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War Robots 3.1 Update Notes. Dash into the Valley

New map. Three new robots. One new and one not-so-new gun. Add a huge buff for all the bullet weapons to that — and you’ll get the list of things that define the update 3.1.

In other news: Noricum and Raijin get their chance for a comeback, chests become available forever and some long-requested fixes for 3.0 combat UI. As usual, before we go for a deep dive here are previous patch notes:

War Robots 3.0 Update Notes. New game mode!


Beacon Rush…

…stays here. For now.

This mode prove itself worthy and we decided to get rid of a timer and let it stay. Now let’s see how Beacon Rush will show itself in a longer run.


New map: Valley

A peaceful view or a land of discord?

Valley is an small close/mid range map with couple of good spots for those preferring to play as a sniper support. Available both for Classic and Beacon Rush.

Check out the recent article on Valley to learn more:

New map: Valley. How it was made — and what’s next


New robots: Kumiho, Haechi and Bulgasari

New challengers have entered the ring!

прелоадер (1)

These three were in development for months, and now they’re finally here.

Each robot in this pack is built around its inherent mobility. The special ability of all three is Dash — a short, quick leap that allows to evade enemy fire. You can use it twice in a row changing movement direction mid-flight, but you cannot Dash over obstacles. Overall Kumiho, Haechi an Bulgasari are more agile than Rogatka and Griffin, but air domination is out of their boundaries. On land and in skilled hands they are scary though.

What are the differences between the three?

Kumiho is the fastest of the bunch, but has the least amount of protection a carries one medium weapon less.

Haechi is the one with the energy barrier to block rockets and bullets. Kind of like Carnage, with less raw firepower, but more outplay potential.

Bulgasari is the heaviest. Its Dash has the longest cooldown, which is well compensated by Bu’s ability to withstand direct hits with a physical shield on its side.

For more info on what we wanted to achieve with these robots read our articles on the topic.

Making of Kumiho, Haechi and Bulgasari. Part 1: Art and Origins

Making of Kumiho, Haechi and Bulgasari. Part 2: Gameplay


During 3.1 Kumiho, Haechi and Bulgasari are obtainable only through the Black Market . All players have equal chances to obtain them.

We do this to ease Dash integration into the game as much as possible. This ability by itself might cause a huge shift in which robots are in favor and which aren’t, so we are giving them sort of a test run. Spreading these through Black Market initially will give us enough data to work with in terms of balancing without disrupting the gameplay too much. Thanks for your understanding and patience!


Black Market

Every day is a bargain day

We’re bringing back the chests, and this time they are here to stay.

For those who didn’t follow previous events, now after every match you receive some amount of tokens that you can spend to open a chest of certain quality. The better the chest, the higher the chance you receive something useful from it. More detailed look here.

That also bring some better news: the Black Market turning into a permanent system means that next events won’t be based around the same thing. So expect something new this Halloween.


New weapon: Scourge

The closer you get, the harder you hit them


Damage per second @ level 12: 2400 (600 m); 4800 (350 m); 8160 (point blank)
Maximum range: 600 m
Seconds until reloading: 10
Reload time: 5 s

Scourge is somewhat similar to Gekko in that regard that it is an energy weapon that made for wearing opponents down. The difference is, while it is not as suitable for long-range fights, in close quarters it turns into a best of a gun with damage increasing the closer you are to your target.

Also, hint-hint: it’s good on Kumi-Hae-Bu — but it is also good AGAINST them. While, of course, not being the only good option. Go forth and experiment!

During 3.1 Scourge is obtainable only through the Black Market.


New weapon: Tempest

I am you. But bigger



Damage per round @ level 12: 1550
Maximum range: 800 m
Reload time: 10 s
Ammo capacity: 70 rounds
Rate of fire: 4.2 rounds/sec

Tempest is back as a Black Market item. It is a heavy version of Molot: autocannon with a range of 800 meters. Now looks even better in the light of the news that are… well, right below.

During 3.1 Tempest is obtainable only through the Black Market.


Kinetic weapons buff

Punishers, Molots, Tempest, Kang Dae, Nashorn and — oh boy — Thunder deal double damage to physical shields

The subtitle says it all. Bullet weapons always lacked a certain specificity: they shoot, they deal damage… a-a-and that’s it. With this new mechanic they got a real niche turning into your ultimate shield busters. See that Ancilot? Now you don’t.

The concern, of course, arises: after recent buffs won’t it allow Punishers and Molots to destroy everything, not just physical shiels, maybe too easily? The interesting part here is they they still have key deficiencies allowing others to find a window to play around them. Kang Dae and Nashorn aren’t that bursty to get through energy shields — they remain more of support weapons. Robots with Thunders have to get on an arm’s length to actually start being scary. And before Punishers, Molots and Tempest properly wind-up, you usually have more that enough time to react and get out of harm’s way.

Nevertheless, on live servers this change might prove to be tad overwhelming. We’ll keep tuning these guns up and down as we collect more data on their performance to find the right balance.


Update: Noricum

mortar.pngNot just an uppercut gun anymore

Damage @ level 12: 1800 → 1238
Minimum range: 400 → 300
Maximum range: 900 → 1100
Projectile speed: 180 → 360
Missile arc is slighly adjusted
Missile spread is less dependent on distance

For quite a while if someone asked “Which weapon in War Robots sucks the most?” the top response would be “Noricum”. A supposedly glorious ballistic weapon that was to cover huge distances and deal damage in biggest radius possible, just didn’t have enough “oomph” to it. Robots rarely clump closely in order for 200-meter-or-so radius AoE to be efficient.

Probably, the coolest thing Noricum could do before is a magic trick called “Noricum Uppercut” (or “Noricum Karate”). If you haven’t see how people do it, go check it out. Basically, you find some place beneath a high ground and position yourself just below your opponent. If you aligned yourself right, the splash damage from all Noricum rockets would do an immense amount of damage, usually resulting in a quick frag. This technique is super unreliable, although great to see when someone actually nails it — to further opponent’s confusion. Fun times, huh.

Unfortunately for those wanting to try Uppercut now, this technique going to be less effective after this update. It’s a long range weapon after all. We’ve cut the damage of each individual rocket, but reduced the spread greatly, so more rockets can hit the same target and make it go “oh heck it’s noricum!!!” instead of “ba-a-ah, it’s noricum”.


Update: Raijin

It’s like a Fury. But with a shield. And stationary


New effect: +30% damage to each weapon when in Bastion mode

To put it in a simplest way possible, if you install 2 Tridents on your Raijin, these will hit like two and a half Tridents while you’re in Bastion mode. When stationary, damage-wise Raijin becomes close to a fully equipped Fury. With its lower profile and physical shield it would be a worthy trade for temporary inability to move.


Minor tweaks

Zeus, Aphid, Pinata, Spiral, Hydra, Tempest, Magnum: +5% damage on all levels
Tulumbas, Pin, Gekko, Thunder: -5% damage on all levels

Just some run of the mill changes for under- and overperforming weapons. The most notable ones:

Zeus — still wasn’t strong enough after bug fixes.

Aphid, Spiral, Hydra — even with the mental pain they can cause to enemies, they don’t do as much actual damage as required for weapons of their class. We might, however, rethink it later. “The hardest battles are fought in the mind” — as someone witty once said.

Tulumbas, Pin — another nominal cut from mid-range rockets after their 2.9 reign.

Thunder — a slight nerf to account for its now-obtained shield shattering qualities. Also, in Beacon Rush Thunder could be a bit too overwhelming, so here we go.



– Gekko’s beam color now properly changes in accord to its level

– Robot detalization is now better on higher distances


Also: UI and controls tweaks

– Lock-on button should work properly in all cases now

– Faster target switching in basic targeting mode

– Movement pad doesn’t get triggered by multitouch anymore

– Fixed an issue with a text scaling on certain devices

  • Nobody in particular

    Still no buffs for trident?

  • Joseph

    Why would they buff trident?

  • MasterHoop

    Wow, that is going to be interesting, a lot of changes! Let’s see how this goes.

