New mode! First look at Beacon Rush

During one of the latest test server weekends we got rid of beacons, which turned the battleground into pure unstructured chaos — that was what people call “Deathmatch”. We liked the reception of it, and now we are exploring what can be done to flesh out this crazy, yet fun mess into a proper game mode.

Today’s article is not about Deathmatch though. We were also experimenting with another mode which we called “Beacon Rush”, and this actually is Deathmatch’s complete opposite: instead of removing the territory control aspect altogether it emphasizes it. Overall, Beacon Rush is very similar to War Robots base game mode, but there’s one key difference: you can deploy your robots not only on your base, but also near any beacon your team controls.

You might ask: “Okay, you just allow people to spawn on beacons — but why is it a big deal?” It definitely seems like a tiny change on words, but in practice it is enough to dramatically shift game’s flow and revive old robots and tactics you might have totally forgotten about.

When talking about gameplay, there are no small changes. Games are systems, and all their parts affect each other in some way. And when you need something big to happen, sometimes it’s enough to tweak a single variable so it pulls along a whole groups of separate entities.

So what may change in the Beacon Rush case? To give you a better picture, we’ll give you some ideas on what to try next time you land on this mode. 


Beacon Rush: 5 ideas to try

First idea

Use fast robots to capture beacons so your teammates can spawn their heavies there

That’s quite an obvious one. In Beacon Rush your Cossacks and Gepards might find a new role to shine in, acting as tiny dropships that carry heavy robots in their back pockets. By quickly capturing beacons they let their teammates to spawn much closer to the enemy lines, thus helping slow robots to save some precious time on reaching the fight.

Second idea

Close-quarters Fury — maybe it isn’t that bad after all?

The key reason why most people opted for mid-long range builds on robots like Fury and Butch is their slow movement speed and lack of protection. When you stick 3 Thunders on Fury, you usually get melted long before someone allows you to put them into action.

Now with beacon spawns you have a workaround for it. Is this workaround good enough to ensure that slow glass-cannon can become effective? Let’s see!

Third idea

Go long-range… and tell us how it was

You probably already imagined how inconvenient it will be to snipe people from platform on Yamantau when angry enemy Lancelots spawn right before your face. Our playtests showed that death of sniper class is highly doubtful in Beacon Rush, but being effective on a long-range build is going to require much more positional awareness. Knowing surroundings and ability to switch the position when needed is what will define great snipers among simply good ones.

Also, it’ll probably be a good idea to try out quicker robots as snipers. What about Carnage? Or even Shutze? Those who can stay on a periphery of a fight and quickly retreat when said fight gets too close to them may get their chance to shine.


Fourth idea

Go crazy!

In Beacon Rush something that neither you or us could ever predict might suddenly start showing great results. Long skirmishes over a single beacon funnel all the robots towards a single small area — maybe it’s time to bring along your long-forgotten Noricums? Or full-turtle ECU-Patton dancing around a single point while your opponents try to contest it — is this really that bad of an idea now?

Whatever comes to your mind — it never hurts to try!

And one more…

Break it!

Here’s a brief example of a small Beacon Rush-specific balance tweak. To avoid infinite fights over a single point we made all robots to respawn outside of a capture zone. In our playtests thas was usually enough to ensure that beacon capturing actually progresses if attackers do a good job contesting it.

But will it be enough in ALL cases? Maybe not. Some things will definitely go wrong, and we encourage you to look for these as hard as possible.


Also: new combat HUD!

For Beacon Rush we added an overview screen showing the whole map and points available for deploy. Using it, you can see where your allies and opponents are and quickly assess the situation to go for the best play.  

In order to make it work we remade the rest of the combat interface almost from the ground-up. Our UI code called for an overhaul for a long time already, so Beacon Rush came up as a great opportunity to finally commit to it. Of course, this is only the beginning of another long story: we plan to add much more functionality to the new HUD as time goes.

Here are some player videos showing the new HUD.



