Making of Kumiho, Haechi and Bulgasari. Part 2: Gameplay

Last week we took a first proper look at three new robots, discussing their art and origins. Today we’re going to tell you more about how they play and what role they will fill on War Robots battlegrounds.

Making of Kumiho, Haechi and Bulgasari. Part 1: Art and Origins

What we wanted to achieve

Let’s face it: in high tiers War Robots doesn’t allow much place for agile robots. Updated Rogatka shook things up a bit, but eventually the situation shifted back to where it was before. Here are some stats: as of version 2.8 about 88% of all robots spawned in Master league and above were Lancelots, Griffins, Galahads and Furies. Not so much of diversity, huh?

In lower leagues the picture happens to be much broader, but not because people there don’t yet have an access to higher tier robots — not necessarily. People there are much more keen to experiment. If we go higher, min-maxing aspect slowly but surely takes over. Which is alright, because, you know, why would you go for a suboptimal build when your goal is to be the best among the best?

The reason for that? There aren’t many variables to play around with. You take Galahad and Lancelot for supreme protection. You pick Griffin if you want a jail free card with its ability to quickly jump into safety. You pick Fury (or Butch, if you prefer) for long range sniping. And that’s pretty much it.



With Kumiho, Haechi and Bulgasari our goal was to create a new niche: robots that rely more on agility and less on raw power. You can argue that we had something like that before — and you will be absolutely right. Although now we’re pushing the envelope even further. Take Griffin: its mobility is highly situational and can be used only once in a while. Whereas new robots can change their position much more often.

What are they made of? Let’s take a look.



Dash ability icon

Kumiho is the fastest out of the bunch: a nimble skirmisher best suited for hunting down slow-moving targets. In skillful hands it easily disrupts the enemy backline while remaining almost impossible to catch. Kumiho is similar to Rogatka in many regards: it has similar durability and carries 2 medium slots. But instead of jumping it dashes — in any direction other than “upwards”.

One dash expends one charge. You can store up to 2 of these. In Kumiho’s case (for others it takes longer) one charge refills every 5 seconds. The fact that you can store 2 dash charges means that you have an access to some quite advanced moves. For example, you can dash right after dash to dash in a complex trajectory, and also you can change the direction of your movement mid-air. 



While Kumiho is more of a lone flanker, Haechi is great at leading small strike teams. It is slightly less agile than Kumiho: Haechi’s movement speed is lower and its dash recharge takes slightly more time. But Haechi compensates this with an energy barrier covering everything around it. If you ever used Carnage or any other robot with Ancile, that will feel very familiar to you.

One more amazing thing about it is that Haechi can fish for enemy rockets for eternity. Take a barrage or two face-on — and then dash behind the cover to regenerate your barrier.



Bulgasari has a physical shield which helps it survive under heavy fire. But it (of course!) can also dash to quickly retreat from a sticky situation. Or get into one.

Bulgasari provides probably the most interesting shield interaction among many other robots. Its physical shield doesn’t cover the entire hull — you have to turn the body so the shield faces the opponent. You cannot defend and fight back at the same time, like Lancelot or Rhino — you should choose what is more important at the moment. An enemy robot is firing at you? Duck and cover. An opponent just went on reload? Sweet, go and show him your other side — the one where your weapons are.




After watching people play Dash robots on a test server, many expressed some concerns about their place in the game. Let’s address these.

Where are these three class-wise?

You can suggest that Kumiho is a light robot, Haechi is a medium one and Bulgasari is heavy, but this is not exactly the case here. We are gradually moving away from our old classification: new robots are all balanced around the same weight category, but each has its own shtick that allows it to stand out.

Kumiho is all about skill and evasion. When you master its movement patterns, you can be an annoying little flea up until you get enough of it — but stay still for a few seconds and you’ll get melted in a blink of an eye. If you prefer a more straightforward approach, choose Haechi and Bulgasari. These two trade away some of their mobility for more protection to lead the charge head-on.

Both shields AND dash? Isn’t that… excessive?

All robots have certain power budget that we allocate between different parameters, being that HP, speed, firepower, active abilities or protection against certain types of damage. Kumiho has no shields at all, but it makes up for it with having superior mobility. Haechi and Bulgasari are better protected, but in exchange these two are significantly less nimble. We give them something — we take something back.

Also worth noting: energy barriers and physical shields became an integral part of War Robots ecosystem. Building sensible interactions between different types of weapons is one of our goals in building both solid and flexible metagame.

I don’t know, that still sounds pretty overpowered to me…

We keep testing Kumiho, Haechi and Bulgasari both internally and on the test server, and it’s up to us to ensure that all the numbers are in the right ballpark. There’s, however, another concern: skill ceiling for new robots is much higher than for anything we ever made before. From one point of view, that’s great: after acquiring, say, Kumiho, you can get better at using it. But when the progress will stop?

To accord the balance to everyone’s indefinite skill growth is a really tricky part by itself. The better people become at piloting high-skill robots, the better results these robots start to show. Shall we cut their power if people using the holy Kumi-Hae-Bu trinity start to outright dominate the meta? We might. And we believe you should know about that in advance.

