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This Week in Community. How to kill a Griffin?


Writers contest has concluded

Actually, not yet — we haven’t declared the winners yet. We’ll do it after getting in touch with them, which should happen very soon.

The response to the contest was overwhelming: we received more than 400 (four hundred!) pieces of all the different genres, including guides, essays and even lore fiction. Our magic man Tofsla is currently going through them all. “I feel like I’m going crazy, but it is so damn worth it“, he says.

One we can say for sure: there will be more than just one winner. Judging by the quality of writings that reached us, we expect to have at least 20 of those receiving the first prize.


New robot: first look

Bagofsoup is back at it on the test server teaching some battle skills to his youngsters. This time testing various setups on the new robot prototype he calls “Grancelalker” (hm-m, we could use it actually).


New mode: pre-review

Bagofsoup again, coming at you with the super recent review of the Beacon Rush game mode.

You will be able to beacon rush yourself this weekend if registered on our test server. This video will be a good preview also providing you with some gameplay tactics to try.


Latest YouTube challenge

Still 2 days (deadline Sunday night EST) left to take part in #heavycapture YouTube video challenge announced by Blitheran.

Take a chance to win 1.5K Gold or 3K Influence points (yes you can choose). Winners will be selected next week! Stay tuned for next challenges on Blitheran and Droopy Sack channels with prizes getting better and better.


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