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War Robots 3.0 Update Notes. New game mode!

When any game jumps from version 2.x to a proper 3.0, the update has to include something big. Well, it usually works that way, and… no way, War Robots won’t be an exception. Our 3.0 update includes both new game mode and new combat interface, which are going to lay a solid foundation for things we never did before.  

Some balance tweaks are here as well. We want to pull some older equipment back from obscurity, so here we go.

Previous patch notes:

War Robots 2.9.2 Update Notes. Balance above all else

Beacon Rush

It is almost here! The new mode will become available soon after the update is live.

In Beacon Rush you can choose where to deploy after beacons were flipped blue: on your base or at any beacon that your team currently holds. Seemingly small at first, this change gives your team so much more strategic flexibility. Check out our preview for more details:

New mode! First look at Beacon Rush

Note: for now Beacon Rush is available for a limited time only. Don’t miss it! Get on board and let us know what you think.


Combat HUD overhaul

After extensive testing on our beta server, our new combat HUD goes live. For now, it’s only a visual update. But being rebuilt from scratch tech-wise, new interface provides us with an amazing basis for further additions. Battlefield map, teammates’ HP bars, communication interface — all of these things we can start working on now.

( The first feature from the list is already available in Beacon Rush, by the way)

Keep in mind that it is not the final iteration. So far we got rid of the most annoying issues, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. Keep the feedback going!


Robot & weapon rebalance set

Vityaz. +10% durability
Golem. +10% durability
Gl.Patton. +10% durability
Boa. +10% durability

These four belong to our “old guard“. None of these see much play in higher tier — once people get their hands on anything newer, they tend to lose these somewhere in the attic, coming back only to say “thank you” for good newbie times.

While it seems like a natural dynamic, we still want the older robots to have some niche. Will the raw power buff improve these robots’ performance against high-rankers? It will. Will it make them more fun to play? That we’ll see.


Natasha. +10% durability, +10% speed

Fury. +10% durability, +10% speed

Both Natasha and Fury historically performed best as snipers. Buffs to movement speed and durability won’t make these two any better at longer distances but might give them a so much needed edge when equipped with close-range weapons. With Beacon Rush appearing, it’ll be interesting to see if Natasha and Fury will be able to prove themselves as brawlers.


Rhino. +20% speed

Carnage. Energy shield: +200% regeneration rate, reactivation threshold doubled

With rising popularity of rocket weapons Rhino was put in a tough spot. Got a huge shield? Guess what — explosives don’t care.  As many have asked, we allowed Rhino to move faster both in regular and Assault forms. Now it should do better at what it does best: rushing to the enemy and doing some backline magic.  

Carnage tweak is mostly for consistency: its shield now regenerates at the exact same rate as Fujin’s and Ancile’s. Overall this made Carnage stronger, but with the current prominence of rocket weapons, it should feel more than appropriate.


Raijin. +10% speed

Fujin. +10% speed, +10% energy shield durability

To be effective, both Raijin and Fujin first have to reach a good spot to get stationary and prime their shields. Now we let them do it slightly more reliably increasing their movement speed. Similar to Natasha/Fury situation, this should be a big deal in the Beacon Rush as well.


Butch. +10% speed

Jesse. +10% durability

Among the Wild Bunch, Doc shows the best results, while others remain somewhat underwhelming. We slightly compensate their biggest weaknesses: Butch always took an eternity to move from place to place and Jesse died tad too fast. So here goes a slight nudge.


Kang Dae. +10% damage

Nashorn: +5% damage

A quick buff to help these two be better options for those sharpshooters who prefer kinetic weapons over lasers and explosives. If all goes according to plan, Kang’s and Nashorn’s time to shine will come next patch. Stay tuned!


ECU. Durability on lower levels increased (35 000 -> 76 000 at level 1, unchanged at levels 10, 11 and 12)

ECU always was a niche pick: sacrificing a big chunk of firepower for some nominal protection was far from a terrific trade. Now with significant durability increase ECU is still very niche (as it is supposed to be), but there should be more reasons to consider using it now — the concept of beacon capper ECU-Cossacks seems more and more terrifying.


Zenit. Reload time 22 s -> 15 s, min range 500m -> 300m

Zenit is a sniper weapon for hunting snipers, since at finding stationary targets it does its absolute best. However, picking it before was too much of a risk for the payoff you receive. Waiting for more than one-third of a minute to shoot again? Losing all ability to fight once in Tulumbas’ range? Like, come on!

We kickstarted Zenit’s journey back to relevance by making it less punishing to use. There will likely be more changes later on, 


What else

Turn rate of most robots adjusted. Controls should feel more responsive, especially on heavier robots

Collision logic improved. Robots are much less likely to get stuck and slide on ramps. This change also slightly affected hitboxes: an actual area you can hit is now closer to the visible geometry of the robot. In simplest words: what you see is what you hit

Fixed a bug causing explosive weapons to cause no splash damage

— Client stability improved

— New paint jobs for Cossack, Gl.Patton, Fujin & Fury

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  • Super Daddy Mon

    I suppose we will see what this has in store for us. Still match making is the biggest problem I have had and nothing…absolutely nothing has been done to correct it!

  • Gman

    This. This seems to be largely worked on behind the scenes, they don’t say much about this.

  • Markus Witt

    Great changes but Molot and punisher accuracy needs to be in line with every other weapon in the game. No other weapon has accuracy drop offs with range except thunder but that’s expected with a giant shotgun. If you can get a bolt of lightning from Zeuz to connect 100% of the time from 600 meters away you can fix this.

  • 300SpartansNeeded

    What happened to the new Dash bots? They were supposed to be released in Aug…

  • Kev Turbulator

    Help! New War Robots 3.0 update has just been released, and I cannot
    download from Googleplay as the message displayed is “your device is not
    compatible with this version”. I am using a Samsung S7 mobile (Android)
    fully updated to the latest software, so I can’t see why this would
    happen. Is it a glitch with the update, or my phone is genuinely not up
    to the job?

    Anyone else getting the same message out there when they go to download?

  • Neil Blair

    Well your description of the 3.0 update b***s. You give no info on what you did.

  • Shane Anthony

    I have the S7 also, and mine is working just fine. Except I don’t have beacon rush, which they say is in this update.

  • [WR] chubrox

    The tempest also loses accuracy with range, just so you know.

  • Ravi Krish

    What a mess the latest update is..I feel like quitting the game.The targeting system is a blunder. Can’t see enemy robots anymore, they all look small.Contols are are very small , have to look down at controls sometimes to change target.

  • Timothy Goshorn

    Nice update on the UI, but no becon rush option that I can find to join in. Other then my usual complaints they did well on this update. Enjoying the new looks. 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. They would get 4, but they avoid simple fixes to help balance the game better.

  • Markus Witt

    Ya I figured there will be hype for it until people see the major problem with damage drop off at 350+ range. It’s a fatal flaw with their bullet weapons.

  • Chief MacD

    I absolutely HATE the new HUD, and all of the screen crap. You can’t even see the red forces, just a jumble of crap, and tiny red triangles that are nigh-to-impossible to lock onto your desired target! I have an S7 Edge, less than a year old, and I have taken the screen resolution to its minimum (1280×720) and the battlefield is STILL tiny, and convoluted! Quit “fixing” things, please, and let us become adapted to the PLETHORA of latest changes in the past 4 months before completely re-designing the game with “looks”, equipment and doo-dads! The game is almost completely unplayable for me. I have been with ya’ll, playing a minimum of 4 hours a day, 7 days/wk since January (retired Army, not welfare system, but close. lol), and off-and-on since your initial release. It greatly saddens me to see the level of craziness that you great folks have delved into. It is like you folks are in a fevered pitch to add/remove/upgrade/devolve SOMETHING on a weekly basis, kinda like a shark feeding frenzy! Slow down, ya’ll… take a few, much needed/deserved deep breaths, and just let the game exist unfettered for just a short time, but way longer than ya’ll currently are. I say this in all honesty… you folks, ALL of you, are without a doubt the kindest, attentive and most respectful game designers/support staff that I have ever seen, so this is not a rant on a negative opinion of you as people. In fact, I feel bad to have to post this, but simply give it a rest, and for the love-of-Mike (why Mike, I’ve never known, but… sms), GIMME MY DISPLAY BACK SO THAT I CAN SEE THE BATTLEFIELD, COMPLETE WITH ENEMY FORCES!!!

