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Development roadmaps published once per season became a fine addition to our communication process, but apparently it wasn’t enough to keep you informed on all things. So we decided to change our approach a little.

From now on we’ll be publishing shorter Dev Updates focused on particular features or topics. This will allow us to provide you with more up-to-date information on changes that are coming.

Once in a while we will also publish status reports on features you already know about. How are they doing? How they changed after your feedback? What’s coming next? First article of that kind is coming this Friday.

And this time we’ll talk about revised reward system hitting War Robots in a couple of months.


Supply Crates

Planned for: update 3.5 (Winter)

Pasted image at 2017_10_31 06_37 PM.png

A UI mock-up to give you an idea.

Every few hours, Supply Crates (working title) automatically appear in your hangar. Each crate contains a guaranteed amount of gold, silver AND components. The total value of those is directly tied to your league placement: the higher you are, the better the rewards.

To open these crates, you don’t have to do anything. You just come in the game and take them. That’s it. Free regular loot, no strings attached.


Honor Rewards

Planned for: update 3.6 (Winter)

Pasted image at 2017_10_31 06_54 PM.png

New post-combat screen showing, among other things, your progress towards the next crate (numbers are subject to change!)

Similarly to Supply Crates, Honor Rewards bring even more loot to your table, rewarding you greatly if you’re an active player. For every match completed, you progress towards a crate with a guaranteed amount of gold, silver and components.

There’s no limit on how much you can amass during the day: the more you play, the closer you get to the next reward. Fight contribution is also a factor: get more beacons, deal more damage, fight till the end — and you’ll receive more crates in the end.

(those leaving the match preemptively will be receiving no honor — because leaving is dishonorable, y’know)


What’s the benefit?

We introduce Supply Crates and Honor Rewards with three goals in mind.


First. Give incentives to climb higher in leagues and reward active players

Honor Rewards include gold, silver and components at the same time. On one side they boost your net income by huge margin, on another — they ease your access to new weapons and robots.

The higher your league is, the better rewards are. Overall this should at least double your regular income — but that’s not the limit. The more you play, the better you play — the more you get.


Second. Address the fact that high-level economy is very different at this point

Without tons of luck, acquiring new robots and guns might be really tricky for many players. We want to ensure that in the future everyone has a reliable way of getting any robot or gun. It always will take time — the journey towards any new high is (and will be) an integral part of the game. But however you choose to play, said journey has to be fun, not grueling.

Supply Crates and Honor Rewards are the first step in that direction: they bring you plenty of components just for playing.  


Third. Replace “First win of the game” bonus with something more substantial

Long ago we introduced first win of the game bonuses. The idea was to provide you with a sense that you can come to the game every day and reap some sweet, sweet goods. However, those goods weren’t scaling very well: on low levels additional 90000 Ag might seem like a lot, but the more progress you make, the less you care.

Supply Crates, however, scale with you, staying relevant along with your progression.




This was the first glimpse into the new reward system. Quite soon we’ll publish more details, including numbers you can expect. But overall — what do you think? We prepared a quick survey, it’ll be great if you take some time to fill it. 

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  • Adino32

    I will hold comment on this new system until you share actual amounts. It seems to be a step in the right direction. Which in itself is quite shocking. Why the dig? Because you folks deserve it.

  • Justin Winner

    They all sound good for the future of this game. However based your track records, I won’t believe it until I see it. How about the Matching Making system? Do you have any plan to make changes to it? Current league based Matching making has a lot problems. Could you change it to hanger/player strength (combine bots/weapons/league) based Matching making system. As a champion league 12/12 players, I don’t like to face lower league players and it’s not fun to beat up a group of weak players. For those lower league players, they hate to see us and so they hate the game. Thanks for reading.

  • TinTheFiend

    So, no news on 3.4?
    If it’ll be at least two months before we see anything, good luck dealing with torches and pitchforks, or just apathy at this point.

  • Joseph Fleming

    You guys have some REAL issues with the game, and I am sure most of your existing player base wants to know what you’re doing to fix it and when it will be fixed. To wit: 1) The targetting systems is awful. If you choose “lock target” it frequently has problems cycling through all visible targets, preventing you from getting the target you want unless you point your reticle directly at it. If you don’t choose “lock target” you can find yourself switching targets in the middle of a volley, which should never happen. 2) The UI is horrendous and slow. Equipping and unequipping weapons is a tedious process and — thanks to a recent update — takes 10 – 20 seconds just to equip or unequip a single weapon now. Some of this would be averted with the idea of hangar profiles (NOT additional hangars, as has been proposed) so that folks could save certain hangar configurations and rapidly switch between them before choosing their playing mode. This should NOT be something players should have to pay to acquire. I understand the challenges of having this on a phone, but the way it works now is a horrendous experience. 3) The matchmaking system is awful. Player MMR needs to be determined by your last 200 or more games, which would make it much more difficult to “tank” down to lower ranks. There should also be loadout floors to prevent 12/12 hangars from appearing in Silver/Gold/Diamond play.

