War Robots 2.8 Update Notes. Sling me to the Moon

Good news, everyone: we’re going to space! The first off-the-Earth map is finally here. Update 2.8 seems relatively small in terms of change list length, but almost every point here brings a significant impact. Aside of the new battleground (a giant leap for mankind!) this patch includes a new Rogatka, new look […]

We rebuilt Rogatka. Here’s how

In 2.8 update we are reworking Rogatka — not just stats-wise, but also in terms of its looks. It is not the first visual rework we’re doing in War Robots, but probably the most prominent one. Historically Rogatka was beloved by many. It survived through many ordeals and now is coming back in […]

Leagues update. First batch of tweaks

Leagues launched about a month ago, and you gave us tons of valuable feedback since then. For some it worked really well, some weren’t so lucky. And while it was a nice start, the system clearly needs tweaking. Now, it’s time. The first change is seemingly small, but […]