    Thanks… Chief…

  • Andrew

    I agree, this stinks. WAY too hard to see what you’re aiming at. Persepctives are smaller and names/clans get in way, especially for a sniper

  • Damien Thomas

    Try closing all open app windows, then restart your phone. Hope that helps

  • Jesus Galvan

    I think its your phone because i have a samsung galaxy grand prime (cheap) and it works fine on my screen it doesnt look little

  • Sinbad WhiteLine

    Looks like a very good update but I have some suggestions:
    * Turn is too loose. It should be incremental (slow then fast /or/ slow with slow swipe and fast with fast swipe). Having hard time adjusting firing trajectory.
    *Too many UI things in center you can’t really see your opponent.
    * The Red Hit crosshairs is not really visible. Having hard time afferming hits (specially with all the UI between me and my target).

  • Pro Skillz

    Try updating ur phone again if it still doesn’t work contact the pros

  • Pro Skillz

    For some reason I cant find any beacon rush mode to join have been trying for a few hours now!

  • ABHI Garg

    Very bad UI update, dont feel like playing any more

  • Kev Turbulator

    Are you on Android 7.0, Anthony?

  • ABHI Garg

    Remove the red target symbol box. Fire button too large and quite in middle, unnecessary fire it instead of changing direction

  • Larry L.

    It’s written in the article:

    >> It is almost here! The new mode will become available soon after the update is live.

    I hope it will come soon 🙂

  • Larry L.

    It’s written in the article that beacon rush will come soon.

    >> It is almost here! The new mode will become available soon after the update is live.

  • Larry L.

    I agree. The fire button is much too large.

    And the option button above it (for Jumping, etc.) is so far up that it’s difficult to reach on my tablet… I cannot reach it with my thumb, I have to move the whole wrist/hand, it’s annoying and makes my grip on the tablet much more difficult.

  • John Sargent

    Harder to see cross hairs now

  • Finally they fixes all the hitbox, this always bother me when I shot my weapon and IT HIT THE INVISIBLE BUILDING WALL instead

  • Captain “Connor” Falcon

    I greatly appreciate the MUCH needed buff to the ECU shield, however, I had a thought. In an upcoming patch, kinetic weapons will deal more damage to physical shields, & this greatly bothers me, because the whole point of them was to STOP kinetic weapons. With all the steroids fed into the missiles, physical shields have become a joke. But this brings me to my idea. One of the things the British bots did was change the energy meta. What I propose is this: Have energy weapons do MINIMAL damage, to the point that you’re best off forgetting about fighting them if you have energy. That’s one of the reasons the British bots were even made.

  • Looks modern to me. It fit the 21st century/2017 theme

  • Also, I liked the new UI it is finally looks modern and fit the 2017 theme. Like other PC game

  • Dan Zoo ka

    Clap clap bro , English is not my native language but you put my thoughts down black on white. Cheers

  • Richard Young

    Just had the game stuttering in play something new with the update on android

  • Jeff Stuart

    The new update splash screen graphic shows a Rogatka getting worked on. My hope was they would do something to make this expensive bot viable again.

    Instead they have boosted a number of old-school lame ducks that have no business in higher leagues, and also significantly boosted bots that already dominate or see heavy use in higher leagues. Rajin, Fujin, Rhino, Carnage, Natasha, Fury are already highly competitive bots. Buffing them will not speed up the game or make play dynamic. Watch for everything to slow down and turn into a long range slugfest.

    The only way to speed things up is to buff the lighter, faster bots, which would force players to use them more frequently.

    Looking back at the update splash graphic, I get it now: They’re not upgrading the Rogatka…It’s being sawed apart for scrap.

  • Orukal


  • Brando K

    the new HUD is horrible. buttons too big. Too much clutter – can’t see what is happening.

    old was fine.

  • Kevam

    I’m using S7 Egde on android 7.0 and I could successfully install the update with no problems

  • Jason Elliott

    So now the direction control and fire buttons are smaller and harder to use. Absolutely nothing has been done about starting the game before both teams have all players in and ready. Just a bunch of cosmetic changes without anything being done about the actual gameplay issues. Wow. Nice job guys.

  • Abdou RoCk

    it’s normal download the game from google write down “apk downloads”

  • Abdou RoCk

    i really like the new update, new modes and updates for robots, and no more slow robots i like that a lot even the quality looks better great job!

  • Erik V. Petrushun

    This update to the HUD is bad. Like, I cannot correctly target an enemy bad. And tiny. Like frustratingly tiny. Like, I so frustrating and bad that I will stop playing bad.

  • Jake Jackson

    Need a rebalance on Tempest… for a heavy weapon it seems a bit weak even at lvl 8, which is where mine is at now. Everything else is good with my bots and weapons. I would love to continue to use Tempest but it needs a little help in the power punch dept.

  • Vincent Esposito

    most Hud elements- especially the targeting “box” are too dim, not enough contrast compared to the background, so they blend in with the terrain. I appreciate that more real estate is devote to viewing, but the low contrast HUD elements are harder to see, so I don’t get to enjoy the extra screen real estate anyway.

    The crosshairs seem ok, I feel I can target more precisely with them, however, again the low contrast makes it easy to lose both the crosshairs and the target box around the enemy in the background clutter. I really need the crosshairs and target boxes to stand out a lot more.

  • Kjeld Houwelingen

    -crosshair is terrible.. red cross on red enemies… strange choice. It makes it all too crowded when several robots are in your aiming spot. With their names etc.. all in red…

  • enderjed

    My First can not walk up slight inclines now. Bad bug or bad update: you decide

  • enderjed

    My Fury can no longer walk up slight inclines. Bad bug or bad update: you decide

  • Oleg Brovin

    It is much harder now to target and actually hit the target with Hydra, also damages to the shields are not counted as damages I think because I am getting twice as low damage as it was before the update.

  • Vincent Esposito

    I’m also not a fan of having the health bars appear next to the enemy bots instead of above them, makes it harder to index where the opponent actually is.

  • Gokulnath Sundaramoorthy

    Reduce the Bot/Weapon upgrade duration. Many are losing their trophy points due to not having maxed out bots/weapons and waiting to get their upgrade completed on days.

  • Nikolay Todorov

    When the new 3.0 update will come for IOS

  • Nikolay Todorov

    And I agree that new croshair is barely visible, it shouldn’t be red as everything in sight

  • Chief MacD

    AAAAARRRRRRGGGHHHHH!!! It is INFINITELY worse than I thought when I scratched out my first posting about this blunder of an update, in relation to the aiming problems! I have now played over 20 games with the new and SERIOUSLY UN-improved HUD/display. When you are involved in an all-out pitched battle, it is IMPOSSIBLE to target a specific opponent!!! Added to the MADDENINGLY difficult attempts to target reds from any distance over, say, 300-400 meters, I would be pulling out handfuls of my hair if I didn’t have a shaved head! I gotta call my dog to sit near me so that I can pull out HIS hair… hmmmm… not a bad idea. I gotta pull out SOMEONE’S/SOMETHING’S hair!!! Please folks, I never beg for anything, but ya’ll have reduced me to a begging hot mess… PUHHHH-LEEEEEZE gimme back my old display, or fix the fix that ya’ll fixed in the latest fix, and unfix my crybaby rants! Fix it! Oh please… fix it… my dog will thank you…


  • Chief MacD

    I’m not sure that you wanna rush to that newest update… good luck brother.

  • Ekansan Pikachan

    Lancelot turn speed too high, couldn’t run around it to kill him in my thunder Schutze. please fix asap.

  • Jeff Stuart

    It seems as if the developers have run out of ideas and are grasping at straws.

    The stylish new sighting reticle, HUD and overly-busy, horizontal downrange layout materially detract from fun and effective gameplay, in every way. This is a classic case of fixing something that isn’t broke.

    It’s almost impossible to distinguish targets, especially in a smartphone, so one simply has to guess and fire at where the enemy might be. It’s just a total, goddamn mess.

    I played 2 bots in one round before I left the game. I don’t think I’ll be back any time soon.

    That’s a shame because I was really getting into the #WRstealinghome challenge, spending hours playing and uploading scores of videos to YouTube.

    2.1/2 minutes of using the new interface was enough to snuff my enthusiasm.

    Clearly there is a huge fan / player revolt underway sure due to these horrible changes. No doubt we’ll all be getting a new update soon. So see you all then.

  • Shivendra Rawat

    What do u want from a schutze to kill a heavy golden bot lol

  • Shivendra Rawat

    What is with the galahad and lancelot buff gala needs a hp buff and lance a speed buff n pls fix the enemy tiny traingles i can’t see them clearely

  • THOR


  • Den Den

    “What you see is what you hit”? Seriously? I cannot see anything…Just a disappointment, getting unaturally technical, taking out all the fun

  • THOR

    INCLUDE AN OPTION TO SWITCH BACK TO OLD CLASSIC HUD UI in the MENU section. It’s easy and you can modify the back-end of the old UI but with the same VISUAL DESIGN, COLORS, etc.

