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The Hae-Kum-Bul Guide Part 1: Countering the Kumiho.

Foreword. Robots from the Korean Faction of the WR, aptly nicknamed Dashbots has perhaps been the most anticipated release in the WR franchise of all time. With its unrivaled agility coupled with class-leading firepower and armor, it has been perceived as a godsend or a plague by players. […]

Plasma Griffin: Definitive Guide

Author: AS4407 Topic: build guide Level: Intermediate Version: 2.9.3 Bonus points for: taking a single build and telling how to use it Plasma Griffin is a combination of two magnums and two tarans. It is one of the best combo in the game, but only few players know […]

DASH: Part I

Author: Norse Patriarch Genre: fiction piece Bonus points for: lore! Following is an unofficial story about the origin of the, commonly called, Dash family of War’bots. It falls shortly after the events that I described debuting the Gunslinger Robots. As with all of my War Robot Stories I’ve […]

How to win with “toxic” players in your team

Editor’s note: Within gaming communities the term “toxicity” is usually used to describe harmful behaviour, negative attitude and/or overall rudeness. This article isn’t about “toxicity” in its classical meaning. Author introduces his own meaning to this term — which doesn’t take away much from this article’s usefulness. Author: […]