This Week in Community. “Save the Rhinos. Somebody, please!”

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Header image by Umed Umarov

#savetherhinos challenge

We were thinking what else we can do with the new Influence currency. There aren’t many ways to obtain it, so we decided to give it away for different forms of community contributions. Getting an influence for being an influencer at least makes a lot of thematic sense!

We start with some challenges. Previous week’s challenge was a great success: we received lost of videos tagged #WRgotyourback that show some exemplary teamwork. Just take a look at this!

This time you’ve got to save some Rhinos. At least one. After latest buffs to rocket weapons these poor beasts are on the brink of extinction. Preserving their population is in your hands now.


How to get Influence? Submit your YouTube videos under the video that announces the challenge. And don’t forget to include your in-game ID! Winners will be selected randomly.


Reddit thread of the week: map tricks and secrets

People keep bringing up some pretty good findings!

Map tricks and secrets from walkingwarrobots



The Life Cycle of a Jumping Bot

by Stew Pendous

Stew assumes that Griffin is just a grown up Cossack and goes along with it to a rather hilarious extent. From cosy childhood to troublesome puberty, through mid-life crisis and up until the very last moments — here comes the life cycle of jumping robot.

Sheesh, that Rogatka is a yob. Exactly like in my favourite coming-of-age movies! 


Testing new prototypes — with younger pilots

by Bag of Soup

And here comes a grand sequel to Bag to Bag: Father and Son Test Server Spectacular! This time not with one, but with two amazing boys. Take another look at War Robots latest test server prototypes with an extra dip of cute and clever.


And… what if War Robots was a Hollywood movie?

It would end up like this. Probably.


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