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Plasma Griffin: Definitive Guide

Author: AS4407 Topic: build guide Level: Intermediate Version: 2.9.3 Bonus points for: taking a single build and telling how to use it Plasma Griffin is a combination of two magnums and two tarans. It is one of the best combo in the game, but only few players know […]

How to win with “toxic” players in your team

Editor’s note: Within gaming communities the term “toxicity” is usually used to describe harmful behaviour, negative attitude and/or overall rudeness. This article isn’t about “toxicity” in its classical meaning. Author introduces his own meaning to this term — which doesn’t take away much from this article’s usefulness. Author: […]

Ultimate Shenzhen Strategy. Wrecking with ease

Author: AMAR the Grape Topic: Shenzhen Strategy Level: Expert Version: 2.9.3 Bonus points for: audacity Foreword: Too many Fury Tridents on Shenzhen, you say? Then you must be FURYous. Or is it the Russian Death Buttons and you are RUSSIAN to get one yourself? Never fear, the ultimate […]

Moon map. How to play? Best tactics and practices

Author: -Enricos- Topic: Moon Strategy Level: Expert Version: 2.9.3 Bonus points for: thoroughness Guide Summary Map analysis Hangar tier list Beacon strategy Opening bots and strategy Firing spots (divided by role) Most frequent fight spots Note: Red/Reds = enemy/enemies. Blue = teammates/your team Map analysis OK, before anything […]