    Btw. All the weapons get better and better, you might want to think about increasing Bot’s health. Otherwise they wreck really fast. I ran with a Level 9 Leo into a Fujin equipped with 3 Orkans lately, if you know what I mean…


  • Jesus Chavez

    “Each day is a bargain day” – Typical Pixonic right?! You evil rich company. Why do you have to make it harder than it already is! Now my hopes on getting my thumbs on a dash bot are minimal! I’m going to have to spend some real money inorder to get one? No! Nobody wants to do that! “Oh you want a dash bot? Gimme money first!” Wow unbelievable. I mean, I got it that you don’t want to cause a huge impact on the live server “balance” (I quote because there is few balance) but at least make it not so hard to get a dash bot! We’ve been patient enough! 4 months! I haven’t been able to get one miserable Western bot! Not even 1!!!!! And stop Making new types of damn merchandise! First influence points which nobody gives a hoot about! Now key cards? How much more suffering do I need to go through! Probably through One Thousand Punishers and 5,000 Ag prizes. Why bother. :^[

  • MasterHoop

    I agree, these new keys are now the fifth or sixth in-game currency, that stupid and not much fun, to not say it is greedy… ijs … Make it easier by minimizing the different currencies, please. mH

  • Jesus Chavez

    Yeah dude. They could have thought about making the prices 2500 Au plus 10,000 Wsp you know, but no! It’s gets worse, I think you get 10 keys for being #1 in your team. Ok, so play 10 games, which is roughly 1 hr inorder to get just 100 keys? The funk? Hell nah! Wasting my time.

  • Ravi Krish

    Just pure greed from Pixonic.

  • Jesús David Cortés Ariza


  • Maximus El

    It should be nerfed!

  • Maximus El

    All indirect weapons should get nerfed, being indirect is enough though

  • Allen Kadilis

    I Agree! What is the point in Gold (Au) anymore??? I can’t even use gold to get keys the only thing they want is money. Way to put in a lot of development work on new bots for the weakest release/non-release thus far.

  • Crazy [Electro Music lover]

    OMG.i’m waiting waiting waiting and what now??? i can’t buy no one Dash bot,can’t buy new weapons and all this available for “rich guys” right? why? just why? we all want to win match!!!

  • Jonathan Price

    Just let me buy the bot i want not buy the keys and maybe get the new bot or might get screwed w no bot or get two of the lil dash bot wtf

  • Dan Koen

    Because you pay to play or you endure an compensate for changes, or parish!
    You choice

  • Jonathan Price

    Its not for the rich this black market is for the stupid … just let the spenders pick what we put our money towards not ha e a chance to get the same crap we already have

  • wwrlance he

    Hi Pixonic,
    are you sure there are 4800 damages per TICK for Scourge at 350m?!
    since Scourge has the firing rate of 10 ticks per second, that is, the DPS of Scourge is 48,000 per second at 350m!!! this is far greater than Taran!!!
    please check the data carefully, and does NOT mislead players, thanks!

  • Shivendra Rawat

    Oh hey congrats for one more annoying update keep going pixonic keep buffing the weapons so that the bots gonna die quickly and noone can actually take the fun of that u guys made me to realize that i have wasted my hard earned gold on lancelot cuz of the thunder double damage on physical shield keep it up guys just keep going

  • MasterHoop

    Yeah, bought a Lance a couple of days ago. Well, let’s see how it goes. I already died really fast. At least faster that it takes me to kill them 🤔 Well, maybe Ancile helps? mH

  • Egor

    >Aphid, Spiral, Hydra — even with the mental pain they can cause to enemies, they don’t do as much actual damage as required for weapons of their class.
    Do you even play your own game?
    @12lvl an aphid patton deals up to 73280 (now 76944) instantly. Try playing peekaboo with any heavy against that. And the damage is kind of not splash, but I’ve seen clear misses deal significant damage.
    As for the spiral, it was 945 cycle dps, now it will be 992. Compare it with tulumbas, which was 1106 and now it wil be1050. It’s 6% difference in DPS, but one requires an almost clear line of sight at 500m, the other allows you to sit behind cover, and each hit is almost guaranteed. I’m not defending tulumbas, I question balance.

  • Carlos Reyes B

    Good Update, thanks.

  • Yehia Ali


  • JGodfrey Dyer

    The game is stealing my keys, not only are the payouts from the crates crap but keys rewarded from game play are not there when I go to open a chest I’ve been robbed almost 20 keys in under 2 hours!!

  • DethHilt Gaming

    You guys really suck. Same crap lately with alt. currency or event/chest only. Quit ripping us off, and trying to bleed us dry. Pay-to-play, and pay-to-win is all matters, as long as you get your dough. Bunch or liars and thieves. Well we know not to trust you anymore about anything you release. You can’t run the game right, and the TS is a crumbling joke. Get ready for more players to quit.

  • Derik Weeks

    They’ve pretty much said it all already. Another new currency – lame, new bots and weaps avaliable only through even chests – lame, are you guys trying to bring in new players or chase off the existing ones you have? Cause your not getting any good reviews by ripping everyone off. Here’s an idea, how about letting us exchange workshop points for event currency. O and stop changing event currency, make it be the same for every event so we can work tward saving it up even when the events aren’t active. I’ve got more then a quarter of a million workshop points that I can’t do anything with cause you keep comming up with new currencies instead of using the one you actually built into the game. Thanks alot.

  • CQFD

    There’s no way I spend the gold I’ve saved into chests who give me molots and Au

  • Giorgi Maisuradze

    So what u gona do about this developers answer a question no 1 person like this so what u gona do about this

  • Lukas Fonseca

    Melhor jogo do mundo

  • Remy White

    I just sent a message to Pixonic about that very issue, I had 75 keys I hit the 10 key chest and then I had only 1 key left, broken.

  • Maurice Cole

    Love d chest opportunity but y can’t I use gold to buy keys

  • Joe Bazooka

    Agreed. This is many times the damage rate of even the Thunder, which was the most powerful weapon (and it’s a heavy slot). They must be making a mistake or leaving out some piece of information.

  • Michael McClary

    Pixonic! You people just don’t not understand capitalism do you? I suppose you all still haven’t got past the Soviet era communism to understand how to run a capitalist venture. Let me give you a few very important pointers. If you want to gain and keep many long term players, you make your product affordable to the average person. You do not overprice your product so high that only wealthy people can buy it. Once the wealthy people have bought everything you offer, they will not buy anything else,and you’ll lose all the average non wealthy buyers of your product because they cannot compete with those that are wealthy and have bought all you have to offer. Ways to fix it you may ask? Offer a monthly subscription that offers more than nothing. Your monthly fee now offers NOTHING worth buying. I won’t go VIP! It offers nothing. A little extra silver per battle is nothing. Offer discounts on bots and weapons to VIP and you’ll see your subscribers grow. I would probably go VIP for that. You keep making new weapons and bots that only wealthy people can buy, so we’re right back to, most people cannot afford it and thus will not buy any of it. You’ve got like five types of currency now. Wow! REALLY! I’m sorry, but that’s just ignorant and not how a venture capitalist company (that wants to stay viable) runs their company. I’ll be done with your game soon now unless MANY things change. You have a great product, but whomever your financial officers are seem clueless how to gain subscribers. I’ve enumerated some great suggestions. This game is destined to fail as it is applied right now. Perhaps hire someone people from Blizzard, their financial department that can show you how to provide and promote a successful game. This one is not because you have overpriced everything in the game. By the way, I will NOT SPEND any more of my money on your game as it’s implemented now. There are many things that need fixing, matchmaking algorithm, game balance with players in or at least near the same level. As it sits now, it’s designed for wealthy people. The vast amount of people who like the game and those that would like it, it’s out of reach financially. Wake up. Study a little capitalism and get a clue. Thank you.

  • Egor

    Oops. I meant hydra, not spiral.

  • Nick Raymond Breda

    hell no nerfed… my 3 on fury are lvl 8.. and its weakkk.

