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War Robots 3.3 Update Notes. Halloween, TDM and more

Note: 3.3 is going live October 19th on Android and next week on iOS.


Response to the way we distributed new robots and weapons was overwhelming. We agree that pushing Components before introducing more reliable ways to acquire them for free was too much for many. Changes are coming.

In this update we’re already adding some things to improve your experience, but keep in mind: this is only a fraction of changes we had planned. Bringing the rest of the them will take slightly more time. Thank you for your patience!

Other than that, content-wise 3.3 update adds quite a bit. There’s a new gun, a new experimental game mode and also — a Halloween event. No ghosts this time, there’s something else going on. Want to know what? Just take a look yourself. In War Robots Halloween starts at October 26th. 

Previous patch notes

Now let’s get to the meat of the deal.




Getting components

We hear you

In 3.3 you’ll have 3 ways to get equipment built from Component:

  1. Components can be received on Black Market and awarded during Halloween event
  2. Scourges and Kumiho are awarded for completing Halloween quest lines
  3. Also, over the course of upcoming weeks you’ll be receiving special offers allowing you to directly exchange some of your Gold and Workshop Points on Components you need. Be sure to check the offers tab from time to time to see if there’s something useful for you there

Of course, we’re not going to stop here. More to come in later updates!


Halloween Event

Uhh, shivers!

  • Event starts on Oct 26th 07:00 UTC and will continue until Nov 13th 07:00 UTC.
  • For each battle you get additional Gold that you can spend as you please
  • There’s a new quest line that can bring you 2 Scourges, Kumiho and tons of lesser items
  • You can spend Gold for a chance to win Components, days of premium and other things. You can also choose, which items you DON’T want to get
  • Also — during the event some things will look… different. How so? Just go and take a look!


Team Deathmatch

No beacons — just go and fight

We keep introducing experimental game modes. Last time we added another strategic layer to the game by allowing you to choose where you respawn — that led us to the Beacon Rush. The experiment did just fine and Beacon Rush is now going to stay.

This mode, Team Deathmatch, leads us in an opposite direction. There are no beacons. Damage and pilots that you manage to catapult is the only thing that matter here. Here’s a quick guide:

Please note that this mode is available temporarily at first. Just like with Beacon Rush, we can let TDM stay if you like it or get rid of it if you don’t. All depends on how you will receive it! 

During TDM availability Beacon Rush and Domination will be merged in one matchmaking queue. With that said, we plan to allow everyone having multiple hangars in one of the upcoming updates so you can adapt and choose which robots you want to use already knowing what mode and map you are deployed on.


Item Enhancement

Everything can be MK 2 now

Once you upgrade any piece of equipment to level 12 you’ll have an option to Enhance it for 500 Gold. After enhancement item’s progress will start anew, but it will turn from just “item” to “item MK 2” and receive a permanent stat boost. Then you can upgrade this gun or robot from level 1 to 12 the same way as before.

Hearing all your concerns about rebuilt items being too strong, we went for safer bonuses: enhanced robots are 20% more durable and weapons receive 20% boost in damage. Also, only one Enhancement cycle per item is allowed.

Enhanced equipment is distinguished with “MK 2” and its title is tinted with green. We don’t want any confusion with naming, so medium variations of Molot and Punisher are called Molot T and Punisher T again. “T” stands for “twin”, by the way.


New Weapon: Shocktrain

Tesla would be proud


Damage to primary target at level 12: 3100 (per charge, stacks up to 5 times)
Maximum range: 500 m
Reload time: 3 s + 1 second per every charge (up to 8 s)

Shocktrain is great when fighting large groups and those pesky corner-shooters that try to hide behind their teammates. It deals damage to one primary target and then bounces to closest enemies in 150 meter radius. Shocktrain’s charge can bounce up to 5 times (once per enemy) with every subsequent proc dealing 35% less damage.

Also, you can charge Shocktrain up exactly like Trebuchet: the longer you wait before shooting, the more damage you deal. Meaning, it might be a good idea to wait the for best opportunity to pull the trigger instead of shooting right when ready.

New skins

For Leo, Natasha, Galahad, Rogatka and Raijin



What else

  • Fire buttons respond on taps better. If you got used to old controls, firing should feel better now



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  • Nacho Daddy

    I was hoping the pay to win aspect of the game would have been fixed.


  • THOR

    The video for Lucky spin is missing:

    “You can spend Gold for a chance to win Components, days of premium and other things. You can also choose, which items you DON’T want to get (check the video!)”

    Where is that video?