Not like we intend to make them useless after some brief honeymoon period. We want new robots to be great and (most importantly!) fun counter to certain playstyles, and remain this way in a long run. However, everything should have its place and role — and older robots are never the exception.


Bonus. Here’s some fan footage from one of our latest test server sessions.

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  • Sword DBZ

    Thanks for the information guys. I like when you keep us in the loop.

  • King Kelp

    Can’t wait, and BTW, thank you guys for keeping the War Robots Community updated!

  • Ron Teel

    Cool looking robots, can’t wait until we can get one. I do have one concern, I wish there were other options for getting rewards other than the ones in place. I know you can purchase them with real money, but for me I would rather earn them, that way it is a challenge and I feel like I have accomplished something. Only being able to get 30 of the new point each day almost seems a waste of time. I do enjoy the game a lot, and the graphics are second to none, so thank you all for designing such an entertaining game and keep up the superior work.

  • stygianumbra

    Considering the old lag cheats/bugs the light looks an awful lot like lag cheat on demand in addition to the usual lag. They will unbalance the prevalence of heavies sure but the means you come up with to achieve that goal is bouncing around like some kind of glitch? Why not give the ability to run much faster instead and return the ability to step backwards and refine it which provided an excellent way to avoid fire? There are better ways to fix that problem than glitchy bouncing bots.

  • Mjk Wolf

    I have a question would the fury ever get side wepons such as medium or light wepons on the side of the robots so it wont be helpless in battles

  • WildStar

    look great!!!

  • Oan Zia

    I think it’s simply phenomenal! CAN?T WAIT TO BUY THEM AND TRY AS WELL

  • Pauriagum Mangpao

    Waiting desperately and wishing the prize at the minimum

  • Christian Basurto

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuc we going to die tho

  • R_W_S

    Sure hope not, that’s what natasha is for.

  • Viva LaResistance

    So it won’t be helpless in battles?
    But what about those times when everything else is helpless due to Fury’s dominating a map like Canyon?


    I’m still not going to “pay to play” that’s for losers with small penises

  • Viva LaResistance

    There are many ways to skin a cat.
    This is the way they chose to skin this one.
    They aren’t glitchy at all. The action and movement is quite smooth actually and with a bit of practice, you can easily follow your aim on them.
    The fun part is trying to guess, which direction exactly they are going to go?

  • Viva LaResistance

    lol…. that’s funny.
    I thought losers thought everything should be handed to them instead of paying for stuff.

  • Cody kingcujo

    I doubt it but if your looking for something to save your fury from close bots ,
    try a thunder in the middle slot

  • Nostradamus

    Whatever you do, don’t make them cost BS influence points

  • The Dood

    The reason why there is little diversity in higher level games is because you told everybody to play their strongest hangar. You said that’s how the league system works. YOU CREATED THIS SITUATION. Developer mess up, and now customers are the ones that have to pay to fix it. What in the world…

  • Elder Statue

    Yes, influence points are WAY too expensive. And the “legit” way of getting them (not with gold) takes a good bit of time in some cases for a payout that isn’t really worth the wait

  • Timothy Goshorn

    Just another money trap for people that spend money on this game. And sleghe hammer their way through the ranks

  • tecwzrd

    All this “new” stuff and they STILL haven’t fixed the energy shields. Full hit with 2+ Aphids should not be “fully” absorbed by a small sliver of energy shield. Yes, I know I can fire single shots to weaken the energy sheild.

  • pixelstuff

    Adding more variety in the upper levels is welcome, but I think you could have achieved something similar by simply changing the upgrade scale on some of the classic bots. I mean what is the point of a Cossack having a level 12 if you have to stop using it around level 9? However if you created a Cossack scale where the bottom L1 is still 39,000 health and the top is more like 120,000 health you might see more of those bouncing around. To keep from having to re-balance the low end, maybe you could say that since most speed upgrades top out at L9, then upgrade resources upgrade the health much more rapidly starting with L10.

    The biggest problem with all of these small bots is their lack of fire power, so giving them extra durability could be just the ticket to balance things out.

  • Torus al-Nashira

    I just want my money back for my Fujin. Haechi makes it utterly obsolete.

  • pixelstuff

    I don’t know how many people have nearly quite playing because of exactly this reason, but I’m one of them. For about a year I played every day for an hour or so. After 4 months on this new League system I had enough. So now I play 3-4 games every weekend just to see if anything has changed.

  • Jay

    Great writeup, really enjoy this insight into the creation process.

  • Ethan Charlton

    Ive been playing for six months and my progression is slow and i almost always lose. Galahad, gareth are way to powerful in the lower league and its not fair. There only balenced for the higher leagues

  • Steven Erickson

    I hhave little hope Fuxonic will right the sinking WR ship.

