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We announced War Robots VR!

See the video above? People from War Robots dev team made it in their spare time, and almost ready to present it to the public. For now it’s just a quick (and free!) demo. But who knows where it will lead us eventually?

Release date? Sooner than you might expect!


Gepard Diary is Mech*Spectrum now

Dredd77’s brainchild, the Gepard Diary blog, was relaunched as Mech*Spectrum this week. The core change there is that it’s not strictly about War Robots-related things anymore. There’s so much in mecha genre to cover — so why stop there?

Now we could go full-on “bah-h-h, we’re only ones deserving all the appreciation!”… But honestly? We love it. Huge walking machines are always amazing. And War Robots owes a lot to mecha genre classic — everything related to it is worth spreading around.

Meanwhile, here’s a fresh  article from a good-old-but-now-actually-new blog on how to win in War Robots. Absolute must read!

What Does it Take to Win in War Robots?

But beyond that, what if we turned to experience as our guide? I don’t mean the anecdotal experience of our own impressions, which can be wildly subject to emotion and perception. Rather, what if we looked on a larger scale, where we could get a sense of what factors appeared to contribute to victory by studying a large sample of post-match data.Like, just over two hundred large.


New video challenges

This week we have not one, but two video challenges. As usual, in these you make videos marked with hashtag and have a chance to compete for some sweet sweet Influence to buy yourself a Jesse, Doc or Butch.

First one is #WRsolowin. Go carry your team to victory and show everyone how you’ve done it!

Second is #BestPartsofWR. This, among many things, will help us learn about things you care the most about, but it’s not like we’re fishing for compliments. Maybe your favourite part is pointing at developer’s mistakes — so why not make a video about your beautiful hobby?


Writers contest: 25k Influence for one article? Easy

Writers contest is still on. Submit an article on chosen topic of yours to compete for all Influence points in the world.

We’re closing the submission form on July 9th, so there’s still plenty of time to prepare.



Building a solid hangar without any gold equipment is achievable. Here’s a good example.



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