  • Alain Gagnier

    “Also, over the course of upcoming weeks you’ll be receiving special offers allowing you to directly exchange some of your Gold and Workshop Points on Components you need. Be sure to check the offers tab from time to time to see if there’s something useful for you there”

    Your offers changes between players…so for certain players it could be 1000parts for 1000golds and some other players it could be 1000parts for 500golds….not fair…

    I expected Pay2win would have been fixed, but I guess not….

    I gave Pixonic enough chances….uninstall.

  • Ryan Puzon

    So can somebody clarify the MK2 because I am a new player playing for a few months and matchmaking as I experienced it is very unfair. I am afraid of getting destroyed by bots who already reached MK2 stage as my only high leveled bot as of now is a Rhino at 9. So MK2 boosts bots and weapons 20% more, does this mean every level is 20% stronger or the level 12 MK2 is at 20% max?

  • Steve Conner

    If I understand the enhancements it means the champion league players will immediately up all their bots to MK2 L12 by the end of the first day. For those of us that struggle to even get to L10 or L11 how do we stand a chance against MK2 L12 Korean bots that are now 20% more lethal then they already are? The only real solution is to match players by bots and weapons directly – league standing aside. Then the pay to win players face only other pay to win players and the rest of us have better matched games as we use our L10 bots with L8/9 weapons. If as Pixonic claim match maker is skewed at the higher levels due to the fact that the pool of players is significantly smaller in the champion league levels then this also reinforces the detriment for pay to win players – they will face each other exclusively and stop seal clubbing the rest of us.

  • AllenC

    “Once you upgrade any piece of equipment to level 12 you’ll have an option to Enhance it for 500 Gold”
    Go figure.. Make the maxed out bots stronger and the smaller bots easier to kill with no chance of catching up.. Way to go Pizonic you morons

  • just a gamer

    This is joke? At first the Korean robot is overpower and the match making is unbalanced, now to enchanting to MKII? With more gold that we have spend even more real money? I mean come on what chance do we get MKI against MKII unless you wanted us to spend more gold? Just because it’s 20% stronger it’s isn’t fair to everyone who is not over spending the money and for newcomer.

    I don’t know are trying ripping people money off? as much I’ve enjoy this game is a downfall I’ve play more couple of month is a total waste of time.

  • Matt Galvin

    Feeling left out here on Gameroom… We are left behind on the last two updates…. Still v.3.1 and no communication regarding this platform in quite a while.

  • Shaun Holguin

    This update is garbage. You can only use each offer once when you’re using the conversion system. This is all a ploy to keep the player spending. They are still offering items at 1/3 price to newer players than the vets specifically to drive them off. By running the vets off they have freed up server space for the newer pilots. This form of gambling should be outlawed but they found a loophole by giving away very small amounts to the player so they can continue to operate. I’m fed up and will continue to boycott them until BoT is released on Android.

  • wickedglass

    Is it possible that a company like Pixonic can be SOOOOOOOOOO tone deaf? You keep saying “we hear you” but update after update is proof that you just do not listen! If you think pushing out components too early is the problem, you OBVIOUSLY do not listen! If you need a shovel, I’d be happy to send you one, because War Robots is a dying game.
    It’s not often that in my decades of gaming that I’ve seen a company make bad decision after bad decision after bad decision like you guys have. It’s very sad to see!

  • Bradley Snow

    Why are you ripping us off with your conversion rates?? You ran a special where a hydra (5650 wsp) cost 7900 Au. That works out to 1 WSP = 1.39 Au. Now in this update you can get a Haechi for 88,888 WSP. That’s almost 124k Au equivalent!!! Of you buy the gold off of 360 Haechi components for 900 gold then it will cost you 25k gold. That should be about 18k WSP!!! Even at 25K Au that is still 11k Au MORE then you are offering these Dash bots to new players!!! And they can buy it outright. Why do the veterans not get these offers? Why must we pay the equivalent of 500% more for the same thing over a period of months??? HOW CAN YOU DO CONVERSIONS BETWEEN ALL THESE CURRENCIES A5 DIFFERENT RATES TO SUIT YOU!!! You are deliberately punishing the veterans!