  • Jason brown

    Lm.a.o. They said above…”Will we take some of their power later…” OF VOURSE YOU WILL! It’s what you do best and it’s nothing short of stealing from us. You introduce a new weapon or bot then tip the scales of gameplay to where one has to almost have this new thing to survive then after they spend all that time, effort and in most cases money, (which is why you do it), after all that one does to build that new thing up to a point where it’s useful you then take away some of its power, usefulness and or ability. Or you plain out cut its damage and or take some of its ammo capacity. You did it with the trebs, Molots, publishers, etc.. It’s stealing plain and simple. You need to stop it. You use the community as an excuse because so many cry that oh those bots are too powerful or that weapon has too much ammo. B.s. put the work in like everybody else and stop crying. But that’s an open excuse for you to change things. Well buddies, when you sell something and say it has 400 bullets capacity and the. You cut it in half or worse AFTER I bought it. That’s no different than stealing from me. How do you justify that? You can’t! And this new points system? I’m not selling you my f.b. friends for a few measly points that don’t add up to anything or that take so darned many to get anything. Why don’t you come up with something good and fair? When you have a good quality fair product you don’t have to be underhanded. People will buy it because it’s good and they feel they got wht they paid for.

  • Jason brown

    I wish I could like your statement 4 billion

  • Butrint Fejzullahu

    The reason why there is little diversity in higher level games is because you told everybody to play their strongest hangar. You said that’s how the league system works. YOU CREATED THIS SITUATION. Developer mess up, and now customers are the ones that have to pay to fix it. What in the world.

  • Skitzn Skeeta

    Can’t wait to get my hands on one…… Release date #Pixonic????

  • John Barker

    The influence point system is a scam! I’m a vet at this game, been playing since it was new. I enjoy the difficulty and the slow progression of upgrading! Love saving gold for new bots, silver….I VIP every month now, otherwise as a clan leader I would be behind the curve of my clan, and always keep something in the upgrade oven, and never speed them up. Now let’s talk about influence points…very not sexy! I and most of my clan don’t do Facebook so urging 1 friend to download this game and play till lvl 5, it’s just not gonna happen. Please rethink the way influence points are earned. If it’s the thought that not enough people play your game, and using us vets as your pawns to recruit new meat to WR is disheartening. I am a part of your test server, and loved the bulgasari! Unfortunately the 12000 gold it would take to convert to influence points to purchase him, I’ll probably never do. I spend money on gold every month, not for me but for my top performing clan mates. Ok, enough said, I really love you game. The logistics, the competition and the surprises of new things coming to your game almost monthly now. You have created a very amazing game, my wife and oldest daughter are both in my clan, so it’s even a family event when we all get to play! Thanks…(KrZy) SANITARYASYLUM. Clan rank 266.

  • Dhruv

    Shut up and take my money! Just dont make them rediculously costly :/


    Yes John barker is a true player good man, I don’t pay to play and i still enjoy the game these new robots don’t worry me I’ll just max more publishers. Play on

  • Dhruv

    Please think how ro make golemand vitz more viable. I am one of those guys who u mentiomed likes to experiment. I have almost all bots at level 9 and most weapons at level 6 and above. I am at diamond 3 and dont want to tank to gold 3 as thats not thing. But i do wanna play silver medium and light bots just for fun. Please think of a way to make these viable. Thanks !

  • Jonathan Price

    U can buy influence points in hanger use menu then under facebook intitees u will c it


    Wait! Are these north Korean robots or south Korean?

  • Bla CkGhost

    When can I buy these robots?

  • Mike Hill

    July or August is what they put out.

  • James Lowell Hinderliter

    They are only powerful if you don’t have robots equipped with missiles. The whole reloading while shooting was made to help balance out the robots with physical shields. Just throw two tumulus and two pins on a griffin and you’ll be melting gareths and gallahad a before they can get close enough to fight back, I mean anyone who plays those two rock close range weapons.

  • James Lowell Hinderliter

    Yes please don’t. Those are hard to get, I have plenty of Facebook friends but most get pretty salty about game invites thanks to games like FarmVille. Maybe you could have players earn influence daily based on the number of friends they have or something? Kind of like the workshop, but the number of slots for it is determined by the number of friends ya have maybe?

  • Jester Infester

    Yep, agreed- Influence points and Workshop points are a waste of currency (Ag). Did you know that for the price of one measly Stealth bot (7,500 Ws) one could purchase two (2) Griffin (1.7Mg) [1Ws = 470 Au| 7500Ws = 3.5M Au]. And it depletes the silver earned necessary to level-up weapons. STOP THE BURN… don’t buy workshop credits.

  • Silly Bogeer

    For one, influence points are a bit unfair to users that don’t have Facebook, and for those who don’t spend actual money, so it can be unfair to honest players.
    I would also like to make a suggestion, if things like influence points stay, could you at least make a daily reward, where you can win resources, gold, influence, weapons and other various items

  • Jonathan

    I agree with you I can’t get gold or influence points very fast either

  • RL Lamb

    Veteran player here. Not very excited about the influence points system. Not a big f’book fan. Pretty sad that I am penalized for not getting my f’book “friends” to play. I use f’book as an information tool, not a social platform… So I guess I get screwed. Thanks Pixonic.

  • Allan Chen

    That’s how they work.

