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We’ll be testing TDM mode this weekend

No beacons, no rules, no goals aside from “destroy them all” — just pure unadulterated brawling. It’s not a full-fledged mode yet (far from it). Currently we aim to see what kind of tactics you’ll find most effective and fun when there is no map control aspect left.

If you want to try it yourself,  you can apply for a test on iOS and for Android if you haven’t yet. But anyway, expect a wave of deathmatch videos and stories after this weekend concludes.


Interview: Dredd77

War Robots folks have tons of interesting things to say, so we thought it would be a huge mistake if we never gave them a spotlight. In our first interview Dredd77, Gepard Diary author and offices of Aurora Nova clan, tells us about his ongoing mission, his life and his ways of remaining productive.

I think if I had to break it down, I’ve always seen myself as a sort of voice and champion of the “common man.” Because I am one.

Here’s a story. Dredd77 on life, motivation and championing for the people


On Reddit: a quick guide to effective match openers


Basic Deployment Strategy, Your Mileage May Vary from walkingwarrobots



What to watch?

Some great gameplay with voice comms and multiple cam perspectives.

Shaolin Rogue perfectly justifies his name.


Now, jokes aside…

We’ve got a couple stories to tell. Not the stories we usually tell, but the stories that have to be told.

Couple of weeks ago members of Latin American community were mourning over the loss of their fellow pilot. Luis J. Gonzalo fell a victim to bullying. He was 17.

Another man, known among War Robots long-time pilots as DAR, is losing his battle to cancer. Numerous clans, even those not related to neither DAR or each other, came together and changed their tags to represent DAR’s nickname in some form.

You might think: “Why is it here? We came here to play video games and have fun”. 

The reason we’re bringing these stories to everyone’s attention, is not because we want you to feel sad, or threatened, or think about how unfair this world sometimes might be. No, that’s not the reason at all.

It is always heart-breaking to hear such stories. And yet it is incredible to see people from all around the world coming up together to support their fellows and commemorate the people they got to know and spend time around. We are amazed by all the empathy and compassion shared in the community.

We want you to remember: in War Robots, in any other game, anywhere else in the world — the best we all can do is to stay together. The life goes on. Be excellent to each other. Keep supporting one another, whatever ever happens. 

See you pilot.


Note: If you ever faced bullying in internet or real-life, don’t hesitate to look for help. Talk about it with significant others. Many organizations including governmental ones have resources and lifelines aimed to support people having bullying issues. Websites like are also available in different languages.


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