  • Scary Teddy

    Pixonic, you will see during the following months how you ruined the best game. Mk2 is a disastrous idea. Dashes and Ember are already now OP, imagine after 20 % power boost! And you haven’t touched the components pricing which is insane; 200-300 dollars for a single bot?! And your new WSP to components conversion rates are ridiculous too; 88K WSP or 123K Au for Haechi? Of course you can’t even really buy that Haechi for that price as you can only buy little parts of it with any other currency (if you are lucky) than hard cash! And as a sweetener you will let player choose their game mode, map and hangar freely. What do you think will happen? Beacon Rush in small maps = all Dash Dash Dash. Domination and open maps = snipers snipers snipers. But where is fun fun fun? You really blew it Pixo! And only as you didn’t listen the players, the customers, but instead dived into endless greed.

  • 이재혁

    After all these negative feedback..

    They gave us a 「poo-poo」.

    What is the purpose of Mk.2 upgrade?

    It will never make the game funnier.

    If you have five mk.1 12lv robots
    You’ll need 1.5 billion silvers and over 300days to make it 12lv.

    If you are a beginner?

    You’ll need 2times more than that.

    Ok pixonic GG you win. ㅗ

    Hope we can never meet again

  • AllenC

    Is there any similar game out there that is not owned and run by morons? If so please let me know and I will delete WR and install a better game.

  • alan casari

    Ryan watching the item enhancement video. It appears that a lvl 12 mk2 bot will be a maximum 20% above. The Galahad example they use shows this. Note that mk 2 lvl 1 is equal to a mk 1 lvl 4. So intitially mk 2 will be weaker and doesn’t surpass the mk 1 lvl 12 until around lvl 10. It’s a great way to deplete ones silver and then gold to speed it up… It’s getting less and less fun.

  • Sheban

    Before it was already quite difficult to get Golden bots, but now to get new dash bots its completely unreal… its like gathering bread crumbs to make a full loaf :))) it will take kazillion years to assemble a single dash bot 8)
    Number of active players already dropped from what I can see, after a few more updates, it will drop even further. Why cant we get a fair exchange rates wsp/components?

  • alan casari

    I really don’t know what to say. Pixonic still hasn’t moved the weapons control slightly lower. There’s hardly any room to navigate without firing off the top left weapon sometimes. At times this can be bad news when you are about the engage an enemy and prematurely fire!!
    I wonder if the previous survey had an influence on this update. There was an option in one of the questions ‘ I just want to destroy bot’ maybe that got a lot of hits!!

    A mk 2 level 10 bot will be around the same strength as a mk 1 level 12. So what a great way to deplete our silver and gold for an extra 20%. Yes I agree with those about the already op dash bots.
    It’s obvious at expert level + that the majority of dash bot users are getting very high scores.

    I tried out the custom match with some friends a while back and it was real fun because it didn’t matter, it wasn’t serious. No league pts to risk.

    I know for a fact that at some point in the future this game will reach it’s sell by date for me. Every game I have ever played has reached it’s sell by date. It’s inevitable. I think Pixonic is trying to avoid this eventuality and coming up with some unwelcomed ideas. Shocktrain…….what an annoying weapon. Some might argue it’s purpose is to encourage teams to not advance in groups IDK.

    Oh and who agrees that when spawning in the river bed next to the dam on Springfield it’s a lot more difficult to get to the ramp and the get the beacon on the right. That’s if a Treb hasn’t already killed you. Pixonic please improve that spawn point or spawn us always on the platform.

  • ZigZak0110

    Team Deathmatch is a complete disaster, flooded with campers and tankers. Please release Beacon Rush from prison.

  • Just the Tip

    Gotta say I love all these changes, Great Job Pixonic. Don’t listen to all these haters. The game is 5000% better now than it was a year ago!

  • alan casari

    Wow somebody didn’t waste time. Just had a Mk2 level 12 Haechi on my team in team deathmatch. We won and the Haechi player did double what I did……and I came 2nd!!!

    I think he had mk2 level 12 Orkans. Let’s do the math. Normal level 12 Orkan 1890 damage per missile x 32 = 60480 damage per orkan. 3 Orkans =181440. Now 20% more powerful = 217728 damage. Hmmm ……no surprise.
    Some dash bot players have done over 3m damage!!

  • Jeff Johnson

    Nothing here makes me want to start playing again.

    Your game is no longer fun.

  • CQFD


  • CQFD

    battle of titans is coming

  • CQFD

    bye pix

  • disqus_hzJyRouFFs

    Fix the stuff we have before you start releasing more unbalanced nonsense.

  • Adino32

    be happy you are still at 3.1.

  • Matt Galvin

    For the ‘OFFICIAL BLOG AND COMMUNITY LIBRARY’ the company is sure quiet… Communication is needed me thinks.