Of course, most things you see on preview pictures and videos are subject to change. After first public runs on the test server we’re making adjustments according to your feedback: HP bars will make their return to the top-left corner, targeting reticle will take less space on the screen, ability buttons will be more responsive and so on. We aim to make both Beacon Rush and new HUD as polished as possible by their release, which is currently stated for August. 

Stay tuned!

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  • Arthur Musayelyan

    Sounds not bad, will see

  • Miko Johnson Co

    Hi. Just want to clarify you can’t have a 4 ECU patton…only 2 on the sides lol.

  • THOR

    Can you make it possible for us to choose which HUD we use with an option to switch to the Classic HUD?

  • John Amanda

    Sounds like a very positive move! Keep up the good work! The game has great potential, I’m looking forward to a bright future as a fellow WR player and enthusiast.

  • Agustin Garcia

    Stupid cosmetic changes. Nothing more. What good is this? I’ve soent money on this game like an idiot. Only to have a Mamma’s boy with zero skill and a bigger credit card come in and render everything I’ve accomplished useless. Spawn points? You mean rocket pits? Do you idiots not see it happening? How about fixing the team selection? How about fixing the never-ending connection issues? I can’t wait for Battle Titans to come out and put these developers out of business. And go ahead and ban me. Show what good communist dirtbags you are.

  • Omega Wr

    If you are going to add this game mode pls remove yametau (just for this game mode) because on that map you need center to win and it would turn into whoever gets center first wins the game

  • Dhruv

    Haters gonna hate, hate, hate.

  • tecwzrd

    You are probably playing in a league that is too high for your bot levels. I stick to high gold and only run light and medium bots and the only money I spend is for premium for the silver. You can earn $600+ gold each week if you play about 20+ games a day earning the daily bonuses. Play more and earn more. Been playing for over a year now with 5000+ wins and slowly leveled up my bots and weapons. Sure you can buy a great setup but it’s more expensive and not as rewarding as earning it. If you think a new game is not going to be pay to play with some players you haven’t played games very long.

  • Rasilio

    Not that I agree with Mr Garcia above but 20+ games a day? Are you serious?

    Average game lasts about 7.5 minutes, throw in time for results review and to connect to a new game and you are looking at around 1 game every 9 minutes.

    20 games at 9 minutes each is 3 hours per day. Now I love WWR but you you are spending 3 hours a day every day playing it you are a loser who needs to get your lifes priorities in order.

  • Tim Coggins

    Actually, I think that map might be one of the more interesting ones for this mode. A squad could intentionally give up the center beacon and wait with high power bots for the spawning to begin. It would amount to a spawn killing on this map. That is something that has never happened before on this map on any battle that I have had on this map. A team can be destroyed pretty quick with an effective spawn kill rampage.

  • william scerini

    I have been playing for over a year and a half. I love this game. One thing for sure that I have seen if it is not working or causes a lopsided playing they will change it and fix it. They are always tweaking this game to make it more enjoyable for all level of players. I find the bonuses and what not more than generous to have me getting all the bots I desire by saving and working towards them. If I have and criticism at all it would be the latest layer of points to collect to purchase the newest bots, and possibly the next generation ones as well. I thought it totally unnecessary when we already had 3 layers, silver, gold and tech, to add this forth, influence. Even more so when on the far end it seems to be 1 to 1 gold for influence anyways. Oh those bots are steep! It takes me many months to save 5000 gold as it is then it would still not be enough to buy some of those bots. Rant over! Keep up the good work can’t wait to see what is next!

  • Chris Parkin

    All on line games have people who live on them and thus achieve better and faster. Why so surprised at 3 hrs per day. I like WR and usually play 45 to 60 minutes while watching TV a day. Been playing for 2 months and am in gold league now. Can you go back to lower leagues?

  • Heathen Cat

    Leave the HUD as is please. Can’t see the crosshairs well in the old one. Can’t see the crosshairs at all in the new one. The old one just needs a brighter, higher contrast color so it can easily be seen at all times. The pale blue is more difficult to see when pasted against the sky. No thank you, please.