  • Joseph

    You guys do realize that no one even likes the CONCEPT of beacon rush right? That whichever team caps center first will pretty much never loose as they keep spawning lanceleots. And god forbid one of your two spawn area beacons gets taken…

  • Uriel Meraz

    Good… Hydras are a boring and take absolutely NO skill to what the idea of the game is, a ……..BATTLE…. PLUS IT ACTUALLY GOES UP AND AROUND WALLS.. Ur probably one of the Hydra users I’ve hunted down and slaughtered with Orkan/Pinatas.. wait…. I might miss doing that….
    The UI is on for me.. It does get too crowded when there’s more than one enemy in the cross, but I think I can get used to it… I sure hope those that have issues with smaller screens can have a choice between the new UI and the old.. that. Might be a good fix….

  • Richard Post

    The bud good for me just I want the dash bots and the tempest not showing up here and there’s no beacon rush.

  • Kjeld Houwelingen

    Good idea thor… like..

  • Kjeld Houwelingen

    I feel for your dog. I’m happy I’ve 4 cats. Shedding hairs. So they are all easy to pull..

  • Sharan Damodaran

    Aesthetically speaking, it looks much better. More like the robot age and what not. Love the fact that the robots now turn much quicker and the game feels smoother overall.
    However, I’m having great difficulty with visibility when there are more than 2 bots together. It’s next to impossible to see the robots I’m facing because of a jumble of crosshairs, names in red and the health bar. Specifically speaking, in Yamantau, I’m on the centre ramp and 3 bots charge to the centre beacon, couldn’t see a thing. I had no option but to blindly shoot. So could you kindly make the names appear smaller and the crosshairs back to how it was?
    But I love what you have done with the Call of duty style red crosshairs when shooting along with the decreasing health bar showing the damage done. Good job on that! Eagerly waiting for the beacon rush game mode. Cheers guys!

  • Dusts Dusts

    Pixygays always fails hehehe. From good to worst its expected. I play on my fone and ur update sucks. Better learn from other games.

  • Luis Flores

    Stop complaining about the UI it’s just fine the crosshair is also fine because it increases you to use more skill.( Noobs 😒 ) Also it’s hard to use Carnage during battles now too many energy weapons out there.

  • Onan Noino

    هذا التحديث هو سيء للغاية، لا تظهر الروبوتات من مسافة قريبة

  • Onan Noino

    This update is very bad, robots does not show well from close range

  • Colt

    Hud is not so good. I miss the log list of whats happening on the field. One list at time suxs.

    Its too bad there no options to allow players choose what kind hud we would prefer.

    Its makes things worst since game keeps getting more blotted. I have to reinstall the ga.e each time there a update.

  • Heathen Cat

    When was the last time Pixonic actually listened to their players? They were told over and over and over again during testing that that damned HUD they were experimenting with was difficult to impossible to see at times. I wonder if they know that happy players will spend money and that unhappy players will not.

  • Schel Harris

    Awwww man, why why why?! Did u do this the game!!!???…why do things that work well and cause no issues….get revamped?! Please please put it back the way it was….please? If you truly value your players opinions…..Please return the game to its previous version…or give us the option to use the previous/ works great version or this new aberration!

  • jorge madrigal

    Crosshairs is confusing i had to lower sensitivity for snipers robot but too slow after switching to close range robots. Pausing the game to change sensitivity shouldnt be so stressing. Have the old ui option back please. I had recently spent money on this fun game and i dont want to stop playing over simple little things that makes a huge bad diference.

  • Schel Harris

    Yes please pixonic

  • Schel Harris

    I keep opening the game to try ‘n give this new ui a chance……..uh, no. Can’t do it. What the Hecks with the targeting disappearing act? Terrible changes for no good reason! Who pushed for this ? Design dept.? Management?..maybe not always listen to them on important UI design stuff like this. Someone / everyone forgot the 1st rule everyone learns, don’t fix what ain’t broke…. So OK, to try n be more productive/ informative Pixonic, a compromise between the old targeting size n tracking and, the new ui version?
    Put the firing button ring back where it was…down, to the right and SMALLER PLEASE. No need to compromise there.
    The “jump/rush/…” Button, put it back also where it was…it was already too high up on the screen as it was…and yes…..smaller.
    The irritating black boxes /health indicators make nice virtual shields for groups of enemy robots……it looks like a design aspect that just got dropped…I can’t quite remember what it looked like before….ie: good design. The color change on robot names…..why? It was great before. Maybe a little large but, the colors are what you expect and need to see during gameplay. Why the change? Better not have been a designer…they should know better!

    I think that’s it…the top bar looks good. A little “under designed” but hey. Maybe a switch ? To be able to choose UI ? Old or new. ?
    K. Luv’ ya.

  • Clancy Allard

    You seriously might have killed your own game with this update, its effing unplayable now the hud is absolutely horrible!!! The original wasnt even bad at all, have to love that logic.. take something good and fix it till its terrible. People even warned about this on test servers. The game is seriously unplayable and i bet alot of people are going to quit over this. Also i wanted to stress that with all these buffs to most robots and the upcoming update to kinetic weapons having the power to easily destroy shields not to mention the flamethrower weapon, the lancelot needs its shield combined! Only one shield does anything and it has half the hp of even the light bots shields, with the fact it costs people $50USA to purchase(more than most new games) and every update you create or buff something else to easily kill it, thats insane! These people that purchased these top tier bots are the ones keeping your company going, please show them some respect.. The lancelot should be the tankiest bot not something even a medium bot with tier1 silver weapons can easily destroy come on! But that dosent even matter with the crazy horrible hud you introduced, its ruined the game long before bad weapon and bot tweaks ever could have. Please for once listen to the pleas of your community and take your paying customers concerns into account.

  • ben

    Concur… with everything you said… my dog is safe.. just had haircut.. my daughter.. well love her too much to yank out her hair…. hmmm, the wife.. honey.. can you come here for a second.. yeah sure that would be a battle that i would loose and regret🤣 Pixonic please fix quick..

  • Grant Davis

    I like the hud…buttons are smaller…need to get used to them….red crosshairs was a slight problem…perhaps we can have options…what kind of crosshairs…what color. I think we need weapon grouping assignments…add an option for us to add buttons to assign specific weapons. I may want a kang dae long range gun on a leo….and short range rockets for self defense….and not wanting to expend my ammo completeley in either situation (long range or short range) leaving me exposed and without defense. As it stands i either have to commit to a long range bot or a short or medium…but not in between.

  • Joe Rovreit

    Just when I thought they couldn’t screw this game up any worst , it’s like they are trying to make people quit playing ,please fix the fix , this update sucks so bad I don’t know who ok’d this at pixonic but they should lose their job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Travis Koontz

    What is up with DRAW!!? Loosing 22 points WTF!

  • Clancy Allard

    You couldnt have killed him anyway…
    Seriously, WTF!? Haha.

  • It was bad in the beta, still bad now

  • Clancy Allard

    My ancilots have taken out two carnages at close range theres no way your gonna use a schutze as a lance killer, especially if the lance also has a thunder and ANY decent medium weapons. Hell even with just the thunder hes got the same firepower, almost double the hp and frontal armor, like come on bra dude.. stop playing.

  • Clancy Allard

    Besides the horrible UI, anyone notice a massive lag increase? Ive never had it before but the last 3 games every one of my bots just froze in place and said “reconnecting” with a count down meanwhile i could see everyone else moving around and shooting me while my health still drained.. like if i lost connection the game shouldnt be playing normally on my screen except my bots controls. Thats definitely pixionics issue not my connections.

  • Clancy Allard

    Well said! I dont get how they could even do this when everyone on the test servers said the EXACT same thing! Its like they want to screw over their actual fans and paying customers. Great way to kill a source of income for yourselves.

  • Scene Smith

    Same situation here. Even a 6inch screen can not play for crap now. Was not even this bad on the test server. Now it is released…. Too awful for me.

  • Scene Smith

    Well I quit again this year because UI is worse than trash. Not even worth trying new weapon or bot buffs because the UI makes it impossible. So maybe another two years from now my bots can get past lvl 10. Uninstalled and time for a new game.

  • I had a hard enough time seeing the cross hairs before the change. Now, it completely blows!! And I can’t see what my HP is at because of putting it on that shade of blue, and I still can’t see who has been killed, and anything about beacons. I do like the blue color…..