  • Nottingham Hamilton

    I had had emailed about it, then left the game completely for a bit. I started playing again, but now most of the bots and weapons I had spent time and money into perfecting have been depowered or made outright useless. I’ll keep playing the game, but I’m done putting money into.

  • Troll Hulk

    I hate the fact that most of the other bots cannot be used in higher levels!!! The variety of bots is awesome but they should all be usable even in the higher tier game play. These new bots are cool but the whole slew of bots should be useful in this game!!!!! And I also agree with most of the others about the league thing kinda sucks, and the influence points from only faceboo REALLY SUCKS!!!! I only use face book to save game accounts. And another question I have is ARE WE EVER GOING TO BE ABLE TO PLAY WITH FRIENDS THAT HAVE IPHONE OR ANDROID!?!?!? Many games have combined the two together. I have many friends that said they would join if we could play together.

  • Troll Hulk

    Oh I had almost forgotten​. The rocket upgrade…. WHY?!?!? All we see now are rockets! no guns, no missiles, no lasers and even the almighty Zeus are hardly ever seen! Did you want the game this way? With only on type of projectile to be used? Look mommy all I have to do is push the big red button no skill needed. Why pay to buy any other weapon if you’ll never need it. (Hint to beginning players)

  • Jonathan

    You are right the rocket upgrade is pointless. It ruins the game for people who use stuff like Zeus and the zent

  • Jonathan

    I was. Not on the test server how do you get these new bots

  • Tony Bradbury

    So in a straight foot race, using their special abilities, against a stalker / rogatka / rhino, how do their speeds compare over distance ? Are they going to be the fastest in their “class” ?

    I do appreciate your making the effort at communicating better what your intentions are with updates, buffs, and nerfs.

    Pat on the back for that, and in my opinion, the recent changes have improved matchmaking ( when solo ), and the bot and weapon changes , overall, seem to fit in the environment.

    My biggest gripe / disappointment is that when squad-ing with clan mates or whoever of different leagues, the matchmaking is still often lopsided. I check the leagues of both sides after battles, and more often than before, it’s “fairly” equal league-wise. But there is still way to high a percentage of lopsided matches. I’ve had a fair percentage of battles ( rough guess 30% ….) where there are all diamond and experts on 1 side and masters or champions on the other. I realize there are difficulties in calculating and finding even matches from who’s available online at any given time, but please continue to work on that 😉

    That lopsidedness can discourage clan mates of different leagues from squad-ing together, which I believe is one of the strong points of the game.

    Keep on with the improvements, and I look forward to some of the new ideas you have for some flexibility in setting up your own battles with your clan mates and friends!

  • Rick Deckard

    I agree, I am not going​to give you my friends information. They are MY friends. Go get your own! Also you keep screwing your customers​, we will find another game. I promise you that!!!

  • Nizzle to the dizzle

    I have been saying the ios/android thing for a long time

  • Array

    Exactly! Pixonic has turned their “changing the game” into a stealing from the player update. It’s so lame. I have had enough of pixonic b.s. At least on this forum they can’t ban me for speaking freely, the censoring commie jerks. I made a small comment like many here on their forum and they banned me for telling the truth. To hell with Pixonic.

  • Array


  • Array

    Pixonic is a thief. Period. They are exploiting the updates to weapons to make players buy more. It’s a shameless scam and they don’t even care what we think. And to hell with Facebook and Influence points. What a sinking ship they have made.

  • Nahuel Peón

    Traduct this please guys: Todos sabemos como funciona esto, sobretodo los que ya somos veteranos. Quejarse no sirve de nada, porque el objetivo de una empresa CON FINES DE LUCRO, es generar capital. Entonces sean estrategicos y jueguen para divertirse! Mejoren las armas que les divierten, no las que hacen mas daño. No gasten dolares! total, supuestamente el objetivo de Pixonic es generar diversidad dentro del juego. Y por ultimo, cuando sientan presion, o frustracion, NO JUEGUEN! Ustedes deben pensar “que cambiaria el hecho de que deje de jugar”, pero si todos dejamos de jugar cuando el juego genere frustracion, el objetivo de los creadores pasaria a ser el de evitar que no juguemos, en vez de tratar de que gastemos dinero, en consecuencia tendriamos el War Robots que todos queremos.

    P.D: No se dejen utilizar, sean inteligentes 😉

  • Steve Conner

    I agree with most of these comments. I feel fundamentally Pixonic have broken their promise to me. Changing the game meta after months of work upgrading bots is stealing. They need to consider the money and time we give them and allow us to either trade in now useless weapons and bots or offer full credit, not the pathetic trash value.

  • Kalel Gabanes

    Honestly, the Influence Points, 2 new weapons, and the Korean bots??? I feel fine with those around. Just notice me once Pixonic. I got good intentions here.

    1. Put somehow a way to remind players to capture beacons… That’s just my problem anyways in the lower leagues BUUT ONTO THE REAL THING

    1.Affordable. I get it with the money and all but can you please lower the price? 5000 for the 5th hangar is already nose-bleeding, even just 1000 for a hangar is to ridiculous, andthe fact that I want a Orkan makes it more nose-bleeding, pluuus the fact that I need Jesse, Kumiho, and Galahad just makes the Gold earning ridiculous.