    Address these issues instead of continually adding new ways for people to spend money in the game.

  • Mikha’el Sizemore

    The Good:
    —More rewards
    —Acknowledgement of and measures against Leavers being seen as DISHONORABLE! (Finally)

    The Bad:
    —Supply Crates and Honor Rewards seen as “First Step” which is a start, true, but a first step implies other additional steps or a process is planned. Just as everything from WR Update 3.0 and up has had an unforseeable outcome die to a level of vagueness, the WR Community take this news on a ‘Wait and see’ approach.

    The Ugly:
    —Acknowledging the Leavers as dishonorable but leaving out the attatched FADING phenom as well.
    —As long as Matchmaking features matching Squads rather than individuals and Fading remains a ‘thing’ in WR play and the MK2 Program exist as it does, anything attatched to league progression will favor those who dont have the $$$ or partake in dishonorable methods to achieve status or equipnent.

  • James O’Neail

    This shounds Awesome

  • What did you expect

    To be honest if your company fails it would be ok. Since your company took over the game it has gone down hill dramatically and become a pay-to-win. We have given you suggestions, that’s what Facebook, you tube, and app store reviews are for. You don’t come out after scamming your most loyal player base and say “hey we’re listening”. At this point it’s too late. A slot machine that you use hard earned currency on and in return you get lower than what you put in. Paying 500-600$ for a mew bot or weapon? Where’s the logic in that. Your company is nothing more than a bunch of scam artists that need to be dealt with. Hopefully someone does.

  • Jeff Johnson

    So the owners of OP Dash Bots, will reap even more rewards having dominated the battle, those of us without will fall further behind.

    Throwing another bone to the whales.

  • Jezter Banaag

    Hey pixonic you said your sorry and you said you’ll return the gold we’ve spent in your trap or deceiving terminal velocity because what we’ve got there is all worthless.Be fair and honest at once, do what you’ve promised. This is my ID #02wpv1, 4,669 gold is what I’ve lost thanks in advance. I hope you do what’s better for your players and be fair.

  • Salvick

    Rewarding veterans with bigger prizes along time might turn into a more
    unbalanced game and could be discouraging for the newcomers since these
    new players are the ones who would need to feel more involved with the
    game and get incentives while the veterans already own a handful rig of
    bots and weapons and they barely get to use a small part of their items
    while hoarding a lot of stuff in their inventory.

    Once you are experienced you should be able to get more aesthetical items such as skins and why not other visual features such as lightning effects, wearable badges, etc. instead of get even more damage power against other players who are more casual and would be still in the fence of how much worth to spend some cash to buff their rig.

    This is how I feel
    with my 5 slots hangar and a full inventory plenty of guns and weapons
    that I barely manage to use but getting skins and having more options to choose between these is something I’ve found way more interesting than trying to build another robot that probably I’ll barely sporadically.

    Just take a look at the
    top-tier players in the major leagues and you’ll only see the same few
    weapons and bots on every hangar, meaning there’s still a huge
    meta-gaming to balance by either nerfing the overused items or buffing
    the rest of the stuff that is indeed fun to use but gets buried under
    the dust once you realize these are quite useless most of the times.

  • Mathayus Rajput

    Why higher league player gets higher reward that’s no fair. U should help lower leaque players. Higher leaque players are already strong. I didn’t like it. Give equal preference to everyone. But I know u are not going to listen me.

  • david chen

    No you idiot. Those guys have already maxed out their 12/12 5 dash hanger. Giving them gold or components or whatever cant make them stronger since they have already maxed out. This will help the rest of us. Stop complaining when Pix is trying to give us stuff. If you complain when they makes things horrible and when they make things right, you’re just being an idiot. What this will prevent is TANKING, which DOES actively make the new player experience horrible. Use your brain before you type.

  • BlasterCA

    It takes me longer to Equip/Unequip but nowhere near 10 seconds, let alone 20. Not a prob on my end.

    Blaster was here…

  • BlasterCA

    Yes, a Modified Hangar Strength [level of ‘bots & weapons , modified by Weight Class] type system would be great! It’d allow people to play lower level battles, all Light or Medium ‘bots, etc. It’d open up so many more types of gameplay experiences.