  • Nick Raymond Breda

    they need a buff.. hardly used anymore

  • Nick Raymond Breda

    I will agree, this black market crap suckssssss..
    Ive certainly been loooking forward to dash bots. and OFCOURSE theyre only available in event. along with tempest, and new scourge… smh pixonic. Every update you make might make game play ” Better ” but you lose atleast 10%+ of your players each greed move you decide upon, I understand money helps pay developers and programmers, but your going to lose alot of your player base through charging up the a** for credits/snowflakes/key cards/ and so on..

  • Nick Raymond Breda

    ive been saving gold to spend on influence or whatever to buy dashers, but now theyre not attainable through gold.. yowwwwza.. -_-

  • Samuel May

    I am happy about:
    *new map
    *raijin improvement, although should be 40 or maybe 50% damage increase because splash damage still hits hard and if using thunder damage drops after burst and then quite pitiful output and bot is sitting duck (i dont have one but might try it now – definitely would have tried it if 40% increase – i always felt should have extra weapon) and i guess long range will work well
    *Most weapon changes good although thunder might be too much against shields now, although lancelots have been too dominant, they should be 1 of the best not by far the best, although maybe their shield should be in 1 piece now. The other ballistic weapons doing 50% is good esp nashorn and kang dae, they are pointless otherwise and yet what do tanks use? Guns. Zeus going up is good.
    *introducing new bots and weapon although and this is a big one – WHY cant we buy them now, have been waiting for ages? Make them available for an hour a day or a day each 3 days to slow intro. And please dont make them crazy expensive, not more than usa bots which are already way to expensive, they should be cheaper by now.
    *am happy the event currency will stay the same so can build it up but need to look at wsp and give people option with them. Eventually usa bots should be wsp and you should tell people that.
    *im about to play 1st game since update, really hope lock on button works better, it still should be bigger and maybe seperate from weapon circle, at the bottom of screen (then as bonus one day you could have bots with 5 weapons!)
    *targeting choice for lock on is probably still issue. When pressing lock on to cycle through targets it should pick the one in your face not the one 1000m away! This issue and the button size, response and location have truly been enough to almost make me quit so please get that fixed, ive asked the last 3 or 4 updates.
    *finally new bots weapons should be available sooner and the chests should give better return – still a gamble but not pointless
    Thank you for your attention to my feedback please use. Esp lock on issues.

  • Lakshay Goyal

    Nice pixonic….
    It dies before i blink my eyes.

  • Daniel Rondeau

    That’s because they are level 8…

  • Korben Finley

    I hate to say ot that as much as your game can be fun its only balanced in the very beginning before you reach level 20 after that it becomes a pay to win its getting obvious that you guys habe absoloutly no clue what you guys are doing when it comes to any sort of capitalism you need to look at your own game then look at some others to see what they are doing right and what you are doing wrong. Your game loses a lot of meaning when the only people who can afford your new bots are the people that can spare 300-400 b7cks to buy tickets to possibly get one of thw new bots or wepeons and for the love of god NERF APHID when 4 of them are on a patton it can kill a maxed leo in 3 or 4 shots. Overall its a fun game but you have zero consideration for your players as a whole. If you take your time and listen to suggestions such as make the bots purchisable for the common person. P.S. can you explain to me that my in game charachtor MERT DERMON would have won the one of the new dashers if the needle hadnt jumped over to a level 6 griffon after it stopped instead of staying on the red dasher (never saw its name) so yeah in short listen to your players and your success as a business and as an entertainment provider will go up and people will stop leaving your game

  • Mike Stacy

    Coulnt have said it no better

  • Deepak Vlogs

    Shame on u guyzz playrixx……..

  • Nand Alinea

    so what is the selling point of crv pins now? poor thing.12secs reload time, 4missiles,and now drop dmg. same goes for tulus. 18secs for 8 missiles.
    another buff in hydra? hell yeah. so much annoyance to not so tactical/skillful/lazy/COWARD camper.

  • Arvin Saavedra

    Everything you want has a way to get it. Grow up. All you guys do is complain and cry. Sorry. No offense.
    Staffs of Pixonic has their own family too to feed.

  • meowmatt sgtmajor

    Where is new robot n weapon I don’t see it in game …fake infomation or wat ? = =

  • Wolf “with” Dragon

    You guys should have made the kumiho a gold bot at least one time only buy with gold and please get new bots for workshop ive got lots of useless workshop pionts. I guess ill try the rijin for now.

  • chefmyk

    Can I use controllers like ipega tomahawk? Or advise us what bluetooth controllers are compatible with war robots?

  • Kẻ Lập Dị


  • Hecxel Fede Lumaque

    wow!.this update just gave the rich guys the upper i knw why the other developers left..almost everything is over priced. Its like they’re really pressuring us NORMAL players to make a purchase..i just wish that the developers would just make it easy for EVERYONE to play..specially earning gold and silver..that would be nice.

  • meowmatt sgtmajor

    Where is new robot n weapon I don’t see it in game …fake infomation or wat ? = =

  • نايف العتيبي


  • Sean Steiger

    Confirmed scourge sighting in MM earlier today. It wasn’t all that powerful as people feared.

  • Allan Bernabe

    Weapons control buttons are too small. Because too small, each weapon distance is too close. Often pressed the wrong weapon to fire. Special ability button also too small. Have to click 5 or 6 times for it to work. Author should remember that not everybody use the biggest fastest phone.

    Older version has perfectly big buttons, and very responsive. Why not revert to older version? (Version 2 or lower)

  • It is in the Black Market. You can just read the article instead of waiting for 10min just to get the answer

  • you’re. Anyway, Pix should make AG useful again. Like exchange 1M AG for 2 AU

  • or YouTube cough cough Andrian Chong

  • or for youtubers, cough cough Adrian Chong

  • Jaco Bezuidenhout

    Get rid of the new map’s music PLEASE?!?! Those birds chirping in war doesn’t work at all. It ia horrible.

  • Jaco Bezuidenhout

    yeah, i agree. this company makes a great game fuken stupid.

  • Jaco Bezuidenhout

    stupid kunt
    there is paying and there is exploiting, so shut your trap.

  • CQFD

    So you introduce korean bots slowly so people will buy crazy amounts of black market currency to be the first to get them. I’m pissed off but it’s pretty clever.

  • keyer zusky

    More difficult for weapons…

  • Paul

    In the bronze chest (3 best) I spent 100th keys and got 1 key for each ten. The only good thing I got was a medium robot that only has 2 gun slots. getting money is hard because when I win I get a small portion of wat I really need. Everything I have I had to play to get I didn’t spend money so u can picture how hard I had to play the update came but the only thing that’s available is valley(which is pretty good) and Beacon rush which was already going to stay. Upgraded weapons are like teaching an old dog new tricks which doesn’t do anything really good. Also for the people that do buy in game purchases it makes it even harder for people who try to play the game the fair way without cheats. And for now people will get tired of waiting for something that never comes so might as well just give it to us now before people get anxious. The tweeks are OK and thanks for the parts of the game that make sense thanks.

  • Luis Flores

    I buy gold and wait so long just for the Tempest weapon not to be able be in the hangar store and make me spend more money on some other currency to earn chests so I can hopefully win Tempest ? Well I’m done !

  • Gilbibits Lopez

    Really !!!!! Come on I’ve been playing this game for 2 years now. Can you please make something affordable for us loyal gamers. There’s been three new bot updates, and I cannot even purchase them with my gold and silver and that other currency that I’ve been saving up for about a year. This is ridiculous. Please please please Developers we just want to play and have fun you guys make enough money as it is.

  • Robert Hubbard

    Again pandering to the addrian chong douchebags of the world

  • Robert Hubbard

    Nicely said, but again obviously nobody at pigsonic can read

  • Russell Vaughan

    Yea the chests are rigged

  • Cahil Daniel Chalk

    This game is awesome. I’ve spent some real money occasionally (not wealthy). Basically, spend money or don’t. You can still win the game. The smartest players, which I am not, seem to do very well with low level robots and weapons. Stop complaining and enjoy the game. At the very least, constructive criticism, not whining.