    When are you going to fix the match making algorithm? Uneven matching is a far too common occurance. And your league rankings are screwing it up even more by allowing tankers to play far out of their hanger levels.

    A player with a 3 slot hanger should not be facing players with 4-5 slot hangers. They should be facing players with 3 slots.
    Players with an average bot size of medium across their 3 slot hanger should not be facing 4-5 slot hangers with bot size averages of heavy. They should be facing other 3 slot hangers with an average bot size of medium. It’s even possible to closely match hangers by rounding up or down to the nearest size difference. Just so long as it isn’t extreme as it is now.
    Players with an average bot upgrade across their hanger of 7 should not be facing players with average bot upgrade levels of 8-12.
    Players with weapon size averages across their hangers of light/medium sizes should not be facing players with weapon size averages of medium/heavy and above.
    Players with weapon upgrade averages across their hangers of 6 should not be facing players with weapon upgrade averages of 7-12.

    If you average out hangers in the manner I described you get 4 numbers.
    A bot size average.
    A bot upgrade average.
    A weapon size average.
    A weapon upgrade average.
    Add slots and you have a 5th number.
    5 numbers that can be used to compare hangers for creating battle matching. It’s just slots, sizes and upgrades. It’s not complicated.

    It doesn’t allow tanking to affect the matching in any manner at all. Change your hanger dramatically, or even marginally and youwill get a whole new set of averages to be matched with. No more seal clubbing. Sure some idiot might decide to load their hanger with a couple of 12/12 bots. They’re still going to be facing 6 other players with hanger averages that match theirs. All it would take is for a couple of opposing players to gang up on them and they’re dead. Just as happens now. Then they’re left with lesser equipment that might not match their opponents. It evens itself out. It’s fair. It’s untankable. And it would kill the leavers league BS that you have inflicted upon not only those who game the system but those seeking fair and even matches.

    These new ideas for beacons and such would be great…if some of the maps were larger. Strategy and tactics over toe to toe brawling as it seems you are driving this game towards. A too small moon map that too many opt not to play. The new prototype maps are also too small. No room to manuever, just straight up brawling. And you’re going to add bots with crazy speed and manuevering abilities that will just promote spawn camping? Why?? Might as well be called Street Fighter instead of War Robots. What war? It’s just turning into gladitorial arena fighting. You could call that one playing method Last Man Standing if you made it play as every player for themselves. Might as well go all the way into the gladitorial fighting since you’re just one step away already.

  • Gica Contra

    Yes sure, Battle Titans will be for free. It is unbelievable how some of you thin: I want to have a good product but to be free. So, if I understand you go to job and you have no problem to not be pay? What also is funny that some idiots don’t know yet, after more that 25 years is Russia is not a communist contry anymore. Also rest of Europe’s contry. So, go back to school. :)))

  • Oak Whelie

    Maybe they actually plan to make that possible 😮

  • Oak Whelie

    PC gamers could spend up to 6 hours a day, in holiday ot would be almost full day. Nothing surprising

  • Oak Whelie

    The new UI is very bad. The controls are waaay too small. Bring them back to the old UI size. The ability button should be atleast twice bigger than what it currently is. With such a small button i have to type 5 times to actually hit it. Also, why change the location of the lock-on button? The new one is harder to tap

  • Heathen Cat

    There are a great many losers in the Legends League then. Just look at the number of cups those players accumulate. You don’t get those kinds of numbers just playing an hour here and an hour there. Those people are truly living the game. lol

  • Heathen Cat

    Hell, I made Gold I in a week. And it only took me an hour a day. Of course it was on Amazon and the player pool is rather stunted. lol

  • Andy Bushy

    Last time on test, each you chose a blue beacon to spawn at it seems 100% of the time your chosen bot spawned backwards with your back to the enemy. I guess I can kinda see the thinking behind that decision but can you possibly (when this mode is next tested) allow the chosen bot to spawn facing the action. This will allow those of us who tested the previous method to give a fair and reasonable comparison between the two spawning directions.