  • magno0113

    I can’t switch targets…arrrggggghhhh

  • Remblie Kain

    So far I like it. The less sliding is very helpful, especially when your are using a spider bot to climb on the sides of the moon base. Um there is one place I don’t feel needed a slide fix though. Robots in snow on icy walk ways and ramps should slide I think you know the map I’m talking about.

    The older robot upgrades thank you very much, however Gepard once again has been over looked. A 58km is awesome for a level 1-6 robot however after that the other speed bots become the more viable solution due to Gepard speeds never improving beyond that 58 that it starts with. Also Gepard is like the little punk rocker of gold bots but has only one paint job. The Cossack received a very nice punk paint “Toxic Boom get out of here” why can’t the Gepard get one too ? like a dead smile emoji yellow body black legs and a Mohawk or some other punk rock paint job please .

    The buffs to the heavy bots, thank you very much I’m already having much improved game play with my Natasha and my Rhino, as brawler bots.

    The buffs to Butch…. I’m honestly not getting any better play with this one. I appreciate your try however I think the biggest problem with Butch is the switch cool down is sooooo sooooo very long I tend to get knocked over before I can swap to a fresh weapon.
    Jessie however is much better now a far more complete build that before

    Griffin is still a heavy Bot but it has never felt like a heavy Bot. Yes we have the medium Rogokata which is very much like the little brother to the Griffin but forever both have had the “this is what piloting a medium not feels like” feel. Now the test server had a new heavy jump Bot bot and it really feels like a heavy Bot when you pilot it. Just some of my thoughts every one is free to disagree all you want. However I hope this input is helpful for future updates.

    thanks for the fun game and fun times

  • Brycef12345 RobloxGuy


  • Remblie Kain

    adjust your sensitivity. that fixed my issue with this instantly.

  • Remblie Kain

    when I adjusted my sensitivity I notice the size of the targets adjusted with it try that it worked for me I’m using a Samsung J7 perhaps it may be different on some devices but maybe not give it a try

  • misterunder stood

    Hi. When and how do we use the spawn beacon thing?. I dont see it. ?

  • Remblie Kain

    I think it makes it more accurate now especially when trying to shoot a stealth mode stalker

  • Remblie Kain

    the feed is now bottom center instead of top right it’s a little smaller but if the battle gets really intense and lots of bots and beacons are exchanged in a very short time frame the text now builds up in to the middle of the screen making it hard to see who you are shooting at which has gotten my bot knocked over a couple times. I wish it was on the empty space to the left since it is not used. And won’t mess up my view of targets

  • Remblie Kain

    did you try adjusting the in game sensitivity from the menu on the battle map top right yes you may get hit while you adjust it but the changes stick for following battles so you only need to find tune and adjust it once.

  • ElJay Rey

    I’m a natural sniper, I Harley miss

  • ElJay Rey

    Hardly *

  • Remblie Kain

    I do agree with this above them was better. I do have a new idea though what if the target box changed color? starts green and as you do damage changes to yellow then Orange then red before the bot is finally knocked over no health bars just target box that changes color

  • Remblie Kain

    read old change logs player comments lots of people said it was too big, now too small, why not make it adjustable. oh ya it is. but I understand the frustration when switching from brawler to sniper and back to brawler perhaps if it was adjustable bot by bot in the hangar this would be preferable so that in sniper it would be set the way you want then on brawler it would change accordingly. perhaps if we suggest this to the developers they may try it.

  • Victor Riojas

    I like this idea.

  • Levis Ramirez

    Everybody is right game needs slight adjustments, options in the user interface I can’t see my target from a fighting point distance needs zoom

  • Remblie Kain

    Can we please have a different HP display system for opponent bots?
    Instead of showing a bar next to our opponents target box, can we have a target box that changes color to indicate how close the bot is to being knocked over? Perhaps the target box starts as Green then fades to yellow then fades to Orange then fades to red then the pilot is ejected and the bot falls over. so no more enemy heath bar just different color target boxes.

    If not can we please put it back on top of them where it was before?

  • Remblie Kain

    Thank you for the paint jobs I was sad to see the Sugar skull paint job from the test server did not get added to the list of available Fujin paint jobs. That was one of my favorite ones that your devs had come up with but It was not included in this update. I hope it will be included soon Halloween is just around the corner and a sugar skull Fujin would be fun to use on dead city during Halloween and any other time. Also the green paint job for Rajin I don’t remember what it was called but it would be nice to have as well, and some more paint jobs for Gepard please.

  • Jeff Stuart

    Umm no dude, the it just plain sucks

  • Fari Fairis

    GOOD but HATE on update v3.0..
    The Hud is really bad:
    1. Hate the circle white crosshair, just remove the circle!
    2. Dunno why, but I keep aiming on enemy HP bar now! Make the red enemy position lighter, too dark and enemy name too small..
    3. Change the red lock on enemy to green or yellow! Feels like too much dark red on my view now..
    4. Everything too small! Controls too small! I use 5″ device and it’s really frustrating, everything looks smaller than before. An idea: give an option to resize the controls..

    What I love from this update:
    Bots re-balance and new game mode, that’s all..

  • Remblie Kain

    haven’t seen it either perhaps it’s off line due to a big or something?

  • Fari Fairis

    yea.. I’m not sure why I keep aiming on the enemy HP bar now, though it looks same position with previous one.. Maybe the reds color are too dark now..!

  • Remblie Kain

    ok good bie nice knowing you

  • Remblie Kain

    no but I have had 2 draws never had a draw before didn’t even consider it possible but kill count beacon count and team total damage was all exactly the same even though different players had different values as a team we had the same values for everything totally stunned.

  • Remblie Kain

    they have that. stop mashing the center button and use the individual ones around it

  • Ekansan Pikachan

    before this update, I had killed lances with my schutze. sorry to burst your bubble, but yes it is possible. Just saying, I got that lance below half health before dying.

    Maybe you don’t enough skill with light bots to believe that.

    also, doesn’t matter if you can’t believe I’ve killed lances, the turnrate has to be reduced either way.

  • Fari Fairis

    R.I.P. Sliding Bot..
    Update v3.0: “Robots are much less likely to get stuck and slide on ramps.”
    I love shooting while sliding on Yamantau 🙁

  • alan casari

    I’d really like to say “Great job Pix on the new UI”…….but sadly cannot. Generally things should be replaced by something better. Unfortuntely this isn’t the case. Based on my user experience and the players comment the previous UI was much better. Please do not expect customers to accept and just grow accustomed to your new version. How is this version superior? There is nothing wrong with change when change is needed. You really should have asked the important folk…the players what they would like to change on the previous UI. If you paid attention to the feedback about the new UI in the test server sessions(I for one left several under a different account) you’d know we were not pleased about it. You always give us the opportunity to speak our mind, will you listen this time? There’s no harm in admitting you got it wrong, more important is showing that our voice matters.
    Many of the comments here and elsewhere have outlined the problems. I’m pretty sure the designers used a 20+ inch screen to develop this…….we on the other hand mostly use a 5 inch smartphone. Yes you know this……but do really know this?? Visibility is one of the key aspects of this game, but you’ve just KILLED that. Often bots in the distance are difficult to spot, we rely heavily on their triangle markers and the red target box. But now they are almost useless. I think many of the other issues have been covered by other players. I was fortunate enough to buy some gold and try premium for a couple of months. But now unlikely to invest anymore in a game that I probably won’t be playing much if at all in it’s current state. Your customers are asking you to put things right. Will you recognise this and take the opportunity?

  • Schaanbot

    All else apart, there is a bug in the new release. Lost a few points when the battle did not start and result came as DRAW. By default it deducts points/trophies.

  • Colosabeast Epic

    I love the new update can’t wait for it to come out on apple it looks really futuristic

  • ABHI Garg

    Bug: when bot is moving ahead continuously, after a few meters, it stops and fumble. Need to again adjust the button to make bot move.
    Another bug, after capturing beacon, moved a little from it and its liberated and captured by enemy. You kill the enemy but are unable to capture that beacon. Observed it in shenzen

  • Colosabeast Epic

    I like it

  • Colosabeast Epic

    It is way cooler

  • Colosabeast Epic

    It is great

  • Vibram Slash9

    The HUD is my favorite part of the update, next to increased turning, walking and shield regeneration speeds. The flashing crosshairs when connecting and damaging an enemy is excellent. To be able to confirm damage at great distances with long range weapons is preferred. Thank you. Snipers using ballistic and plasma weapons alike are smiling.