  • CQFD

    What are we supposed to do with our workshop points ? Real question

  • Christian D Mandey

    Jiahahhaha… you got it right.. and besides that Brits bots becomes trash even for the class such as Galahad and Lancelot they are soo weak againts rockets now unlike last year before updates or the Knights doesn’t have any updates.
    Noricum still lame because they decrease the damage why not cutting the reload time as well?

  • Christian D Mandey

    How about those Knights? No updates? So they are becoming trash since the rockets updates and the damage of noricum shouldn’t be cut since the reload time is the same as old version.

  • Christian D Mandey

    Ahh.. u meant kondom not spiral right 😂

  • Colt

    I think this doing this hard to get routine to buy more time so they can most out bot and weapons they just introduced.

  • Jonathan Ocampo

    Exactly! When I got the notification that there’s a new update I got all excited thinking I’d be able to get my hands on these dash bots, but no this stupid hope that I get something good chest game or “black market” game. No thanks! I legit spent $100 last time and the notable things I got was 5000 gold which is not bad a galahad and a Zeus. Everything else was not worth getting. I could have bought a galahad and Zeus with my own gold. So yea no thanks not gonna waste my hard earned money on things I could already buy on my own. Seriously what’s with the different currency? Why do we need new currency or “keys”? What’s the point of WSP and gold when there’s nothing to use it on? And these sales that you have, who actually spends their $ on it. Why can’t we go back to using gold or WSP?

  • Michael Morales

    Stop crying kid

  • Michael Morales

    I got a dash bot and I’m f2p

  • meowmatt sgtmajor

    Helo I m new here just wondering ,is there any reload and ,is tht any friendly fire mode here ? = =

  • JustLeo

    Everyone needs to stop complaining, just because theyre gonna really make you work for EXCLUSIVE robots and you cant get it right away doesnt mean you have to bad mouth them geez, i mean they added chests back forever… Work hard for what you want guys instead of crying, it makes the game more fun and gives us more to do, pixonic did a good job 👌

  • Mike Senesouk

    I lost the ability to lock on to a target with this update. The lock button is missing from the tablet and from the phone. Now I’m just shooting at random targets

  • Colt

    I found that most my bots are dyning faster since the update. I under the need to add more layers to get new items to sustain the company. However, costs are getting to high now.

  • meowmatt sgtmajor

    Black market should stay no time limit , more money roll in …^ ^ more rating up.

  • Nobody in particular

    The only weapon hasn’t got the buff?

  • Shrikant Soni

    As far as I understand, there is no mistake. Scourge has 48k at point blank range on maxed level, not at 350m. At 350 m, it will probably do 40% of the max damage, i.e. 18k every 5 seconds, which is way less than what Taran does at 350k at max level.
    At 600 m, Scourge will do just 12% of Max damage.
    It will fire just like the Zeus, with wait time of 5s before each shot.

  • Marcus Searcy

    Yea it’s kind of ridiculous. New bots and weapons that are basically unattainable. I’ll spend money but not much.You have to know that at some point you’re going to have to loosen the strap a lil.

  • ramon enriquez

    Just because they read in another language lol

  • ramon enriquez

    I want more Au than 2 of that

  • ramon enriquez

    Although I played the volley map

  • ramon enriquez

    Hahahaha for more annoying update lol

  • ramon enriquez

    Equipping ancile on Lancelot is almost unstoppable

  • Some folks will be bummed they shelled out $$ for multiple lances. Ouch!

  • ramon enriquez

    But I didn’t get the wild bunch because it was my idea to ask them if they can make something of it
    I prefer paying workshop points rather than influence points

  • ramon enriquez

    Gold bot?, you by buying or a gold plated bot?

  • The new robots do not show up as purchase option in my store. How are they obtained?

  • ramon enriquez

    If you want them available, just ask them to lower the prices too

  • ramon enriquez

    Dunno maybe we should wait more time

  • ramon enriquez

    Just like I want to buy western bot (wild bunch) with silver (not gold if its cost too much) or workshop points

  • Brandon

    Isn’t the punishers doing lesser damage after update?

  • Karl Cheshire

    Never a truer word written regarding Pixonics. Money hungry people who bring out new toys for the people who can “afford” them.
    I have been sending emails regarding the many bugs, and the replies are so down putting it is ridiculous.
    They will NEVER retain my loyalty until they make things are more equal for all players.

  • FusionEncounter

    How is this game “pay 2 play” when you can get all the currency from PLAYING (besides the currency for Jesse, Doc, and Butch). You guys are all idiots who are just complaining because you don’t have all the items you want, you’re all like spoiled kids who didn’t get what they want for their birthday. I myself don’t have any of the new items but I’m not mad because there’s a chance I can still get them (FROM PLAYING THE GAME) and Pixonic said that the Black Market is staying so there’s no time limit. So the fact that all you people are saying the game is p2p is really just you complaining that you don’t have time to grind the game.

  • FusionEncounter

    Tell me how it’s pay to play when you can get all the currency from playing the game, please tell me

  • Genius_CCCP

    Perhaps, you should translate in USSR or CCCP language as they may not understand Russian language.

  • Vansh Narula

    I agree!! I spent all my money in buying that gold hoping that i will buy those dash bots but now after the update my brain is really bleeding with anger…u know they say they made the balance but no, they have provided those rich players to conquer… i played three matches after the update and in two of them 3-4 players were having the dash bots… WHAT KIND OF BALANCE IS THIS?????😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😤

  • Vansh Narula

    Ur lancelot would be finished against my level 8 LEO, NATASHA AND FURY with thunders and magnums…so i advise u to buy leo and natasha and upgrade the weapons to level 8 … trust me i did that and within 2 weeks and now got promoted to expert league3 from gold league 2.. ☺☺😎😆

  • ramon enriquez

    There are some things that I hate to admit it that the game had made worst:
    1. The durability of my 2 fujin are not enough even if I put it up to max level, it’s not enough
    2. The durability of physical shield of my 2 raijin, wasn’t enough either
    3. The prices are too high, please lower the price:
    Ex. 5000 to 2000 gold
    4. Every time when there’s an event, they can’t stay in the store
    5. Buying the wild bunch should be in silver, gold or workshop points not influence points
    Gold: light robot ok; medium robot 2500 to 1575; heavy robot Ex.*
    6. The energy shield of carnage was regenerating too slow
    7. This question can be interesting for all players : What’s the point of making worse of this game? Give us some reason why to make it worst this game so we can understand it

  • ramon enriquez

    I absolutely agree

  • wwrlance he

    “Damage per second @ level 12: 2400 (600 m); 4800 (350 m); 8160 (point blank)”
    check out the updated description of Scourge, it is just what i am thinking, there was a typo.

  • ramon enriquez

    I have 2 fujin with tarans and molots; 2 raijin lefts are trebuchet and Zeus, rights are trident and thunder

  • Joe Bazooka

    What does weapon damage have to do with Adrian?

  • ramon enriquez

    So I only have 4 robots until now

  • Joe Bazooka

    Adrian spends a lot of his valuable time making quality videos to help other players get better at the game. He is the opposite of a douchebag.

  • ramon enriquez

    Every time after the event, I want my points stay with me not spending them automatically because I want to earn some more for the next event

  • Brant Paquette

    I like the black market and find it fun. Maybe if you have all the gear and bots not so much. Since they give you keys per round no need to buy unless you want to open more. People waiting and saving gold for bots, I can see you upset. However, the load balancing makes sense.

    Currency wise, I do feel there is too many. Workshop points seem useless after time. I can understand blackmarket having its own currency but a trade in for extra silver or gold would be nice. I would say scrap workshop points and switch items to gold.

    If you did scrap workshop points and set item up for gold. People would need more gold for wins to keep pay for free players playing. So cashing in keys for gold would help.