  • Ben Howard

    I totally agree. I currently have 1 lvl 10 bot (Gareth) 1 lvl 9 (griffin) 1 lvl 5 (Galahad) and my 4th is usually lvl 6 or 7 that I swap out depending on the daily gold quests. After the last update, I went from facing people with similar hangars to people with all 10+ hangars. Add in the fact that now too many people are just silver farming trying to damage only and not trying to win has really forced me to play in a different manner. In almost every battle I am at the top or tied for the top number of beacons capped. If i am tied for the most, I am usually on the winning side. If I have the most for my team, then that means I have done almost all of the beacon capping while everyone else has just gone for damage and we lose. Now I still cap beacons in the beginning of the fight then just try and farm damage and kills so that when I am on the losing side I do not lose too many league points. It is very frustrating when I am on the losing side 12 battles in a row due to campers. Please revamp the league point system again so that those that really work for the objectives of the map and lose are not punished as much as those that just want to farm silver.

  • Ashton McMahan

    4x ecu? Do you even know your own game?

  • Joey Gates

    With new game modes, let us customize our hangar for each mode, a death match hangar, a capture the flag hangar etc… Also I hope the spawn has 3 second invulnerability to prevent camping
    I also want an options menu to change the HUD size and location

  • FilthyNovice

    You call them “communist dirtbags” right after whining about people spending more money than you to advance? The irony is delicious.

    Also, most importantly, rather than complain about other people buying better equipment, all you need to do is ~SPOILER~

    git gud

  • Jason Connor

    That will be really nice option for the seasoned players that are used to the current HUD. And I know in fact that a lot of my clan mates dislike the new UI look on the test server last weekend.

  • Inductor333

    In war robots buying anything is extremely expensive so pretty much no one will buy more than premium. I bet most of the top players haven’t spent any more than, maybe, 400$. 400 may sound like a lot but remember that it would of taken a very long time of premium and maybe a little gold here and there to reach the top. actually BUYING silver and gold in full means you need deep space pockets of infinity and balls of an idiot. Premium is pretty good though.

  • Double A Frank

    I appreciate your frustration. I know it well. However, I find the proposed dynamics may enhance the opportunity to exploit new tactics such that bot builds will be more dynamic and the game will not become stagnant.

  • Double A Frank

    I am there with you brotha! Campers and farmers that game the system are extremely aggravating.

  • Putriska Mephallica

    Is there an endurance mode of it like a royal rumble every 2 hours and see how many players can jump in and earn their points. Instead of 6v6 because they never usually are, some pilots bail out if they don’t like the stage and ruins the whole gameplay. The server should be able to handle that. Only 6 on both sides in battle but 60 in line ready to engage. Levels are by league ranks also.

  • Putriska Mephallica

    Yeah rocket bbq spits all that metal gone. When did bottle rockets became like bombs that is more destructive than a missile and an actual bombardment looks like confettis. How about some land mines and napalm?

  • Putriska Mephallica

    No need to hate just show respect after you checkout their stats. It’s not hard to figure out who you should look up to and just let the kids play their high level toys with few hundreds of victories. Just watch out for those with thousands and double digit straight wins, they don’t want to live anymore but they’re already ‘tron’ed with the game.

  • Putriska Mephallica

    They’re also friends and families of the game developers. The clan zero

  • Putriska Mephallica

    Maybe they’re too cool for school?, ha! ha!

  • Putriska Mephallica

    War Robots was and has been hackable before where you can get a million of gold and silver before you start playing.

  • Jeff Rogers

    Just an idea…….