  • Matt Galvin

    I guess I will just ask Pixonic these questions if you please:
    “When will Gameroom be updated?”
    “Why are your posts regarding updates always only referring to Android and IOS?”
    I get it that they are the majority of players, but you ignore a section of your customer base for no clear reason.

  • Matt Galvin

    I hear you. But I won an Inquisitor in a competition three weeks ago. I’m as yet the ONLY winner with NOTHING to show for it.

  • Remblie Kain

    Thank you very much for the new skins.
    I like them very much especially the Leo and Rajin skin. However you teased us with a Fujin skull skin and it was not a part of the update. I was really hoping for that one. Can you please add it and the one for Gepard too please. Those were the preferred ones that I was very excited to see in the sneek peek that we were given. I love being able to spend silver or work shop points to buy components thank you for adding that. I’m very excited to see the new event in a couple days yay thank you and happy holidays.

  • Keith Dix

    Just keeps getting worse and worse. Everyone get used to this. Pixonic is officially scamming all of us. They are in cash grab mode and only giving us inflated promises or flat out lies. Find a new game. Don’t spend any money, because whatever you do buy just becomes worthless. Their goal is to make you spend hundreds of dollars repeatedly, and if you don’t then F you.

  • Remblie Kain

    after reading the player comments it seams that the level cap increase and the new matching tier may have to be put in to accommodate for the new features. A new matching tier may add room for those above diamond tier who are crying about unfair matches, to give their more powerful opponents somewhere to go. Also a level cap increase from 30 to 50 would help to restrict some of the newer items use in silver and gold leagues. it would also give people a reason to get premium again. As it curently most players get to level 30 by the end of their first month of playing and usually before or in silver 2 tier. To help restrict powerfully new items from mid tiers all the previous weapons and robots have a level requirement. However the new ones do not. a level 50 player would not be very likely to be in a silver ranked match and thus a level 50 required weapon would not likely be seen in a silver match. Finally I think that adding new work shop levels that would be required to attain before being allowed to rank up specific items and bots or even be able to assemble certain components, would also help prevent over powered items in mid level play. If a Punisher mk2 required a level 18 WS and a Taran MK2 required a level 27 WS it would take higher level players more time to get them and they would be less likely to greatly over match their opponents with MK2 gear before their opponents have had a chance to grow a little too. Like wise if a heichi required a level 45 player and a level 25 work shop to be able to assemble the components that have been collected it would take players a little more time to get them and hopefully by they time they do this extra time would have allowed them to grow out of at least the silver tiers. Maybe these adjustments or additions will also help to quell some of the diamond league and pro league cries of “unfair unfair woe is me ” .

    I still like this game. However I can see why some of them may be complaining even though I do not completely agree with them.

  • Jeff Johnson

    Components are just another part of the fleecing of the player base. Provide whole robots to the wallet warriors, then to prolong their domination, take the whole robots away and replace with components which lengthens the time, F2P players or even those that spend modest amounts of RM on the game can get those robots. I see no reason to Thank Pixonic for this.

    Does Pixonic even know they aren’t just ruining the game? They are also ruining their brand. I for one will never install another Pixonic game, could be the top rated game in the app store, and there’s absolutely no way I’m ever getting involved with this company or its products again.

  • Stoic

    I wonder if any of the developers realized that increasing the weapon’s damage by 20%, will actually only give robots with 1 gun a 20% damage increase. Any robot with 4 weapons like the butch will actually be getting an 80% damage output increase as if trebs weren’t bad enough, and things like the haechi and the bulgasari will be getting a 60% damage buff. Even if you can afford to do these mark 2 upgrades, the slight increase in durability of robots will not be able to compensate for the massive increase in damage output that someone didn’t think to consider. This is not to mention how people who cannot afford these new upgrades will just be destroyed with basically no hope of winning. Ideally I think this mark 2 idea should be revoked, but they should at least lower the damage increase on weapons to 5% or something.

  • FridayXIII

    That giant sucking sound? It’s this game going down the toilet, update by update.

  • Hornetio Nest

    Nice try, Tofsla. #fakecomment

  • Kanak Spartans

    This game has been flushed down toilet by stupid greedy pigsonic. Don’t waste your time or money on it.

  • Lin Weizhou

    Been playing for well over 2 years and I spent about $100 on this game. my highest lvl bot is 9 Lancelot and my highest weapon is a lvl 10 taran. I’m also top diamond league. I can’t out damage mk2s if ppl are willing to pay to win. This game is going down hill. Please fix

  • Jimotekh Ryan Ducusin

    If the game is 5000% better, please do enlighten us on what made the game 5000% better. Every player that hates the game gave a good reason why.