    If you get dragged into a higher match or lower match league wise. Its not very fair for damage based rewardd. Also if you want people to run a Noricum or support roles they will not get as much gold. Can you implement squad splits loot evenly as an option. So standard or even split. This might encourage team play and support bots. Dont think it would be popular in random team games

  • Jester Infester

    As a general bit of advice to anyone considering to use Workshop Points:- Never purchase Workshop Points, it only depletes your Ag (silver) and the points purchase power is restricted to a very few items. Keep your free silver and only collect your daily allotment of free Workshop Points. You’ll wish you did after you reach level 10 and it costs you Ag 25M to level up each bot. For what it’s worth…

  • Jester Infester

    So, now all Thunder Natashas and Thunder Carnages will be shredded 35% easier by a Thunder Raijin holding down a beacon. And, attacking Lancelots will need to become Ancellots because their physical shield won’t be much help. Sweet! Now for Beacon Blitz or whatever it’s called our hangars will all be Carnages and Stalkers. Capture with Stalker, ditch, replace with Raijin. WIN! Or, did I miss something?

  • Jester Infester

    There is actually a precise exchange rate for Ag and Wp. It costs 470 Ag to purchase 1 (one) Wp. So the exchange for 1M Ag = 2,178 Wp. It also means that the 7500 Ap Stalker you got really cost, 3.525 M Ag! Or twice the price of a Griffin!

  • Jester Infester

    From what I’ve seen they can’t write either.

  • Jester Infester

    Yes, and if you do ever get one in will cost you another Ag 20 M to level it up so it isn’t a worthless piece of crap 💩

  • Jester Infester

    Yeah and just wait for the “stealthy heavy hardpoint Griff” Lances don’t stand a chance!

  • Jester Infester

    That’s not a constructive comment, it’s just Trolling. Love the folks that aren’t smart enough to come up with a sound argument and resort to name calling. It’s a dead give away. Hah!

  • Things should be balanced out, remember it is not only you get to do it. We dont want to see ancilot get too common.

  • No you can exchange WP with a AG but you can exchange it with AU though

  • yourpal_ dAwsome75

    Don’t rely on new bot and weapons, just get good at the game u noob. I don’t spend rap money either and I still win a good amount of battles!

  • Ken Tablante

    Hello. Anybody got their UI fixed already?
    My UI buttons are still small.

  • Sadie Bernstein

    UI still needs love – the lock on button is to small – the fire control over all too small and the position, on an iPad is to low, making it less ergonomic and awkward.

  • Derik Weeks

    Ya I figured that out ages ago, but when news first came out that the “knights” botts were coming soon. I thought they were going to be bought via workshop points so I started using gold to buy like the first 5 offers every day untill right before the were releases and they announced that the “Knights” were going to be bought via Gold coins… So I’ve had all these points since then.

  • Derik Weeks

    Lol news flash bro they already are :). All you see anymore are Lancelots, Griffins, Furys and Galahads. Occasionally you’ll come across a Leo, Rhino, Stalker, or even more rarely you’ll see a Boa or Natasha but probably 30% of the time it’s Lance, 30% Griff, 20% Galahad 15% Fury, and 5% the rest.
    The best thing they could do for the game and all of us, is introduce the all new botts available via WS points as fast as possible. That would do three things for us.
    First: it would give us more botts on the “Knights” level of strength so maby they’ll stop downgrading the “Knights” health and speed.
    Second, it would make it so we could save up for any new or existing, let’s call them Super Botts (Knights or later), even when the events aren’t running.
    Third, if everyone has the means to aquire every single bott, they’d be able to balance out the game for everyone. Instead of just the all maxed, 5000+ wins, money spending, Ace pilots that it’s all balanced on now.
    They won’t do it though because they still make more money being greedy ‘A$$holes. They weren’t that way when Walking War Robots first came out. Back then you earned 1 silver/point of damage. They didn’t need to keep rebalancing the game like they do now where certain Botts or Weapons are stronger for one week and become useless the next. There going to regret it when they lose all there players to the next big Mech game that comes out. It doesn’t matter how much we’ve invested in it, I for one will still ditch this one the next one that hasn’t started screwing its players yet and never play a Pixonic game again. But this is just my opinion on it all, take it however you want, or don’t. It’s not going to change the outcome of things anyway.

  • Derik Weeks

    Well said, thus is exactly what I was referring to in what I said above.

  • Derik Weeks

    Used to be bro but since they’ve mad Lance just as weak as Rhinos, equipping Ancile bearly makes a difference now.

  • Derik Weeks

    There only avaliable through the event chests that cost the stupid keycards to open, didn’t you read the above comments? That’s what everyone is so pissed off about.

  • Super Cruzzer

    If playing the game is a waste of time then why bother? I enjoyed the event because it reward me more! I got some extra goodies while playing. If you have a decent au bots and decent skill, you will win matches! So stop whining and start winning! Keep up the good work pixonic

  • meowmatt sgtmajor

    Helo I new here I can’t find reload button
    N friendly fire here., I do need help …. = =

  • naruto shipoden

    Some one tell me what are you doing where is the trebuchet. tell me look let’s compare the trebuchet with magnum in the first look trebuchet 7500,, mangum 3500 and if you are using magnum you will win this is not fair ….. in my opinion the trebuchet must be powerfully ok and this not my opinion this the same fell of all players…… please make it stronger

  • Yoda

    Cmon seriously let us pick which map. Sucks soooo bad. Another map and we’re playing lucky dips with our robot setups still.

  • Steven Hubbard

    This is what should have happened. You release Rush robots at limited availability. American robots get added to the workshop points roster at a similar price to the others. A new set of robots gets released in 2018. Rush robots get added to the gold roster at the same price as the Knights. See the pattern? You still get your money and you keep the players happy.

    We now have three tiers of “new” robots that are locked away by ridiculous greed. I have money but there is such a thing as value. You guys don’t seem to get that. You are failing to strike a balance between player satisfaction and profit. It is so obvious and all it is doing is turning players away. Nothing in this game should cost more than 5k gold, NOTHING. It takes ages for a F2P to get 5k but is doable. The rich/stupid will happily pay it over and over. The rest of us can strike a balance between earning in game then topping off with real money when we get impatient. That is how F2P games are supposed to be. Profiting from impatience, not trying to rip people off with gambling mechanics and ludicrous paywalls.

    Time for a better developer to make a better game I think. You guys are failing us and I don’t see you ever changing.

  • meowmatt sgtmajor

    Can someone tell me where is tht reload button pls?… = =

  • Migz Penz

    Pixonic is Russian company. Money, money, money, money , …. From americans…. Even if you were to become skillful at using cheap robots, the server wouldn’t allow you to progress fairly. You will be set up with bots on your team and lose battles . It’s rigged

  • Migz Penz

    Pixonic is exploiting American consumers. Most of their earnings probably come from the American gaming market.

  • Ivan Kozacs

    All you whiners make me laugh….as if anyone is forcing you to play. Not to mention you are somehow upset that Pixonic is successful and makes money. And now…you pick on the fact that they are Russian….WTF is wrong with you morons?

    Success and profitability from a great product should be congratulated not frowned upon you poor, financially incompetent idiots.

    The fact that they are Russian is irrelevant. As if Aussie, Yankee, Pommy or French companies work for free and for your entertainment….you stupid nationalistic idiots.

    Save you measly dollars and go buy your selves a life. Don’t pollute this space with your presence and your childish comments.

    BTW…I am not Russian. I am a true blue Aussie, I have played this game without spending a dollar so far (Iceman (AUS)) but that will change soon cause I want to support these guys for the great game they bring us. I work in tech too. So I know what it takes to become successful in the App industry.

  • Jermaine Everuss

    U should up magnum range next time pls cos it would help with the natasha’s speed since if someone sees a thunder they start running unless they have thunder

  • Tylan Holmes

    I have never spent actual money for gold, silver, research points, etc. I’m still super successful when it comes to battles. It just takes patience, determination, positivity and sometimes you gotta be risky. Doing those got me a fury in less than a month, without buying any gold.