    I’d love to go back to playing my trusty ol’ Hangar of Gepard, GI Patton, Viktiyaz & Destrier against similar ‘bots. Miss those really fast & furious battles at lower levels with fast low HP ‘bots!

    Blaster was here… & likes battling the with all the ‘bots, not just the *big boys*!

  • BlasterCA

    Then you encourage Tankers even more! It’s already a huge prob with high level Hangars dropping leagues in order to farm Ag even faster!

    Blaster was here… & wants Tankers to be discouraged, not further encouraged!

  • SoulSeekerUSA

    Matchmaking is so messed up.

  • Locksly WR

    Oh pixonic… You are such douche bags. Do you think this little measure will help retain the loyal fan base? You promised a fix to tankers months ago. This is your solution? Matchmaking is horrible and will continue to be horrible until you return to a hangar based system. You really don’t get it do you. Players wanted to be able to play the bots they want. Not the bots that they are forced to buy to compete. Sure there will always be a pack of mentally disabled people who are willing to pay $300+ for a dash bot. They can play with themselves, but I don’t want to forced to play with these fools.

  • L.

    Well, the economy became so infuriating and counter productive that I’ve all but quit and no longer make those purchases each month. Guns of Boom is also a fun 6pv6p game, sooo…

    But, I haven’t uninstalled yet and still get in a few rounds with my clan, just not like I used to. I’ll check back and see if this new development makes it worth my while, but I’m not counting on it.

    -The Narwhal

  • Jeff Johnson

    Who’s the idiot for not figuring out that once the whales arent spending money to max out dash bots and upgrading everything to MKII, that Pixonic won’t come up with something else to power up, so the whales have an advantage again and spend money to get it.

    From what I’m reading in these comments…I’m not the only one here, that thinks this isnt the way for Pixonic to make it right.

  • Derrick Dirk Dizzle Charles

    I think just rewarding people just for playing the game is a good thing. The more you play, the better the reward, is how I think that it should go. How to regulate the rewards is a different story!

  • Truly “contribution” comment. Thanks god.

  • Steve Brown

    We all can complaine about some thing . The fact of the matter boils down to this. Greedy devs wanting more and more money. Constantly chaning the scheme of things to either make more money or to stop the moaning and complaining. What was once a good gane from the begaining has slowly but surly deteriated to a down fall. More and more players are dropping off. Its nothing more than a bowl of soup . The proper ingrediants makes a great soup to much of ingrediants will ruin the whole pot. They have ruiend the whole pot. Its not going to come back. No matter what you do now. yes newbies will wanta play what they think is a great game. But will see the real things afterwards and move on. Another great game will come out and put this one to its death bed. They know it all they have to do is check the stats on their servers. They have made alot of money. Thats in the bank. They want stop till they cant get any more to be cost effective to run the game.

  • Vilem Tell

    As they say its better than nothing, but I’m affraid is too little too late. Update 3.5 in winter? it means player base can be halved by that time.

  • Super Daddy Mon

    The match making and ranking systems need to be the number one focus. For 10 months you have heard players telling you how horrible both of these have been. You even acknowledge on FaceBook a couple of time that you were aware that there was a problem and yet you have presented NOTHING as a solution. You really should correct the match making problem while there are still plenty of players within 100 ranking points of one another at any given time 24/7 to properly match. You are losing them rapidly and the biggest cause is the match making system that puts players with and against other players that are 2-3k ranking points above their league. This other stuff sounds decent but unless the match making system and since this is going to be ranking based it also is fixed then it will not make any difference.

  • Thane Ne

    I’ll believe it when i see it.

  • Thane Ne

    should stop tankers a little at least

  • Thane Ne

    i’m sure it’s gonna be single/double digit reward amounts, i feel it.

  • Just the Tip

    Not this one. I can rule the low leagues without any fancy new bot & weapon components

  • Just the Tip

    yep. and you only get components for 1 of the 12 component items each day.

  • Just the Tip

    Not to be confused with Blastronaut, who wants Tankers to be encouraged because we will “earn” extra chests 5x as fast as the Chumpion League players.

  • Just the Tip

    Yeah, about as awesome as a colonoscopy

  • Joshua.

    How about we talk about how a level 5-6 weapon takes 12 hours to upgrade!? ? ? ! ? ?! Nobody else cares About that? ? Can We Get An Extra SLot For Upgrades? Or One For Bots ANnd One For Weps? ! ? !? !

  • Paul Giordano

    What is dishonorable mind you that I’ve been playing everyday for two years and have bought some gold along the way. Then I come across opponents who destroy every mech in my squad with a single dashbot I stay in the game for honor and to see this guys hangar all new bots level 12 mark II with weapons all level 12 mark II. How is this possible I don’t have a level 12 mark I weapon or even a level 12 mark I mech to mount it on. Please get rid of these cheaters who are using the many free hacks out there.

