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War Robots writing contest

Many of you are working on guides, articles and other kinds of War Robot-related writings. Now we want to give your works spotlight they deserve: submit your articles here and compete for tons of Influence. Literally, tons. And something else — perhaps.

Worth noting that we didn’t put any restrictions on the amount of winners: if your work is good, you will get rewarded. No exceptions.

For details check the submission form. Last day for applying: July 9th.


New YouTube challenge

Every week we run a new video challenge. Last time we attempted to save some Rhinos — and did really well! Just check #savetherhinos on YouTube.

This week’s challenge is #WRecord — which is pretty much the challenge to help you participating in challenges. Many asked, how to record their gameplay, so here we go. Create videos — get Influence!


Mr. Influence: most beloved forum member

Folks from War Robots forum started a contest  in which active contributors can receive some influence for their participation in discussions.

The story in a nutshell: forumspeople vote for their favourite contributors. Every week they pick 4 candidates, and each of these candidates receives 3500 Influence. After two months there are 16 candidates, and eventually one of them is crowned as Mr. Influence. He get 14000 Influence — which is enough to get a Butch!

If you want to run something similar in your community, drop few words to We’ll figure something out!


Guide: how to use Tulumbas-Pin Griffin on Dead City

Yeah, that seems oddly specific, and yet this guide gives some great insights on utilizing one of the most popular robot builds around on one of the most popular maps. This might also be useful on robots equipped with Trident, Hydra and Molot — so go take a look!

War Robots ‘Dead City’ arcs of fire strategy for supporting players


How to build cheap, yet competitive hangar

Shaolin Rogue explains how to build a strong hangar on a budget. It’s sixths episode of the guide already. Before he covered levels 1-26, and now the guide focuses on a do over which is suggested to happen at level 27.


How to follow War Robots community

Bag of Soup made a handy compilation of official and community resources that can help you to stay in touch with the game.


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