  • Mr. Meeseeks

    LISTEN EVERYBODY- if you stop spending cash to obtain the newest bots then Pixonic will stop making them cost so much. The only reason they make them so hard to get (and op for that matter) is because there are players that are stupid enough to spend hundreds of dollars on them. If everyone stopped (and unfortunately it only takes a small percentage of the player population spending hundreds of dollars to keep encouraging Pixonic with this behavior) then Pixo would stop.
    It’s Econ 101, vote with your dollars. And I vote ‘no’ to spending cash on bots when 1)you can earn them all eventually with patience and 2)this only perpetuates Pixonic to keep with this behavior.
    The Dash bots are going to totally change the meta game because they are op but the Stealth Griffin is what will kill this game because it is the mother of op. But if morons stop spending money to buy bots because they can only win with what is op then this crap will stop.
    Just say no!!

  • Mr. Meeseeks

    They are exploiting the small percentage of the player population that spend hundreds to thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, there are idiots out there that will spend enough money on keys to get a hanger full of Dash. Just like there were players that spent hundreds on Ancilot hangers.
    It’s the few weak skilled players with no patience and no ability that pay to win no matter what that ruin it for everybody.

  • ramon enriquez

    I can ask the same thing too

  • ramon enriquez

    Anyway I have 2 fujin with tarans and molots; 2 raijin rights trident and thunder,
    Lefts Zeus and trebuchet

  • Carl von Clausewitz

    IF YOU REALLY WANT TO GRAB THEIR ATTENTION, stop posting here and post a negative rating on places like the app store. I, have been forced to do that because of their failure to make needed adjustments and fixes. One main complaint I have had is that the matchup balancing is absolutely atrocious. Something has to be done to fix this ASAP. I’m tired of being paired up with destriers and Cossacks and face a lineup of non-affiliated champion league players. On top of that, I end up with avg 5 kills, 2-3 beacon caps and 500k+ damage and end up with -22 points (which btw, never surpasses +16 points in the rare times that I do win). This is an issue that I have been asking them to fix but to no avail. New stuff added to the game but no fixes to issues like the one above.

  • Justin Nort

    It’s just a game… buying is only if you want to make a name for yourself and later sell your account? Probably eh?

  • Leo Guo

    There is none, you just have to empty your current clip

  • Leo Guo

    There is none, you just have to empty your current clip (Shush anti troll blocker, im tryna help)

  • Leo Guo

    The raijin boost was originally 50% on the test server but it was wayyyyy to OP and people were salty their furies were pointless so pixonic nerfed it to 50%

  • Leo Guo

    Confirmed Bulgasari sighting today. It’s scary as all balls

  • meowmatt sgtmajor

    Thx for reply …= = kind sad

  • meowmatt sgtmajor

    I wish tht next update there add reload ,all u need shake the phone to reload …= =

  • meowmatt sgtmajor

    I wish tht next update there add reload ,all u need shake the phone to reload …= =.

  • Joey Gates

    If the black market is permanent, why is there a 10 day timer on it… Do my keys get spent automatically when the countdown ends?

  • Don Ziggatoni

    Latest upgrade sux big-time! My Galahads get shredded like tin cans. Game is unplayable until I get different bots, and by the time that happens another “tweak” will come along and change it all again. I’m out.

  • Genius_CCCP

    Today, third day of the event, I just saw one Japanese guy on the enemy side armed with 3 level 12 scourges on Bulgasari bot also level 12, and check on his profile, he has 2 level 12 kumihos, 2 level Haechi s and 1 level 12 Bulgasari. In total, there 8 pcs of black market weapons and bots. So my question is how did this guy get so luck to have 8 black market products within 3 days and all are level 12???????? Is this guy very rich and spend a lot of money on the tokens which can be a few ten thousands of tokens to draw the weapons and bots. Upgrading is also very costly too as they need golds to expedite too. If this guy is not a hacker, then Pixonic needs to explain.

  • Green GamerBoy

    Super Coolest
    In The Whole World

  • Genius_CCCP

    Today, third day of the event, I just saw one Japanese guy on the enemy side armed with 3 level 12 scourges on Bulgasari bot also level 12, and check on his profile, he has 2 level 12 kumihos, 2 level Haechi s and 1 level 12 Bulgasari. In total, there 8 pcs of black market weapons and bots. So my question is how did this guy get so luck to have 8 black market products within 3 days and all are level 12???????? Is this guy very rich and spend a lot of money on the tokens which can be a few ten thousands of tokens to draw the weapons and bots. Upgrading is also very costly too as they need golds to expedite too. If this guy is not a hacker, then Pixonic needs to explain.

  • Eric Heo

    You know why? They keep researching how to take money from players. Asking gamble to get bots? Even worse. Always give it back horrible sh*** in black market. Don’t buy keys guys. I already 13000 keys it gives nothing.

  • naruto shipoden

    And I am as you

  • naruto shipoden

    Trebuchet must be powerfully

  • naruto shipoden

    Trebuchet must be powerfully .

  • naruto shipoden

    Trebuchet must be powerfully..

  • naruto shipoden

    Trebuchet must be powerfully…

  • naruto shipoden

    Trebuchet must be powerfully please

  • naruto shipoden

    Trebuchet must be powerfully b

  • naruto shipoden

    Trebuchet must be powerfully v

  • naruto shipoden

    Why trident is powerfully than trebuchet

  • naruto shipoden

    Trebuchet must be powerfully bm

  • naruto shipoden

    Trebuchet must be powerfully l

  • naruto shipoden

    Trebuchet must be powerfully z

  • naruto shipoden

    Trebuchet must be powerfully. ……

  • naruto shipoden

    Trebuchet must be powerfully .m

  • naruto shipoden

    Trebuchet must be powerfully.😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • naruto shipoden

    Trebuchet must be powerfully🐾🐾🐾🐾

  • xLUKAxLULICx – Croatian Hacker

    Hi i wait for costume bettle and 1 vs 1

  • Genius_CCCP

    Agree. Always come up new currency, lost the integrity, obsolete the old currency like WP, introducing influence point and then black market. Not sure if I want to carry on or not.

  • Richard Tata

    Gold is just good to save for money bots you don’t got? Because I got all the gold weapons I want. This game forgets that people grow and don’t need equipment as much.

  • Kevon R Binder

    It’s a scam. Good job pixonic. You’ve finally put the nail in the coffin. Before when you raped us, at least we knew what we were saving up for, or spending our money on. Now you can distribute bots and weapons to anyone you want for what ever price you guys desire. it’s a low, even for you.

  • Richard Tata

    Stop tweaking the game. Stop introducing robots most people can’t get. Keep on making new maps.

  • rakeem

    Don’t buy key’s it’s not worth it is spent like £30 and all I got was punishers,sliver and 30 gold and this was the 1,000 key chest!!!

  • Ralph Essinger

    Fully agree. The whole chest model is a total turn off. You fight for the cash you spend the cash not play roulette on a fixed table. You spend money on keys you’re a sucker.

  • Adam Weir

    Why is it that these games are even making it a issue for those who play to get good bots. I’ve opened chest like 40 Times now and got Jack sh–. All the weapons I don’t need! I think if I have to buy in game currency, I need to find a new game that doesn’t make a pay to play game. I love this game, but the rich get everything and us middle class and lower get shafted so the rich can get their bots first. We should not have to use cash to get good bots and weapons. They should be put in the market for all to get and test out. We’ve earned that right considering we have stuck through all the give me downs and all the balance changes. For those who spent cash I feel bad because the bought bots gold and weapons then pixonics changed stats and made thing they bought with cash weaker. That’s buisness fraud. You offered a product then downgraded it when people spent the cash to have then the update took it. Do not spend cash on this game and make them rich and then they fraudulently steal what you’ve paid for. Trashy moveI something trump would do.

  • Alex Mccormack

    Hi I feel the same buy keys and what for notting. I love the game but needs a lot more improvement

  • Luis Flores

    What if we get a huge protest? Will the developers listen or do nothing ?

  • Gary Mottle

    I hope it”s not happening again with another once great game?….Constant changes totally ruin strategy, and vehicle or bot reliability. Why learn to get good with any setup when it”s going to change next week…..also why learn a map….I am all for making graphic environments look better just some maps change so much you can’t rely on a consistent plan. If you take our money for treats give us treats. If your game is good you will make money….I always support games I like, and use, and I know a lot of gamers who do the same. Listen to me…Mr. know it all…you guy”s have a great game, thanks for all the good work you do, to please us bot finatics.

