Changes to Leagues and matchmaking: June 2017

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Next War Robots ranked season starts on June 1st. We’ve prepared some changes for it, including some things that many of you asked for.

Please note that this is still not our final stop. Leagues and matchmaking keep being subject to further improvements, so as usual, let us know what you think!


New rating point distribution

Short version: you can go up in rating even if you lose!

Long version: the best way to describe our reasoning for this change is just to paraphrase what we said in our community meeting round-up:

We’re coming back to the previous post-match league point distribution, where top 2 players from losing team get points instead of losing them. Why? With new distribution we tried to enforce “be a good team player to go higher” idea before introducing proper communication tools to foster teamwork — and it didn’t quite work out. Most people basically stopped moving between divisions, being stuck in one place. Previous distribution did much better job in splitting differently tiered pilots between their respective leagues.


Amount of ranking points depends on battle results and your position in post-battle rankings. Pilots from winning team will always be on the plus side. However not just them, but also two players with highest performance in a losing team will go up in rating. 

Starting from June 1st post-combat distribution of rating points will look like this (exact numbers might change):

Win    Lose

+13    +7

+10    +3

+7    -5

+4    -11

+3    -17

+2    -22


More points for beacon control


Short version: capture beacons to get slightly more rating points!

Long version: there will be extra rating points for 3 happy pilots (+3, +2 and +1, respectively) who captured most beacons among all the 12 players from both teams. 

Pilots with equal amount of beacons will be sorted by amount of damage they dealt. Say, you and your teammate captured three beacons each, but you inflicted more pain to the enemy than your companion did. That means, you’ll get your 3 bonus points and he’ll get 2. 

If you play in a squad, rating points will still be distributed evenly among all teammates, and that includes beacon bonuses. Points are always rounded upwards: average 5.5 will always turn into 6 for everyone.


Tanking protection improvements

Short version: no more newbies in tanker queue, actual tankers receive less good stuff!

Long version: yes. People in leaver queue will start receiving less XP, silver and gold. Much less — up until there will be no benefit in intentional match tanking. People marked as tankers will also stop receiving and losing league points up until they properly finish certain amount of matches and get out of their special territory.

We’re also excluding people who have not yet reached level 15 out of the tanker queue. Such players usually turned into easy prey for seasoned leavers, so it makes a lot of sense to give newbies some penalty-free time to adapt.



Improved matchmaking algorithm for Champions

Short version: faster matchmaking for people in Champion league. That’s it

Long version: that’s really it. But here’s how it’ll work in case if you’re wondering.

The key problem of Champion league is a huge rating disparity between players. In the same league different players could have 5000, 8000 or even 13000 rating points. And matchmaking works the same way there as in other leagues: taking, say, our 13000 point player and slowly increasing the range in which it finds his teammates and opponents. First, 12990 to 13010. Then, second later, 12980 to 13020. And so on.

It is obvious that with such approach matchmaking can take forever sometimes. To address this we change how matchmaking system perceives all the points above 5000. Basically, we’re shrinking them tenfold. Say, 13000 turns into 5000 + (13000 – 5000)/10 = 5800 in the eyes of the algorithm, and 8000 makes 5000 + (8000-5000)/10 = 5300.

Numbers are not necessarily precise, but that’ll do to illustrate the principle. This way players in the Champion league will find each other much faster, without changes to the actual rating system. We also expect to see more Champions appearing after the change to rating points distribution, so there will naturally be more people to play with.


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Cartrr6 days ago

So I'm in Gold League 1, and I've noticed I've been matched with a lot of Diamond and Expert league players. Is this intentional? Because it makes play difficult: I'm always getting pounded by people who are much higher ranked than me.

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