    Game Mode: Defend and Conquer
    – Aggressors are attacking a military base.
    – They must destroy 5 Prototype Robots.
    -Prototype Robots are hidden in Hangers.
    -There are 7 Hangers and Prototype Robots are placed Randomly at start of game.
    – Prototype Robots are “Tagged” when found, allowing allies to locate them easier.
    -There are 4 Gates into the Compound and Agressors Spawn/ Respawn Randomly outside the gates
    -Denfenders have 4 Random Spawn/ Respawn  Points inside the base.
    -Defenders must protect All Prototype Robots from being destroyed.

    Victories would be;
    – Major; All Prototypes Destroyed/ Defended
    – Partial; 4 Prototypes Destroyed/ Defended
    – Minor; 3 Prototypes Destroyed/ Defended

  • Wilhelm Bayona

    You still need to fix the target selection. If i am facing multiple enemies in one direction, the target should be the closest threat first. It keeps cycling through all the enemies and you end up getting hit by the closest immediate threat.

  • Wilhelm Bayona

    Also, more hangars to keep teams of robots, so we can keep our fast robots in one hangar, our heavies in one, or combine them. And i know it might be trivial, but having the option to name your bots might be a good tweak to personalize them apart from the expensive paint jobs.

  • Timothy Gilbert

    I made comment that 1, 2 and 3rd in command leadership ie, military style leadership and disciplinary program. If one bails he or she gets addressed for going abandoning the battlefield. And possibly could warrant a 24 hour game play suspension or so. See my post comment. I play as Lt.Col-Gilbert.

  • Timothy Gilbert

    It all leadership corrected see my comments

  • rich franco

    Or just get rid of the hanger all together and just limit the number of bots used per battle.

  • Viagrinal X

    I agree, the HUD was way to small especially if u play on a smaller device..the option to pick which you would implement would be nice.

  • vinson c (NECRO666)

    It’s all stupid you should not be able to drop on the other side or close to anyone’s beacon.Good job Pix

  • DrLawyer DDS

    I have thought, for quite a while now, that being able to choose my load out, of pre built bots, at the start of a match would diversify game play more than anything else. I have built so many variations that I would pick for certain maps, but they don’t work well enough for many other situations. For example I love homing missiles, but the bridge levels render them useless, so they are not in my default loadout. Let us choose which bots to load at the announcement of the map. Please.


    Lol, sounds good to me, my post name was deleted so i go by “piløt 5150” cya and thanks for your service.

  • Killer

    I was wondering if you could put in allies’ health bars. Logically, if you could scan an enemiy’s health you could easily scan an ally. Maybe just a little thing under the name tag. It would help with the “should I rush with this guy or will he die on me in two seconds?” citations.

  • Joey Gates

    Would be interesting, have 10 available bots but only allowed to use five.

  • kapt_kanga

    I think this mode will detract from the game. The idea of speed of the robot was for you to choose when to deploy a robot as it takes time for them to get to the target. This will foster more campers in my opinion and that is not good for the game.

  • Robert Morgan

    Something I would like to see in the future is a test arena players can use to work out robot and weapon loadouts before going into combat that could effect rankings. This way we can try out newly purchased items before we waste the time and possibly cause teammates to lose rank from a loss. Knowing what your robots can and can’t do in a fight beforehand will greatly increase everyone’s effectiveness in combat.

  • adhi hendarta

    That moment you spawn at the front line with your sniper bot 😂.

  • Timothy Goshorn

    Looks like another way to trick idiots on spending more money on something that you can’t even touch in reality. Except the device they play on. This so called “free to play” game.

  • Cybertron2

    I see a lot complains from players about their teammates who just want to make kill and don’t care about beacons capture. To make beacons to be more attractive and important to players, your Pix guys should make it have more important role in the battle field. It shoudl become a place where pilots can take more fuel or bullets, missiles for their bots. This way the battle will become more real battle like in real life. Instead of beacons, make them become a kind of warehouses, where store fuel, bullets, missiles … etc. To have more chance to win or survive, a pilot and his team must occupy those warehouses. When you nearly run out of fuel or bullets, you must go to a warehouse to refill. If your enemy control them, you and your team will run out of fuel and bullets/missile then become useless. Now, do your guys want to leave those beacons/warehouses to red team anymore?