  • radit wasono

    beacon rush and demolition doesn’t work 😖

  • Eric Heo

    I spent another $159 for 13k keys now, totally 26k keys. It gives back horrible return. Pixonic announce with bubble. Please money back.

  • Badtouch0

    Alot of negative comments on here… Seems silly to me, yes they are only available on the black market, but like someone said months and months been waiting so that’s months of development and testing etc… They need to make money some how 🤷 don’t you agree, and like everything in life it’s all about choice, war robots is a free to play game… As it states if you chose to spend then that’s the players choice… You can play and not pay it just takes longer that’s all these are just my opinions

  • meowmatt sgtmajor


  • Carl von Clausewitz

    I have also seen some people running FIVE of these new dash bots and ALL level 12. To get these you have to buy the currency to open chest for the chance to get these weapons and bots. There’s something seriously fishy about that and it begs the question: is Pixonic giving certain players easier access to bots in the regular server than others? I did read that they are easing the new bots in, so that’s one reason why it’s hard to get them now, but then that raises legit questions about game fairness and exclusivity (since some players get better access to the new toys than the rest of us).

  • Carl von Clausewitz

    I agree that they definitely need to make money. I disagree, however, with the way they are doing it. One does not have to have an MBA to see that the chest system is a total ripoff and an extremely poor business strategy on the part of the company. They should make the new weapons and bots available for those who want to purchase. Furthermore, and as I similarly responded in another comment in this thread, I have seen people roll out COMPLETE hangers full of new bots and weapons just a day or two after they were released. ALL LEVEL 12. How can one believe that these people got these bots and weapons from the chests??? They spent a couple thousand$$$ to get them????? I call bullshit. These folks need to realize that this type of extreme exclusivity will only alienate current customers and not allow them to increase their client base. This will, in turn, reduce the all-important bottom line. And as far as running a business and making money is concerned, isn’t the bottom line the most important metric?????😉

  • Adam Weir

    Yeah it sucks

  • Adrian Medlock

    I do agree with the chest been a bad ideaw…. I myself( yes im an idoit) have spent abit of money to try and get these robots for myself and to no provail, if you have seen people with full hangers of these robots then to me it’s ethier 3 things 1. They have sponsership from pixnic, 2. They have money to burn. 3. They have hacked the game….. I understand people’s frustration on these types of things really do, but after 3 weeks of playing you realise you have to wait and grind or pay…. end of the day you can be competitive Using bots already in the game I’ve seen people with a full hanger of griffs…. These are brought with silver.

    After playing many android games pixnic seem the least greedy…. I used to play game of war, (machine zone) look at there grossing! If you want things and want them now you have to pay 🤷 not saying its right its just how it is.

  • Adrian Medlock

    I do agree with the chest been a bad idea…. I myself( yes im an idoit) have spent abit of money to try and get these robots for myself and to no provail, if you have seen people with full hangers of these robots then to me it’s ethier 3 things 1. They have sponsership from pixnic, 2. They have money to burn. 3. They have hacked the game….. I understand people’s frustration on these types of things really do, but after 3 weeks of playing you realise you have to wait and grind or pay…. end of the day you can be competitive Using bots already in the game I’ve seen people with a full hanger of griffs…. These are brought with silver.

    After playing many android games pixnic seem the least greedy…. I used to play game of war, (machine zone) look at there grossing! If you want things and want them now you have to pay 🤷 not saying its right its just how it is.

  • Brian Bray

    Does the 30 percent from rajins ability affect ancile? I know its not a weapon, but it seems like it should do something.

  • David Larsen

    I think they need to do some research at what it takes to have a good game and I believe it takes #1 people that play just to kill time here and there take it or leave it and don’t really spend any cash. #2 the people that spend lots of time battling away to earn resources to get the opportunity to get new bots and weapons in more of a time investment than financial investment. #3 the people who have cash to spend and maybe not alot of time but want the latest and greatest. It takes all 3 groups and if #1 & #2 don’t even have the opportunity to get the latest stuff the game will slowly die. I am a #2 player and I am starting to think I need to move on, I love the game but I’m not spending hundreds of dollars for a chance to get new stuff.

  • Undead Shark

    So are you guys actual going to give us these weapons or are you just going to keep teasing and teasing and teasing them and making them only available to those who give you money by buying keys?

  • Undead Shark

    You said it man

  • Verum Ad Potentia

    Congrats Pixonic! You have finally upgraded everything else to the point where the Stalker is no longer worth playing, which was the main reason I played, thus making your GAME no longer worth playing. The fastest bot in the game now struggles to keep up with much larger bots, and while all the others appear to have had their armor, HP, special abilities and weapons upgraded, to the point where the Stalker isn’t even an annoyance to the other bots, let alone a threat, the Stalker gets nothing. No speed upgrade. No HP upgrade. No ECM activation speed upgrade. No ECM duration upgrade. Nothing.

  • meowmatt sgtmajor

    Still the same u need to spend some amount $ then next update their will nerf most of the robots n weapon , wat the point take easier access? Same like gamble …how many time will u hit jackpots? = =

  • meowmatt sgtmajor

    Hope next update wii see or add reload n friend fire this will be awesome = =…By the way I m new just joining. ^ ^

  • Hampton Walker

    I’m so disappointed in Pixonic. They make a great game that people care and then care nothing about the people who make the game special. We waited all of this time for these bots, 4 long months, and we get a “bargain” with no chance to ever buy the bots?! And on top of that, I bought enough chests to earn a super chest and won a freaking Zeus…….. WHAT?! At least reward suckers like me that actually spend real money. I’m fed up with Pixonic at this point. Dash bots will rule this game and we can’t even get our hands on one. Something has got to change.

  • meowmatt sgtmajor

    Few more day event will end soon , wat next?so this event stay on or need to extend more , more cash roll in. Well alot play are not sleep much cos of this beautiful android game so far.Time to rest…! Which item will be available at game shop ? = =

  • Genius_CCCP

    Hi Pixonic, hopefully you are reading this blog. Feedback about the daily offer, I found that it is not very logical if you do some maths, e.g. 2 Magnum and 2 Orkan offers 5000 golds but based on normal purchase on gold and workshop points, they cost less than 4000 golds. So the offer seems to be more expensive. No logic for similar for other offers. It has been a long time.

  • Ayush Kanojia

    You should load all the new robots in workshop .because players not get it in loot boxes .so please load all robots and weapon in workshop

  • Curt Carmichael

    I have no update on fb gameroom. Waiting all this time for an update I didn’t get.

  • Ross Cook

    Haha don’t buy keys farm them ffs.. I know it’s tedious but hey you won’t feel butt hurt like the cash players below lol enjoy farming.. I do though recommend getting premium.. Any thing bonus is a plus.. But that’s it! Old Mc Donald had to farm e – I – e – i – ooooh! 😂😎

  • SoulSeekerUSA

    Game is extremely off balance now, worse than before.

  • Dimi

    Pixonic? More like Pickpocket? Biggest ripoff of any game I’ve played. I’ll give it to them they are creative and innovative in how they take your money.

  • Jeff Haskins

    Whats the point of having a 10 key chest if all you win are less keys?

  • Jeff Haskins

    Whats the point of having a 10 key chest if all you win are less keys?

  • Jeff Haskins

    I won 2 dash bots, Kumiho from a 100 key chest, and Haechi from a 1000 key chest. Also won Butch, 2 Gepards, 1Rogatka, 1 Scourge, and over 10,000 gold. Plus many other small items after purchasing the big key pack

  • Seriously man game is , I’ve only spent money for pixonic back when this game first released just to help the devs abit. And the game is easy and fun if u stick with teammates (sometimes u get stupid ones) But now it’s absurd, 50 buck for a Damn Ancelot and to top it off 40% lvled up orkans. Thats a new low for any game dev. Plus u guy better watch out next patch I suspect foul play with the workshop system, they might remove it and make WP points like gold only obtainable through tasks and that means it will take forever to get weapons like teran, trident and magnums. They might buff those later again and start selling them to u for 20 bucks, but for now it’s just a suspicion for the way things have been.

