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War Robots development roadmap. Summer 2017

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What is coming up in War Robots this summer? Let’s put it simple: we’re currently preparing some big updates. Like, really big. 

We’ll share more info on some of these very soon, so it might be a good idea to keep coming back to for news. For your convenience we included dates of when new info will arrive — these milestones should give you better idea on what to expect.


New robots: Beasts from the East

In short: three new robots. Extremely mobile ones

When: July-August

See an artwork above this article? That’s one of our three upcoming robots. We were working on these for quite a while (with your help!) and will spend few more months polishing them up. These are very special, as they have a very specific role to fulfill.

Many claim that with the prominence of slow bulky robots and some particular builds War Robots keeps turning into a slugfest. So here comes a weapon to surpass Ancilot designed to outperform the raw power with skill and mobility.

These beasts can avoid any fire with relatively short, yet quick side-dashes. Of course they have to pay for their agility with lower durability and lack of heavy equipment slots, but in the right hands they might become outright crazy. And also really exciting to watch in action.

More details: Art and origins — June 8th

Gameplay and philosophy — June 15th


New game mode: Beacon Rush

In short: new mode — for the first time ever

When: July-August

Last weekend on the test server we explored what’ll happen if we get rid of beacons. Many liked it, and we’ll continue our research in this direction… although that doesn’t mean that this is the only gameplay style we’re trying. Another game mode that we’ve been working on for last few months not just preserves, but reinforces the territory control aspect of War Robots.

This is the first time we properly introduce the new game mode, so we keep it relatively safe in terms of changes. Emphasis on relatively — because lesser scope of changes doesn’t mean they won’t bring huge consequences. They might. Sometimes one single tweak is enough to bend game rules in a dramatic way.

The biggest difference between basic game mode and Beacon Rush? In latter you can choose to spawn near a captured beacon instead of basic starting location. What does it mean? Imagine you play on a slow heavy robot without having to spend an eternity reaching the fight anymore. Lighter robots will capture new spawn points for you, paving a way for you to quickly jump into the fray.

Initially, we plan to try this mode in a limited two-week run. If it sticks, we might introduce it on a full-time basis.

More details: Beacon Rush and new combat UI teardown — June 22nd


New combat UI

In short: better looks, more clarity, basis for future improvements

When: July-August

We’re rebuilding the combat interface. Why? Firstly, the new one looks way better. Just take a look at this.

(Don’t mind the absence of HP bars, in final version they’ll be where they’re supposed to be!)

Secondly, there’s even more going on behind the scenes than on the surface: the best thing about the new UI is that it is much more flexible than our previous one, which opens tons of possibilities for future upgrades. We’ll start with adding a convenient battleground map, but there’s much more to come later on.

More details: Beacon Rush and new combat UI teardown — June 22nd


New weapon: Scourge

In short: medium energy weapon for close-mid range combat

When: July


With Dash robots appearing the need for more strong countermeasures arises. Wearing mobile robots down, slowly but surely — this is Scourge’s mission. And if your opponent notices you and turns to fight, you have a trump card: the closer you are to your target, the harder you hit.

Of course we’re not going to limit the counterplay to Dash with Scourge. Lately we’ve been buffing other suppressive fire guns (Molots, Punishers, Gekko and so on) to give them some spotlight on the battlefield.

Also, Tempest. The more options you have, the better.


New weapon: Tempest

In short: heavy long-distance autocannon

When: July


Tempest fills the same niche as Molot and Molot mk2. It is a long range weapon for sustained suppressive fire — but made specifically for heavy equipment slots. If you’ve longed for a proper rapid-fire cannon for your Fury, your time is coming.


Feature: Custom Matches

In short: play with whoever you want however you want

When: August

We haven’t yet locked this feature to any particular update, but at least the aim is to finish and release it for the public before the end of the summer.

Custom matches will open the way for many things: tournaments, training sessions, subscriber games for streamers, clan wars and so on. Also, that sweet sweet power of saying “1 v 1 me scrub” and then actually managing to run a proper 1 on 1 match. Or 3 on 3. Or anything you’d like to try. Gonna be fun.


What else?

In July update we are going to make kinetic weapons deal more damage to physical shields. How much more? “Twice as much” would be a good estimate. We were thinking about giving Molots, Punishers, Tempest, Kang Dae and others their own identity other than “well, they shoot bullets”. Turning them into reliable armor busters seems like a fine direction to pick.  

Zeus damage bug fix is set for June update. That’s big for some people, and seems like we finally got to the root of the problem.

And lastly, we aim to finish our next map, Valley, before the end of the summer.



Feel free to tell us what you think — we want to hear your opinion on certain updates as soon as possible. This helps a lot. For example, we pushed our next pack of robots to a test server when they were extremely early in development. That allowed us to keep iterating on them having a constant stream of feedback from test server players. That was a neat experiment, and now we’re eager to see how it’ll turn out. 


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