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Check this out: to Champion and higher… on Light robots

For August season War Robots pilot AnarchoDom set up a challenge for himself: he should beat his previous league record 6197 of league points having at least 3 light robots in his hangar.

Impossible? Maybe. Or maybe not.

To keep track of his journey, Dominic started a blog series. One post a day, he describes his progress with all the details: what he experimented with, how it went and what he’s going to try next day.

“I have tried in the past to rise up in leagues and make it to Champions using only maxed out light robots. It was during the era of the Ancilots, prior to the changes to all rocket weapons and the more recent rebalancing of weapons. In that time, I sunk in leagues level because what little points I earned were totally absorbed by only one defeat. After two weeks, I changed approach and simply played whatever I saw fit. (Including an all-Natasha hangar.)

I now have the honor to be a proud member of Dominion – Elite. I learned a lot playing with my new clanmates and more importantly, I found myself in a position where I was freer in my playstyle since I didn’t have to look over my shoulder as much as when playing solo. These recent successes pushed me up into Champions league and now, well, my old light bots challenge made no sense anymore.

This is why I came up with a variant. I will play the whole August season with a minimum of 3 light robots in my hangar. I’m keeping myself 2 slots for other types of bots. This is for better enjoyment – I like playing almost all the bots – but also because keeping my league points earnings high enough requires the ability to deal some real damage”

Go follow the Lil’Champs Challenge blog if you’re into some good reading.

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And here’s a light robots compendium by RollingThunder which is super handy as well!

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  • disqus_3TJztzfR0d

    Good Luck, I personally hope that you get owned so you can blog that to pixonic because all you’re doing now is making it less of a chance they fix the problems. They obviously don’t listen to anyone else about upgrading the light bots or medium bots. You’re going to get smashed up pretty bad by the ancilots and tulumbas because that’s what everyone has. There’s people here that use only 5 light bots and when they face a clan they don’t stand a chance because it’s a full on heavy brigade. Who knows maybe you can only make trophies solo because they’re easier drops or maybe you can only do it with a clan. It isn’t impossible to do well in a light bot but when you face a clan that rushes all lances for the first 3 turns you’re going to find it frustrating you can’t dish the heat you want or even get to a beacon l. Your speed can’t out run the orkans and tulumbas and zeus or trebuchet especially since that is basically all you will see. I wouldn’t suggest the Jesse bot with aphids, it maybe good agaisnt griffins sometimes but not lances with shields. You hit them with both sets of aphids and the shield will be charged up before you are ready to reload. What they should do is decrease the recharge time on the shield or make a weapon for light bots and medium bots only that stun shield growth momentarily and fix time it takes for tulumbas to comeback or take the rechargeable firing for it all together since it already dishes more than enough damage in 1 volley, Add 10k health to all the light and medium bots. Give the light bots like gareth and jesse a minimum 4 to 5 seconds of stealth for when they turn shield off or switch weapons. Make the stalkers stealth come back quicker or work longer. I assure you there’d be alot less of the same heavy bots if the light and medium bots were better especially if you’re paying money for them you’re going to be pretty disappointed by the way they have things now. To make the medium bots better make them faster. Most of the heavy bots already out run them all if not the same speed. 10k more health a little faster, slow the heavy bots a little bit. Maybe give more of them a free energy shield like dash mk2 or carnage. Probably a golem because it’s a cool bot just not practical anymore.

  • Dominic Claveau

    Thanks for the feedback! The challenge is going well, at the moment. I belong to a strong clan and also have badass friends in the game. Also, I try to play defensively and really focus on teamwork.

    Of course, it gets really tough against full squads of Ancilots, but I’ve learned how to deal with them. Anyways, in our clan, there is a strong emphasis on focused fire: everybody in line of sight shoots at the same bot. Bringing down an Ancile for my DB Griff friends seems to work well.

    Interesting suggestions you’re making! Of course, anything that makes my Lil’Champs better is cool!