  • Cybertron2

    I see a lot complains from players about their teammates who just want to make kill and don’t care about beacons capture. To make beacons to be more attractive and important to players, your Pix guys should make it have more important role in the battle field. It shoudl become a place where pilots can take more fuel or bullets, missiles for their bots. This way the battle will become more real battle like in real life. Instead of beacons, make them become a kind of warehouses, where store fuel, bullets, missiles … etc. To have more chance to win or survive, a pilot and his team must occupy those warehouses. When you nearly run out of fuel or bullets, you must go to a warehouse to refill. If your enemy control them, your bot and your team’s bots will run out of fuel and bullets/missile then become useless. Now, do your guys want to leave those beacons/warehouses to red team anymore?
    Instead of let time bar deplete when a team captured more beacons than other team, you may make the beacons/warehouses won’t supply enough fuel and bullets to a team, so a team must occupy warehouses as many as possible then have advantage over other team because 1 or 2 warehouses are not enough resources for a whole team bots.
    So, there also will be more tactics and teamwork on the battle field. If you want to move from your warehouse to a red team’s warehouse, you should make sure you have enough firepower to take it, or must have teamwork to take it. Otherwise, you will run out of fuel/bullets, if don’t get killed, and may not survive to go back to your warehouse.
    Or you guys may simply make beacons become a kind of energy sources which can make bots and weapons stronger. Let’s say 5% per each beacon occupied. So if a team captured 3 beacons, they will be 15% stronger, compare to red team only 10% stronger with 2 occupied beacons. So, again, who don’t want to be stronger? Who will pass through a beacon without capturing it?

  • Bakamono desu ga

    Can u add the deatrier war xd the lvl 1 robot deathmatch that would be crazy

  • Zemunac

    I agree !

  • Remblie Kain

    Yamantau needs a few tweeks please the center beacon is good but becomes a highly contested point due the the other beacons being highly defendable and hard to get to by the other team.
    first how about a few other home base spawn points like top and bottom sides of the map instead of only the left and right plateaus this would make both teams fight over a more wide spread area of the map.
    second a more cross like beacon formation like Shenzhen has would also make the players have to use more of the map to fight for beacons especially if both empty fields on the top and bottom of the map had a beacon

  • Remblie Kain

    mmm interested but not exactly thriled with your version.

    how about this.
    durability regen slightly while on a beacon and durability regen slightly for each beacon your team holds it stacks if you are physically on a beacon. Also slightly faster weapon cool down when your team hold’s a beacon each beacon affects a different type of weapon and is randomly set at the beginning of battle one could only boots bullet guns one only boost energy weapons one only boost rockets and missiles one boost Ancile anf seconds gen weapons one only boost the weapons made with tech points like tridents or trebs

  • Remblie Kain

    oh also you gain a per 10second damage point “multipler”/bonus (you don’t do more damage to the enemy you only get credit for the damage you could have done if you had not stuck around to capture and hold the beacon) while physically on a beacon this way players who don’t do much damage because they were capping beacons can get recognition for their contributions and be able to be ranked 1st or 2nd above players who ignored beacons and only went for the farming damage

  • Remblie Kain

    yes friendly bot hp is important I often have to look for smoke sparks or missing weapons before I know if some one needs help. every once in a blue moon I find some one using discord who asks for help and I am able to run to their side and provide some cover fire or shielding but not many use discord app while playing

  • Remblie Kain

    this would be great and perhaps it could be available of line as well so if you have no signal or low on data you can use the test arena at least and make changes to your hangar though these changes would not load to your on line profile in till the next time you connect to on line

  • Slacker366

    Please do something about the pilots who leave after losing 1 bot or after the enemy takes 3 beacons. This is starting to get really old!!! Love the game other then that but this problem has gotten much worse since beacon rush was introduced.