    2. Seriously though, please remind people how to play the game. The game’s broken cause I lose 5 games straight to players doing the wrong things.

    3. Worthy events. I know with the Korean bots, there’s an event. At least make the prizes and boxes and other stuffs affordable, even at least just once, give everyone a shot at winning Lancelots, Furies, Trechbuchets and stuffs.

    Pixonic, consider me as a friendly player, cause i just want my fellow players to at least experience these great bots and weapons without having to work tooooo hard and/or spending money

  • oberon lord of chaos

    Pix made my lightmedium hangar useless much gold gone. Now i Must Buy it Back! FFS. MONEY GRAB 1
    Pix doubled the power of rockets then had a double normal price cash sale MONEY GRAB 2
    Money grabs take cash and give you back today what they took away yesterday.
    I won’t spend any more cash cos its vale will be negated by the next update..
    Love the game and take what cash u get. Like Clash of Clans does.
    Ty for reading my post

  • Bla CkGhost

    thnks bro

  • BOBODAHOBO1029 Lediaev

    They scam you with the gold weapons like Zeus use to do way more damage and same did aphids also trebuchets. Yous should at least allow us exchange gold weapons for half price because I bought 3 gekkos which was a waste and it cost 2250 AU and Ancile which I won what is a waste without an ancilot so that’s 3000 gold then there is 1 trebuchet what was good until they needed it so that’s 7500 then the game play changed and my Natasha trident was useless for me.

    They get to scam you and take 5250 gold and 22500 workshop points because yous keep on buffing and debuffing weapons and then they are a waste against the new weapons and bot yous add
    Yous should just allow us to exchange gold weapons and workshop point weapons for halve price.

  • BOBODAHOBO1029 Lediaev

    They scam you with the gold weapons like Zeus use to do way more damage and same did aphids also trebuchets. Yous should at least allow us exchange gold weapons for half price because I bought 3 gekkos which was a waste and it cost 2250 AU and Ancile which I won what is a waste without an ancilot so that’s 3000 gold then there is 1 trebuchet what was good until they needed it so that’s 7500 then the game play changed and my Natasha trident was useless for me.
    They get to scam you and take 5250 gold and 22500 workshop points because yous keep on buffing and debuffing weapons and then they are a waste against the new weapons and bot yous add
    Yous should just allow us to exchange gold weapons and workshop point weapons for halve price.

  • BOBODAHOBO1029 Lediaev

    Accidentally sent twice

  • BOBODAHOBO1029 Lediaev

    They just scam you and take money and you end up wasting it and they want you to refund 1500 AU costing weapons for 660 000 silver which is a waste they should allow you to exchange for 750 AU which is halve price.

  • Jason brown

    Sounds like a credible reason to get ones purchases money back. Would be nice. I’ve stopped buying hope you have to. Only way we can get back at em. They always reply to your support emails like you’re the criminal. Totally no customer service. Hopefully one day the platforms can ban business practices like these. It really isn’t the right way to do it. I have a lot of respect for Google though that’s gonna go down the longer they are working with developers like this. I know everybody’s gotta make a buck but there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it and stealing from your customers ain’t the right way. Lmao at these greedy s.o.b.s

  • shiuh sung

    How about and why not naming them Chinese robot ? It only make sense because its a ligitamate and a larger market instead of kimchi, shochu , bulgogi bibimbap bulcrap all useless and powerless names. How about concentrate on fixing your making system first ?

  • shiuh sung

    Def south Korea and weak, will not survive the mighty rain of fire by orkan

  • Yūichirō Hyakuya

    These are too annoying to fight with.These require little to no skill at all.If you were to encounter them in Dead City,I can already tell they will do Hit-and-Run to kill you and makes it unfair to people who doesn’t have one/using other robots (Unless it’s affordable) I suggest their health should be more lower than the average because it is TOO OVERPOWERED,I had a hard time aiming at these bots since it is extremely laggy when I get close to the “shots”.Yes,their purpose is obviously to counter slow but strong Robots but at least give the slow robots a chance to defeat these…

  • Yūichirō Hyakuya

    Those who are crying about it are probably kids who don’t even have the skill.Or maybe no one’s complaining about it yet they used it as an excuse to hide what their real motive is…(Stealing)

  • pixelstuff

    For your numbers 1b, and 3, I think the thing you are missing here is the idea of the long term goals. If people could play the game for a month and buy all hangar slots and buy any bot, it would loose some of the goals to work toward. It would also weaken the appeal for pay-to-play-faster which Pixonic prefers. There is nothing in the game that requires real money, so have a little patience and keep playing.

    Your points number 1a and 2, are valid. However we have no idea the age or mental aptitude of everyone playing this game. With a million people playing there’s bound to be plenty of, shall we say, strategy challenged. There could be very young players who haven’t learned the concept of strategy yet to non-perfectionist players with no real drive to “win” since it’s just a game.

  • Jesus A Ramos

    You need to introduce chests permanently, just to get: influence P, WP, silver and gold.