  • Scott Borkai

    Nice to have an update, but what happened to the “scourge” weapon to be released in JULY… How much later will the dash bots be? And will there be yet another type of currency introduced to make more money?

  • Aldo Raine

    I totally agree with Thor’s comments. The new reticle appears cloudy, especiall when in close combat with multiple players. A reticle option would be ideal. At least before, you could see at distance what type of bot you were about to deal with when centered in. Now, its hard to tell. Plus, move the kill bot info back to the top. It was larger font and easier to see. Nobody wants to drop their eyes down. It seems unnatural. And, Im colorblind, so the new change in blue became more difficult to see.

  • Siga Siga

    Now all robots feel slow!!! can’t see cross hairs! bring back old mode

  • Lose world

    Wtf I’m losing points even the game end in draw

  • THOR

    The Dash bots should be released by the end of August with the Scourge.

  • Aditya Rai

    I like the way pixonic made the robots move a bit faster. Now its way better to play. In the older versions gameplay was too slow and i hope everything will be good with this update.

  • John McBride

    Gotta add my two cents that the HUD update mostly sucks. Really hard to see/use the targeting system. This update makes it worse,not better. Please fix ASAP or you may lose a lot of players.

  • alan casari

    Ok, my previous comments appeared to have disappeared. I’m glad to know this latest UI isn’t the final iteration. Based on so many of the comments here it’s clear that it needs improving. You need to combine the best features of it with the best features of the previous version. The main issue is that a lot of us are having difficulty seeing and targeting the enem. No such problem with the previous version. Personally I’m surprised you went live with it. Considering in your patch notes you say you extensively tested on your beta version. If you are referring to the test server, well I left a lot of feedback on those mostly addressing the size of the bot triangle markers and the lack of intensity in color of the target box and crosshairs.
    Bots can be difficult to spot at a distance so we the players rely heavily on those triangle markers which now actually get lost on Canyon as they often blend in with the rust color landscape.

    Just to highlight the problem, I played a game a short while ago where an enemy bots name contained 2 small red hearts on either side of their name. As it was moving I wasn’t sure if there were 3 bots moving or 1 because the two hearts in his name were the same font size as the red inverted triangular bot marker. That really threw me off. Please note if you don’t already know that many of us don’t have the vision that we once had.
    Among many of the concerns already mentioned by others you need to improve visibility of the enemy asap. Please if you care about your customers you’ll take our feedback seriously. You’ve shown in the past that you can fix things. Look forward to you fixing this. Thx

  • Nikolay Todorov

    It’s not that I want it so bad, just thinking if Android gets it we should get it as well

  • MasterHoop

    Hey Guys, many thanks for your continuous support and giving us the chance to wreck bots 😀 Well, here is some feedback to the new update. As much as I appreciate the buff for long distance kinetic weapons have you ever tried applying them with the new command hud layout? Well, overall my average damage plunmeted, it is so difficult to target enemies, especially if there is a little crowded of bots far away. Please please please revisit the way how you show that I hit someone, the two colors in the old hud have been doing it quite well. Use your Gekko to see if you can hit em and then shoot your Kang Dae. With the new X showing up, your target is covered and you can’t see it. Sorry but this seems like a big fail to me. It seems more difficult to target enemies, overall and bots seem slower, IMHO. Please rethink the HUD! And let me know, once it is fixed till then my motivation to play is really low. I am not doing damage anyway, and if I look at the damage scores after a fight, I surmise I am not the only one with this problem? But I guess you have better stats on that. Greetz mh

  • irthmonkey

    For some reason my posts aren’t showing up here. So, I’ll give it a week and if pixonic can’t /won’t listen to paying customers and return the horrible horrible update back to before this, I gotta uninstall….too much space for a once awesome game that I no longer want play. If we all give specifics on what the problems are w this update, maybe pixonic will listen. Meanwhile, anyone know of a comparable game we can all migrate to until pixonic fixes this F up?

  • irthmonkey

    Does pixonic read these or do we have to be on the test server to be heard and counted?

  • irthmonkey

    Maybe if your a slow moving big bot and have time to chase your target but, faster bots used to could fire n hit targets while running…..not anymore, lame.

  • irthmonkey

    Everyone use the -report an issue link within the game , choose -other issue- and send in our protests there as well! Maybe pixonic will read em and, admit to a bad design choice and, return our game to us.

  • MasterHoop

    Agree, I want my old game back, too! mH

  • MasterHoop

    Yeah, would be great to see some kind of reaction! mH

  • Mark Erickson

    Would a change to the area of beacons be something to consider. Making the activation radius a tad smaller. Some beacons you don’t even have to touch. Your LOS to others is easy to hide with walls & such.

  • Chief MacD


  • Chief MacD

    Hi Remblie . I have already adjusted it to its minimum level. I have a very large phone, and I cannot believe that other folks can see through this mess with smaller ones! I am glad that YOURS has been fixed. Enjoy!

  • Chief MacD


  • Chief MacD

    Thanks brother.

  • Nord Mann


    On my device the direction control wheel is huge! Now it’s now as big as the old firing controls and my firing controls are now approximately 30% bigger than before.

  • Jason Elliott

    I use an LG phone and the buttons are now approximately 10% smaller. Almost impossible to fire weapons individually. Plus the new crosshairs suck. That was something the could have left alone.

  • CQFD

    Android players are like beta testers for the iOS release, that’s why we never have bugs on iOS 🙂

  • CQFD

    Wow, the only thing WR players can do is complaining. That’s impressive

  • THOR

    When we don’t complain we enjoy the game, genius 😀 And when we can’t enjoy the game we complain. Is it hard for you to grasp?

  • THOR

    Pixonic won’t put an option to switch back to old UI. They will stick with their new UI and will try to fix it.
    It’s annoying that they don’t know what to do.

    Also probably they feel threaten by Battle Titans and that’s why they copy elements from them. Sad :/

  • CQFD

    So don’t hesitate to be positive sometimes. give it a try it doesn’t hurt I promise

  • CQFD

    Calm down, no game do that. you’ll get use to it it’s ok little boy

  • Remblie Kain

    this was one map I though the sliding should not have been fixed on. the others of course but this one has snow and ice and that kinda made sense

  • Keith

    What happened with Spirals and Hydras? Rockets now blow up in midair before hitting targets, at range. There’s nothing here about nerfing them by limiting flight distance, but that seems to be what’s happening. Makes then utterly useless.

    And I disagree with those who say they take no skill; they do, arching in at an angle while avoiding fire. Or at least they did when they could dependably hit open targets. VERY disappointed with the change to rockets.

  • alan casari

    I’ve left tons of feedback on the test server regarding the new UI shortfalls. Didn’t help enough 🙁

  • MasterHoop

    My Carnage’s Ancile does not prevent Aphid or Hydra attacks. Is that right? I thought I am protected against all missiles? mH

  • Shivendra Rawat

    Pheww it’s been 2 days’s n i still i can’t play well with this new UI i just bought a lance n it seems now that i have wasted my gold on lance cuz of this HUD plz fix this asap seriously can’t see the enemy spots clearly there clan name looks better than them lol

  • Matej_SI

    @Pixonic PLEASE include option to increase (weapons part of) HUD. It’s impossible to fire just one weapon without looking.

    I like the new overall design but this weapons circle… it’s so small, too small for mobile phones with high resolution and 5″ size screen.

  • Victor Knight

    crosshair made too small, putting strain on eyes too much. Please roll it back to the bigger one…..

  • Victor Knight

    Yes me too…… about to delete the game,,,,,, suggest me an alternative game buddy please !!

  • Joe Bazooka

    Where can somebody actually find up-to-date damage information on all the weapons?

  • THOR

    So, it’s been a few days since Patch 3.0.0 has been released on Android (depending on your timezone). With that being said, I just wanted to say some things about the new patch.

    First of all, it’s been as clear as day that Pixonic is aiming to make everything viable in terms of use. This is best exemplified in the way they buffed the default medium bots (Vityaz, et al.), the ECU shield and most importantly, the Zenit.

    Secondly, it is still too early to know where the patch is actually taking this game, as it turns out that this patch is just the first part of a series of patches.

    Finally, yes, some of us may not like the changes; some may want the “heavy” feel of a control mech game and are looking back towards the times when…things were a lot different. Yes, I don’t believe that I’ll understand any of these things (I am a new player who just got into the game in June 2017), but at the same time, there are others who believe that the changes in the game are actually paving the way for turning War Robots into a more accepted title worldwide (which will make Pix big, right?)