  • Michael Webber

    Along with everyone else i am sick of the outrageous cost of weapons and upgrades as for your treasure chests they should be renamed scam chests because nearly every chest i have opened has given me less keys than it cost to open the damn chest. Also when selling weaponry or robots you recieve like 1% of what you pay for them wich really isnt fair its not like we are selling damaged goods because you even deduct a repair cost after each battle and when pixonic keeps changing weapons and robots with each update it means a good weapon today may not be tomorrow forcing you to sell and change your arsenal. Leave things alone it works why change it.

  • Zach Lance

    P2W 100% confirmed

  • Vish Singh

    black market is totally scam always giving lowest prise just today give me 50 gold Gud job WR team u r big cheater

  • Dimi

    Pixonic troll.

  • Dimi

    One day sooner than later some other company is going to make a game equal if not better than this one and Pixonic can take a dump and I’d be glad to see it. Extortion, manipulation, and one big ripoff is what this game has turned into. Not as fun as it used to be as they seem to excel at finding new ways to piss off their most loyal players.

  • Dimi

    Only a Pixonic troll would say such a stupid thing. Most of the pissed off players are seasoned vets who have been playing longer than you. Shut your trap and get off your knees.

  • Dimi

    Oh you most certainly aren’t a troll for Pixonic! spend your rubles wisely.

  • Redd

    Idk guys I won 2 scourges and a rog with one 100 key chest and a thousand key chest also got 3250au. But thats the best luck I’ve ever had.

  • meowmatt sgtmajor


  • meowmatt sgtmajor

    Less than a day event will end soon? Don’t give up guy = = then u may rest tht wat their say I think, more $ roll in ^ ^ .oh by the way I got 1 komiho and the rest crap totally crap …will the robot n weapon get nerf in the future? Tht big Question? When their will add friendly fire n reload . = =

  • Boulder

    why can’t u transfer silver to gold? it’s such a scam. you have to pay 100’s of dollars to get upper lever bots, such a rip off

  • Mike Miserocchi

    Let’s see if they post my non vulgar post about how vile this chest scam is. I doubt they will post it, to much truth in it. 13 minutes and they haven’t posted it….

  • Mike Miserocchi

    Obviously one of the ,” chosen few” who A)A sucker who spends enough money to choke an elephant so Pix gives him a dash bot or two. B) A privileged “YouTuber” who gets free swag for being a Pix brown noser.
    Unless you buy keys, you aren’t gonna win Jack, unless younger really lucky and they let you win something doesn’t seem fixed like the casino slot machine it is. Oh a remember a casino’s mantra ” the house always wins”

  • Syed Zaini Syed Zain

    I think ur new robot cannot be like that dash.. They will rule the games.. No fun now to war especially when u meet them.. It kill all ur war robot style before.. No chance to win when u war with ur old robots.. U said u wanna balance all ur game.. Now it not balance to kill robot like that.. N we confirm get killed at least 2 robot just to kill 1 of them.. Theres too much distance to win now..

  • Rodrigo Souza

    I’m looking for an iPega, but I didn’t find any information about it on the official wiki or here. Just saw some guy playing with Nvidia Shield.. What about regular smartphones?

  • Mike Miserocchi

    And now welcome green keys… stupid to screw the people honestly Pix, you are making plenty of $$$$ now, why do you have to treat us this way? Am sooo looking forward to BattleTitans. I don’t know but maybe they’ll be what you USED to be fair on your prices and other stuff. Now only the people who big bankrolls can afford a couple of $100 cases of stupid keys to get something new. You should have some good looking woman giving kisses after a purchase. I love getting kisses after getting screwed.

  • rudy cornejo

    Hello I would say my robot name but I won’t because jeez, I see many are complaining about the $$$. The prices compared to last year have gone lower so be thankful for that. This game is here for the long haul so just be wise and watch the YouTube videos recommend by the game people, instead of wasting your time with hacks for “free gold” yeah good luck with that. Look I’ve spend close to $500 and still loose but sometimes I win.

  • Doug Woodard

    A lot of us want to try all these supposedly wonderful new weapons and dash bots that Pixonic is promoting. We just aren’t all wealthy.
    They (Pixonic) hang all this in front of us and it’s unobtainable for us poor people. I mean, a profit and success is fine and I wish it for them. They deserve it. But, it’s starting to get greedy. Seemingly. I think because a few more people than I want to believe are actually spending thousands of dollars a month, they think all of us are able. Some of the prices I have seen are ridiculous to me. Come on, $75 bucks for a robot. I couldn’t if I wanted to.

  • Bhavesh Patel

    I was enjoying this game ,but I think few Gold which is to buy for is not possible because we are not any high profile players, actually I work for my living I save single penny ,I play this game to take of my frustration, of u guys keep big robots which are purchased buy gold in black market ,then I think some will delete this game which is not possible for us to buy.

  • Angelbart Zerna Merced

    the management of this game seeks money only… just try to think what are the methods on how to get the new bot

  • Eve Vanessa Dawn

    Yeah i was exited at first but did not last for long cant buy the new bots and weapon suck and all those hours spent on making my bot a better one is now turning into a waste of my time ill give them a week before deleting this game if they dont change tings

  • johnny lopez

    Bunch of thieves…

  • meowmatt sgtmajor

    = =

  • Karan Singh Pattar

    Thunder has now become a very powerful as it has aquired shield bursting abilities. All british bots at that price are now pretty weak. The british bots already have a weakeness against splash damage causing DB bots and they can be quickly taken out by non DB bots too. Lancelot gets killed in 4 seconds by DB griffin or rhino.Lancelot health =170k. Damage dealt in 4 sec by DB griffin/rhino = 186,060 (66 orkan shots + 42 pinata shots). DB leo blows all of lancelots 3 physical shields in 2 seconds. Low firepower ancilot was to overcome this problem and block some of exploding rockets so it can last a little longer. If you do some maths Ancilot have now become the worst knife fighters. Natash , leo and fury with thunder and punishers can win in one on one against plasma ancilot. Ancilot has now become waste of 6500 gold. Galhad is not that effect either. Now there are lots of bots that can take out gold british bots very quickly. I think that thunder’s ability to cause double damage to physical shield should be dropped , instead bullet weapons maximum effective range be increased from 200—>250/300m to increase their use among players. Also if not then lancelot needs some buff his shield of three pieces can be changed to 2 pieces (of 150k hp like raijin) .

  • *7*ProSiN*7*

    I’ve been playing this game since it first came out I personally enjoy this game but ive been getting rly frustrated lately I’m at my third account and over the years I’ve notice that the game is becoming more money oriented how can you release new bots but only sell them for money come on picnic

  • Karan Singh Pattar

    The thunder is too over buffed. British bots have weakness against DB now any one can take them out. If u do some maths Ancilot has become waste of 6500 gold.

  • Genius_CCCP

    Karan, agreed with you that Lancelots are waste of money, it is a long time that I asked the question why the Gareth shield is stronger than Lancelot’s because when one to one fight, the Gareth kills the Lancelot within 1 mins without causing damage to the Gareth, somehow something is wrong. Pixonic is not listening or addressing the feedback.

  • ramon enriquez

    If only they update this game more we can convert it from silver to gold

  • ramon enriquez

    So you don’t like workshop points as a price?

  • Tim Herlein

    i haven’t gotten my dailys gold for becon captures for two days now.

  • meowmatt sgtmajor

    You guy want Survey ,add some free gifts at least we part contribution are we does matter is big or small player ?since the first black market we got free 100 token after 2 n 3 black market we did not get even single crap ….my advice drop those crap survey is useless = =

    Sgtmajor = =

  • Timothy Menzer

    i cant get the game to start up on face book game room and i would like to play it any sugestion

  • Lance Hembrey

    Bulgasari is faster than a Cossack? Get a clue pixonic, you suck

  • Helbest Aziz

    hello, it’s three days I do not get gold, keys or poiint unwilling if I win or lose wonder what’s happened?