and discipline: you need to train your mind too. To that end, I came up with these advice in short aphorisms to serve as guiding principles in a fight.

Let’s delve into it.


1. Make the enemy forget you exist, then make them pay

On long maps, always seek a covered way towards a beacon. Your speed lets you take detours and bolt from cover to cover between the shots of snipers and support bots. Don’t be afraid to go wide and stay far from the fight. Your weapons are mainly for self-defence, not blasting your way to beacons. Only expose yourself when no reds are paying attention to you.

On short maps, stay covered and be patient. Spot all the splash damage users or snipers and be mindful about their line of sight.

Favor burst weapons over sustained fire ones: it’s easier to finish off a foe with 2 Piñatas or Aphids than with 2 Magnums. CORNER SHOOT! You can’t brawl, even in a Gareth. But better yet: CONSTANTLY GO FOR RED BEACONS THAT AREN’T GUARDED. Use that speed of yours to run all over the map. Resist the urge to trade blows and only engage if you’re certain to finish the red.

You’re not a samurai, you’re a ninja.


2. Forget about HP, your defense is speed

I read too many comments about how squishy light bots are, like: “Your Gareth will make a good lunch for my Trident Fury.” Well, sure, but the thing is that the best defense will always be to never get shot in the first place. As soon as I know where your Trident Fury is, I’ll either stay out of range, avoid giving you a line of sight when in range, and only expose myself after you fire. See, I can cover quite some ground in that 10 seconds of reloading.

That’s why as soon as you hit level 9, your light bot is viable in higher leagues. Because even with maxed HP, you’ll never be able to soak the kind of punishment those fat brawlers or Death Button Griffins can deal.

Yours is a way of winning without fighting.


3. Go behind enemy lines and piss them off

Even if you can’t take the beacon because it is too well-guarded, stay there and force as many enemy pilots to focus on you for as long as you can. Harass them with shot from behind, play hide and seek, make them chase you around obstacles. They can’t just leave you alone, because you’ll obviously liberate the beacon, but they’re wasting precious time trying to kill you. That way, you’ll relieve pressure off your teammates and enable them to either make a push or retake center if you lost it.

Your job is to make them mad and mess their plan.


4. Splash damage is both your best friend and worst enemy

Using rockets on your light bot makes plenty of sense. It deals solid damage in no time, can fire while it reloads and you don’t need to see your target to damage it. That last bit is the best one because it fits with the defense style of your bot. Being able to damage a foe without exposing you to return fire is the ideal situation for you.

But splash damage can also wreck you in no time if your enemy can corner shoot you too. This means that you need to know in advance what your opponent’s weapons are before you make any approach. It also means that you should avoid staying too close to the edge of your cover. Make sure you’re out of that blast.

Yours is a way of cautiousness.


5. Be reckless, do the unexpectable

I know I just told you to be extra careful and patient, but this is for you to be able to seize the opportunities when they present themselves. Sometimes, rushing close to a Lancelot and brushing him on your way to a beacon in its back is exactly the best move to do. You’re playing against other people, doing what they think you’d never do might startle them and catch them off guard.

Same thing is true with my advice about pissing people off. Reflect on your own experience: What usually happens when you get mad in a fight? When you spend too much time chasing an enemy because you really want to finish him? What about those times when as soon as you respawn, you immediately seek out that annoying pilot who just finished you? I think you get the point now.

Fight smart and make your enemy fight dumb


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