  • ramon enriquez

    I don’t why the league system exist but I’m with you guy I agree

  • Swapnil Chaudhary

    You are doing great job pixonic .i really love that. I dunno why many people are complaining without any major reason or they can atleast suggest something.
    I want to direct your attention to a very small thing (not a big problem though) , which is about the projectile movement of Aphid in Android .the projectile hight in android is not similer to that in ios , so the result is that most of the time we end up hitting the full aphid salvo at the small buildings (still getting some damage though). So plz take a look at it.
    I have a suggestion too . To bring in some more contrast in the weapon catagory , why not have a Mine plotting weapon . Its Use will be to block some narrow way’s and beacon protection. Only fast bots will be able to evade it coz it will take some time to detonate. Thanx

  • oberon lord of chaos

    Yes shiny new mechs mean nothin when the basic matching is broken. Fix first then polish

  • Jonathan

    How much are the new bots.

  • tjfly3579

    Why are you so compelled to abide by the league system? If you want to play weaker robots, go for it. No one is forcing you to play your strongest hangar.

  • tjfly3579

    I’ve spent exactly $0 and am in the expert league. Having a blast all the while. I will keep building my hangar– the way I want to do it. I’ve mapped out my plan to be in the legends league @ $0 spend within 10 months.

    Finally: how do you people think pixonic keeps this game free for most folks? It is because some people spend money. I think you are in the minority, and many have a favorable opinion on the new robot menu expansion. They will invest in the new robots simply because it is something new. And then they will blow you up! Ha ha ha ha … You can’t fault the developers for that. Rather, fault the people that invested to light you up!

  • tjfly3579

    I’ve read almost all the comments, and the common theme is this: Give me everything I want for free or I’ll cry about it.
    Millennials… They are crybabies that don’t know how a free market software economy actually works.
    All of you whiners realize that the only reason you downloaded this game is that it was free right? Guess what, it still is but you want strong robots for doing nothing. And for those of you that are whining about buying weapons that don’t fire the same way, cry me a river. No one said this game was static. This game is rather dynamic, so adapt or quit.

  • Jason brown

    Well, Ty, that’s awesome for You! You of all people should be upset about this stealing most of all. Don’t you feel it’s wrong that after all that time invested and effort without the help of purchases to shorten the wait…dont you feel it’s wrong they just come along and reduce the effectiveness of what you spent so much effort on? I’m not blaming the developer for getting beat by those who buy or those who don’t when they beat me in a fight…your missing the point…im merely pointing out the criminality of the action when they without our consent, alter and reduce something that is ours. It may be virtual goods though it is our property. If you doubt that think about this. Do you think the developer would hesitate for a second to prosecute you if you were hacking the game and altering the amount of gold you had? Yeah, they would try to punish you somehow, or ban your account, (effectively taking everything you had in the game from you), and they would be claiming you stole goods from them in effect. So yeah, it irks me to no end when they take from us. I’m not crying or blaming because my little game world got upset for a day. I’m pointing out a wrong that shouldn’t be. I believe I stated I know they have to make a buck…you can’t argue the fact that they could do it in a more honest and decent way. I am so glad you achieved your goals, (probably BEFORE most of their “adjusting” started), that is quite the achievement. I wish you the best, Bro! And if I see you on the battlefield I will crush you or be crushed by you with honor and minimal cussing. Lol

  • Jason brown

    Dude, John, I’ve got so much respect for you! Just awesome, bro!

  • Jason brown

    Right on, Rick!!

  • Jason brown

    I’d have to agree on this comment.

  • Jason brown


  • Jason brown

    Rock on Dood!


    Haha! Well said Dood! i replied earlier but the commies banned it. in a nutshell:
    The only conceptual development is $$$. By their own admission and stats they are crying about variety. lets examine this…
    1. There would be more Pattons if they didnt use $ell-then-nerf tactic on aphids.
    2. The best small bot ever, Stalker would still be viable at top-tier if they hadnt nerfed magnums… which is ironic because it did what theyre hoping the light korean bot will do!!
    3. Give Golems back their speed and youd see more.
    4. Quit giving every stupid new bot some type of stupid shield and this would open up more experimentation at top-tier.

    its hilarious how theyve messed up their own game but want US to $pend their way out of it.
    company is clueless.

  • bacstian

    Agree i dont think we need new robot i think we need more weapons!!!

  • Ben Grose

    I think that haechi should be improved because other wise everyone is going to use

  • seller359

    Every thing is fine….but please dont screw these robots for events purpose only

    I havent seen the western robot trio (butch,doc and jesse )much in action until today also…all thoses robots are still no where to be seen in real game play…..

    Pixonic can put these robots for gold instead of making them up for some special event buy….atleast your development for robots wont go waste …..

    Please do consider!!

  • Jay Koehler

    Hopefully you won’t need influence points or some other new currency to purchase these new bots. They sound interesting to say the least. The game play needs a shaking up. The recent rocket update just made physical shields weaker and everyone has gone to energy shields. Not much of a big difference. I am more excited for new weapons. The best part of the game is being able to customize your favorite bots then testing the build. Oh and killing other bots=)


    The fury is a long range heavy it’s not intended for dog fighting…..