    This is not to say that the points are not valid. Each one of us has his/her opinion; what falls upon us is to support these statements with facts/observations and at the same time respect the views of those who don’t share our perspective.

    Now, time to go to the points that I want to say.

    What did I like about the patch?

    1. Damage indicators are much clearer: In the past, it is hard for me to know whether I’m actually hitting something or estimate how much I should shoot. Thanks to the fading red bars, I can now accurately judge on the way that I should shoot an opponent, which leads to better matches and more enjoyable maps overall.

    2.The game is responsive now. Less glitches, less hassles, less lag between the time I press my screen and the movement of my robot.

    3. Better connection capability: While the game took 40-50 seconds to reconnect before, it is now a thing of the past as the reconnection time is decreased to 5-10 seconds, in case of lag. Also, the game is now playable DESPITE HIGH PING, which means that there should be more enjoyment of the game at the moment.

    4. Beacon Rush: That’s adrenaline for you. ‘Nuff said.

    5. Viability of weapons: At least in Gold, where I stand right now, people are not afraid to use different new styles of play. Someone even used a triple Zenit on a Fury – and it almost won us a game!

    6. More variety: Though I don’t have a Rhino just yet, I am happy to see more of them on the field, as it provides a much- needed break from the missile-lobbing and endless sniping that has dominated the patch before this one.

    On what I did dislike:

    1. Kill feed is at the bottom: Everyone who has studied creative writing, photo composition, etc. etc. at one point or another should know that the human brain will tend to read in a “Z” way; that is, from top left to top right, then to bottom left to bottom right. With the location of the new kill feed, it takes more effort for me to memorize the kind of drops that I faced before I was killed.

    There is a reason why the kill feed is always placed on the top right of a screen in most games: It allows the user to keep track of their surroundings using the in-game radar and the feed with less requirement for micromanagement. Sure, some people appreciate the skill scaffolding that’s happening here, but how about the new ones, old ones and the others who can’t really micromanage?

    Na-ah, Pix.

    2. Clutter: While I am yet to experience a negative experience in-game due to the large names, I am aware of the opinion that the placement of the names actually distract players’ aim.

    Maybe just put an option to make names smaller or put them away altogether.

    3. Maybe more soon. I don’t think an hour of day of play a day is enough to actually dissect the effects of the patch…

    Well, this is not related to the patch, but I keep on seeing 10/11 to 11/12 hangars with two Lancelots and a variety of other bots in my matches, ranging from High Gold to Middle Expert.

    Oh well, Pix. Matchmaking fix please next!!!

  • Remblie Kain

    thank you for the continued developments to the game. I have really enjoyed most of them. I was a little disappointed though. On the test server I got to play 2 new maps one was a snow map like Yamantau but was some kind of …. Giant Greek or Roman temple with rooms than connected to each other through the out door snowy mountain scape. I really enjoyed this map and was rooting for it but sadly it was not added to the update. I think this was the best map you had made so far and had more fun on this map than any other you had made. can you please add this map to the game. the other map I think was some kind of Scottish hill land with boulders and box canyons it was green and fun as well but not as fun as the … I’m going to call it Mount Olympus map . I think having these two would add a lot more depth to your game and make for more varied strategy and game play.

  • Paul Lowkater

    Ha ha ha ha ha lol

  • Paul Lowkater

    I agree 100% It does seem more accurate for slower bots way harder for stalkers to target while moving fast. Maybe they should try green like lime green for the cross hairs.

  • Paul Lowkater

    Yes I noticed I adjusted my sensitivity shortly after playing. Have not tried playing yet I had to get back to work.

  • Bubba Love Sponge WR

    I knew (and posted here on this site) that the new UI would be a HUGE problem (pun intended). You can’t see anything, enemy robots included, because it’s a mess of targeting boxes/recticle Etc. As someone else posted here give us the option to use old targeting UI. OR simplify this targeting interface so it looks just like the old one. I mean there are TONS of negative comments all over FB especially on War Robots on FB page itself about the the new targeting UI. And this is only with the Andriod users. Wait until iOS users get a hold of it. I play literally dozens of War Robots games a day, I will want to smash my iPad if I have to live with this for months (God forbid years?) PLEASE give us the option of using the old UI Pixonic! Thanks for your consideration. Sincerely, Bubba Love of PHL clan (also from ONE and HEAT clans).

  • Samuel May

    Im liking it now. Coukd still make hud clearer the square smaller. And the change target button should be bigger and closer to edge. But its getting good. Oh and the new game mode? Far out its awesome! Every bot feels different every map more complex fighting from directions never were before. Heaps of tactics. Brilliant well done.

  • Levis Ramirez

    I really think it’s slow progress to rack up on Sliver and Gold. GOLD is Expensive for what your getting there should be an increase 2% or 3 per match too much time grinding looking forward to update 4.0 XD

  • Shivendra Rawat


  • Chief MacD

    Yes sir, I certainly did, but thanks bunches for taking a second to try and square me away. Great luck to you!

  • Chief MacD


  • Chief MacD

    Well, here is the deal, CQFD. Not only do MANY of us textually applaud PIXONIC for good things (often), a non-complaining customer is GENERALLY a happy customer. Also, the point of these message boards, and the express PURPOSE of them (as designed by the developers), is to get customer feedback. This is how developers gain info on what is, or isn’t, working. If you slow down a second, and stop throwing out insults to a VERY large group of playing/loyal fans, you’ll hopefully comprehend the value these message boards hold for PIX. We folks that take a minute to post our “complaints” are invaluable, non-paid, members of the developing teams. Games/programs/apps that evolve are in a CONSTANT state of beta testing, and free testers, (such as ourselves) cannot be more valued by developers who truly respond to the customers’ complaints/suggestions. Yes, “attaboys” are always welcome to them, but nice, flowery and sun-shiny little notes that give YOU that warm little glow, do little to expose flaws, or even BAD IDEAS (LOL, hear me PIXIE folks?!) to our friends with the code controls! If these little rants from folks, who take a few moments out of their day to post, hurts your sensibilities then I suggest that you simply not read them. These complaints are made out of nothing but ligitimate concern for a game that we all love. Give yourself a half-an-hour, or more, of watching that cat with the rainbow shooting out of his face if you really need to feel flowery… this ain’t that place.



  • Lakshay Goyal

    Can’t use lock on, its too small now.
    Also, i thought you guys will give a bump to fujins hp 😵
    Anyways will wait for next update

  • Killian Ogden

    Where’s The update for iOS?

  • Samuel May

    After playing for a week i have to say the new hud is great. I can see everything. It looks way slicker. The items are precise.
    The game is smooth. Feels more advanced. Keep improving it though but ignore most people going mental they have just written a response without giving it enough time to adjust. I almost did but held my tongue and know see the improvements. The bots could be a little bigger thats all.
    Seperately, i love rush mode it is awesome. So much more complex and interesting. It has made all the bots relevant now and with different setups because the situations are different. Every map feels different, you get all turned around and are fighting from directions you never have before. The beacons you need change as the game goes on. It is so great. More like proper simulation mech tactics games.
    Keep these developments going. Thanks.

  • Samuel May

    I put positive comments yesterday but i have to add something really bad. The lock/choose target button has to be made bigger! Even put it outside the circle of weapons. It is killing me in the game literally. I will have a guy right in front of me killing me, my target is on some guy behind a wall and when i try to change target i miss the button. Or even if u do get it it targets someone far away.
    Make the target button more accessible, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its ruining the game for me, just when im liking the hud and loving rush. Fix it please.!!!!!!!!

  • Gman

    My 2 cents:

    1) Beacon Rush is fantastic. Reduces spawn killing, no more hour long treks (yes, exaggeration) across the map to get to the action.
    2) The new UI is horrible, it’s too cluttered. Please work in some customization options for users, such as:

  • Gman

    2017 has a theme? Is that not Fidget Spinners, fascism, stupid presidents and [gone sexual][gone viral] YouTube vids? 😛

  • OoGoldyoo Imvu

    Beacon rush is so so, but the modifiactions mean nothing, for every improvement to bots, you improve the way to kill them. DUH! The new Ui is absolute crap. I logged out of the map after 2 minutes, it is none user friendly and makes the whole experience unpleasant, tiny writing, stupid placing of kill log in middle and life left, wth? I am not going to wear binoculars to see how much life i have left, and whats with the dumb colour choices? Seriously, who is programming this once great game? You are making alternatives look better. Please return the hud to its previous state, the rest we can deal with but the hud spoils everything !!!

  • OoGoldyoo Imvu

    Just to mention one thing. They have killed it John. Very hard to read anything on screen.

