This Week in Community. How to kill a Griffin?

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This Week In Community. More War Robots


Video. War Robots x The Center Beacon collaboration

Few weeks ago we invited Warlock from The Center Beacon channel to narrate our video on upcoming updates. We love man’s work (his shows, his thoughts, and his voice in particular), so our thinking was as straight as possible: why the heck we won’t try?

The result is pretty neat if you ask us.


Mech*Spectrum is giving away nine Tempests


Mech*Spectrum, an all-around-walking-robots-themed portal built on amazing Gepard Diary’s foundation, is running a contest. The prize is a bunch of Tempests which you can slap on your Furies, Carnages or anything else, ever.


Phone wallpapers by Ricardo Gil

Ricardo Gil makes sleek wallpapers for your phone’s Home screen. You can grab more of these in higher resolution here.




Guide. How to beat a Griffin

Griffins are extremely popular right now — especially in higher leagues. How do you deal with them?

To surpass your enemy you must get inside his head and figure out what causes his pain. This is what Blitheran’s new video is about. He doesn’t just give advices like “go there, press that button”, but also explains how things work from Griffin pilot’s perspective.


Reddit thread(s) of the week: Theoretical Fights

We love ourselves some solid theorycrafting. Last week /u/Arkontas appeared on WR subreddit with several great math-supported pieces. Say, here’s how Ancile/Taran Lancelot performs against Taran/Magnum Galahad. Or another question: does Haechi actually have a chance to outrun a Carnage?

Of course, there are always many other factors affecting the outcome of any fight (like landscape specificities or Zenith rockets suddenly appearing out of nowhere), but this still is rather fascinating read. Be sure to check out if you’re into numbers!


New challenge: #heavycapture

We continue series of challenges for which you can receive some extra Influence points. Watch the video for details.


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