  • Jonathan



    New mechs! Are you kidding me? Why dot you fix the problems you have created first like unbalanced matches! & light to medium mechs that you rendered useless. These new bots are only gonna make it worse! The class players that can’t afford to buy the new bots will be at a disadvantage for sure because knowing you guys the cost will be some ridiculous price or bullshit influence points that’s out of reach for the people that have families and bills to pay and so that class of players won’t be getting them shiny new mechs but you can rest assured the players that can will be dominating the maps! Any players using the classic bots don’t have a fighting chance or any inexperienced players will be discouraged to play. What are you guys doing? You had a great game keyword had!

  • Lord of doom

    They make new bots and make sure you have to spend gold for them I’m not rich but would like to try different bots power it’s or not its a rip off

  • pixelstuff

    Yep the lopsided matchmaking is why I don’t squad anymore, or for that matter I hardly play anymore either. All the recent upgrades have made the game significantly more frustrating and less fun than it was for the majority of 2016.

  • Raymond Chow

    I like this game but cannot understand why Pixonic created influence point system. This just make things more complicated. Since you can buy influence point with gold, why just price those robots with gold. IMHO, those new robots are overprice. Also, the league system shouldn’t be used to match players in each battle. The matching should be based on the robots and weapons in your hanger before entering a battle. Just come up a formular for the combinations of different robots and weapons including the levels so that players without max’ed out robots and weapon have a fair chance in the battle.

  • Anthony Santistevan

    Ur league system should be everything1-4 then 5-8 then 9-12. If something is to hi then they get bumped up just make it publicly known so we can adapt.How hard is it to make energy shields weak to energy and super strong against explosives but not bullets.make physical shields have a bar on screen and super strong against energy and bullets but explosives take em out. Why do u hate long range so much? If ranged weapons did a third of the damage close range weapons did in real life we would be using swords. Trebuchet and zeuses kinda suck….a lot. And please Please fix the range on weapons. No weapon shoots 1500m OK its 1100.either make weapons shoot that far or fix their stats I don’t trust half pixonic stats. Mechs that u should leave alone.rhino.griffin.Lancelot.running theme ….medium weapons….like the only weapons on ur three new mechs……sigh.

  • Rob Engelhardt

    Yeah the aphid shield thing sucks, gotta volley fire my four racks too. I either snipe the he’ll out of them with all four long range energy, or three gatling and one shotgun In close assault. The newer gatlings are the one upgrade I like, getting out gunned by magnums at close range was lame plus they are unlimited. Not fair each weapon needs that paper, rock, scissors aspect otherwise it is just leveled up domination.

  • Rob Engelhardt

    I like the gold challenges, it makes me use the smaller weaker robots that I would not normally use. If the company wants more variety they need to add more challenges daily, as soon as they are done I go back to my top four heavies.

  • Tonu Mayor

    Well said..

  • Jason brown

    Thanks Tonu

  • Scott Spangler

    Exactly right!! Instead of making new bots, they should be fixing the glitches in the game like players getting booted in every match. I’ve reported it SO many times, and all I get the same bullshit canned response. The game is obviously seen as a revenue generator and nothing less. At high levels it’s not fun anymore.

  • Scott Spangler

    Agree, not spending another cent here.

  • Scott Spangler

    Well bro, if you have that much time to accomplish those goals, you must play this game every waking moment. **cough**bullshit**cough

  • Scott Spangler

    Great idea, except people play to win, not lose 18 out if 20 games, that’s not fun for anyone.

  • John Grygorcewicz

    What we need are new concept weapons to allow for nor strategic play not just brawling with large shielded bots …landmine type weapons or booby traps near beacons that you can place and detonate later if the placing bot is not destroyed

  • Tony Bradbury

    As I mentioned, the new solo ( and squad-ing with a clan-mate of equal level ) matchmaking has been pretty good in my opinion, lots of battles that have have gone either way till the end And I do learn a lot when squad-ing with higher level clan-mates My awareness of the battlefield and learning to punch and duck have definately improved my gameplay 🙂

  • Marty Grindstaff

    I’m right there too I’m not one to buy my way through a game I’m an old guy I like playing and earning my stuff but I will buy a few gold bars every once and awhile

  • stygianumbra

    It’s a cheating pos modern money grabbing game anyway not like real games of substance of old. Garbage, absolute garbage.

  • stygianumbra

    There are many ways, there are many ways to write a hello world program too.. not all of them good or right. They chose this way to make money obviously.

    Years ago game designers talked about graphics getting in the way of substance now we have mobile games purely made for profit. Instead of making a game true to a ideal it is true to money.

    The movement of the light being able to change direction in flight is directly lag cheating, lazy pixonic devs copied a hack to solve the over use of rockets.

    Probably much like the autoaim and “hud” interface looks like a hack of a counterstrike aimbot.

  • Johan C Ospina

    You looking at this from gamers view, can’t forget this game is created not by few guys trying to give back to the public, is created from a company and the reason is even out existing and be able to play it still is cause the money the bring, money drives the company and they always going to find the ways to keep revenue coming ,,!!!