  • Remfield Tremor

    You’ve asked for my patience, so I dug my Xbox out of storage and started playing games I paid $20 for ten years ago. Btw, the new Xbox one X costs roughly the same as two dash bots (and it’s compatible with all my old games). Just let me know when I can stop being patient and resume playing.

  • AB


  • CQFD

    I won’t take the time to write my complains. I’ll just say: goodbye Pix

  • CQFD


  • CQFD

    It’s been one day since update: top players already have a full mk2 hangar, how fun..

  • Genius_CCCP

    Dear Pixonic,
    I have few questions about the league;
    1. How is the purpose of the league system?
    2. How many players actually promoted and demoted from diamond league onwards as per monthly?
    3. How did those players demoted? By quitting every games to get to the lowest level as desired?
    4. How do you rate the league system? Successful! How?
    5. Show us the statistics how the players up and down the league level, ding dong shows, actual facts whether they actually promoted or demoted?
    6. What is the big difference before and after the league system?
    7. Why do you create the league? Biased against those Experts level and below, to please the masters and champions so they can whitewash all lower levels players without any skills? Force the low level to pay more to upgrade faster to higher level?

  • Jeff Johnson

    No way they made it much worse with the MK2 upgrade.

  • Hitozhu

    gameroom with war robot broken with this update? Why no notice to tell us when it going to fix it>??

  • Ali Kemal

    The matchmaking system is designed to eventually land you in a place where you belong, skill+bot power combined. So if you’re facing stronger hangars than yours, it means you’re more skilled than those people, and your chance of winning should be 50%. Yes, matchmaking can be skewed at the top levels, but it can match you with or against these super-hangars, when it matches you with them it compensates for the times it matches you against them, so again 50-50.

    If you could only face people with your level bots, what would be the incentive to upgrade your bots at all? Or for example, the way it used to be, you could play 5x Gepard 4x Aphid, upgraded to 8, against people with their first destrier. Does this seem more fair to you?

  • Ali Kemal

    You said literally nothing of substance. What is your issue with components? They were overpriced initially to reduce the pool of OP-bots and now they are becoming more accessible to the general populace. We can expect them to become even more accessible as the game progresses.

    The rest is just rambling of no consequence whatsoever.

  • Ali Kemal

    The purpose is to give the people who play a lot something to invest their gold/silver/$$ into, and since you won’t be matched against Mk2 if you have a L8 hangar I don’t understand what your issue is.

  • wickedglass

    Whatever, bro, I express my opinion and you express yours. You’ve literally added nothing of value to this conversation.

  • Steve Conner

    That is great information on the matchmaker – very much appreciated. I view the game as a mobile game at heart, and not the same as harkening back to the old days of Mech Warrior to be played on a full-blown desktop. So yes, most of all I want to have fun, and not dedicate my life to a perpetual cycle of upgrades. Playing against other players of equal bots and weapons would allow me to do that. I would also like to add that my prediction was correct; I’m already coming up against squads with 4-5 players all Champion level – many with full load outs L12 MK2 weapons. So how is this enjoyable? Less than 1 minute into the match the outcome is an assured loss when all Diamond level players on my side are used as nothing more than dragon fodder. “Different strokes for different folks” I guess, but I don’t see a mobile game as the predominate gaming platform for strategic play. Play On!

  • Pat Rakes

    Dude, there are Mk2 players in bronze, silver, and gold leagues. If all those players that can compete in expert and champion would stay there, then maybe the lower league players could hone their skills and upgrade their hangars without playing from behind or being discouraged from playing at all by those players that manipulate their gameplay just to drop into those lower leagues. A busy statement, but it is factual. I have screenshots to prove it. Seen any lvl 12 hangars in bronze? I have. Maybe pull your head out of the developer’s rear end and actually witness and listen to the players that want to rise in the game. How about civil discussions without your sarcasm to belittle another player’s issues. How does that solve anything? Yes, I see the irony of that statement on civility. Maybe some people complain because that’s just which they are, but the majority of the people that are upset, are that way because they found a great game that is being killed because money making schemes are put ahead of basic gameplay quality and true competition.

  • pdwalker

    Free to play player here with a hanger of lv6-7 bots in the diamond(?) league.

    I like the changes; small bots are fun to run; game play is varied. Sniping, brawling, whatever, all ok.

    Matches at my level are pretty good. Seems well balanced. Not seen the high level players drop down to my level

    Never felt pressure to play to win.