  • Mike Lester


  • Mike Lester

    I’ve never had more fun in this game than the days of running circles around other bots & driving them mad with my 3 mighty Cassocks!

  • KIDD

    Just had a TDM where our entire squad was wiped out by a clan of Haechis. We have no premium bots on our side. But I guess we should be “honourable” and continue to be target practice for the paying players. By the way, it’s only the expert league.

  • Salvick

    Now I’ve noticed people is joining with a full hangar of level 1 Cossacks while their stats clearly exposes they are expert players with a high damage record and max kills exposing they are tanking too. Seen a few like this more than once and even found a max rank pilot with a full hangar of level 10 to 12 bots and guns wearing the bronce league badge…lol

  • Normy Haddad

    “Each crate contains a guaranteed amount of gold, silver AND components”
    Oh let me guess. For a diamond league player like me, that would be 5000 silver, 2 gold and 7 components. I’m calling it now. I will bet 1,000,000 dollars that this is what they will do.

  • CQFD

    As always, I’m ready to be disappointed. Hype and expectations are gone for a long time.

  • Matthew Nawalaniec

    I love the honour rewards, but I believe a better term could “Salvage”…. It could even be influenced by the # of kills or beacons: kills would give more bot parts and beacons could give more $$. The bonus on this is it would strongly influence what game mode people play, and also cause a rotation of mode play, depending on what component or how much $$ they want.

  • Joe Patrick

    The community is less than enthusiastic about these proposed rewards because of the lack of transparency involved in your chance based rewards. Give each chest a known and set value in each one. Make sure that the increases in rewards are significant enough to actually incentivize players to play enough for them.

  • Bagofsoup

    This sounds great if the payouts match the levels and activity well. Some goodwill with the players would be great right about now, not two months from now, but we will take what we can get. This could be a decent way to encourage employers to play more often and level and league up.

  • Ben Poling

    My advice to any one looking to start playing this game.DONT DO IT, ITS A 100% PAY TO WIN GAME. And all the High account players come down and beat up on the new players who have no way to beat them. And War Robots is doing nothing at all about this.

  • GC

    If you could choose which kind of components, I’d be happy with about 30 components a day in expert. Between those and the component market it wouldn’t be a problem to get a haeci in 3 o 4 months, which is reasonably longer of how much it takes for a Lancelot, but feasible.

  • GC

    pointless. Once you get to level 10 the problem is not time, is silver. What use is to have two upgrade slots when both are empty while you try to earn 25 million silver for a single upgrade fighting against dashes (and therefore losing and getting lower silver payouts)?

  • Normy Haddad

    Please return the matchmaking back to the old format. The fact that being able to drop down into recruit and private league with gepards, stalkers and other pro bots with advanced light weapons might seem bad, but it gives new players an idea of what is to come. They can see that moving around helps you to survive longer. They can see that using dual weapons is the way to go rather than using random setups. There is a reason why the facebook gameroom champion league is at the level of android/ios gold league. Not because they are new, but because they never has the experience when they started. I remember being a pretty bad pilot up until i got to silver league. If i found tankers in my first few days, i would have been a much better player today. All these powerful champion players had a large portion of their skills handed to them by tankers back in the day, giving them a headstart. Instead of needing to learn about good weapon combinations and basic combat skills, they were just given that to them from the start, saving them time and giving them more time to learn better tactics. That is why the skill level of mid league players is not just lower, but MUCH lower than that of champion league players. The difference is huge. DO NOT take that as bullying or taking advantage of weaker players, but take that as a lesson. The teachers cannot teach unless they are at a higher level. You do not learn by fighting opponents of the same level. You learn by getting crushed, obliterated, surrounded and everything in between. That, is the process of war robots. That, is what makes players good. You learn from your mistakes.

  • Karl Cheshire

    I notice in your Blog that the better your League standing the better the “Chest”. This is going to cause a lot of anger from players “trying” to improve their league status. One problem here is that when you get to a certain point (approx 3,500 League points) you are automatically matched with higher League players. At this point you would think you have a 50/50 chance of being on the winning side. WRONG. I have been in that situation so many time it’s ridiculous. I would feel Honoured to finish mid battle table, but no, mossy time I finish 5th or 6th, loosing up to -22 League points for getting slaughtered. So, my question like most other players is “When are you going to fix this?”. You won’t because you want to keep the Champions and Masters happy, so they can promote your now crap game.

  • Karl Cheshire

    That is one of the most sensible Championship player comments I have read lately. Well said.