  • OoGoldyoo Imvu

    The only way to fix it is to make back like the old one. I am an ios player and they are getting nothing from me as it stands. It looks worse on ios than it does on gameroom or android.

  • OoGoldyoo Imvu

    Try it on an ipad, its no better. This update sucks worse than wet socks on a twenty mile march.

  • OoGoldyoo Imvu

    Are you playing on a 20 inch screen or wearing binoculars? Or do you work for the company? Lol

  • Manu Kan

    I’m having trouble with the new UI:

    -selecting weapons/target lock is now harder with fat thumbs on a small screen

    -crosshairs need to be brighter, it kinda fades into the game right now

    -it’s hard to see if I’m doing damage, especially with lots of enemies and explosions on screen

    -I think some animations are unnecessary. Like the new beacon icon animation and the weird borders around enemy health and shield. Almost like clutter.

    -speaking of clutter, I don’t need to see my own name above my health bar, don’t need text to tell me that beacons are being captured (that’s what the icons are for), and the only time I want to know who destroyed whom is when I get destroyed.

    Possible bugs:

    -still having trouble with responsiveness of jump button

    -sometimes my bots legs go in all kinds of directions (especially on inclines and declines)

    -recently started spawning with my tank facing backwards and sideways instead of the usual frontwards

  • Mark Schultze

    Way too slow for beacon rush map. Take 15-20 seconds to get back in action on map. Hit the blue spot 20-30 times to get back in. No way to defend.

  • Evan Bdb

    Tweaks are fine but please, for the love of God, stop with the George Lucas visuals treatments. The new U.I is less visible and the cross hairs are hard to see. It all looks the same if you miss a target or hit a target, there is no indication of a hit that clearly stand still out that confirms you are hitting the mark. It is very distracting because it the colors on the U.I look too similar. Also, the list of players that destroy or get destroyed is all but gone. It pops up at the bottom now and disappears too quickly, instead of flowing slowly in a list down the side. How can we measure the flow of the game, and seek revenge on a player that just fragged your bot? The new U.I is aweful and takes the fun away.

  • Sylux

    Ok, I know this update is getting a TON of hate right now. However, there are a few things players are mentioning that I believe are being blown out of proportion.

    The reticule: I feel the softer colors are a pleasent change. In the Old HUD, there were many times where the enemy was clustered and the outlines were blurring into each other worse than they are now. I’m not sure how this game plays on smaller screens, but on my IPad Air, I can see just fine.

    Weapon/Bot balancing: I do find it a bit strange that Pixonic is choosing to continue to ADD damage/health/speed/durability instead of reducing any of those figures. There is going to be a point where no matter what they change, you’ll be dead in just a few seconds because the figures are so high. Currently, I haven’t noticed a dramatic change, except the hit boxes are more accurate representations of the models now.

    Game mode: I LOVE IT. This new game mode pushes players to fight instead of meander around for positioning first. It changes the way you can build your bots. (ex. equipping my Leo with magnums instead of punisher’s because I’m already at close range) It frees teams from spawnkilling each other. The games progress faster this way. In the old Game Mode, if you didn’t capture a beacon in time/first. You lost due to beacon points. Now, teams can duke it out between 2 beacons, expend all their bots and see who’s left standing.

    Putting everything I just said into perspective. . . . . THIS. IS. A. TEST. RUN.
    Pixonic SAID this isn’t even CLOSE to the finished product. They just want us to be part of the development.

    Does the Old Hud work? Yeah. But it’s as good as it’s going to get.
    Does the New Hud work? Slightly less yeah, but there is lots of room for improvement.

  • OoGoldyoo Imvu

    Sorry Sam, but im an avid player and this hud is the worst of all the online games i currently play, im o n an ios device for this, and gameroom, the visual concept is cluttered and the colours dont help, the positions and sizing of reports etc are badly thought out. When in combat you lose all sight of the opponent due to popups and the kill reports filling the middle of your view.
    But i guess there will always be those who like it this way. No offence, just my thoughts on your posting.

  • OoGoldyoo Imvu

    I just decided to give it a second chance and im sorry, but the new hud is just not good, not at all. Damage reports block the view during close combat, and sniper? Forget playing that game, you have more chance of hitting a bird. Also another thing that has appeared since this update, half the time it does not register by flashing your cross hairs when you actually hit something your aiming at. That was a very usefull feedback when both sniper working and using seeking missiles from cover. Im afraid if this trial succeeds and the new hud remains, there is going to be a mass migration to other battle games in the loop. Already most of our teamspeak group are offline and not wanting to play due to this, that is a healthy 62 players. Speaks volumes dont you agree?

  • OoGoldyoo Imvu

    Mostly i agree, but the new hud is the worst i have encountered on any game to date. The old one was perfect for purpose, i have no idea of the thinking when they redesigned it to this abhorrant futuristic jigsaw puzzle.

  • Jeff

    I like the new hud! You can see the other opponents and what you are up against better. It’s not crowded with people’s long winded names and clan ID. It’s more like the real thing. Don’t change a thing! You will get use to it and like it better after awhile. I have. Me likes!

  • Jeffage

    I think it is more like the real thing. Once you get use to it, you will like it better. You can see what your opponent is piloting and with what better. Everything is not crowded with people’s long names and clans names. Hell of an improvement. Adjust your sensitivity while in battle. Maybe that will help.

  • Russ Marshall

    On an iPad (Pro 10.5) the right had control pad of the HUD is much too large. The control surface to alter the orientation of your mech is now too small to navigate without accidentally interacting with the controls. Furthermore the actual GUI of the pad is low res compared to other HUD elements.

  • Migz Penz

    Good idea.

  • Marc Brennan

    An adjustment period for sure. Not a fan of beacon rush reminds me of ‘speed ball’ in paint ball designed so you would blow through paint and buy more, but largely pointless. If you love explosions without much skill using heavy bots this is for you. No judgement just not my game. The HUD I can get used to but really wished they had upped the threat indicator, I feel it is actually worse. Locking on to real threats takes much longer and we all know time is NOT on our side. Please tweak the AI to recognize targets in the open and in range to targets under cover in range, one is clearly a greater threat. (The one in the open and in range. Sorry not taking chances.) NOW if you LOCK on ‘LOCK ON’ do NOT have the target switch unless the pilot unlocks, moves to new target or pivots over 90 degrees away. Oh and if you’re trying to be like the competition it means they must be winning and you encourage your current players to try them out. Just do you…

  • Marc Brennan

    Also not sure about the rest but I don’t care about the text in the game of who just got toasted. It’s a visual game keep it visual the man counting dot lets you know instantly a mech is down who cares who it was. All about the head count just get rid of this. You can place it in summary if anyone really wants this. I do like the red X though as I can switch targets out of frame and know I am clearly hitting it. Other than this the baby blue is kinda wimpy and I’m not a fan of this either.

  • Hendrik MN

    New Hub/Screen Layout. Not good. Cross hairs too big. Also the lock button seems smaller. And the Arcade Like look really made the layout look cheap. The new layout should have been more streamline. Tactical like. Fine bright lines. Etc. not a fan. And most (90%+) I talk too (in higher tier clans) don’t like it. Not sure who was giving the feedback to you. But I would revisit.

    Beacon Rush….fun. Be ready for fast paced battle. Like it so far. But any mismatch in the match making que will really tilt the battle one way. Ran 8-10 beacon rush today w a full clan. Most of those done in less then 3-4 min. Walked all over most. Beacon rush…get brawlers ready. You will lose bots fast also. Be prepared.

    7HENDRIK7 [44]MAG…..See you on the battle field.

  • Jason Dykstra

    Everyone is way overreacting about the new UI. Yes, the old one is better but it’s not THAT bad. It’s a couple steps away from being better than the old one and they CAN fix it by somehow making it a little less busy.

    So INSTEAD of whining about it like a bunch of little babies, how about you start offering CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and ideas on what you think will make it better?

    Just saying “it sucks”, “i can’t see what’s what” or “the old one was better” is not going to get anything accomplished. You guys need to make suggestions!

    I for one think it would be fine if 1 of 2 things happened (or both).

    1)The kills and caps streaming go back up in the corner under the menu button.

    2) Enemy player names only become viewable when targeted or maybe only when you manually lock on them and teammate names only pop up when you are facing thier general direction.

    I don’t know. The hitbox, crosshairs, etc… all that seems fine to me. I like the beacon bars and robot icons and all that crap up top. It just needs to be a little less busy somehow.

    But for the love of God, people.. stop using pointless one- line complaints and offer real suggestions!