  • stygianumbra

    There are many ways to do everything, doesn’t mean they are right or good. They chose this way to make money

    The light changing directions in flight instantly is glitchy and exactly what droves of people complained about with lag glitches and cheats.

    You have only seen it on test at level 8 not in play live maxed so you can’t say how smooth it will be in practical use.

    Pixonic can’t balance anything, probably on purpose to make money. They unbalanced it this way and now lazy devs are copying a lag cheat as a counter. Probably just like the interface looks like a rip off of an old counterstrike aimbot.

  • bacstian

    U also got the point

  • stygianumbra

    Since pixonic keeps deleting my comment I can’t reply here, another reason they will never see another dollar from me.

  • Bob Bob

    Yeah the influence point thing is very out of hand because I did the math and it would take anyone who has no friends on Facebook to put in over $100 just for gold to turn it into influence or( If you have friends) have 23-24 friends to get to level 5 to get a Butch. Insane!! All that I hope for is that the new Korean Robots don’t cost influence points but if the do in the update they come in, they(Pixonic) should add a new way to get influence points and an idea for that would be to have a way to get influence by doing Squad Battles and making friends in War Robots. Also please don’t nerf the Robots if there to powerful just upgrade the new weapon you(Pixonic) made specifically to counter them because you need these Robots to be powerful in there own way to migrate and survive in the higher leagues, just what you plan to do. So please don’t ruin such a good design for a robot and then throw all your work out the window because of an update to nerf the Korean Robots. Also I would like to know what in game currency you(Pixonic) are going to make the Korean Robots cost of you(Pixonic) can tell me/everyone and please lower the cost of influence points because you guys are making a Doc worth more than a Fury and Lancelot even though it is not better than them. But I can wait for the new Robots to come out!!!

  • Marty Grindstaff

    Wow I’d say that dude’s thumbs are like rocks on the edges if he can accomplish that that quick I think it may be dang nearly impossible

  • Bryan Van Heerden

    Lmfao….How much did those commies pay you to say that?

  • Dark minion

    True we do But the new robots are good I would say add five more weapons to all categories with the robots

  • Chris Cahow

    I’m averaging 600 k with a Rog and Carnage in my lineup…

  • bacstian

    Yes of course the new robot is a good thing but I do not think if all three of them are light robot, aren’t they ? I mean I’m good with stalker,gepard,and gareth . If u can imagine about new weapon like ,like Mine, More beam ,or grenade or maybe some C4 😂😂🙌

  • Dark minion

    Something like c4 would be cool to add or some type of mine that auto detonates

  • Lakshay Goyal

    League system is bullshit..
    First we spend a lot of time getting league points and if in one game you or your team does not does well, you fell down like a leaf from a tree

  • Lakshay Goyal

    Very nicely said


    We dont need new robos, its always costly we need wepons with less time recharge or minimize the time of orzan or tribuct

  • Dr. Ugaddict

    how about ‘night mode'( reduce signal/viewing range)? where long range camper be surprised by light bots.

  • Qhrstuvwxyz

    They removed my last post cause it was to real and honest?

    LOL, }*{*{ing douche bags.

  • Delight

    Doods right bout that but however we need more weapons! As well as bots the variety in this game is so dry and weapons aren’t tactile enough.

  • John Dorobiala

    What really irritates me is they refuse to fix the problems they have now before adding new content. 1 The league system SUCKS…no amount of points changing changes that fact that it was a good idea but an extremely poor execution! FIX IT! 2 weapons fire disapearing in mid air after you fire a lock on weapon. Gents bullets and missles dont disapear because you die. FIX IT 3 communication…if you offer no team communitcation in pug matches YOU CAN NOT HAVE A LEAGUE SYSTEM BASED ON POINTS! FIX IT! 4 not giving points for shield damage, if i have To break a shield to damage the bot..I am still doing damage. FIX IT. 5 IF i get disconnected and cant reconnect in the time allowed I lose points FIX IT! 6 If you want a good league system it should be based on alliance vs alliance not points.FIX IT!

  • Ruff

    add footage from android emulator gameplay on PC? LOL)))can PIXONIC add gamepad support to this game? it should be nice!

  • Silas Rhyneer

    U summed that up perfectly

  • Spaceman Spliff

    If these new bots and weapons are influence, I’ll be uninstalling. Shady practices like these that single out your players and make them resentful is not how to make money. It needs to be refined into an optional, yet easily acquired currency, so Facebookers can bring their friends and buy a couple bots for it, and Mr. Google player can spend his workshop or gold points to finally get that new Doc, that whenever he sees in the shop, becomes instantly annoyed. Give your game a good image. Lower costs for gold and packages, and you’ll see people will start buying them. As it stands, not many people are going to spend $100 for 2 and a half cheap gold robots and maybe 1 gold weapon. I used to play a game(before someone broke it) called Planet Commander, the only game I have actually spent money on because a little under $100 bought me just about all gold ships and many gold weapons. Imagine a generous war robots only with space ships. If I think this way, imagine how many others do.