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The Iron Library — a new place for guides and stories

Earlier this month we ran a contest in which we suggested people to write a War Robots-related article on a topic of their choice. The response was much louder than we expected: we received more than four hundred works, 426 to be precise. We read them all and rewarded 65 people for their amazing efforts.

But after we finished, another challenge appeared.

What to do with all these writings?

There was a lot of cool stuff in the competition. Guides on robots, guides on maps, guides on certain niche tactics or piloting techniques. Small articles, big articles and whole encyclopedias built both both around general knowledge and some specific topics. Also — essays, fiction, gameplay ideas… And so on and so forth.

For these writings we created a new section in this blog called “The Iron Library“. Here it is.


How we approach The Iron Library?

  • We sent an email to authors of all writings we plan to publish.
  • We’re not going to publish the articles without writers agreement.
  • If authors have their own WR-related projects (think blogs, YouTube channels, etc.), we feature them in the article.
  • We also do some light editing to iron out some lesser flaws, but not going to change author’s perspective or writing style in any way.


How often new articles will be published?

The plan right now is to publish new articles every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Be sure to come back every now and again!


What will happen to The Iron Library once we’re out of contestants’ writing?

Most likely, by that time we’ll have a new War Robots website up and running.

Our current Library is made pretty much from sticks and matches, and so far it is very limited functionality-wise. On a new website we’ll have a much better place for pilots’ wisdom — we’ll show it to you very soon.


How do I write for The Iron Library?

We’re not collecting new submissions just yet… but sometimes we might as well do. If you have a blog or got anything cool written already, just drop a word to

  • Skitzn Skeeta

    First Comment. Hi war robots community. Check my YouTube channel out. Skitzn Skeeta.. Thanks…. Love You PIXONIC

  • Vegetarian

    Why the number of available maps is so small? It is the absolute optimum for a cost development I am taking part in the Robot Wars quite long and I am thinking about leaving the community and stop playing.

  • Jamaal Watkins

    Beware those who as a squad will abandon you to the enemy. My win percentage dropped from 63% to 28% in less than 1 day because of multiple players like that.

  • winston

    I find a lot of War robots articles on the web but a lot of them are outdated, talking about using Low Bot Level and high weapon level to stay in the lower league to farm gold, or telling players to forget about Zenits, Noricum, Molots, Punishers, Gekkos, as they are too “weak” in favor of rockets like Orkan, Tulumbas or Plasma like Tarans. With the many rebalance of bots and weapons, i hope there will be newer guides and more updated builds, including new weapons like the Tempest, Hopefully when the new Korean Dash Bots arrive, new guides will be ready.