  • Sadie Bernstein

    Incredibly frustrating UI. Button placement is awkward for my hands. As others have noted you have to look down to hit the right buttons, and I’m accidentally hitting the special ability, the feel is off.

    It looks like a sea of red text often covering up the enemy. Perhaps making the names translucent would help.

    There is so much going for this game I’m shocked they failed to come up with a better UI. Pixonic shoul roll back the new UI. This UI is half baked at best.

  • Justin Vincent

    I feel like the ec thunder range should be decreased just a bit

  • MadShocker

    I like the new HUD I think it works just fine, however the bot special abilities button on right hand size along with the weapons button cluster are a little over sized. Maybe in the future the player have the ability to adjust size and color of all things on their HUD. Me be a good answer to a lot of problems I see ppl writing about. But anyway I am having no problems using the new set up.

  • Maverick1

    These “balance” updates are the main reason I wouldn’t even dare spend a dime on this game. One will spend money on buying and leveling up bots and weapons and next thing you know pixonic updates the game making these bits and weapons weaker. CAVEAT EMPTOR…

  • Maverick1

    These “balance” updates are the main reason I wouldn’t even dare spend a dime on this game. One will spend money on buying and leveling up bots and weapons and next thing you know pixonic updates the game making these bots and weapons weaker. CAVEAT EMPTOR…

  • Jb

    Beacon control becomes one-sided very quickly, but I like the concept. Perhaps not allowing respawn in the centermost beacon could even out gameplay? I like the new ios HUD too.

  • Greg Yochum

    Black hit marks were better

  • Greg Yochum

    I agree.

  • Verum Ad Potentia

    …and the Stalkers get stiffed again. Not only no speed upgrade for Stalkers, but speed and health upgrades for bots that have previously been upgraded! No enhanced stealth activation speed or duration, nor addition of visual cloaking.

    Seriously, are you all so scared of my beloved Stalkers, that you not only buff everything else in the game (some got repeated buffs), but can’t throw the Stalker pilots any bones at all, ever?

    I’m building my Rogatka hanger, and saving up for Docs, but will always keep and from time to time, break them out to school you big, s-l-o-w bot pilots on knife fighting again, so watch your 6, and maintain your situational awareness, or you just might find my Stalkers circling your feet faster than you can target me, and chopping you off at the knees with my magnum plasma knives!

  • Jeffage

    I guess I’m a phonephobe or blind when playing any game on a phone screen. You couldn’t pay me to play War Robots on any smartphone. Maybe the size of a iPhone 6 Plus or 7 plus, but I wouldn’t carry something like that around. Get A Real Screen!

  • Jeffage

    Don’t run with knives. It’s been proven to be hazardous to somebody’s health.

  • lombardwebshop

    This update destroyed the game. Total disaster. Who is the person that thought it’s a good idea to change a perfect game?????
    Switch back asap pls!!!!

  • Tan Xing Yan

    the controller UI for shooting is too big, easy to miss click weapons when turning. In addition, rhino is still a crap in these recent over-buffed rocket damages.

  • roger gibson

    One little problem I have is the tiny beacon display when I’m trying to respawn, but that’s just life with a 4.7″ screen and fat fingers. Derpity derp.
    The complaints are piling up with the crosshairs and such. But I’ll just trust pixonic to fix stuff and tweak the new UI…right?

  • Daz

    This SUCKS!!!!!!!!

  • Balithazzarr

    I’m shooting around corners and winning more than ever before. It’s all good here. Still can’t use the action button on the gamevice. Still gotta touch it on screen that’s a shame.

  • Chief MacD

    Hoo-ah!!! Both of those suck on a good day; either one is hell on earth individually; BOTH, simultaneously, constitutes horrors of a most horrifically horrific horror-fest… Horrible…

  • Stevie

    I love this update. Beacon Rush is Awesome!!

  • Ambus Bus Frazier III

    Fun but expensive

  • Evil Fungus

    don’t get what everyone is complaining about the update is great the only thing needed is a nerf to rockets having huge AOE

  • Grant Davis

    Yes I know they have that – that’s not weapons grouping. That’s firing individual weapons

  • Mohammed Ali


  • Mohammed Ali

    I’m very happy

  • Will Jeayes

    The new beacon rush is awesome. It’s great how you can spawn in different places especially useful if your trying to defend a beacon

  • Remblie Kain

    ok it looks like Death Button Natashas are starting to pop up in lower leagues so the buffs seam to have gone in a positive direction for that one. However Furry seams to need more Durability for its size because it is so large it is not hard to miss with most weapons and can be seen easily from across most maps as a “Brawler” it loses close to half it’s durability before it gets in to “Brawling range” also it’s a Heavy Bot most would think heavy meant more Durability too . thanks for the continued upgrades and ever expanding weapon and bot variety.

  • tomotaku123

    The trebs needs to be less punishing to use…i mean a treb rajin needs to be there to suport thier team not watch them die and then cover thier teammates shut down body. Its frustrateing to see a zenit reload before you do. I think the trebs would benefit from a manual charge feature rather than an automatic one

  • Samuel May

    Please fix the targeting issues! In android the change/lock target button is too small and also unresponsive. U press individual fire buttons they respond, the target button you have to press multiple times. It should be larger and seperate from the fire buttons. Put it back at the edge please then u know where it is. Worked so well on samsung edge before.
    Something that has never worked is the choice of target it makes. Its really ridiculous. U have a thunder carnage charging in your face you try to target it knowing u have the weapons to beat it and the thing targets some sniper 1000m away. Aghhhhhhh. Its getting close to quitting time for me. I have been asking for this for months now im getting annoyed. Please fix very soon.

  • Verum Ad Potentia

    Having given the latest update a chance, I have to say, congratulations Pixonuc! You have finally ruined the Stalker. It is no longer even a “challenge” to me to go fury and lance hunting. In fact, I have now dropped all but 1 Stalker from my hanger, and only have that one in because I don’t have enough replacements at high enough level.

    Speed, ECM activation speed and duration, upgrades are needed to even come close to making these cool little bots anywhere near “competitive” again, and they probably need a hp increase and small weapons improvements too.

    Seriously, when was the last time the Stalker hp, speed, ECM activation or duration were upgraded?

  • Ayy lmao

  • How does it impacting the performance though? Doesnt it just store hud in the apk/app file then when switch to old hud, the image will just loaded in but may lag a little after switching it. The lag sure will be gone when the proccess is finish

  • Early Birds

    Targeting still a problem, button size on new interface, and SELECT ROBOT screen way to big, to much white smoke, and sensitivity really messed up across both iOS and android platforms

  • Mr-New-Kid 101

    Y’all are just babies… I have absolutely no trouble targeting enemy’s, the feed never blocked my veiw, and y’all must be blind if you can’t see the battle going on right infront of your eyes, not trouble seeing at all… I see not one problem in the game right now except… I think it’s takes to long to get workshop points!

  • Mr-New-Kid 101


  • naruto shipoden

    Oh no please some one tell me what you are doing look at the raigin just 10% speed, look the raigin must be powerful because if you compare it with the carnage you can see the carnage 13k and the other 15k but the carnage has a rush and speed and energy shield this is not fair .. and what about the treachubt you can get it a lot power

  • Leo Guo

    This new HUD is pretty bad for targeting, but luckily i’m enough of a veteran i instinctively know where i’m shooting. Helps a lot

  • Remblie Kain

    Rajin has a physical shield and a boosted weapons damage when in bastion mode also Rajin can climb and get to places that the Carnage can not. Yes carnage has an energy shield and is faster making it an decent beacon runner and brawler for one or two kills. However Rajin has other tactical advantages that are more suited to sniping and/or holding beacons.(Especially holding beacons that you at have captured while brawling with your carnage.) Finally Fuji is small enough that a Rajin can fit on top of it and still be in side the energy shield. A Rajin sitting on top of a Fujin also has a large enough Physical shield to defend the Fujin with out getting in the way of 90% of the fujins Firing capabilities. The two together can make a Jin Tower tower and hold center beacons for a very long time. (Especially on maps like Yamantau, Rome and Dreadnaught where the center beacon has a considerable amount of Cover. Yes I know 2 of those are test server only curently, but that can change any day.)

  • Rogério Burlacenko

    Well…..I’m game in FACEBOOK GAMEROOM and this modifications, new map and robots active in facebook server of game in ?????? One date ?

  • Ricwavy

    Why is my level 10 Gekko yellow in the 3.0 update?

  • Jared Verrett

    Make the UI targeting crosshairs adjustable on the size and location .